Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1414

Because presently Comprehend the world now is in a very dangerous position, therefore these time talented person alliance in Comprehend the world here Buddhist Sect and Profound Sect, together came facing this matter, they not only need give to repel probably the clan, but must from the new person, select some to make the material, carries on increases with emphasis raises, but obviously, Zhao Hai in their eyes, is such one may make the material. if the skin does not exist, what could the hair adhere to truth, not only Zhao Hai understands, these old fox also understand, their present strength although are very strong, the life is also very long, but they are impossible to keep ten-thousand realms battlefield here to assume personal command, such represents the Comprehend the world there strength to back up, this is not the good deed. Kong Miao deep voice said : this Zhao Hai strength formidable, method also very high, I want presently in his hand certainly to have many Palpus Clansmen human lives, this time he has contributed to the great merit, how many senior, you looked that assigns out the new area him directly? He works in new area here, always hands tied feet tied, if transfers the new area, he can cope with Palpus Clansmen independently.” Empty rather nodded said : this to arrive yes, but after this matter, feared that was Palpus Clansmen honestly for a while?” The sword frowns said : this time matter to fear that will not be simple, must clan these fellows be the robber is not false, but you had heard can the clan specifically aim at that clan? Moreover must the clan also almost never the conflict with other person large-scale, they be robber character, hits runs does not have in their opinion quite disgraced what, but these two taboos, actually all violated on us, therefore in my opinion, this time matter feared that will not be simple.” One hear of swords one said that several people cannot help but have gawked, empty rather knit the brows said : to listen to your such saying. I also really felt that is not very right, performance of these Palpus Clansmen very unusual.” How many senior Kong Miao is actually two eyes bright said : „, you said that what Zhao Hai can know? Otherwise, why can he full tackled Palpus Clansmen?” One hear of Kong Miao said that several people stare, then two eyes one bright, the sword stood to get up said : I to call to ask that Zhao Hai knew.” In these people, only then he with Zhao Hai relationship is quite near, after all he is the person of profound clear sect, but Zhao Hai with relationship of profound clear sect is good. Several people have not prevented. Before long Zhao Hai on appears in Buddha inside tower, they said anything actually, has made anything, Zhao Hai is clear, these people stay on equal to in Liquid Silver Magic Staff, even if they use any Formation, gave to separate this room to be also useless, only if their leave Liquid Silver Magic Staff, to outside, were then using Formation to separate. Otherwise, they said anything, cannot hide the truth from Zhao Hai. However Zhao Hai will certainly not be in front of these people to display, these Divided Spirit Stage Expert, he now is also not a match, can only exempts the strong self-preservation, if makes these Divided Spirit Stage Expert know that he is monitoring them, feared that is these people meets alliance to get up. Defeated the bone to raise the ash him.

Zhao Hai to several people of gave a salute, several people beckoned with the hand, after the sword lets Zhao Hai sits down, look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, these time asks you to come, the matter must ask you. This matter is important, you must reply me truthfully.” Zhao Hai looks at his face serious appearance, nod said : of face is, please several senior feel relieved, Zhao Hai certainly truthfully reply.” The sword nodded, then deep voice said : I heard that this Palpus Clansmen attack our Comprehend the world matter, is you first presently? Besides this, what do you have presently other?” Zhao Hai already knows that the sword one must ask anything. However he pretends somewhat awkward appearance, sword one by one looked that Zhao Hai appearance said : said.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, actually several senior, this matter I know are not many, only knows Palpus Clansmen upper layer. Has gotten down to the order that our Comprehend the world must kill, therefore Palpus Clansmen like this will cope with us, moreover heard that must High level of clan, comply with the request of some big such to do probably.” Before Zhao Hai only knows that Palpus Clansmen High level issued has coped with the order of Comprehend the world, but were getting more and more along with Palpus Clansmen of homicide, the situation of obtaining were also many, knew the back of this matter, actually big shadow, but to that was that big, his don’t know, after all this matter the person of secret instigation, only then must these people of clan most top layer know, other's person was only faint knew some sound of the wind/rumor, other was also not very clear. However was this was also enough, most at least has referred to target to the Comprehend the world person, making them know that this Palpus Clansmen back, what standing was a big person. In ten-thousand realms battlefield here, is divided in a big way, is small, three Interface, but each one type of and other, the duplex for on, gets down Third Grade, in other words, ten-thousand realms battlefield here various Realm is also divided into Ninth Grade, but Comprehend the world, most on equivalent to , is also Fifth Grade. But big that Zhao Hai said that minimum is also Third Grade, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, in difference First Grade, that strength bad is not just a little, Fifth Grade Interface like Comprehend the world, does not dare to annoy Third Grade Interface absolutely.

