Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1409

Chapter 335 Palpus Clansmen plot Hundred change the Vajra stick is somewhat similar to Zhao Hai Liquid Silver, but now hundred change the Vajra sticks, absolute can't compare with after multiple Level Up Liquid Silver, present Liquid Silver turned into Faith weapon, hundred change the Vajra stick is actually not. In having is, hundred change Vajra stick although can transformation, but the volume actually will not change, but Zhao Hai Liquid Silver, can actually the fluctuation volume. However is this, hundred changed the Vajra stick was also very mysterious, although said that was hundred changes, that was just a name, this Magic Staff was the same with Zhao Hai in hand Liquid Silver, so long as you can think thing, he can become. However these hundred change Vajra stick actually few individuals can wield he biggest Might truly, because these hundred change the Vajra stick is the same with Liquid Silver, how you want to use him, what Magic Staff must in inside join, this formation, so long as you used spiritual force to congeal are OK. But is this, still does not have many people able to achieve, after is not everyone can like Zhao Hai , helping him with Space congealment formation. In having was hundred changes the Vajra stick was precious, whose Life Source Magical Artifact he was impossible becomes, the majority of time were supplied, be only thought need to use, will take the use. However as the matter stands had an issue, any one type of weapon before the use, was the need well familiar, you used weapon time are long, to this weapon was familiar, this weapon Might can also wield on exceed, but hundred changed the Vajra sticks, almost handed over in in hand of stranger, therefore used smoothly not that. However you cannot say that hundred change the Vajra stick has no merit to speak, hundred change in the Vajra sticks, actually one set of nucleus Mental Technique, this set of nucleus Mental Technique is attacks formation composition by control Magical Artifact and one group, this control Magical Artifact with entering attack method, is actually not these popular goods that outside can see, but is the genuine high-quality goods. These formation are floats spatial temple not the secret of passing on, can say that reason that hundred change the Vajra stick the prestige outside, depends is these nucleus Mental Technique support, if no these nucleus Mental Technique, hundred change the Vajra stick at most is good Magical Artifact, could not become overawes Comprehend the world top Magical Artifact absolutely. Besides these nucleus Mental Technique, you every time uses hundred change the Vajra sticks the time, wanted toward hundred to change in the Vajra stick condense formation, was uses own spiritual force to go to condense. However the average person also does not have Space, therefore hundred changed the Vajra stick before of use, the user will surely give to determine that him several shapes, in the use, fluctuated in these shapes, this can know what formation one used under any shape.

It looks like Kong Miao is the same, in in his hand, hundred changed Vajra stick a while turns into the Magic Staff appearance, a while turns into the appearance of crescent moon shovel, a while turned into Monk Knife, a while was a pagoda, one can be an earthen bowl, hundred changed Vajra stick in his hand, altogether can turn into more than ten shapes, attack style of each shape was different, formation that needs was different, therefore Kong Miao needed ahead of time familiar hundred changed the Vajra sticks, and formation that prepared these several Staff Technique to need, to guarantee one when came in handy hundred changes the Vajra stick, can by hundred change the Vajra stick can at shortest. internal change imaginary shape, moreover fluctuates together with inside formation together. According to floating the material record in spatial temple, floats in the spatial temple to use hundred changes the Vajra stick is best, before is second ten abbot second generation, this abbot can make hundred change the Vajra stick in own in hand, changes 108 shapes, moreover can be divided and can be combined, attack strength very formidable. Now Kong Miao although can only change several shapes, but hundred change Vajra stick inside nucleus Mental Technique not to be trifled with, this attack gets up very formidable, these must clan old person, first time need to use dozens Magical Artifact to block hundred change the Vajra sticks strikes. But these Magical Artifact that Kong Miao release goes, although is not every, but had not actually been watched by that Palpus Clansmen, he now mainly the attention is centralized, in hundred change on the Vajra sticks. Kong Miao regarding this Palpus Clansmen strength, felt that being startled, his very clear, these hundred change the Vajra sticks, although each strikes looks like is very ordinary, but this strength of striking is not absolutely small, if general Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, uses 20 Magical Artifact, cannot block hundred certainly changes the Vajra stick strikes, even can strike to kill that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. However in front of this Palpus Clansmen, has not actually asked to be good, it seems like that this Palpus Clansmen is not really simple! Kong Miao obtained the information is too few, his simply has not known that his standing in front the Palpus Clansmen was not the common character, he in must the clan very famous, nickname green cloud blue Sand Bandit, named Xu Wuzun. Strength very formidable of this person, moreover his also two Life Source Magical Artifact, one is the green cloud turban, same is Bi Shashan. This different Magical Artifact, first what Xu Wuzun obtains is Bi Shashan, that is Magical Artifact that he becomes famous, this Bi Shashan don’t know was used any method by him, built up the large quantities of green poisonous sands, this poisonous sand release, not only can smear person Magical Artifact, but can also the spoiled person his Spiritual Qi, even can pass on wave toxin through Spiritual Qi, making the person be poisoned, but also not rescued. But this green cloud turban, after is he becomes Divided Spirit Stage Expert, to Life Source Magical Artifact of own vice- Soul Refining system, this green cloud turban after release, will form piece of poisonous mist, this piece of poisonous mist tangible may disperse, may smear person Magical Artifact, may to be poisoned, even can regard one type of flight Magical Artifact to use, defense strength also same astonishment. Xu Wuzun also become famous in must the clan by long Expert, if make a practice to place in must the clan, feared that is Xu Wuzun is also top ten.

