Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1405

E-book download function suspension uses! It is expected that needs to complete to next week! Chapter 331 not calm new person area The violent, one will have also one! nearest/recent new person area here several other Realms person present, new person smelting trial area here atmosphere some are not right, first is the Comprehend the world person, always by attack, was made Comprehend the world cultivator each and every one does not dare to come out, even if comes out, best is the troop comes out, few of alone coming out, this lets many other people, somewhat takes pleasure in others'misfortunes. Moreover other person also presently, nearest/recent in new smelting trial area here, has plenty Palpus Clansmen lurking, but you more often, will see these Palpus Clansmen in the attack Comprehend the world person. The discerning people can look, this is Palpus Clansmen in view of the motion of Comprehend the world person, but is too close to the problem, the Comprehend the world person, did not have presently the Palpus Clansmen plot to the present probably. Must say that Palpus Clansmen is one of the ten-thousand realms battlefield here most unpopular races, because they by taking by force to live, facing a such robber race, nobody will like. Moreover new smelting trial area here, the experts will not come generally, at that time Palpus Clansmen was actually an exception, no matter they you any unwritten regulation and so on, even if existing writing regulation they will not manage, do not say unwritten regulation. Therefore other various Realm people, come out now, is forms groups, because Palpus Clansmen in the new smelting trial area here activity was extremely frequent, although these Palpus Clansmen main target have placed the body of Comprehend the world person now, at that time can who knew these robbers the suddenly transferring nature cope with them, be careful a point to well. Because of stemming from such idea, therefore everyone/Great Clan these person very careful, troop as far as possible comes out. However other these people quick presently incorrect place, they presently, the Comprehend the world there person, has launched the counter-attack probably, is led by huge ship-shape Magical Artifact, the Comprehend the world person, has carried on the counter-attack to Palpus Clansmen. each and every one Palpus Clansmen was killed, but that huge ship still runs amuck in new smelting trial area here overbearing, but that ship has not looked for other trouble, but only aims at must the clan. Other various Realm people now also present, this is a war, Palpus Clansmen and war between Comprehend the world people, they not participate to well, watched the fun in the one side was good, if can sort cheaply also good.

Quick, Palpus Clansmen on present this situation, massive Palpus Clansmen spill into the new smelting trial area, but at this time, Comprehend the world person also present this situation, massive Comprehend the world Expert have also spilled into the new smelting trial area. Palpus Clansmen and Comprehend the world that person these come in newly, may be some experts, fighting strength formidable, other these novices look at this situation, immediately/on horseback turn around run, direct returned to oneself community has not dared to come out. These person also understand, Comprehend the world and Palpus Clansmen spill into the new smelting trial area massively, feared that will be conflict Level Up of both sides, if this moment will also keep new smelting trial area there, that courted death. The new smelting trial area here sound is so big, naturally also alarmed ten-thousand realms battlefield here all people, various Realm has aimed at new smelting trial area here the vision. Comprehend the world and must the clan not be ten-thousand realms battlefield here strongest Interface, this 2 Realms strength belongs to medium grade, at that time ten-thousand realms battlefield here, had for a long time does not have appears 2 Realms to spelling the phenomenon, everyone/Great Clan in desirably avoids this situation, because a 2 Realms pair spells, finally will possibly end up to turn out two defeats to have the wound fate, that will only make other various Realm grab a bargain. Must know that in ten-thousand realms battlefield here Interface was really too many, thirty thousand many Interface, had the person to want you to step on the under foot, gained the even bigger benefit, therefore various Realm as far as possible avoided living of this situation. Therefore this Comprehend the world and must between the clans to spelling, one directed to attract the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield vision, Comprehend the world these time was unable to make concessions, if they have drawn back, later will have countless people to cope with them, therefore their these time must give to a clan lesson be good. Normally encountered this situation, Palpus Clansmen should draw back, they were a robber race, only snatched thing, will not make to extinguish the Human Race matter. At that time felt strange felt strange, order that this Palpus Clansmen High level issued, died to knock with the Comprehend the world person unexpectedly not at any cost, this was all Palpus Clansmen has not thought. At that time the order of Palpus Clansmen to their High level very much listened, therefore massive Palpus Clansmen flooded into this new smelting trial area, but Comprehend the world naturally did not fall the manpower, the massive manpower flooded into the new smelting trial area. But Zhao Hai their these days simply do not have leave the new smelting trial area, they have been looking for the trouble of Palpus Clansmen, because of their movements, lets these Palpus Clansmen all vigilances, therefore these Palpus Clansmen will send out the massive manpower to run up to new smelting trial area here.

