Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1415

) Kong Miao enters to ten-thousand realms battlefield time is not long, regarding this situation is not completely understand, in adding on him lives since childhood in floating spatial temple that Great Sect, is always others presents tribute to them, their there do not carry on the tribute , because of this, therefore Kong Miao and don’t know here surface curved circles. Kong Miao don’t know, but several other Divided Spirit Stage Expert are actually knows that old fox that they are some putting into the pot innumerable returning, what nature understand Zhao Hai this saying is any meaning. Empty rather nodded right that said : Zhao Hai you said that so long as knows that is who is up to mischief in the back, this matter was good to be solved, good, but we such did, can Palpus Clansmen offending? These fellows are robber character, if they go all out with us, also will be very troublesome.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „our killing, must have a discretion, to a Palpus Clansmen lesson, but cannot extremely, simultaneously we also be able to send for secret contacts with Palpus Clansmen, told them, we know that they were compelled by others, so long as they said them who was who compels, they can not cope with them, in contacted before them, must hit the pain they, must hit them to know that our Comprehend the world was not affable, cannot annoy, this line.” As soon as empty rather they listen to Zhao Hai this saying, several people at heart cannot help but one cold, Zhao Hai this saying said with ease, but wants to make a robber group lower the head to you, you hua big strength, must kill many people, pass/test hole they are very clear, does not do well, not only could not tidy up the opposite party, will also make big pile of trouble to oneself. However they have to recognize, this is best means that otherwise the person depending on their strengths, who simply does not have means find out this matter secretly is, the time that this matter delays is longer, to Comprehend the world is disadvantageous. Some little time in the room several people have not spoken, Zhao Hai has not spoken. Static sitting in there, this cultivates vital energy skill, has made empty rather them very admire. The sword looked at several people of one, knows that they do not have anything is inquisitive, he turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this matter we knew. You go back first, if there is any matter. I will be looking your.” Zhao Hai nodded, has stood, to several people of gave a salute said : several senior, soon with Palpus Clansmen fights, I inform you. Right, this altar|jar Spirit Wine please several bored times finds relief.” Said that put out a altar|jar to have 20 jin (0.5 kg) Spirit Wine fully, put out several jade cups to put the ground, although said that Kong Miao they were Buddhist Sect people, but they did not abstain from regarding Spirit Wine this thing. After thing puts down, Zhao Hai to a several people of ritual. Then turn around left in the rooms. The look at Zhao Hai back, empty Ning Tu sighing said : this Huang Dao however, to is the good luck, has hit. Can receive such outstanding disciple unexpectedly, I said the sword one, doesn't your profound clear sect have little profits at someone's expense? Spirit Wine that nearest/recent these youngster are filial piety, said that in is very hot, feared has relationship with this youngster that in sells?”

A sword pair of this matter knows, he smiles said : is, these Spirit Wine are Zhao Hai provides, he looks in the Huang Dao face however. Works with Zhen, but our profound clear sect has occupied several points of free shares.” Empty sighed said : in this sub- non- pond the thing. The starting matter comes, to be watertight. Fierce.” If before Kong Miao, hears empty rather them such to praise a person, that will certainly be angry, but his mental state was promoted now, actually thinks little, instead to is pondering over the empty words rather. Empty rather looked at Kong Miao one, deep voice said : several, said that looked, Zhao Hai this is proposal what kind of?” One hear of empty Ning Zheme said that several people silent, then sword one first open the mouth and said: Feasible, such makes one to tidy up empty clansman well, two can discover instigates secretly, but this must assurance well, I think that we repel these Palpus Clansmen first, although goes back well discussed that was saying.” Several people nodded, empty Ning Zhuantou looked at Kong Miao one, Kong Miao several senior said to several people of salute with both palms put together said : and that's the end, we first cope with these Palpus Clansmen to be important at present.” Empty rather nodded said : that well, the matter such has decided that I first went back to rest.” Said that has stood, to a several people of ritual, turn around walked, other people have also stood, gave a salute, turn around walked mutually. Zhao Hai comes out after the pagoda, did immediately by Li Zongdao looking, Li Zongdao look at pagoda said : Little Hai, Martial Ancestor asked you to have what matter?” Zhao Hai smiles said : also nothing, is looks like me to inquire that matter about Palpus Clansmen, they know that presently Palpus Clansmen is aiming at our Comprehend the world person most from the beginning is I, therefore asks me to ask.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Zongdao then relaxed said : originally for this, that is good, good Little Hai, come, your also rest a while, do we have how long to see these Palpus Clansmen?”

