Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 14 - Chapter 1400

E-book download function suspension uses! It is expected that needs to complete to next week! Person who Chapter 326 cannot annoy However Zhao Hai to produces a curiosity regarding the profound water, this profound water sounds, probably is day Divine Water in Space is the same, is one type of to the cloudy water, at that time this water formed? Like the lake, how possibly to produce profound water thing? In this lake has what treasure to be inadequate? Profound water thing is not can form with no reason at all, he forms has certainly any reason, but this is the Zhao Hai most curious place. ten-thousand realms battlefield here, is subspace that others manufacture, that here on certain has plenty treasure, looks like his Space is the same, his Space can unfold to today, collected that many treasures with him toward Space is cannot separate, wants to come ten-thousand realms battlefield here is also, if can find several types of treasures, regarding him was a good matter. Zhao Hai was not worried that he found any treasure in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, will be manufactured the person attention of ten-thousand realms battlefield, this ten-thousand realms battlefield these people dare to open, that had is found the treasure the thoughts, therefore he did not take on the people. boat flight is not quick, Zhao Hai also very carefully pays attention to all around, although is having the Liquid Silver flying needle, at that time his still very careful. ten-thousand realms battlefield here does not compare other place, may have the danger anytime and anywhere, this profound water snake Zhao Hai although has not seen, at that time with according to Zhao Hai also understand that Li Zongdao said that this thing was not simple, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert not necessarily was the match of profound water snake, he was not careful is not good, do not suffer a loss in here. Li Zongdao carefully is also paying attention to all around, he is more anxious than Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is strength formidable, simply does not fear the profound water snake, at that time he was not good, Li Zongdao confessed one are normal Infant Stage time cultivator, not having Zhao Hai to be so abnormal, if to the heaven water snake, he feared that cannot obtain good going, therefore he was careful. Li Zongdao in has not entered before the ten-thousand realms battlefield, is some arrogance, he is profound clear sect Core Disciple First Senior Brother, in Cultivation World there was known young Expert, influential figure that Infant Stage time Peak had, has also been adding on the back backer to be very hard, although his temperament was straightforward, never put on airs, at that time this arrogance he had. At that time since entered to the ten-thousand realms battlefield, after seeing Zhao Hai several times make a move, in Li sect Dao Heart that arrogance was thorough vanished, Zhao Hai formidable of strength, his imagination.

But most makes Li Zongdao feel what heart startled is, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert finds at everywhere, probably does not ask for money to be the same, that may really be Transcends Tribulation everywhere walks, Infant Stage is inferior to the dog, facing this situation, small Expert of his Infant Stage time, that also dares to have a bold arrogance, honest being affected is the ritual. Therefore Li Zongdao absolutely does not have to want the go it alone now the thoughts, he is with all one's heart with Zhao Hai, this does not have the matter of means that his strength is weak, with others his feel relieved, Li sect did not say although to be straightforward, he was not at that time silly, his very clear, if with these fellows, had possibility turn around to give to sell him very much. This matter Li Zongdao has also met in Cultivation World there, Li Zongdao just when Cultivation World there wanderer, gets up several times to work as, by his disposition, was swindled is also normal, but also has encountered the several times danger, finally although turns danger into safety, at that time Li Zongdao was actually studies intelligently. But Mo Sheng is simply has not actually paid attention to these, he is still eating his thing, follows in the Zhao Hai side, regarding him, this world is simpler, hungry has managed Zhao Hai to eat, Zhao Hai makes him fight he to hit, does not make him fight he to eat thing, is such simple. After three people enter to Lianhu, little in seeing other cultivator forms, although that profound water snake had big using regarding cultivator, at that time also few individuals dare to go to Lianhu to catch the profound water snake, but after all profound water snake ominous outside. As the saying goes, the rivers and lakes are older, courage is smaller, is this truth, can arrive at ten-thousand realms battlefield here cultivator, is Infant Stage time Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, these people in their Interface there are also the characters who moves a side, naturally impossible not to have seen the world, because they have seen the world, therefore they clear, wins great reputation thing, has big using, that was also representing at that time the huge danger, before has not grasped, will be will not have the person to run up to here to cope with the profound water snake. But place that they are at now, was the new person smelting trial area, here almost just entered to the ten-thousand realms battlefield not often the new person of time, these new people naturally cannot run up to here to cope with the profound water snake, after all ten-thousand realms battlefield here good thing to be too many, is not worthwhile braves the life for the profound water snake the danger. cultivator treasures own life compared with the ordinary person, because they can live for a long time, because the live time is long, therefore they pity the life. Zhao Hai first successive moving forward is paying attention to all around at the same time, actually he their there knew from Laura, in this lake really has the profound water snake . Moreover the quantity are many, moreover presently several profound armor turtles, the biggest profound armor turtle, the turtle's back diameter, crosses 30 meters. Carrying on the back of that turtle has formed the one layer thick rock to install thing, looks like looks like the mountain peak that can move, but Zhao Hai has not thought must annoy that turtle, on imposing manner that because comes out from that turtle can look, that turtle may, not only Transcends Tribulation Stage is so simple, feared that was arrived at Immortal Stage, such turtle was not Zhao Hai can cope.