Zhao Hai they do not have returned to community there, naturally also don’t know community there lived any matter, in the circle decides after the circle really situation reporting of here, Comprehend the world there High level, immediately has made the response, they reassigned large quantities of Expert, killed the new smelting trial area, prepared to look for the trouble of Palpus Clansmen, but led a group was actually young Monk, this Monk in hand, held one is looking like unadorned Magic Staff, at that time this law just actually gave people the one type of pressure, the one type of very formidable pressure. This pressure is not come from that Monk, but is this Magic Staff itself comes out, this lets the person most surprised place. This young Monk, altogether had more than 1000 people to enter the new person smelting trial area, in these people majority was Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, only then several were Divided Spirit Stage Expert, but that looked like very young Monk, was Divided Spirit Stage Expert. When this Monk arrives at new person inhabited area there, Zhao Hai received information, this Monk Zhao Hai did not know, at that time this Monk in hand was taking Magic Staff, Zhao Hai is actually knew that this Magic Staff wins great reputation in Comprehend the world there, floats spatial temple the treasure, hundred change the Vajra sticks. Zhao Hai looked that these time came hundred to change the Vajra stick took, obviously Comprehend the world these time prepared to play one in a big way, but he has not cared, this new person smelting trial area or was not small, they continuously in the new person smelting trial area here activity, even if were that takes hundred is changing Monk of Vajra stick entered the new smelting trial area, not necessarily can find them, but he has not wanted to be able with that Monk. Zhao Hai looked, that young Monk is the leader who these time moves, moreover he is Buddhist Sect disciple, if Zhao Hai goes, must listen to that person of command(er), Zhao Hai not to be shouted five to drink six daily, therefore he has not prepared to see that Monk, has not told Liu Sheng them this information. Naturally, now Zhao Hai will not sweep annoys Palpus Clansmen, this time must the clan spill into the new smelting trial area here person , over 1000 people, moreover each one strengths are not weak, Divided Spirit Stage Expert also several, what most important is, now these Palpus Clansmen gathered in together, if they in coped with these Palpus Clansmen at this time, that will suffer finally possibly a loss. Zhao Hai naturally does not will touch that mildew head at this time, therefore he is getting Liu Sheng they to sweep in new smelting trial area here now, they sweep naturally is new smelting trial area here some medicinal herbs and ores. Now new smelting trial area here, because of must the clan and Comprehend the world sound, many other people the leave novice smelting trial area, now new smelting trial area here cultivator density that be has been not as before, this is sweeping opportunity, before Zhao Hai they , to pick these medicinal herbs, that is very difficult, because these medicinal herbs have countless people to stare daily, they want to snatch are not easy. Now is at that time different, now other people leave the new smelting trial area, this is Zhao Hai their opportunity, now in new smelting trial area here, may not have many people to snatch medicinal herbs with them, they can feel relieved bold picking. Zhao Hai when makes this decision, after that time besieges Liu Sheng their Palpus Clansmen solves, makes, such makes one to pick some medicinal herbs, or the ore enriches Space, two can avoid that Monk, let they will not be involved to two big to the war.

Zhao Hai is not does not want to be Comprehend the world strives, he does not want to become a cannon fodder, therefore he after tidying up these has besieged Liu Sheng their Palpus Clansmen, proposed that everyone/Great Clan together moves, picks the medicine to mine such proposition. But Liu Sheng they now has revenged, also saw clearly the Zhao Hai strength, naturally will not be opposing, therefore agreed that Zhao Hai naturally is harnessing Yama Ship, starts the production area to each every medicinal herbs and ore sweeps. But Liu Sheng they also from saw some clue, these medicinal herbs production areas have some them have come, naturally also knows before here, can be any appearance, will not walk away will meet cultivator, will not do well both sides on to conflict. At that time now they flew in this medicinal herbs production area the half of the day, cultivator had not actually seen that this somewhat felt strange. Liu Sheng their these days also present, Zhao Hai handles each matter to have the point probably, he is not do as you wish but act accordingly, only to not revenge to do, takes to cope with the Palpus Clansmen matter, this to revenge superficially probably, Liu Sheng they actually has to recognize, they in unknowingly the Zhao Hai [say / way], Zhao Hai look at revenge for them at that time, actually was actually uses this matter to pull closer relationship with them, and slowly by them, was gazed by his horse. This saying said that probably is a little strange, since they knew Zhao Hai plot, that naturally will not be swindled, the fact was actually at that time not true, in fact, their clearly know like this, actually will not think leave Zhao Hai, obedient gazes by the Zhao Hai horse. Thought of here, Liu Sheng cannot help but has smiled bitterly, is longer with the time that Zhao Hai contacted, is presently the Zhao Hai uncommon place, on him had one type of thing probably, made your unconscious the arrangement that wants to obey, wants to listen to his words, this type felt very bizarre, at that time their actually not dislike, even if were knows that Zhao Hai coped with Palpus Clansmen to pull closer relationship with them, to subdue them, they still will not have any dislike. sometimes Liu Sheng even believes that they were the collective have been possessed by a demon, why otherwise so will listen to the Zhao Hai words? # c.. Are more, address