Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1412
The Kong Miao present mood is not very good... This time he wants to tidy up Palpus Clansmen well, by oneself scenery one well, has not thought firmly, finally this crest of wave made the person snatching, his mood can good go to that. However on the face of Kong Miao does not have a point expression, but slowly flies in front of the Yama nose, to a Zhao Hai firm palm ritual, lowers Xuan Seng said : Amitabha, little monk Kong Miao, has seen several donors, thanked several donors to help.” Zhao Hai returns salute said : not to dare hastily, the name of Kong Miao Grandmaster, Zhao Hai early has hearing, can the date be able to see Grandmaster, is most honored below, Grandmaster welcome speak to on the ship.” Li Zongdao also gives Kong Miao to salute, his line, but the ritual of younger generation, in Comprehend the world here, all spoke by the strength, Li Zongdao and Kong Miao must say that should be a generation, however Kong Miao strength formidable, is Divided Spirit Stage Expert, in this case, Li Zongdao must salute to him. Kong Miao to is not polite, the personal appearance moved already appears on Yama Ship, Zhao Hai everybody also please embark to these Comprehend the world person said :, invited feel relieved, in the cabin the place big.” As soon as these Comprehend the world people listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but has gawked, then the facial expression changed, but actually nodded, embarked, but this Li Zongdao has directed Kong Miao to enter the cabin, now in the cabin also changed the appearance, in cabin already become bigger was big, do not say 1000 people, even if were comes in ten thousand people to begin in inside, the suspicion will not push. area in people look at cabin, somewhat dull stares, they are not has not seen the hicks, the polarity, their is not various Sect Supreme Elder, the status in Sect is lofty, even if in Comprehend the world there, is the character who moves a side, what scene has not seen, all kinds of can sit Magical Artifact of person they to see a lot, there are in some Magical Artifact also has internal space, but such big internal space Magical Artifact, they also are really the first time see likely. Zhao Hai arrives around Kong Miao, to Kong Miao ritual said : Kong Miao Grandmaster, this Zhao Hai came late, but also please excuse me.” Kong Miao looks at Zhao Hai to oneself continuously very respectfully, he did not say anything, nodded said : not to be late, luckily your appears , otherwise this time we were really also dangerous, I have not thought that Palpus Clansmen will spell with us unexpectedly hardly, moreover they sent Xu Wuzun make a move unexpectedly, this time was I misjudges.” Zhao Hai quickly said: This do not blame Grandmaster, Palpus Clansmen this is deliberately planning wants to cope with us, Grandmaster has not thought that is also normal, Grandmaster please sit down.” In this cabin very spacious, but the person of Cultivator, to not enjoy, nobody cares. After sitting down, Kong Miao puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, can you suddenly appears in here? Is Sect helps specially our?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to be open about the facts Grandmaster to say us continuously in this new smelting trial area, because our several people are the novices, previous time we comes here to pick the medicine the time, Palpus Clansmen must cope with us, after we repel, we in new area here have looked for the trouble of Palpus Clansmen, finally new area here Palpus Clansmen suddenly vanished, we look for them in the new area, the here matter, we are also from others there know that therefore caught up.” Kong Miao nodded said : originally you to cope with Palpus Clansmen, this no wonder, your had such Magical Artifact to help, to has to cope with the Palpus Clansmen energy, feel relieved, this matter I will turn head saying that with the above person, will reward to you.” Zhao Hai quickly said: So put to thank Grandmaster, but Grandmaster also the troublesome matters, we consider and in our information the mouth of that outside world person from before now know that the Palpus Clansmen reinforcement army, was also catching up toward here, the population resembled 400-500 people, did you look?”

