Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1401

E-book download function suspension uses! It is expected that needs to complete to next week! Chapter 327 Imperial Water Profound Technique, prays for rescue This Imperial Water Profound Technique is in all Profound Technique quite simple one type of, at that time this did not represent this Profound Technique Might to be small, conversely, this Imperial Water Profound Technique strength is not small, in 18 Arhat Profound Technique, any one type of Profound Technique, can take to practice alone, any one type of Profound Technique, practices extreme, can become a region's Expert, therefore this Imperial Water Profound Technique naturally is not that simple. Li Zongdao also present change of Zhao Hai, he somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not actually thought these, but is Hand-Seal links, finally drinks said : fiercely imperial Myriad Water, seal!” His voice just fell, the level of the lake of Lianhu very fiercely fluctuated, is sweeping that the lake water of Lianhu, the whole starts upward to rise, probably was some suddenly people starts to pour water toward Lianhu was same. However quick Li Zongdao on present incorrect place, this water of Lianhu was on steadily, but some people did not pour water toward, but was the water of entire Lianhu, probably was given to fly high to raise to be the same, entire chain lake upper layer ten had about ten meters thick one layer water level, has flown directly in midair. Li Zongdao dull look at these slowly the Lianhu lake water that floats, in the eye color of the shock, although he has also heard, some Divided Spirit Stage or Immortal Stage big Expert, so long as make a move, that is the day collapses fiercely, moves mountains. He actually had not seen at that time, after all in Comprehend the world there, had no need for Divided Spirit Stage or Immortal Stage big Expert make a move, therefore that power and influence he has not seen. But today he actually saw, Zhao Hai this move, can with moving mountains to describe, although don’t know this Lianhu big, Zhao Hai gave to raise the entire Lianhu upper layer water, at that time light looked this posture knows, what Zhao Hai this using was one big move. These profound water snakes also present this point, they somewhat surprised stares is floating the water of above Lianhu slowly, in the snake eye flashes through panic-stricken unexpectedly. Obviously the intelligence quotients of these profound water snakes are not low, they also feel the Zhao Hai this move danger. However Zhao Hai has not actually stopped, his hand wields, blue small blister appears in in his hand, then he threw toward Lianhu in the blister, was not managing. By blister naturally Bubble that Zhao Hai throws down, Zhao Hai do not make Bubble have a look, that profound water is any thing, if day Divine Water of that profound water in compared with his Space also wants Advanced level, he also makes Bubble receive in Space the profound water some. Zhao Hai does not dare all profound water under Lianhu to receive in Space now, such words will certainly enrage that only Immortal Stage profound armor turtle, will enrage that Divided Spirit Stage Peak profound water snake. Bubble handled own matter, Zhao Hai actually started to fight with that more than 20 profound water snake, the strengths of these profound water snakes were good, but Zhao Hai this Imperial Water Profound Technique but very formidable, inside included Strength of Faith, Zhao Hai command(er) these water, if used incomparably huge Magical Artifact to be the same. Moreover this Imperial Water Profound Technique, will also let you control the water to you, some full understanding, in the water that feared that is a bold change, cannot hide the truth from the Zhao Hai eye to be clear.

