Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1408

Chapter 334 violent anger Kong Miao! Zhao Hai and don’t know Li Zongdao in thinking anything, if knows that Li Zongdao in thinking anything, he will not certainly know whether to laugh or cry, because Li Zongdao has only guessed right half, he cannot call the reincarnation, but should call the soul to put on, he cannot call to repair, thinks before him, has not repaired on Earth. Li sect said that although suspected Zhao Hai is the reincarnation repairs, but he cannot look for any evidence, moreover he recalled, presently Zhao Hai is not the reincarnation repairs probably, because of matter and don’t know of his has plenty about the practice, therefore almost can remove the possibility that he is reincarnated repairs. Zhao Hai lets Laura their command(er) Yama Ship moving forward, he gets Li sect saying that they went back to rest, this time was the wars of over a thousand people of scales, he must be careful that was good. The wars of these over a thousand people of scales, sound to resemble the population not to be many, but must know that this combatant, may be some Transcends Tribulation Stage or Divided Spirit Stage big Expert, such Expert begins, that cannot the skies falling and the earth opening up. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai has to be careful that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, any does not want underestimated, therefore these three days he must cultivate the rest to be good well. Kong Miao stands in the cultivator team, the Palpus Clansmen team of look at not far away, he like others, has not received in Magical Artifact Space, but with in hand, because of his in hand Magical Artifact, hundred changes the Vajra stick. Very likes regarding this Magical Artifact Kong Miao, because this Magical Artifact is really very good, he uses very conveniently, these time is his Kong Miao praises the ten-thousand realms battlefield the time. Thinks one experience marvelously, Kong Miao also cannot help but sighed at heart his far quite, in his opinion, he by the heaven the person of caring, why will otherwise be made him come across that good matter. Reason that Kong Miao practice rapidness of such, is not because he is Buddhist Sect Expert that a reincarnation repairs, because he obtained an inheritance of Buddhist Sect Expert. Kong Miao was born in floating spatial temple on control planet, his Clan floats spatial temple jurisdiction Cultivator Clan under medium grade, Clan people practice is also Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, if disciple had the talent, can send to float the spatial temple to go to practice, becomes Inner Disciples, or Core Disciple.

But Kong Miao in Clan, but was not too treated the son that sees, Clan naturally cannot waste the too much time and commodities on his body, therefore the Kong Miao day comes compared with general Rogue Cultivator, very arrives at that to go. However no one has thought that Kong Miao when together climbs mountains to pick the medicine, in common cavern, picks a piece jade slip, but this jade slip actually did not have the energetic lock, Kong Miao to search own spiritual force, this searched his fainted, enough five talents woke, but after waking, he knows that his these time sorted the treasure, before that jade slip was Buddhist Sect Expert died during meditation, remained, in jade slip has recorded that Expert Forged Body Stage that from most started, the cultivate until Divided Spirit Stage branch process, this has given on equal to. The path that Kong Miao shows, lets him in the process of practice, can achieve problem-free. What most important is, Cultivation Method in jade slip, is very high level Cultivation Method, moreover practices first step writes perfectly clear, practices quickly, what medicine pill uses, writes very clear, Kong Miao practiced according to these thing completely is OK. What is most wonderful, in that jade slip, but also retained that Divided Spirit Stage Expert spiritual force, with Spiritual Qi, spiritual force stimulates the Kong Miao spirit, making his spiritual force formidable, but these Spiritual Qi are actually purest Spiritual Qi, lays the foundation to use to him. This jade slip can be said as a Cultivation World treasure, anybody obtains, can from general cultivator, practice step by step become big Expert, but why this jade slip can appears in that cavern, actually be nobody knows. Kong Miao had was more formidable than much spiritual force the contemporaries, there is that Divided Spirit Stage Expert purest Spiritual Qi, practiced naturally is twice the result with half the effort, quick in his Clan, emerged, in became his family puts the talent, then on logical was delivered floated the spatial temple, became Outer Disciple, quickly became Inner Disciples, Core Disciple, but practice commodity that he can obtain, were many, was adding on the help of that jade slip, his practice nature was one turns the wind along, the degree was similar to makes Fire Arrow to be the same, now he to float spatial temple Supreme Elder expensively, Divided Spirit Stage In person who Expert, Cultivation World most has the status. Thinks that here Kong Miao on some proud, he presently are really the destiny turns over , an ordinary Cultivator Clan son, can have today's status unexpectedly, the destiny turns over, simply cannot be justified. But these years he has been busy practicing, or is goes to some Sect arrangements the place smelting trial, moreover must hide the identity, this lets his not being feeling well, now in Cultivation World there, has heard his Kong Miao name, only then some Great Sect people, other person simply don’t know he is that. Remembers other Great Sect disciple, goes out, the appearance that these small Sect each and every one are accompanied by a retinue, he felt is envious, but he goes out, who these small Sect person simply don’t know he is, naturally cannot have situation appears that anything is accompanied by a retinue. This is also the place that Kong Miao most is angry, thinks that he floats Supreme Elder of spatial temple, existence that in the young generation first Expert, these people look, goes out does not have these person of scenery, this makes on him that reason things out.

