Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1407

Zhao Hai stands on Yama Ship, let out a long breath, looked at one to stand in his Liu Sheng and the others, Liu Sheng their 14 people, various clans had, but they have a status now, Zhao Hai follower. Zhao Hai carries on today last time has led into the path of virtue, Liu Sheng they already complete was led into the path of virtue by the Zhao Hai person, became Zhao Hai most loyal Faith. Zhao Hai saw with Faith, Liu Sheng their bodies, have produced golden yellow Strength of Faith, the essence of that Strength of Faith saves, deep, comes compared with these Undead Creature, is silk is not bad. Must know that these Undead Creature although have their thought that but they are Zhao Hai most frantic Faith, Zhao Hai issues an order, they momentarily can die, but Strength of Faith that Liu Sheng on them braves, is unexpectedly same as these Undead Creature, in other words, they also turned into Zhao Hai fanatic believer, so long as Zhao Hai issues an order, they can also be Zhao Hai die at any time. Now Liu Sheng they looks in the Zhao Hai look, was having one was frantic, now Zhao Hai in their at heart, is true God like existence, they are willing to sacrifice all for Zhao Hai. But at this time Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng still slept in the cabin, Zhao Hai looked at Liu Sheng their said : you also to go to rest well, has remembered, in the front of bystander, obvious that too do not display.” Liu Sheng they have complied with one, respectful to Zhao Hai gave a salute, this turn around entered the cabin. Zhao Hai looked at background one eyes of these people, turned the head to look outside jet black sky one, muttered said : just wait, sooner or later one day, I will see your.” The you who Zhao Hai said that refers to is the person who manufactures the ten-thousand realms battlefield. Now ten-thousand realms battlefield here, is the Zhao Hai biggest worry. Can manufacture the person in ten-thousand realms battlefield place, how possibly is the simple character. Now Zhao Hai most is worried is also these people. Because Zhao Hai subscribed target on the bodies of these people, therefore regarding the ten-thousand realms battlefield here situation, he was not very meticulously, he knows that he will not have any issue in here, he came the here smelting trial, had a look to look at Space to be able while convenient Level Up, insurance to want Space in time Level Up, his energy was fuller a point. Next day Zhao Hai they still make medicinal herbs and ore, Zhao Hai have not done goes too far. Compared with has the formidable Monster Beast protection place he not to go, but is this, their these days harvest also very enormous, harvest of these days. Quickly caught up with others several years of receiving. Even are more than others several years of income, after all now nobody snatched with them, even if these dares to remain. Meets Zhao Hai they not to have, they were given to tidy up by Zhao Hai directly, now Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature in Zhao Hai Space, the quantity increased to more than 30, if he exits from ten-thousand realms battlefield here, returned to Comprehend the world there. immediately can become a region's Overlord, overlord who that uninhabited dares to move. Also was locating respectively medicinal herbs and ore production area transferred several days. Zhao Hai stopped finally, the new person smelting trial area here almost famous medicinal herbs production area and ore production area they almost went, now does not use , a reason is, Comprehend the world and Palpus Clansmen must start.