This water volume was really too big, directly these profound water snakes submerging in water, after these profound water snakes entered in the water, but also wants to run, their actually there could at that time be inescapable, Zhao Hai command(er) these water, have been forming a giant shackles, directly these profound water snakes being stranded in inside. Also luckily these profound water snakes are the water comes forth thing, completely understand swimming ability, this is only surrounded, had not been strangled to death directly, but that more than 20 profound water snake, was did not have the strength of rebel now. Zhao Hai not polite, Li sect said that they cannot see the situation in water now, Zhao Hai uses Imperial Water Profound Technique directly, gave to catch in Space these profound water snakes. These profound water snake although understand swimming ability, at that time these water now already complete by Zhao Hai to control, any water drop had the hostility regarding these profound water snakes, these profound water snakes were all alone entered the hostile camp on equal to . Moreover the quantity of enemy was inexhaustible, in this case, these profound water snakes naturally possibly were not the Zhao Hai matches. These profound water snakes one was stressed Space, immediately by Space surrendering, the prompt sound that but Space gives does not have what extraordinary place, but said that this profound water snake is the one type of variation snake, because has grown in being similar in a day Divine Water environment, therefore has produced variation. When Bubble returned to Space, Zhao Hai was also thorough feel relieved, that profound water wanted Inferior level thing compared with day Divine Water, even if were received Space, did not have any help to Space, Zhao Hai then feel relieved, he has also relieved the imperial watermark, the water of Lianhu took your time and irrigated returned to in the lake the person, at that time that 20 years of profound water snake actually already vanish from sight. Then responded to this time Li Zongdao, he looked at one from restore the calm level of the lake newly, turned the head look at Zhao Hai, was saying anything, actually presently Zhao Hai complexion very difficult looks, moreover without demur, since harnessed boat to run, that also wanted on quick several compared with the previous escape. Reason that Zhao Hai will do such, because of him presently, just sound noisy is a little big, has alarmed the profound water snake of that flood dragon, the fellow is catching up toward their here, if he does not run, feared that was must to that big guy. Zhao Hai does not think now to that big guy, but this Lianhu here that big guy home game, Zhao Hai, if in here with that big guy to, feared that cannot obtain good going, he ran certainly. However this time he does not owe, not only obtained 20 profound water snakes, Bubble has still caught two small profound armor turtles in the lake, the strengths of although these two small profound armor turtles are not quite strong, at that time in Space was were also many two new species. But Zhao Hai just made that big move, not only has alarmed the flood dragon shape profound water snake, alarmed has picked cultivator of lotus seed in lakeside there, these people also like Li Zongdao, the dull look at lake water one flew in midair, good long time to fall, they were not the fools, understood at a glance that some people were using some formidable Spell, some courageous people, waited and saw in lakeside there, but they had a distance to Lianhu, was runs can also be inescapable, there are some courage slightly, directness on running, they, but the person of being able to judge the quality of goods, knows that can use such. large-scale Spell person, that strength certain very formidable. These people also know that here is the new area, they are only very curious, don’t know are who has such in a big way can, can control such greatly rest the lake water unexpectedly, in the impressions of these people, there is a person of this strength, will not run up to Lianhu here to come. Zhao Hai also present this point, he has gone round the people intentionally, flies toward the lake outside, when Zhao Hai flew lakeside, that flood dragon shape profound water snake also arrived on the water surface, he naturally could not discover any thing to come, finally was only all around looked, returned to in lake.

Zhao Hai looked at that flood dragon shape profound water snake returned to in the lake, he then relaxed, boat also slow, Li Zongdao looked at the Zhao Hai appearance, quickly said: Little Hai, did What happened? have an accident?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, nodded said : I to butcher that 20 years of profound water snake, has not actually thought that draws out one old, that strength has Divided Spirit Stage fully, I am not a match, therefore can only run.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Zongdao has also held breath cold air said : my goodness, unexpectedly is Divided Spirit Stage, are you how present?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „I am has plenty Undead Creature, all around each time I in the fight, will be making some Undead Creature go to stand guard, has any situation, immediately tells me, this is these Undead Creature tells me.” Li Zongdao listened to Zhao Hai saying that also cannot help but some said : of envying your youngster had the means that this Undead Creature was used for stand guard that is should better not have.” They were speaking, their front were blocked, Zhao Hai and Li sect said that somewhat puzzled look at was blocking their two people, from the wear appearance of these two people, was the Comprehend the world person, don’t know these two people blocks them to make anything probably. However these two people now are somewhat distressed, a cultivator clothing/taking broke several, complexion is not quite good, has not waited for Zhao Hai to speak, that two cultivator hold the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : three, but Comprehend the world people?” Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao looked at one mutually, what meaning the do not understand opposite party is, but Zhao Hai returned to holding the fist in the other hand ritual said : well, our several people of Comprehend the world people, did not say that what two do have?” As soon as the two listened to Zhao Hai saying that immediately appears on face a happy expression, one of them held the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao said : two, we were also Comprehend the world, both of us were the people in Jiange, today looks for two, actually wants to ask two to help us.” Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao listened to the opposite party saying that was the person in Jiange stares, Jiange in Comprehend the world, was only a medium grade influence, at that time actually by sword cultivator give priority to, attack strength very formidable, therefore nobody will annoy them easily, but Zhao Hai surprised was not their status, but was they want to ask them to help the matter of heart. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, presently these two are Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, but also just Transcends Tribulation succeeded probably, Zhao Hai to their said : does not know that what I and others can help two? Please two speak frankly.” That two cultivator looked at one mutually, in which also has then been being open about the facts two to Zhao Hai said :, both of us to this ten-thousand realms battlefield, had six months, because we were the same gates, therefore was forms a team by both of us most from the beginning, afterward several other Sect new people also had come, we with that several people were also some friendship, therefore everyone/Great Clan moved on together, actually did not think just to come out today, met in front has taken by force, the population were many, we were really some cannot block, because both of us were sword cultivator, attack strength formidable, therefore has killed coming out, To invite the reinforcement, at that time this slow aid will not help in an emergency, happen to had met two in here, I hope that two helping us, no matter what, everyone/Great Clan are the Comprehend the world people, doesn't know two what do you think?” One hear of he said that Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao to has gawked, then Zhao Hai looked at Li Zongdao one eyes, Li sect said that nod of gently, Zhao Hai then turns the head to two said : „, doesn't know two names? Below Zhao Hai, this is my good friend Li Zongdao, this is my brother Mo Sheng.”

