Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1402

E-book download function suspension uses! It is expected that needs to complete to next week! The third hundred 28 chapter of pagodas Heard that must cope with Palpus Clansmen, Zhao Hai also sped up, Liu Sheng and Zhang Chang also experienced Zhao Hai this boat, this really quick, flew to be quicker than them, even if were they puts out flying sword to come, was inferior rapidness that Zhao Hai boat flew. Their base solid most from the beginning to some Zhao Hai their strength suspicions, after all three people are Expert of Infant Stage time, at that time they do not have the means to go to other place to find the person now to help, therefore can only invite three people of make a move. They invited Zhao Hai they, has settled any good intention not necessarily, in their opinion, so long as Zhao Hai they be please good, even if were Zhao Hai they cannot add on any busy, so long as constrained these people, they can withdraw, when the time comes Zhao Hai their lives, but did not have with their relationship. However now looks at Zhao Hai this boat, they to raised a hope, Zhao Hai boat is so quick, even if cannot add on too big busy, making everyone/Great Clan sit in on the ship escapes is also good. Liu Sheng and Chang found the Zhao Hai place, to their taken by force places is not very far, therefore Zhao Hai they rushed to battlefield there quickly. Now there hits just lively, several Palpus Clansmen, the people of other races, altogether 30 people, are besieging, several Comprehend the world people, these Comprehend the world people, transfer a circle, is defending strictly the gateway, arrives at once does not have what danger, but they do not have the strength of counter-attack, gets down according to this situation, their sooner or later encircling will kill by these people. Moreover Zhao Hai also notes, in these Comprehend the world people, some was wounded, but makes Zhao Hai be that surprised, in these Comprehend the world people, does not have Cultivation World, two Demon Realm, Monster Race, but also Elven Race, two Spirit Race, entire Comprehend the world all races sets. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, sank to drink one, Ten Thousand Swords departs, has composed stars Ten Thousand Swords Great Formation, killed toward these Palpus Clansmen. These Palpus Clansmen they also present Zhao Hai they, other people also recognized have stood in on the ship Zhang Changhe Liu Sheng, in which Palpus Clansmen howl, gathered round the encirclement rings of Comprehend the world these people one to open opening, when Zhao Hai they rushed to side these Comprehend the world people time, this opening immediately, looked at their meanings, actually wanted their together swallowing Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but coldly snorted, then his boat fierce shakes, boat increases slowly, finally turned into a nine layers high Great Buddha tower. Zhao Hai stood above the pagoda, turned the head to that this Comprehend the world person said loudly: Everybody, welcome come up to the tower, we kill.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that these Comprehend the world people, are the personal appearance move, to pagoda above. These people just about to salute to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : everybody, at this time did not want the smalltalk, after we clash, I was asking everybody to drink.” Said that in hand immediately starts to tie Hand-Seal, simultaneously in the corner of his pagoda is hanging the Breeze bell starts to bite has made a sound, each sound as if there is Buddha sound to spread, making the person mind tranquil. At that time this sound besieged their people regarding these, is actually one type of suffers, because this is method of sound attack of Zhao Hai use, Zhao Hai already merged to pass various Profound Technique, now naturally can unifies the use Joy and Fear Music Profound Technique and Pagoda Profound Technique. Quick Zhao Hai Hand-Seal tied, entire pagoda radiance won, then, incomparably huge ancient phantom, appears went against in the pagoda, then ancient slowly has opened the eye, in that radiance was bright, making the person not dare to look straight ahead, then Zhao Hai called out one, the pagoda was bringing unprecedented imposing manner, proceeded to flush away. These besieged Zhao Hai their people, imposing manner are already seized by the pagoda, but they were also Expert, still command(er) Magical Artifact, has been carrying on attack to the pagoda. At that time this became the incomparably huge pagoda, looked like has crashed in the tank of crowd, the slight truth may not say, was one batters, all Magical Artifact hit on the body of pagoda, if the ants regretted the mountain to be the same, simply how the pagoda not to, this pagoda such brought unprecedented imposing manner to run out of surrounding of these people. The pagoda ran out of the encirclement ring of enemy, immediately/on horseback turned into the Yama Ship appearance, full hurrying along, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at these Palpus Clansmen one, silently said: Everybody, your attendance to the Comprehend the world, my Zhao Hai has taken down, this sentiment sooner or later must, everybody not need to see off.” Said that command(er) Yama Ship, with quickest leave, left behind these people silly in there has been standing, they have not managed the Law Idol letter, this perfect busy ambush, actually such failed. Now thinks that these people thought this failure is very injust, attack strength although of that pagoda is uncommon, at that time their these many people, if can simultaneously attack, that certainly be able to block the pagoda, but they by imposing manner of pagoda the fear, cannot organize at that time unexpectedly, carries on attack to the pagoda, finally makes Zhao Hai escape calmly, they are means do not have. Yama Ship that Palpus Clansmen look at goes far away, turns the head person said : of his side this time to the person who rescues not to be simple, his Magical Artifact meets transformation unexpectedly, moreover Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method that uses, you said that can be that floats the person in spatial temple? Heard Comprehend the world floats in the spatial temple, there is one to be able transformation weapon.”

