Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1403

E-book download function suspension uses! It is expected that needs to complete to next week! Chapter 329 they will agree After inviting how many jug liquor the people have drunk, Zhao Hai then holds on Liu Sheng to ask that said : Big Brother Liu, what you then do have to plan? Is the plan goes back, does the plan select thing to go back outside?” The person who Liu Sheng looked at these drink, sighed said : I to want to go back, but we have not been able to go back now, how these days also don’t know was, we came out to be snatched, come out to be snatched, this was snatched good several times, this month our taxes have not handed over, if in did not hand over, that may trouble, therefore we want to transfer outside, made thing in going back, no matter what, gave to pay this month tax first.” Zhao Hai nodded, suddenly eyeball make a detour: Big Brother Liu, or you move with me these days first, I prepare these days to these Palpus Clansmen lessons, tidies up their well, waited to tidy up them, you were going back not to be late, moreover can snatch some thing from Palpus Clansmen there, when the time comes you can pay taxes with these thing, perhaps also had surplus.” Liu Sheng listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but said : you really do want to cope with these Palpus Clansmen? These fellows are not good to cope, they not only strength formidable, but also the whereabouts is uncertain, we want to ask them not to be easy.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : your feel relieved, stared not to run by me, you also know that these Palpus Clansmen normally together will not move, so long as they as soon as separates, we give him to come, all defeats, when the time comes not only we left this tone, but can also make many good thing, what kind of?” Liu Sheng thinks that said : this matter I cannot take responsibility, we walk in together, is a temporary alliance, I must with big guy discuss that is good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, today everyone/Great Clan do not walk, keeps this on the ship, this one layer cabin turns over to you to use.” Liu Sheng nodded, they did not have to talk about this topic, but chatted. After the people have drunk, Zhao Hai was leading Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng leave, must say this Mo Sheng, you said that he was silly, he was also not really silly, Zhao Hai made him do not drink many, he has not drunk, to a present still very sober appearance, but the mouth has not stopped, Zhao Hai did not care, leading three people to arrive at bow there. Now outside weather was somewhat dark, must say that this ten-thousand realms battlefield here also is really very strange, here also divides daytime in the evening, at that time here actually absolutely was not planet, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai feel somewhat special. Stands in the bow, is blowing the cool breeze of coming, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, stopped Yama Ship, turns the head saying that to Li sect said : Li Big Brother, tomorrow we cope with these Palpus Clansmen, cannot in letting Palpus Clansmen is so noisy, in this way, to our Comprehend the world, lost was too big, we must give them a lesson to be good.”

Li Zongdao nodded said : Liu Sheng they to fear that now was discussing must with the matter that we cooperate, you looked that they can agree?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to think that they will certainly agree, their present days do not feel better, the tax that this month must deliver does not have, our is providing opportunity to them, they will certainly agree.” Li Zongdao knit the brows said : to fear that not so is easy, this time we must cope must the clan, probably the clan not have to cope.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, they will certainly agree that at that time, although to the ten-thousand realms battlefield some time, they may have the arrogance, do not forget, this time they have eaten not small owing, our appears words, they were really dangerous, you think that they can swallow this tone? They will certainly find the way to revenge, but by our join, is giving opportunity that they have revenged, they will certainly agree.” Li Zongdao listened to Zhao Hai saying that also cannot help but nodded, regarding these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert mentalities, he too has understood, that was not supercilious, although said that entered ten-thousand realms battlefield here, they were the new people, at that time a short time, this temperament cannot change. These time by sneak attack, almost suffered a loss, this tone they, if can swallow that to call strangely, at that time they wanted to revenge, which must first find the personal enemy, these Palpus Clansmen whereabouts are uncertain, they wanted to revenge to be difficult, but can find these Palpus Clansmen, only then Zhao Hai, therefore Zhao Hai said that must look for these Palpus Clansmen to revenge, they will certainly agree. Zhao Hai looked at Li Zongdao one eyes, showed a faint smile said : good Li Big Brother, we also rested clear(ly), what answers tomorrow know them in the morning to our, if they agreed, that these people were worth a junction, if they did not agree, after that we do not need to communicate with them, their this for a lifetime, impossible in having little advance.” Li Zongdao listened to Zhao Hai saying that also nodded said : well, if they agreed that represented them also to have the heart of keeping forging ahead, if they did not agree that represented their ambition not to have, they also had any qualifications become cultivator.” Zhao Hai nodded, is leading Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng went to the two layers cabin, after Mo Sheng entered the cabin, immediately finds a place to sleep, Zhao Hai is will be naturally impolite, lay down on the ground directly has rested, to was Li Zongdao, he has not thought really that Zhao Hai and Mo Sheng rested unexpectedly in sleeping pass through, this made him very puzzled. Mo Sheng, his original head not very sober, rested has also rested, but Zhao Hai excellent time waste on sleeping? However looked that their appearances know, they such did are not a day or two, this cannot help but made Li sect say somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry, how his really don’t know said Zhao Hai to be good, practiced like Zhao Hai, can unexpectedly in several years within, practiced to this degree, this was really the day has not enlarged ones vision.