Two Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao name, cannot help but stares, then person of happy said : originally unexpectedly is machine first Expert Zhao Hai and Totta Iron-man Li sect says face to face, is really the fortunate meeting, my they are Jiange Supreme Elder, my Liu Sheng, this is my Junior Brother Zhang Chang.” Li Zongdao listens to their names, cannot help but has gawked, then hastily bows to them said : unexpectedly is the prosperous double sword face to face, sect [say / way] was courteous, original two also entered in this ten-thousand realms battlefield, good, other is not no need saying that the first life-saving was important.” Liu Sheng and Zhang Chang nodded, Zhao Hai invited them to get up boat, flies in the direction that they referred . The reputation of this prosperous double sword, Zhao Hai has also heard in Comprehend the world here, these two truly come Jiange, is in Jiange the rare talent character, they are sword cultivator, cultivation level completely understand, but those who make the person sigh, these two also being good at Technique of Joint Attack, moreover their relationship very good, have almost achieved burnt not to Meng, situation that Meng is not out of focus, therefore before they did not have Transcends Tribulation, on has made a sound in the Comprehend the world reputation very much. Presses direction that they are referring to toward the forward flight, what Zhao Hai while opens the mouth don’t know this time to take by force to their said : is who? Some how many people?” Liu Sheng deep voice said : altogether 30 people, the various Realm people have, this is the strangeest place, normally they are different Interface, should not gather together to be right, but they actually have gathered now together, was too strange, moreover they resemble the non- living room to say our motion routes, knows our population and strengths, this exchanged one move, if our two cannot run according to the circumstances, feared that kept there.” How many people did Zhao Hai knit the brows said : to gather? This matter is a little strange, does the there surface have Palpus Clansmen?” Zhang Changheng said : how can not have, these robbers, are their people are many, this looked that this matter does not do well is these robbers does, they possibly invited the person participation of several other Realms.” Opens Chang this saying reasonable, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, Palpus Clansmen although is the robber, at that time they also with several other person a little friendship . Moreover the Palpus Clansmen although robber, sometimes very stressed the prestige at that time, therefore he experiences can ask the several other Realms person to help them take by force, is mainly object strength too strong reason that because they must take by force, like the matter, the fresh number of times are many, the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person also already knows. Zhao Hai one hear of Zhang Chang said that cannot help but nodded, if this matter is Palpus Clansmen does, that arrives does not have well what strange, after all nearest/recent must the clan in dealing with the Comprehend the world person, but looks at Chang their appearance, obviously and don’t know Palpus Clansmen in coping with the matter of Comprehend the world new person, this also no wonder they, although they are in Comprehend the world come out actually, at that time because of the ten-thousand realms battlefield here special reason, therefore they almost do not have what to relate with other people, in adding on Palpus Clansmen is becomes famous by the robber, was taken by force also no big deal by them, therefore the average people will not care., Also because of this, therefore Palpus Clansmen is coping with Comprehend the world here person such long time, actually not presently. # c..