As soon as other people listened to Zhao Hai saying that was face changes, empty rather look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what you said was real? Is a big person makes Palpus Clansmen do really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to think that this matter real, several senior are long in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here time, you should also know that ten-thousand realms battlefield here is any situation, Palpus Clansmen in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, generally will not spell with the person hardly, they are one group of robbers, hits runs, in their opinion does not lose face, to Palpus Clansmen such robber character, normally in ten-thousand realms battlefield here is existence that everybody hates, but they can survive now, has the reason, like extinguishing Human Race, destroys the person foundation matter, they one time have not done, this. The time is an exceptional case, what reason but is, making them make an exception? If only the benefit, feared that is impossible, I understood, in robber rules that Palpus Clansmen has honored, does not permit them too certainly, cannot do to destroy the person foundation that the matter is done the matter. Normally like this matter, is will not live absolutely, because of Palpus Clansmen regarding that robber rules regarding as important.” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that nodded, regarding Palpus Clansmen, the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person knew, Palpus Clansmen although was robber character, but they worked very much have the bottom line, because of this, therefore Palpus Clansmen has existed now. If Palpus Clansmen does not have the bottom line, always destroys the person foundation dry the matter, feared that will be smallest and weakest Interface will also go all out with you, such Palpus Clansmen will be in one high grade big, will unable to support these many people to go all out with him, Palpus Clansmen can exist now, because they will not do such matter. Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, deep voice said : not for the benefit, they for other matter does, but also there is any matter. Compared with spells with us makes Palpus Clansmen dread? That only then the one type of situation, is the opposite party is they absolutely cannot offend, offended the opposite party, possibly has the exterminated the clan danger, therefore they rather offend us, rather dies to spell with us, does not dare not to listen to the opposite party words, comes up the inference from this point. This time copes with our Comprehend the world big, if on, is existence of Second Grade, because is high and low Third Grade, impossible give to destroy completely to the clan, but also being insufficient lets cope with us who must the clan not worry completely.” Empty rather they nodded. Some however several people of face also yin sink, Zhao Hai analysis, is with meticulous care fair, is beyond control they not to nod. Did Kong Miao look at Zhao Hai said : that to depend on seeing of mister?” Zhao Hai looked at Kong Miao one, deep voice said : has killed!” As soon as the people listen to Zhao Hai such reply to stare, puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : what meaning mister is?”

Zhao Hai deep voice said : kills, kills since Palpus Clansmen, Palpus Clansmen is robber character. If our feel relieved dies to spell with them does not put, they will not be finally certainly able to calm down, regarding these robbers, to go on living, any matter affirmed. They do not want dead to spell with us, finally will tell us, stands after behind their is who, what so long as clarifying stands after behind their is that we can act appropriately to the situation, solves this matter from the root!” Kong Miao knit the brows said : „, but, even if we knows that the opposite party is who, can be what kind of? Opposite party minimum is in one existence, we are the frontage with them to, feared that cannot obtain to be good to go.” Zhao Hai looked at Kong Miao one, looked at empty rather their one eyes, shows a faint smile, without the speech, empty rather looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, the appraisal to Zhao Hai was also cannot help but high several points, because empty rather very clear, Zhao Hai said does not have the mistake, so long as knows that is that big person copes with them, they have means solution this matter. ten-thousand realms battlefield here, looks like with Comprehend the world there actually very much, although has the thirty thousand many Interface people to struggle to fight in here, but is on the Upper Realm person truly, only then such several, on the Upper Realm person, is ten-thousand realms battlefield here truly control. On the Upper Realm person will not rule the ten-thousand realms battlefield, they cannot achieve this point, if they go to conquer Interface, that will be finally strong all small Interface rebel, when the time comes meets the gain does not equal the loss, their procedures with the Comprehend the world there three types, I do not go to rule you directly, but you must submit to me, every year must pay the subscription rate to me, has matter that any you could not solve, I helped you solve. medium grade Interface like Comprehend the world, the first year must look like some big to deliver the expense, requested the protection, naturally, you asked in this Upper Realm person to protect you, that cannot on inviting other Upper Realm the person, on among Upper Realm these fellows also has the conflict, this looked like stands in line to be the same, you stood in this team, on cannot in standing that team. But sometimes, they will also cope with by Upper Realm person, for example in two person conflict of Upper Realm, has the possibility hostile on Upper Realm person very much, will cope with them, to achieve to eliminate they doing of Upper Realm wing in this to use, to put it bluntly, they are on Upper Realm in hand chess piece, on among Upper Realm must make war, must first from eating opposite party chess piece starts, is impossible two big on dying to knock.!.