Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1413
In Buddhist Sect, regarding chanting sutras, has exquisite, chanting sutras can calm, can adjust the mind of person, very heavy regarding a Buddhist Sect people wants, because Buddhist Sect pays great attention to practice the heart, settles on regarding the practice of mind, but person during the practice of mind, this chanting sutras Buddhist Sect very important method. Some Kong Miao these days self- inflation, just continually were asked by that Monk several issues, Kong Miao immediately present, own mental was actually angry to read méng, including such simple issue presently, his immediately chanting sutras, has not adjusted own mind, lets own mind, was more tenacious. Kong Miao read aloud, turned the head to bow said : to thank the instruction of empty rather Grandmaster to that Monk, Kong Miao listens to reason.” Empty rather look at Kong Miao, laughs said : Kong Miao, my often heard people say you are my Buddhist Sect first talent, today sees, is really uncommon, good, you said to the view of Zhao Hai.” Kong Miao two eyes twinkling brightly, nodded said : that little monk on nonsense several, this Zhao Hai status, I return don’t know to the present, but from this person of conduct, this person of method is high, he should already know that we must fight in new area here with Palpus Clansmen, not like said that hears, but this person has certainly a grudge with Palpus Clansmen, moreover he must cope with Palpus Clansmen this matter also real.” Empty rather nodded good that said : you said that this Zhao Hai truly is not a simple character, this Zhao Hai is present machine first Expert, what most important is his experience, he from Lower Realm ascend to machine, moreover ascend to machine time over about five years, when he just arrived at machine less than one year, in 6 Realms fights at the person competition, has resulted in first, by our Cultivation World. For these years, first time lost this first position, later he entered 6 Realms battlefield practice, rushed out the illustrious prestige in 6 Realms battlefield there, finally my Cultivation World please leave Huang Dao however make a move to cope with him, Zhao Hai by the strength of Infant Stage time, however spelled with Huang Dao hardly, Huang Dao however bore what him not to, finally proposed that must receive him for the disciple, but he agreed unexpectedly. As soon as then he closes up is more than four years, after he goes out, entered the ten-thousand realms battlefield, but matter that this Palpus Clansmen dealt with our Comprehend the world new person, is he presently.” although not too detailed that empty said that but these matters listen in the ears of these people, was very great, Kong Miao one hear of empty Ning Zheme said that two eyes cannot help but stares, then deep voice said : said according to Grandmaster. This Zhao Hai ascend to machine, less than six years? He unexpectedly with less than six years entered this ten-thousand realms battlefield? This person seriously talent.” Empty has rather smiled bitterly next step: Moreover you possibly return don’t know, this ship, is not an ordinary ship, he should be like hundred changes the Vajra stick, can transformation Magical Artifact, moreover probably compared with hundred changes the Vajra stick also wants on strong some, this Magical Artifact. Before / is , that machine there, cold not positive manufactures, nobody can use weapon, that weapon was started by Zhao Hai, this ship may is that weapon changes.” weapon that cold not positive manufactures that cannot make regarding machine, the Cultivation World person knows. The Cultivation World person most admires is Expert, cold not positive although is a machine enemy, but he truly is Expert, what most important is, cold not positive has studied the skill in Cultivation World, said strictly that he is half Cultivation World person, therefore the Cultivation World person mentions now does not have Yang to come coldly. Not many hatred, conversely, they regarding cold not positive admiring, that weapon that therefore regarding cold not positive manufactures also very pays attention. The non- underheating was not only positive does not want to make that weapon fall in the hand of Cultivation World person, therefore that weapon started has a condition. If that certainly Magic Formation that records toward inside, cannot be Cultivation World formation, if, when has not started, toward in records Cultivation World formation, that weapon can the self-destruction.

For this reason, therefore Cultivation World there person nobody has the idea of that weapon, finally by Zhao Hai starting. But Cultivation World these people, that weapon characteristics very found that their very clear, that weapon, when manufactures, was known as that changes compared with hundred the Vajra stick stronger, can almighty be small, can transformation, be possible just to soften, all these imitate hundred are changing the Vajra stick, this makes the Cultivation World person pay attention. Therefore now weapon of empty rather saying Zhao Hai use, unexpectedly was that cold not positive manufactured, was startled in the people of sitting. Empty rather looked at these person of said : „, if I have not guessed that wrong, this ship is that weapon makes, but I have not thought that the use of Zhao Hai to that weapon, was in this situation unexpectedly, can instead that weapon turn into this appearance unexpectedly.” One hear of empty Ning Zheme said that Kong Miao they held breath. The cold air, to be honest, they paid attention to cold not positive that weapon before, is not because they believe that weapon can with hundred change the Vajra stick compares, they want to understand coldly through that weapon not positive. However now looks like, they have underestimated coldly not positive, bends down weapon that cold not positive has manufactured lowly. But they and don’t know, Liquid Silver can today's this situation, with cold not positive that weapon relationship, actually not be very big, mainly because of the wicked Magic Staff reason. Kong Miao deep voice said : so looks like, this Zhao Hai to is really not simple, what meaning did Grandmaster mention this Zhao Hai is?” Before empty rather look at Kong Miao said : „do you have notes Zhao Hai, when attacking Palpus Clansmen Great Formation, Cultivation Method and weapon that uses?” One hear of empty Ning Zheme said that Kong Miao has cannot help but gawked, then he wrinkled the brow, had recalled, obviously had not paid attention at that time him, but Kong Miao recalled that immediately wants to understand weapon that at that time Zhao Hai used, thinks weapon that Zhao Hai uses, Kong Miao two eyes cannot help but one bright, look at empty rather said : Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method?”