Besides this greatly profound armor turtle is Zhao Hai cannot stir up, in Lianhu several profound water snakes are Zhao Hai could not have stirred up, that several profound water snake already as long as dozens zhang (3.33 m), the body quickly caught up with the cask to be thick, but the strength of that several profound water snake, has achieved Divided Spirit Stage, strongest, soon achieved Immortal Stage, the head grew the corner/horn, had to look like the trend that the flood dragon was transforming. Person who this cannot annoy! Zhao Hai was gets down to this thing has made decision, this profound water snake so this big, the strength was so strong, is not present he can annoy. Zhao Hai careful moving forward, is not daring collects toward that only giant profound armor turtle and that flood dragon there, non-stop flew for one hour, Zhao Hai stopped in a place. Wanted strange saying that Zhao Hai they flew for one hour in Lianhu, had not actually met attack, what Zhao Hai was strangeer, he has flown from the sky of several profound water snakes obviously, but these profound water snakes actually looked but not see, attack to him, this has not made Zhao Hai have puzzled. What is own moral behavior fantastic? Is thinking, a suddenly profound water snake flew from under water directly, throws toward Zhao Hai boat on. Zhao Hai to stares, he has not noted this profound water snake, because this profound water snake buried in the entire snake body the lake bottom putty, therefore he has not noted. Must say that this snake should not drill toward the silt, at that time this profound water snake was different, he not only sneaked in the silt, but also stayed for a long time in the silt, at this time suddenly jumped to carry on attack to Zhao Hai, it seems like ten-thousand realms battlefield here thing, does not allow to look down upon. although is thinking these, at that time Zhao Hai in hand was not slow, Liquid Silver flying sword departs, cuts toward that snake, that profound water snake looks at the Zhao Hai movement, is simply has not actually been serious, the personal appearance in a Space ball, has let Liquid Silver flying sword, throws toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai wields, release 20 Liquid Silver flying sword, compose Rainstorm Pear Flower Sword Formation, cuts toward the profound water snake, that profound water snake sees these many flying sword, cannot help but called two, the personal appearance from the sky roves, if the tour in the water is the same, has let several flying sword unexpectedly, naturally, several flying sword cut on the snake, at that time those who disappointed Zhao Hai was, that snake was a response does not have, flying sword cut on him, only cut Spark that slid together. However that profound snake also felt probably the pain, was calling two blood red eyes throws toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai coldly snorted, the hand one time wields, many flying sword flew, has composed great Great Formation sword wind, that profound water snake blocking. That profound water snake looked at this situation, the personal appearance moves to draw back, but he has not run, but was two eyes stubbornly was staring at Zhao Hai, when Zhao Hai don’t know he must do, that profound water snake in one time called, Zhao Hai had this solution profound water snake is any meaning.

However he quickly on understand, after that profound water snake called, the surrounding profound water snake heard probably generally, drilled from Lianhu, their here has encircled toward Zhao Hai. These profound water snakes can from the sky fly, vary, big several feet, biggest has been several feet, small also several meters, the each and every one body is blue, the scale is bright, understood at a glance that is not the affable lord . Moreover the profound water snake that these time encircles, crosses 20, in these 20 profound water snakes, five are the Transcends Tribulation Stage strengths, remaining is the strengths of Infant Stage time. But is this, Zhao Hai does not dare underestimated he, but here Lianhu, the profound water snake in Lianhu may be many, if were given to sphere by them, that was really dangerous, if they were calling other profound water snake, that troublesome on even bigger. Zhao Hai stern-faced is harnessing boat, slowly toward retreat, Li Zongdao looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but stares, deep voice said : Little Hai? Isn't this profound water snake good to cope?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to be good to cope, this naturally is not the issue, but this person looked for the helper.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li sect said cannot help but stares, complexion also dignified, quickly said: Some how many?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : „more than 20, are encircling.” Was saying him while command(er) boat is flying toward on crevice there of many profound water snake encirclement rings, but that attack his profound water snake also knows obviously the idea of Zhao Hai, his immediately starts to carry on attack to Zhao Hai, but actually all by Zhao Hai Sword Formation keeping off. However as the matter stands, their also fell, these profound water snakes have encircled, Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but coldly snorted said : I also feared that your several snakes are inadequate.” Said his body sentiment suddenly changes, two eyes partly opens the eyes, such as sits in contemplation, simultaneously in also starts slowly is tying Hand-Seal. Zhao Hai these time prepared to come to meeting these profound snakes with Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, now they above Lianhu, Water Qi are sufficient, come in handy Imperial Water Profound Technique to be most appropriate. # c..