Zhao Hai paid attention to through Space these Palpus Clansmen, this pays attention to him present, Palpus Clansmen that reinforcement team, the population increased unexpectedly, originally only then 500 people, increased to about 1000 people now, moreover Xu Wuzun also. It seems like these Palpus Clansmen know that they have reinforcement to come, after being scattered, went to reinforcement these sets, moreover prepares to fight evidently with them. Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, these Palpus Clansmen get together, this matter some were not quite also easy to do, previous time he has hit these Palpus Clansmen suddenly, this these Palpus Clansmen feared that had to prepare, if such were killing, feared that must turn struggles hard. Li Zongdao look at him to ask after Zhao Hai a few words, Zhao Hai had not replied that instead to frowned, at heart cannot help but one startled, deep voice said : Little Hai? Had an accident?” Zhao Hai looked at Li Zongdao said : truly to have an accident, these by Palpus Clansmen that we scattered, with these armed forces get together, their population has achieved more than 1000 people as the matter stands, these time feared that was a tough battle.” Said turn around, walks toward Buddha inside tower, he must they say to Kong Miao this matter that no matter what, Kong Miao is Chief Commander that these time moves, he did not tell the Kong Miao words this matter, that some were not right. Li Zongdao listened to Zhao Hai saying that was also one startled, but looked that Zhao Hai entered the pagoda he to know Zhao Hai was looks for Kong Miao to say this matter, to be honest, Li sect said did not catch cold regarding Kong Miao, although Kong Miao with him was one generation, arrogant Qi Strength that but their simply any friendship, Kong Miao before adding on has not displayed, making Li sect say that somewhat could not have a liking for him. It looks like in Li Zongdao, making Kong Miao come command(er) these people, might as well gives Zhao Hai command(er), naturally this saying he will not say, after all in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, calculation that Buddhist Sect said that if he dares to say, does not use others, the sword one must tidy up him. After Zhao Hai entered the pagoda, immediately to the Kong Miao room outside, deep voice said : Kong Miao Grandmaster, Zhao Hai interview.” The Kong Miao door one, the Kong Miao sound has then conveyed said : Mr. Zhao Hai, please come in.” Zhao Hai complied with one to walk, Kong Miao is sitting cross-legged to sit in the middle of room now, hundred changed the Vajra stick stands in his side.

Looked at Zhao Hai to come, Kong Miao beckoned with the hand said : mister to please sit down to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai thanked Grandmaster to Kong Miao gave a salute said :, does not need, this time I to look for Grandmaster, wants to tell Big Brother, these by Palpus Clansmen that we scattered, gathered together with their reinforcement, now their population , about thousand people, there are with the strength of our war, moreover this time they were prepared, feared that was Yama Ship is also very difficult to clash randomly their Great Formation.” Kong Miao one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, then face deep voice does said : take seriously?” Zhao Hai nodded, Kong Miao nod said : mister please sit down, I invited several other, we discussed well.” Zhao Hai nodded, finds a place to sit, the place that he sits quite leaning, is not quite conspicuous. Kong Miao immediately/on horseback deep voice said : please several senior come to the Kong Miao room, Kong Miao to have the matter to discuss with several.” Kong Miao although mental state enhances, but he after is command(er) that these time moves, therefore discussed the matter, he will not go to other person of there, other people will not be angry because of this. Before long the empty rather several people arrived, Kong Miao here also took that jug liquor that Zhao Hai sent, to several people of one person one cup, naturally had not dropped but actually Zhao Hai, after having drunk liquor, Kong Miao to several people says the matter that Zhao Hai said. As soon as several people listened to Kong Miao saying that also knitting the brows head , the sword one rotated in hand jade cup said : gently is looking like these Palpus Clansmen is also wants to fight that but this was also good, they must fight, we accompanied them to fight one to be good, but these time must come one ruthlessly.” Empty rather drank the light liquor one in jade cup. Before smell of alcohol said : „, we were given to plan by them, will therefore be given to compel to fall by them leeward, but now is different, now all of us are centralized on Yama Ship, how they at arrange Great Formation , the impossible platoon becomes Yama Ship this, our present equal to by clicking on the surface, should not have greatly issue too, said it, is not goes to war, the going to war deceased person is normal, what good worry, we have not been must die in any case to knock with probably the clan, sooner or later is the same.” One hear of empty Ning Zheme said that several people nodded, their these time comes a Palpus Clansmen battle, already thinks that will have lost, because the previous time Zhao Hai suddenly kills, Palpus Clansmen one on the rout, they to has not lost anything, this is stems from their anticipation, this Palpus Clansmen gathered, their also understand, if did not give to attack to burst this partner Palpus Clansmen , the Comprehend the world day will not be will not feel better, therefore several person not what ideas. But Zhao Hai look at his type appearance, sighed at heart, this strength was different, looked that the angle of issue was different, looked like in Zhao Hai, these Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, lost one is the loss of one type of very enormous, but these people actually probably were very ordinary matter, the disparity, this was the disparity.!.