But these time copes with Palpus Clansmen is opportunity, lets him in opportunity that ten-thousand realms battlefield here praises, Kong Miao is very clear, in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person, is the Comprehend the world there elites, moreover that Sect has, so long as beamed with joy in the face of these people, later he in Comprehend the world there, no matter arrives at there, will receive receives warmly. proud that although thinks at heart, however on his face actually has not displayed, is only calm look at Palpus Clansmen these, these Palpus Clansmen are leaving they not far place to line up in formation, the meaning of actually not having attacked. Kong Miao looked at these Palpus Clansmen one, silently said: Please must in the clan the coming out speech of Steward.” Sound distant transmitting, opposite Palpus Clansmen Battalion one peaceful, then Palpus Clansmen slowly flew from the team, this Palpus Clansmen looked like probably is old, on face long old wrinkle, looked like was ugly, this did Palpus Clansmen look at Kong Miao one, deep voice said : your excellency that?” Kong Miao looked at that Palpus Clansmen one, said : has been floating down spatial temple Kong Miao, today , is to consult your excellency matter, our Comprehend the world must the clan not have the enmity with you without the injustice, why do you want to kill our Comprehend the world person? Asked your excellency to give us explain/transfer, otherwise do not blame me for being rude.” That Palpus Clansmen look at Kong Miao, laughing said : suddenly impolite? impolite can you be what kind of? You said that this saying wasn't too weak? But here the ten-thousand realms battlefield, I must clan originally by killing a person and taking his possessions to live, by we have killed words, how many also has to have a grudge with us, explain/transfer? You spoke of explain/transfer, I also just want to make you give me explain/transfer, your Comprehend the world person, chased down our Palpus Clansmen unexpectedly blatantly, today you give me explain/transfer, my also impolite.” Kong Miao stayed, his practice has been problem-free, even if the smelting trial, is some does not have what dangerous experiment, his there sees has been so rampant, the mindless person, one hear of that people said that Kong Miao was mad unable to speak at that time. That Palpus Clansmen looks at the Kong Miao appearance, cannot help but laughs said : originally unexpectedly is young, HaHaHa, it seems like Cultivation World was really uninhabited, sent young to come with us to fight unexpectedly!” Said even bigger sound that smiles, but his behind these Palpus Clansmen laughing, has not been paying attention to Kong Miao probably completely. The appearances of Kong Miao look at these people, explode drink said : little to waste breath, you such being the case said that we do not have what talks about, under the hand sees the true facts!” The hand wields, his in hand hundred change Vajra stick direct that lead Palpus Clansmen strikes. But a Kong Miao behind Comprehend the world people, looks at this situation, without demur, various Magical Artifact straight let out, strike toward the opposite party.

These Palpus Clansmen looked that Kong Miao they began, they naturally do not fall the manpower, all kinds of Magical Artifact let out, in green Tongshan, Magical Artifact run all over the place, rumbling the sound is also lingering on faintly at once. Both sides are also at probe Stage now, although seems like very lively, but does not have the appears casualties that hits, but Kong Miao moved True Fire now, he thought that Palpus Clansmen insulted him, therefore came up to get down Assassin, hundred changed the Vajra stick in the change of in his hand not section the shape prize, to attack that must clan old person keep. However these must clan old person come prepared obviously, his coldly snorted, the hand wields, about 200 all kinds of Magical Artifact toward hundred change the Vajra stick moved forward to meet somebody, these Magical Artifact may not have one is every, although two are impossible to block hundred changes the Vajra sticks, but dozens can actually be able to block. These Magical Artifact that he takes, already turned into the aquamarine, looks like resembles Magical Artifact is in itself so the color is the same, actually is actually he uses own tentacle in control these Magical Artifact, because of his strength formidable, these tentacle control Magical Artifact Might was not small. But Kong Miao at this time, release dozens Magical Artifact, must clan old person attack toward that must know that Kong Miao now is Divided Spirit Stage Expert, so-called Divided Spirit Stage Expert, is you can divide into two own Primordial Spirit, branches out a vice- god to come for oneself to use, this vice- god can help your control Magical Artifact, this wanted you command(er) Magical Artifact quantity to be original double. If Kong Miao has not achieved Divided Spirit Stage, he is impossible to use hundred changes the Vajra stick, because hundred change Vajra stick although Might is huge, but similarly, he regarding the request of mind also very high, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, can control dozens Magical Artifact, but if control hundred change the Vajra stick, that can only control hundred change the Vajra stick, in cannot other control Magical Artifact. Therefore hundred change the Vajra stick is Divided Spirit Stage Expert uses generally, like this you can come control hundred to change the Vajra stick with the vice- god, comes control own Magical Artifact with Main God, like this opposes the enemy, you formidable. ......