Because of this, all Xu Wuzun can block the attack of Kong Miao, the although Kong Miao strength is good, but compares to Xu Wuzun this to become famous by long Divided Spirit Stage Expert comes, he also appears very tender. Kong Miao by Xu Wuzun tying down, the days of other Comprehend the world here people did not feel better, because Magical Artifact of Comprehend the world here person is inferior to Palpus Clansmen to be many, Palpus Clansmen has head tentacle help, can command(er) many Magical Artifact, although these Magical Artifact be inferior when original Master use of Magical Artifact Might is so big, but cannot support this quantity to be many, at once Comprehend the world cultivator, slowly by Palpus Clansmen suppressing. Kong Miao also saw this situation, but he does not have what good means that Comprehend the world people but who still in these time comes, is some becomes famous by the long expert, the body after the people of thousand war, therefore their dealing very fast, immediately took back majority of Magical Artifact to defend, moreover immediately has carried on the division of labor, making the front few people defend by all means that the following person attacked by all means that as the matter stands attack and defense both sides have stabilized, so long as they wholly-absorbed completed a matter on the line. But Palpus Clansmen there, presently their here change Palpus Clansmen also immediately has made the corresponding change, they also specially branch out few people to defend, other people participate in the attack, but Palpus Clansmen and Comprehend the world here person is different, the Comprehend the world here person, is most people participates in the defense, only then few talented people will attack. But Palpus Clansmen is actually not, they is a small number defend, most people carry on attack, pressure that cultivator that as the matter stands, Comprehend the world these are responsible for defending, faces on even bigger. However is good because of these cultivator is not the untalented person, therefore a short time, these Palpus Clansmen have not taken any advantage, however Comprehend the world cultivator was actually falls leeward. But Kong Miao with the Xu Wuzun dogfight, simply could not have been doing several things at the same time at this time, looks from this point, Kong Miao obviously was too tender, must know that he now is a team leader, was not a person, was not the singles alone head, flaunted individual power and prestige time, he should organize everyone/Great Clan to fight with Palpus Clansmen now, if he by Xu Wuzun entangling, with hundred changed the help of Vajra stick, the Comprehend the world person, will not fall to so the situation absolutely. Obviously with old reprobate Xu Wuzun, in most from the beginning intentionally must enrage Kong Miao very much, making Kong Miao independent combat with him, then with own strength and experience, gives to tie down Kong Miao, is making other Palpus Clansmen deal with the Comprehend the world person. But this matter obviously is very deliberate, in other words, Xu Wuzun they in fight before the Comprehend the world person, knows that Kong Miao is command(er) that these time moves, purity that even to the Kong Miao origin, Magical Artifact of in hand use, the temperament understands, will therefore make this very targeted arrangement, is very obvious, their arrangement very successful. However now Comprehend the world these people, are busy dealing with Palpus Clansmen attack, therefore not present this point, if they presently, know that this time must deal with their enemies, feared that is not only Palpus Clansmen, Palpus Clansmen is impossible to collect so the detailed information.

This war both sides have not kept any strength, was naturally impossible to finish up in a short time, their people are in any case many, the front dozen, the following person can rest first, was trading, must tidying up is resigned the opposite party. As the matter stands they fought the time needed longer, according to this situation, feared that must fight ten days of half a month, naturally, this refers to without accident, but was very obvious, Zhao Hai they become the contingencies that this fought. Palpus Clansmen has not possibly thought that Zhao Hai they full catches up toward here, in the one day of much time can arrive at battlefield here. although has not arrived at battlefield there now, but Zhao Hai regarding the battlefield there situation, is actually very clear, every action and every movement of battlefield there person, under the surveillance of Space, because of this, therefore Zhao Hai somewhat worries, because of him presently, there is Palpus Clansmen to catch up toward battlefield there, obviously Palpus Clansmen had already prepared, these afterward Palpus Clansmen was reinforcement. Palpus Clansmen this time war must name very reveal, they must Comprehend the world presently the first that more than 1000 people of teams, as the matter stands the Comprehend the world person will enter to the new area copes with them, but their reinforcement, preparation, can be called the ambusher, the although population is only about 500, but suddenly of these 500 new forces enter, can change existence of battlefield absolutely, they are use to use the ambushers of these 500 people, hits Comprehend the world one to be caught off guard, cannot eliminate this 1000 many people who Comprehend the world these time sent to come out, must. The severe wound they, this is their genuine points. ......