Both sides altogether set out about 3000 cultivator, cultivation level lowest is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, a Infant Stage time does not have, moreover is the experts, now both sides on confront in a green Tongshan, the distance great distance insufficient kilometer of both sides, Zhao Hai looks at this situation, knows that the both sides war is unavoidable, they rush to green Tongshan there also to take about three days from here, when the time comes happen to enters the war. Zhao Hai has not told Li sect saying that why they want the round trip to walk, Li sect said that they had not asked that Li Zongdao is to Zhao Hai absolute trust, but Liu Sheng they say nothing, do not say that Zhao Hai changes the route, even if makes their immediately/on horseback hang oneself to wipe neck, they will not have any hesitation. After Zhao Hai has transferred the bow, turns the head to encircle to people said :, I had the words to say.” People immediately/on horseback has encircled, Li Zongdao looked at Liu Sheng their eyes, he always feels very strange, Liu Sheng their transformations were too quick, this several days time, always follows to Zhao Hai, this makes him somewhat lack self-confidence at heart, how don’t know Liu Sheng they were. Zhao Hai looked at people said : our Comprehend the world to gather more than 1000 people, confront in green Tongshan there with must more than 1000 people of clan, quick must hit, we are to go back to enter the war now, therefore this several days everyone/Great Clan do not think other, was rest well, raised fully the spirit, we prepared to begin at any time.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Zongdao stares, quickly said: Really? Little Hai, when matter is this? Our how don’t know?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to have several days, when we started to look for medicinal herbs started, but at that time, army of both sides just arrived, today starts to confront, I do not want to go back to be managed by these people, therefore had not gone back, now soon made war, we must certainly go back to help, good Li Big Brother, rests, we hurried back also two to three days of moment, this several days happen to let everyone/Great Clan recuperation well.” Li Zongdao nodded said : I saying that the these days smelting trial area here person so are few, feared that ran away in fear? They also feared that brings disaster to the mackerel shad.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well , because of this, therefore I remained, now we harvest these many, was similar, happen to goes back to enter the war.” Li Zongdao laughs said : well, Little Hai, the dry attractiveness, these Monk are not good thing, these time makes them hit first, avoid we go back to be too early, was regarded the cannon fodder by these fellows.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : I also to think that does not remember wind Martial Uncle before we come in what has said? nearest/recent ten-thousand realms battlefield here was not peaceful, floats the spatial temple hundred changes the Vajra stick takes, but what this team leader was Monk, in hand is taking a Magic Staff.” Li Zongdao is said : taking a Magic Staff? Do hundred change the Vajra sticks? Do you know don’t know this Monk to name?” Zhao Hai nodded said : Kong Miao, the Monk name in religion calls Kong Miao, probably is the young appearance, have you heard this name?” Zhao Hai presently he says Kong Miao this name, Li Zongdao face changes, cannot help but curious asking. Li Zongdao face some little time restored calm, deep voice said : „, if is really Kong Miao, I to had heard really this person, this person becomes monk in floating the spatial temple, can the cultivator there reputation not reveal in Cultivation World these, however had actually heard in us his name, he is the younger generation first talent of being worthy of the reputation, this year is probably similar to my age, possibly is smaller than me on two years old, but practice degree very fast of this person, in me only Infant Stage, on hearing him Transcends Tribulation has succeeded, now feared that is arrived. Divided Spirit Stage, heard that he is floats the spatial temple in history, youngest Supreme Elder, the status very lofty, although belongs to a batch with us, has actually left behind us, can compare with him, feared that has Little Hai you.” Zhao Hai stares, we who his understand Li Zongdao meaning, in Li Zongdao words said certainly, refers to is some Great Sect Core Disciple, in the ordinary cultivator eye, they may be unattainable existences, but Kong Miao was existence that they need to look up. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded said : looks like this Kong Miao is really not simple, floats the spatial temple to be able feel relieved sends him to have hundred to change the Vajra stick enters to the ten-thousand realms battlefield, can look fully, is very confident to him, has the words of time, I to am think to be able he.” Li Zongdao has smiled bitterly, entire Comprehend the world, feared that is only then Zhao Hai dares to speak such words, even if were some established Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert does not dare to speak such words. Li Zongdao shook the head, then turns the head look at Zhao Hai deep voice said : Little Hai, you must be careful that this Kong Miao, I heard a hearsay, said that this Kong Miao is some Buddhist Sect senior reincarnation repairs probably, heard that in Buddhist Sect has such Cultivation Method, can maintain by own god soul remembers that the reincarnation repairs.” Zhao Hai one hear of Li Zongdao said that two eyes cannot help but does shrink said : Kong Miao is the reincarnation repairs? Real?”

Li Zongdao shook the head said : this nobody to know, but there is a such one type of rumor, why otherwise he cultivates red is so quick? Is quick somewhat is scary.” Zhao Hai nodded, he is knows from the family work, reason that he practice is so quick , because has Space to exist, but if this Kong Miao does not have doing shortcoming like Space, he can practice to is so quick, that a little issue, Li Zongdao is the Cultivation World here talent character, but he practices is also normal, Kong Miao a little was too strange, that was unable to describe with the talent, can only use the monstruous talent to describe. If Kong Miao is that Buddhist Sect Expert is reincarnated from really cultivating, he can see own Strength of Faith? If really by him present anything, that matter feared that is trouble! Thought of here, the brow of Zhao Hai cannot help but wrinkled, it seems like that this Kong Miao also was really a hard to deal with character. Li sect said that look at Zhao Hai appearance, comforted said : not to be too many, in here he was also the Comprehend the world person, he will not be what kind to you.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, in saying anything, if his body does not have that many secret, he does not need to fear Kong Miao, but on him so many secret, any can bring the huge trouble to him, therefore he has no alternative but to be careful. Li sect said that the look at Zhao Hai appearance, knows Zhao Hai has certainly any his don’t know matter, but he many did not ask, this matter, must look at Zhao Hai own, he liked saying said that did not like saying, no one can compel him to say. However Li Zongdao to wants to know that what secret really Zhao Hai has, why heard that Kong Miao is the reincarnation repairs, so anxious, is he also the reincarnation repairs? Thinks of this, Li Zongdao to is two eyes one bright, because from the performance of Zhao Hai, he meets the condition that the reincarnation repairs probably, practice is quick, secret are many, strength formidable, how these look like likely are the people of high skill who a reincarnation repairs, is Little Hai also the reincarnation repairs?!.