Empty rather nodded said : well, Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, Righteous Sect Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, its pure degree, feared that is dozens years cultivates the people of Buddha to be inferior to him.” One hear of empty Ning Zheme said that several face on the scene changed, their very clear, empty rather can not be in several people the strength is strongest, but he attainments in Dharma is actually highest, he said that absolutely was mistakenly. Kong Miao look at empty rather said : „is Grandmaster your meaning?” Empty rather look at Kong Miao, laughed said : others saying that you possibly were that High Monk reincarnation repair, but I can actually affirm that you were not, but this was Zhao Hai that High Monk reincarnation repairs, I cannot affirm.” His saying ended, Kong Miao they held breath. The cold air, several people looked at one mutually, saw surprised from the opposite party eye. suddenly cultivator deep voice said : „, Zhao Hai possibly is not that High Monk will be reincarnated.” His such saying, the vision of all people centralized to the body of that person. Sees that person, several people have gawked, then he he chuckle, that person who because spoke, was Divided Spirit Stage Expert of profound clear sect, normally manner very low key, but under the hand/subordinate actually very hale and hearty, what most as the main was, he came in profound clear sect Profound Sect Righteous Sect, cultivation level actually passed from sword cultivator. This nickname sword one, nobody knows that his name, only knows his nickname was called the sword one, he also said one were the sword one, never with own given name, said according to him that his name had already forgotten, this was doomed to pursue one that in the sword that ran away his entire life, therefore he called the sword one. A sword although life heavy sword, but regarding the feeling of profound clear sect, that is very deep, but Zhao Hai with Li Zongdao in together, looked that Zhao Hai with the appearance that Li Zongdao is on intimate terms, knows that he is not common with relationship of profound clear sect, that sword one said that was nothing unusual.

The sword looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : this Zhao Hai matter, I know compares detailed, he possibly is not that Buddhist Sect High Monk reincarnation repairs absolutely, this person regarding the Cultivation World there some basic matter is not very clear, obviously before him, does not come in Comprehend the world here, feared that is the impossible family background in any big Interface, he possibly is really Lower Realm flies to come up, does not have any background person, why regarding his Cultivation Method is Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, has the possibility very much, he was obtains sought the Legacy inheritance of High Monk.” The clothes dart inheritance repairs that with the reincarnation is two concepts, the reincarnation repairs that to express that Zhao Hai that High Monk, but the Legacy inheritance, like Kong Miao, obtained that High Monk Cultivation Method, the practice, this is the Legacy inheritance. As soon as the people listened to the sword one saying that also has somewhat felt relaxed, in Comprehend the world here, obtained the Legacy inheritance of some ancient times almighty, was not the strange matter, the sword one continues receives an inheritance of ancient times sword cultivator, becomes sword cultivator, Zhao Hai obtained the Legacy inheritance of some antiquity Buddhist priest, did not have what strange. Empty rather nodded said : this type to explain that is also passable, no matter Zhao Hai obtained the inheritance of High Monk, he can from person of the ascend, has only used the several years time, entered the ten-thousand realms battlefield, this itself explained that his strength, this person we must pay attention with emphasis, nearest/recent our Comprehend the world new person lose are not young, if trains him, then to us is very advantageous.” The people nodded, although said struggle of Buddhist Sect and Profound Sect that Comprehend the world there has, but this time may really be relationship to the Comprehend the world important matter, they do not dare to neglect. These days, the Comprehend the world new person loses were too many, they have not noted most from the beginning, the key is ten-thousand realms battlefield here, loses some manpower to be normal, but they presently are not afterward right, Comprehend the world in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, the phenomenon that actually wanted the appears temporary shortage, if they have not attached great importance, that matter on big strip. What is the new person? The new people are representing the inheritance of Comprehend the world with the hope, they look like the Comprehend the world root are the same, but Palpus Clansmen such does, equal to gave the person the Comprehend the world root, after when Comprehend the world these old fogy disappearances of slowly, these new people have not grown, that Comprehend the world in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, feared that was really a status did not have, ten-thousand realms battlefield here to put it bluntly spoke by the strength, your strength was insufficient, kicked out is also gets what one deserves.!.