Obviously this Palpus Clansmen had also heard hundred change the Vajra sticks, but he also heard that regarding hundred changes the Vajra stick did not understand that must know hundred change Vajra stick although can transformation, at that time was impossible to turn into that giant pagoda. That Palpus Clansmen of his side does not compare that person to know many obviously, nodded said : to have the possibility, it seems like that the later everyone/Great Clan motion must be careful that a point, mother, these time compensated.” That Palpus Clansmen also understand that formerly spoke his meaning, this time to besiege that several Cultivation World person, they were spend the high price please the several other Realms person to move with their together, now the motion failure, complied to give thing of these people actually unable at that time to be few, will otherwise not have next time the means to cooperate, this time they compensated. But at this time, Zhao Hai they have actually been harnessing Yama Ship distant leave, had seen these people have not pursued, the people on Yama Ship then relaxed. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, shows a faint smile said : everybody, below Zhao Hai, was courteous, walks, we spoke to the cabin.” Said that made the people enter the cabin, but on this Yama Ship several huge ship cabins, inside can be occupied by the person, the cabin of most top layer, that was Zhao Hai and Laura their dwellings, he naturally cannot get the people, what he got the people to enter was the cabin of lower level, here also passes through some transform, although did not have the top layer to be so attractive, actually also uncommon. Entered the cabin, the people have gawked, they have not thought really that will have like this good place, area of this cabin had more than ten thousand about square meters fully, inside household furniture, application very complete. After Zhao Hai invited the people sat down, this smiles said : today to be able in here to meet, we were also predestined friends, everyone/Great Clan was a Comprehend the world people, before although, I with several possibly a little enmity, at that time here was the ten-thousand realms battlefield, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, our foreign status that only then one, was the Comprehend the world person, other various Realm will not manage us is that clan, will not manage us is that small, they will only say that we were Comprehend the world, therefore I hope, everyone/Great Clan can many dealings, we were the new people, in here all alone, if everyone/Great Clan not. Can stick together, that fear that does not have what right to speak, similarly, will encounter the dangerous opportunity also to increase.” The people nodded, these people may be Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, but Zhao Hai superficially only then Infant Stage time, if has not seen Zhao Hai make a move, these talented people will not be seeing that Zhao Hai, after all this is takes the strength as Venerable the world, your strength is insufficient, honest is staying, little make noise to wonderfully, even if makes noise, nobody treats sees you. At that time Zhao Hai had revealed after own strength, these people have not dared underestimated Zhao Hai, in fact they currently from at heart have feeling of the Venerable fear to Zhao Hai, after all Zhao Hai could be said as with strength of the gives to rescue them, when fight imposing manner, truly was makes the person not dare underestimated. Looked that the people nod, Zhao Hai then said : „, since everyone/Great Clan agreed that I was not saying anything, today happy, I ask everyone/Great Clan to drink.” The hand wielded, has put out several altar|jar Spirit Wine, but he has not put out comes, but has given a Mo Sheng fat chicken that anything ate. The people look at the Mo Sheng appearance, knows the Mo Sheng situation, therefore also nobody goes to the tube, drank with Zhao Hai, at once atmosphere unexpectedly very warm.

Liu Shengduan one glass of liquor, to Zhao Hai, thanks the help of mister to Zhao Hai wine glass said : at one fell swoop, invited mister feel relieved, later mister had any matter, please freely open the mouth, our brothers did not certainly contain.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Big Brother Liu this saying to look on as an outsider, we now are the ten-thousand realms battlefield here new people, should help comfortably mutually, if later Big Brother Liu has any matter, please open the mouth, if I can help, certain gang.” Liu Sheng laughs said : well, clashes brothers saying, come, we do one cup, starting today, you and I was a friend.” Zhao Hai raised glass with Liu Shenggan one cup. But at this time Li Zongdao also mixed with several other people ripe, although Li Zongdao only then the strength of Infant Stage time, could not support his back backer to be hard at that time, his back is standing, but the profound clear sect, although in the person of new person area here profound clear sect, at that time had not left the new person area now, is the people of several profound clear sects, these people will certainly take care of Li Zongdao, therefore nature nobody dares to offend Li Zongdao. In adding on Li sect said that the manner is straightforward, such disposition originally is easy to hand over the friend, therefore the people were also quick with him mix ripe, to was only then Mo Sheng nobody managed, he sat in the one side, was eating the fat chicken, was drinking the good wine, was also comfortable to free and unfettered, in fact in the Mo Sheng eye, these person of simply did not exist, in his eyes, had Zhao Hai, others' matter, did not have with his 10 cents relationship, even if were these people wants to speak to him, he will not manage. # c..