One hear of Zhao Hai said that Kong Miao stares, then face changes, his originally is a very intelligent person, one hear of Zhao Hai said that his immediately understand the plan of Palpus Clansmen, he did turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : to know don’t know is a hu direction?” Zhao Hai is intimate friends said : to know that the meaning of Grandmaster is?” Kong Miao coldly snorted said : these Palpus Clansmen these days, have aimed at our Comprehend the world person, cannot their lesson, they forever unable to remember, asking mister to harness the ship to bring us, we must give a Palpus Clansmen lesson.” Kong Miao this saying half real, half are actually the dead/die heart, he wants to cope with Palpus Clansmen, but was the Comprehend the world person revenges has only selected 50% reasons, the other half reason was, he must call this opportunity, made up for the image. Right, is to make up for image, looks like in Kong Miao, these time by Palpus Clansmen compelling this situation, he thought that in the surface does not have the light, somewhat cannot gain ground before the people, moreover he thought that he image before the people was damaged, therefore he wants in as soon as possible does an attractive matter, image making up. Zhao Hai one hear of Kong Miao said that also smiles said : well, such as Grandmaster said that Grandmaster did not need to be worried that my immediately arranged.” Said that a Zhao Hai revolution of bow, flies in the Palpus Clansmen reinforcement direction. Kong Miao looked at Zhao Hai to complete, he then nodded, then has stood, to these cultivator. Said Zhao Hai just words, simultaneously from already the decision said. These cultivator one hear of Kong Miao said that naturally will not oppose, this time they also felt that abundant minute of aggrievedness, Zhao Hai appears , they were dangerous, now has opportunity report that gut retaliation, their will let off. Looked that the people agreed that Zhao Hai quickly said: Everybody, please allow me to arrange.” In people not so time, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : everybody, the department cloth was good, everyone/Great Clan left the cabin to give to see clearly what's the matter.” The people looked at Zhao Hai one puzzled, but is curious walked from the cabin, this comes out they to see that originally the image of this ship has changed, cabin there is still the nine layers tower appearance, however near the deck of ship , a appears parapet wall, looks like looks like city wall is the same, had imposing manner to be many. What most important is, the deck of ship was increased, even if more than 1000 people stands in the deck, is only often appears somewhat pushes, if these branch out few people to stand the tower to come up, such will not push, has been suiting the fight. Looks at Zhao Hai such arrangement, these person of immediately understand Zhao Hai were any meanings, Zhao Hai this was the preparation makes them fight these Palpus Clansmen people in on the ship directly, this arrived is the good deed, they can more relaxed dealt with these Palpus Clansmen.

Looks at Zhao Hai such arrangement, Kong Miao also nodded, he has regarded as Zhao Hai now is his under the hand/subordinate, the under the hand/subordinate management is so efficient, he naturally is happy. Zhao Hai gave everyone/Great Clan to arrange, these wanted on the tower directly arranged in the tower, in standing in deck, as advanced as cabin, they also among the one day of much places to stay in on the ship. Kong Miao naturally was needless saying that he was arranged the most top layer of pagoda with several other Divided Spirit Stage Expert by Zhao Hai directly, this can demonstrate their status. Kong Miao to Zhao Hai such arrangement naturally is very satisfied, with several other Divided Spirit Expert on the most top layer of pagoda, looked to this most top layer that they have satisfied, in the top layer of this pagoda, was divided into the each and every one small room, each room is **, making them have dead/die person Space. This arrangement naturally is the completely right these person of Divided Spirit Stage Expert appetites, these Divided Spirit Stage Expert very alone, they do not think that practice or the appearance of rest is seen by others, Zhao Hai such arrangement just and other people's regard. The however several people have not actually rested, but gathered Kong Miao in the room, these cultivator, although that Sect had, but they actually very ripe released, these people were the characters who the person always became a ghost, their very clear, Kong Miao grasps hundred now is changing the Vajra stick, actually this was a signal that Buddhist Sect release came, the meaning must regard the key trained object Kong Miao, but these time sent Kong Miao to come out, actually on was for to gain experience. But sends their several to come out, actually to help Kong Miao, therefore these people put their position is very positive, therefore has gone against after the tower, they have not rested, but to Kong Miao in the room. Kong Miao somewhat puzzled look at they, but he has not said anything, because before he is near, before obtained Buddhist Sect, raising of Chinese wild ginger, making him have the matter many to discuss about these that now looked several people gathered his in the room, his immediately understand, these had certainly the matter. After how many people sit down, Kong Miao look at how many person of gave a salute said : how many senior come my here, what matter has? Please speak frankly that not guards.” Kong Miao thinks the matter that they are daytime fight, this matter he does is not quite attractive, by no big deal, Kong Miao had been exactly also psychologically prepared.

However what makes his disappointed is, that several people had not said that this matter, a person of Monk appearance, looked at Kong Miao one, deep voice said : Kong Miao, you sit down, today we look for you, for the Zhao Hai matter.” Kong Miao one hear of he said that cannot help but has gawked next step: For the Zhao Hai matter? Zhao Hai what matter?” At the same time said Kong Miao oneself after sitting. Did the person of that Monk appearance look at Kong Miao said : you with having to think strange? In Comprehend the world there, do you hear this ship such Magical Artifact? Do the people see have been able at will the transformation ship? Aren't you to this Zhao Hai, really curious?” One hear of that Monk said that Kong Miao has cannot help but gawked, his originally is the extremely intelligent person, is adding on these many year of study Buddha, mental compared with average person much stronger, these days, because extremely in attached great importance, somewhat is conceited, but by a that Monk such saying, actually immediately calm. His lower the head and chant the names of Buddha, then both eyes shut, read scriptures, that several Divided Spirit Stage Expert, saw Kong Miao this appearance, did not have point disaffection, conversely, in several people of eyes 1 u left the facial expression of applause. Some little time Kong Miao read scriptures, his both eyes opened the eyes, in the eye a flash of divine light, then transferred calm, was only his temperament actually because of just these days chanting sutras, but lived a subtle change.!.