Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1406

They really had also been bewitched, but in them but Righteous Sect Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, Enlightenment Profound Technique, this Enlightenment Profound Technique is in all Profound Technique one that is difficult to study, uses silently, even does not have point spiritual wave to move, so long as this Profound Technique person, will have had the favorable impression, slowly to absolute obedience. But this Enlightenment Profound Technique use two methods, one type is is also quite anxious, like the big move, xing puts forth Enlightenment Profound Technique, people in during technique, if mental is not firm, spiritual force is insufficient, immediately will be led into the path of virtue, after being led into the path of virtue, he will hold total involvement Faith to cause to lead into the path of virtue their people, will probably turn into fanaticism who will completely lose oneself thought. But another one type of application method, is the application method of this Moistening Silently type, in the use time, does not have a point sound, in silent, the move a little will not feel completely. However this method has a shortcoming compared with one type of, that is this method the effect that wants the continual multiple use to achieve to lead into the path of virtue. Zhao Hai he has held the use to be excessively inferior to Liu Sheng, now Liu Sheng they basically has been led into the path of virtue by him, but Liu Sheng they did not have presently. Regarding leading into the path of virtue Liu Sheng they, a Zhao Hai point pressure, because of Zhao Hai very clear, Liu Sheng their initially have not asked him, not necessarily has settled any good intention, he to Liu Sheng other people are good, what most important is, he has led into the path of virtue Liu Sheng they, regarding Liu Sheng them, not necessarily is the misdemeanor. Zhao Hai has Space to exist, in has Strength of Faith in addition, later the strength will be getting stronger and stronger fragrant, they can be led into the path of virtue by Zhao Hai at this time, regarding them, possibly is the good deed. But Enlightenment Profound Technique another one big does to use, that formidable, that regarding the collection of Strength of Faith, therefore by the person of leading into the path of virtue, can provide Strength of Faith , the person who you lead into the path of virtue are more, they are more to Strength of Faith that you provide, moreover by the person of leading into the path of virtue, is almost fanatic believer, Strength of Faith extremely numerous that they can provide, this is the Enlightenment Profound Technique the most powerful place. Strength of Faith cultivated one regarding one is to say importantly, now Zhao Hai knew, his body, before, but formidable were more, moreover later was practicing, will not have any important pass, but your wish let person Faith you are not an easy matter, especially fanatic believer, was very more difficult to train. If Zhao Hai does not have Space, simply is impossible to collect that many Strength of Faith, in Comprehend the world there, does not lack the Strength of Faith collection method and application method, but wanted to find to provide the Strength of Faith person to you, was actually the countless sufferings and hardships. In Cultivation World there, before some big gate factions, has performed some experiments, they rear in a pen some people specially, carries out the brainwashing -type education to these people, after makes these people special to them provides Strength of Faith.

However this method is actually not very successful \; first, because this Strength of Faith can only provide to a person, whose provides to this is an issue, if provides to too many people, Strength of Faith that everyone minute of arriving is few, simply cannot have the corresponding effect, the person who if rears in a pen were too many fragrance, instead attended the meeting is not easy to do, the person were too many, is easy to produce unnecessary some troublesome, if when the time comes a person has had some suspicions to their brainwashing, that quick many people on will suspect, such rearing in a pen slowly also on being defeated.. Because method of this rearing in a pen is invalid, therefore in Comprehend the world here, the use of Strength of Faith had not popularized, Cultivation Method keep secret was a reason, the even bigger reason could not find to provide the Strength of Faith place. After learn Strength of Faith, understanding also depth of Zhao Hai to Strength of Faith, why his also understand Lu Wei in hand had control thing, in that collection Strength of Faith, the strength still so was low, because this Strength of Faith not so is good to collect. It looks like in God Realm there, although said Lu Wei, in there was regarded on existence of god, but true sincerity Faith his person is actually not many, all people like are Earth some people on believing in Buddhism, but spoke thoughtlessly, not necessarily was true Faith, because of this, therefore Lu Wei Spirit Moon Wind Emperor they, although control one, but they can acquired Strength of Faith, real be few pity, that few pitiful Strength of Faith, the nature too in a big way has not had the use, to their help was not very big, therefore their strengths. So will be low. However no matter what, they also always collect the Strength of Faith place, therefore no one gives up that thing discards, grasping in hand stubbornly, does not dare to make anybody know. If makes Lu Wei know that Zhao Hai Strength of Faith so male ho fragrant u, feared that will be he will be jealous really dies. Similar truth, if makes the person of Cultivation World here person know that has Enlightenment Profound Technique this Cultivation Method, they not at any cost will certainly obtain. So long as because obtained this Profound Technique, they can collect innumerable Strength of Faith, this regarding any cultivator, has fatal attracting gravitational force. Liu Sheng they and don’t know these, they knows that he in unknowingly liked listening to the Zhao Hai words, moreover they to this mood not dislike. Li Zongdao also present this point, he also feels very strange, but he has not asked anything, Li Zongdao is not silly, although they worked such long time with Liu Sheng, but he still entirely did not believe Liu Sheng they, perhaps if in Cultivation World there, Li Zongdao also believes Liu Sheng they, however in here, Li Zongdao were actually complete did not believe. Li sect said very clear, in Cultivation World there, Liu Sheng they will have scruples his status, but he core big disciple of profound clear sect, if has killed him, the person who let the profound clear sect knows that Liu Sheng they did not shoulder this responsibility. However but here the ten-thousand realms battlefield, here is not peaceful, Liu Sheng they had the homicide, simply nobody knows that was who kills, ten-thousand realms battlefield here was too chaotic, wants to chase down a person to be killed by whom, was almost impossible.

