Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1404

Palpus Clansmen originally goes to consult character, evil between cannot talk about anything to trust, but Palpus Clansmen is a little good, that is keeping one's word, heard that this is Palpus Clansmen from any robber rules study, don’t know their robber rules come from there, makes duty with Palpus Clansmen in any case, you do not need to worry that they will plan you, they will talk clearly with you duty, thing that you earn, they also many giving people, in making duty, you can definitely trust them, after duty completes, you actually must against they., Because duty completes, represented them not to need to defend any robber rules, can snatch your. Therefore these Palpus Clansmen when make duty to meet get together, mutual trust, but duty completes, almost immediately/on horseback will separate, because after duty ended, they may not believe the opposite party. Reason that this these Palpus Clansmen get together, to cope with Liu Sheng they, Liu Sheng their this a batch people, altogether 14, these many people, if not come more than 50% people them, is impossible to stay behind them, therefore several must the clan organize on together, the cloth this time duty, has not actually thought of finally by Zhao Hai destroying. Moved is destroyed by Zhao Hai, however that several Palpus Clansmen of organization, thing that promised before has given, this was also Palpus Clansmen the place that was worth praising. However after ending thing, their this teams have also disbanded, because of ten-thousand realms battlefield here, the people of all races, knows that Palpus Clansmen is any appearance, naturally also very clear, these Palpus Clansmen after duty finished, may change, turns into the robber, if staying behind, that may be dangerous, therefore moved finished, immediately disbanded. These Palpus Clansmen have not thought Zhao Hai will ask them to do accounts, must look for them is not that easy, Palpus Clansmen almost everybody that stealth body, not only can the stealth, but can also screen shortcoming spiritual force, add on the Palpus Clansmen whereabouts to be uncertain, their don’t know next must go to that do not say others, wants to surround them, that may really be the countless sufferings and hardships. However their don’t know, in this world also has existence that Space goes against heaven's will like this, don’t know, the techniques of their stealth, in the Space monitor eye, a simply point with do not have, no matter they run up to there, cannot escape the surveillance of Space. Let alone to deal with these fellows, Zhao Hai has gotten down the Liquid Silver needle on their bodies, this Liquid Silver needle, they do not want to run. Reason that Zhao Hai must to line these Palpus Clansmen, be wants to give them a lesson, wants to have a look, can from these empty clansman in hand, ask that instigates the person secretly. Yama Ship in Space moving forward fast, before that piece is not having imposing manner, is adding on that incomparably huge hull, gives people the one type of formidable constriction, therefore sees the Yama Ship person, distant avoid, no matter that person.

although everyone/Great Clan is come from different Interface, but is a little same, no matter in that Interface, existence like Yama Ship, is the average person can use. Also because of this, therefore nobody dares to annoy Zhao Hai they, Liu Sheng and Zhao Hai they stand on the Yama Ship bow, Zhao Hai to has not felt anything, Liu Sheng they are actually felt that the unprecedented pride, although Yama Ship does not have no relationship with them, but no matter what, they were also sight, moreover how Yama Ship in said that is also Comprehend the world Magical Artifact, they were also with profiting at someone's expense. Yama Ship is quick, was adding on yesterday to cope with Palpus Clansmen for today, the adjustment that Zhao Hai intended a route, therefore they have only used for two hours, had found noon Palpus Clansmen. This Palpus Clansmen also present Zhao Hai Yama Ship, was too deep regarding Yama Ship his impression, his very clear, bright Yama is the place giant pagoda changes. yesterday although said that is when their dumbfounded, making the pagoda escape, but regarding fighting strength of pagoda, they actually did not suspect that must know that was at that time their dumbfounded, but also has plenty Magical Artifact hit in the pagoda, but that pagoda was actually affected, directly flushed, can look at the strength of that pagoda from this point, therefore one saw Yama Ship, that Palpus Clansmen immediately feeling was not good, immediately used own stealth clothes to hide, hopes that can avoid this tribulation. That Palpus Clansmen has thought that Zhao Hai possibly, when Zhao Hai leave that he comes words that spoke, he still near the ear, now Yama Ship actually there has not gone, ran up to his here to come, must say that did not come for him, he does not believe. That just hid not long after, Yama Ship stopped in his front not far away, Zhao Hai looked at that Palpus Clansmen hiding place said : to come out, do you also want to avoid this tribulation? The words that forgot my yesterday to speak.” That Palpus Clansmen book thinks Zhao Hai in cheating him, but looks at Zhao Hai two eyes straight look at his hiding place, he knows that Zhao Hai knows really he in there, a that person of cannot help but pain, then received the stealth clothes at heart, appears in the Yama Ship front about 200 meters positions. His look at Zhao Hai said : „are you presently my? Our Palpus Clansmen stealth ability, is almost nobody can presently.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : almost nobody to be able presently, equal to nobody unable presently, I not present? The truth told you, before you, I have met more than one Palpus Clansmen, I also butchered one, his stealth, but also wants to steal the nose I, what a pity he has not succeeded, he he, is one's turn you now, your Palpus Clansmen must know that this ten-thousand realms battlefield, was a paradise of robber, but only aimed at a race, that was incorrect, you in view of our Comprehend the world, will welcome the retaliation specially, today is only a start.” Said that Zhao Hai moves, ten thousand flying sword appears in his side, cut toward that Palpus Clansmen.