Li Zongdao shook the head, sighs, calm a mood, has then sat cross-legged to sit down, the routine start controls one's breathing, that knows that he just controlled one's breathing not long after, comes under the snoring influence of Mo Sheng unexpectedly, actually also felt one have been stranded, not long after, unknowingly fell asleep unexpectedly. Next morning, Li Zongdao one woke, when he presently unexpectedly don’t know, has lain down on the ground has fallen asleep, this made Li Zongdao also cannot help but tap the head, has smiled bitterly. However then he presently incorrect place, he presently Spiritual Qi in within the body unexpectedly increased much, although can't compare with he sits in meditation many of increasing, at that time his spiritual actually very good, the whole person unprecedented spirit, this arrived is makes Li Zongdao stare. suddenly he remembers a matter to come, that is the practice must alternate work with rest, but now Cultivation World cultivator almost arrived has been able not used to sleep, nobody in has slept, all spiritual force used in the practice, this only remaining work, simply did not have Yi, from some degree, their practice ways was not correct. Is thinking in Li Zongdao these matters time, hears Zhao Hai to smile said : Li Big Brother, you awoke, washes the face, we eat to select thing, sees Liu Sheng they.” Li Zongdao looked that Zhao Hai got up, smiling look at he, Li sect said that has complied with one, a hand move, water ball on appears in his front, he has used the water in water ball, washing the face of well, he then waved the handle ball to throw outside. although said that Li Zongdao is not specialty study Water element Magic, at that time this simple Magic could not have baffled him, look at him to wash, Zhao Hai has put out several small side dish, some eating, have given a Mo Sheng fat chicken, three people had the breakfast. After waiting to eat, three people then come out from the cabin, walks toward the First Layer cabin that Liu Sheng they are. Liu Sheng they are the same with other cultivator, in the evening will not sleep, has sat in meditation dawn, yesterday they have reached an agreement in the evening, therefore saw Zhao Hai to come, the people have stood. The Zhao Hai look at people, hold the fist in the other hand to smile said : to the people „the everyone/Great Clan consideration how? If the everyone/Great Clan agreement, we move now, if everyone/Great Clan did not agree that I can only make everyone/Great Clan disembark first, our immediately must look for these Palpus Clansmen troubled.” Liu Sheng laughs said : Brother Little Hai, our everyone/Great Clan has discussed that these Palpus Clansmen are not good thing, these time projected on our heads to come the idea unexpectedly, we naturally cannot let off him, therefore we have reached an agreement, tidied up these Palpus Clansmen with your together.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that smiles said : well, Big Brother Liu your words are good, if everyone/Great Clan agrees, that looks for the Palpus Clansmen matter, gave me, so long as everyone/Great Clan waited when the time comes to tidy up them to be good.” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that also has smiled, their although don’t know Zhao Hai found these Palpus Clansmen with any method, at that time other people actually believe that Zhao Hai must cope with these Palpus Clansmen.

Zhao Hai looked at people said : well, since everyone/Great Clan agreed that we left, these Palpus Clansmen these days, probably are very wild, we select to them taste fiercely.” Said that Zhao Hai revolution of Yama Ship, overran in a direction. on the ship these person of although don’t know Zhao Hai this are must go to that but they had not asked that each cultivator has almost own secret, these secret will not tell others, told others to tell others on equal to own card in a hand, he left refuses stubbornly far. But other cultivator will not inquire that at will others' secret, such may cause others' suspicion very much, when the time comes the friend turned into the enemy. Can say in cultivator, people have believed a few words, friendship pale like water, no one will go to inquire at will others' secret, will not display extremely in the care wants, such will only make the person suspect, in this case, only then this friendship can associate truly, will not get angry in sooner or later. But direction that direction that Zhao Hai flies now, Palpus Clansmen is, these Palpus Clansmen normally are few together moves, even if together moves one time, after motion, meets immediately to separate. although these Palpus Clansmen, the unified management, among them also had the competition at that time, to obtain a better status, they can want to manage upward crawl, if some people who tries what to do have been in the way? Naturally is if wants completely all means to eradicate. # c..