Now looked that Liu Sheng he holds to Zhao Hai almost always follows, this makes Li sect say that has been careful, in his opinion, the safe does everything to please, non- jian already robs, Liu Sheng they use such manner to come to Zhao Hai, not necessarily is any good deed. The fragrance moreover Li Zongdao has also said several times to Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai actually comforts him, has not cared, how in fact Zhao Hai was don’t know said that led into the path of virtue the Divine Art matter cannot say absolutely, said words that will bring the inexhaustible trouble to him. However now they must do, is only collects some medicinal herbs and ores and so on thing, copes is also only some Monster Beast, depending on their these many people, simply not any danger, therefore Li Zongdao to does not have the ji fierce response extremely. When Zhao Hai they collect medicinal herbs and ore, must the clan and Comprehend the world person also starts to take action, both sides also received some sound of the wind/rumor, knows that the opposite party has sent the large unit to enter the person to come to the new smelting trial area, therefore both sides time very careful. Two altogether sent out about three to do the person, in new smelting trial area here, cautiously was approaching to the opposite party, they will also send out some people to go to scout, person but who sent, minimum was ten people of one group, was feared that some people of walk alone, by the opposite party tidying up, must know at war, any strength was not allow to neglect existence. The situation of both sides was already received in Space by Zhao Hai, now the entire new smelting trial area here every action and every movement cannot escape the eye of Zhao Hai, this both sides make such big move to come, Zhao Hai is the attention that becomes a stranger. The distance of both sides leaves is very far, thinks that is meeting above, fights, feared that is must the several days time, what most important is, place that both sides encounter, is very far from them, their simply does not need to be worried about anything. Zhao Hai has not taken care these matters, still everyday fragrant gets Liu Sheng they to collect the medicinal herbs ore and so on, must say that this opportunity, receives, if other after wars, but cannot look like now is so relaxed. Liu Sheng they naturally cannot have any opinion, now they almost leading into the path of virtue to turn into by Zhao Hai, so long as must carry on one time to cross today, Liu Sheng they become the Zhao Hai most faithful followers, no matter they and Zhao Hai separate how long, forever believe in Zhao Hai for the god, can never carry to sentence, this is the Enlightenment Profound Technique the most powerful place. Moreover now is Zhao Hai in front of them uses Enlightenment Profound Technique in Liu Sheng, they will not have any dislike, because their mind already by Enlightenment Profound Technique to leading into the path of virtue was similar.

Zhao Hai has not worried, he does not think to participate in Comprehend the world with being probable now the battle of clan, he prepares several days on dull, when the person official engagement of 2 Realms, when the time comes he was participating, such he can not by that command(er) that called Kong Miao Monk, can be Comprehend the world strives. Kong Miao Monk is that takes hundred is changing Monk of Vajra stick, before Zhao Hai and don’t know he named, consequence others politely called him for Kong Miao Grandmaster, Zhao Hai only know his name. This Kong Miao Monk looks like although very young, but strength actually very formidable, what most important is, his starting matter comes, that also in good order, does many people of marching, under his arrangement, all methodical is carrying on, is not chaotic. Saw this situation, Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat admired to this Kong Miao Monk, must know Space Monk command(er) not after a machine soldier of military training, but has not undergone any military training cultivator, wants to make these cultivator all press his request, this did not have a method unable to achieve. Compared with the Comprehend the world here situation, Palpus Clansmen there must be more regular, Palpus Clansmen has undergone certain military training evidently, in adding on must the clan from have centralized management most from the beginning, now manages naturally also to be much more relaxed, Battalion person advancing is not quick, although they are cultivator, the person are many, hurrying along is not slow, but must compared with the single person, actually be slow, finishes competition large unit together to move, but also wants to hold certain lineup, is not that simple. Zhao Hai although is still collecting medicinal herbs and ore now, but the attention strongly to must actually the clan and Comprehend the world there, looked when both sides start, his good past to join in the fun. ( to be continued ) ( to be continued )!.