That Palpus Clansmen immediately release Magical Artifact is also keeping off the attack of Zhao Hai, but at this time, Liu Sheng their look at, all person release flying sword, will actually not have attacked toward that Palpus Clansmen. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, showed a faint smile, receives own flying sword, has given Liu Sheng this opportunity they, he knows that Liu Sheng they were want to revenge, that gave them to be good this opportunity. That Palpus Clansmen strength although is not weak, but one to these many Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, he cannot withstand, before long they were given to kill by Liu Sheng. After having killed that Palpus Clansmen, Zhao Hai drew on that Palpus Clansmen corpse Yama Ship, then to Liu Sheng their said : Big Brother Liu, his thing, you can take away, but this corpse turned over to me, what kind of?” Liu Sheng listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but slightly gawked, then his immediately responded, smiles said : Little Hai you are dark Dark Magician, this corpse turned certainly over to you, but thing we cannot all take, this, seeing had the share, everyone/Great Clan equal division.” Other people naturally will not oppose that Liu Sheng this opinion, must say , a side that they profit, if because does not have Zhao Hai, their simply could not find this Palpus Clansmen, but Zhao Hai does not have them, can cope with this Palpus Clansmen with ease, this point they will not suspect. If in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, they will not want these thing, after all the majority of merit are Zhao Hai, but now they actually in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, but their this month taxes did not have the whereabouts, for can keep ten-thousand realms battlefield here by oneself, for can have thing to pay taxes by oneself, they can only be thick the facial skin to want these thing. However Zhao Hai has not cared, he also really somewhat looks regarding that this thing does not glance, but he also knows, if he does not want, Liu Sheng they restless, therefore Zhao Hai smiles said : well, depends on the meaning of Big Brother Liu, this, I want this Palpus Clansmen and his Life Source Magical Artifact, other you divided equally have been OK.” Must know that is such Zhao Hai also suffers a loss is not small, these Palpus Clansmen took by force for a long time in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, their Magical Artifact with having more than 100, on adding on also has plenty in thing that snatched, if these thing divided equally, the income of that everyone was not small .

This Palpus Clansmen they are different from Liu Sheng, Liu Sheng they are the new people, to ten-thousand realms battlefield here didn't have long time, was worrying for the tax that oneself must deliver every month that but this Palpus Clansmen was old person, these many years in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, good thing, but has not snatched little, therefore his family property was very rich. Liu Sheng listened to Zhao Hai saying that thinks was apportioning some Zhao Hai thing, Zhao Hai had not actually agreed that finally also can only according to managing that Zhao Hai said. After they brought this Palpus Clansmen thing, they then presently, this Palpus Clansmen also is really very rich, in his Space equipment thinks of many good thing, these thing not only sufficed them to pay this month tax, but can also slightly gain one, but Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng naturally also received their, Li Zongdao Zhao Hai made him receive, the Mo Sheng that point, was actually Zhao Hai helps him receive, Mo Sheng also had no need for these thing in any case, how you gave him his also don’t know to use. This motion complete success, not only has revenged, but also has gained one, this lets Liu Sheng their very happy, after everyone/Great Clan divided thing, turns the head look at Zhao Hai, that meaning very obvious, was makes Zhao Hai lead them to rush to hit the troubles of other Palpus Clansmen. Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, knows that they are thinking anything, but he has not said anything, but shows a faint smile, the hand wields, the Yama Ship adjustment transfers the bow, flies in another direction. Palpus Clansmen and several other Realms that person therefore the participation that time moves, the body is bringing the Zhao Hai Liquid Silver needle, target that but Zhao Hai now item wanting stares on the body of Palpus Clansmen, the several other Realms person, Zhao Hai has not wanted to manage now, this motion was mainly Palpus Clansmen gets up, that naturally must be possible Palpus Clansmen to tidy up first, but the several other Realms person, although also had the participation, was belongs hire, Zhao Hai now could not have attended to them. Is adding on Zhao Hai not to think that offends several people, therefore the several other Realms person, he will not move now, main target is Palpus Clansmen.!.