Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1416

Li Zongdao stands outside the pagoda, restless is pacing up and down, what kind of that his don’t know Zhao Hai Kong Miao they discussed that in his impression, Kong Miao was a very arrogant person, he also really feared that Zhao Hai incautiously offended Kong Miao. Li Zongdao to does not fear Kong Miao to Zhao Hai make a move, even if Kong Miao make a move, can take Zhao Hai not necessarily, his strength to the Zhao Hai is very confident. However Li Zongdao feared that Zhao Hai offended Kong Miao , the Buddhist Sect person will feel embarrassed Zhao Hai, this ten-thousand realms battlefield here, although also had Profound Sect Expert, but Buddhist Sect Expert were more, moreover calculation that said was Buddhist Sect Expert, if these Buddhist Sect people must cope with Zhao Hai, that Zhao Hai day may not feel better. Just is thinking Zhao Hai from Buddha inside tower walked out, Li Zongdao looked at the expression on Zhao Hai face to resemble nothing, cannot help but quickly said: How Little Hai? What matter lived?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, above that several decisions, such overrun, Palpus Clansmen scattering, right that I they said certainly, more than 1000 Palpus Clansmen gathered in here, if not as soon as possible these people scattering, that only trouble.” One hear of Zhao Hai said is all right, Li sect said then feel relieved, he thinks that nodded said : I, as soon as guesses that the above these people such will decide, but this arrived does not have anything, by our present strengths, must cope with that this Palpus Clansmen, but also difficultly will go to that really not necessarily, before Kong Miao had tied down by that Palpus Clansmen, will otherwise not fall leeward, now has you, Kong Miao at careful, in adding on Palpus Clansmen was just newly defeated now, morale was low, we must cope with them, should not be difficult.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, is this reason, we must cope with them people should not be difficult. Moreover this these Palpus Clansmen think that is tying down Kong Miao is not that easy, so long as we give to wash out their Great Formation, that all was easy to do.” Li Zongdao nodded said : this to arrive should not be difficult, we have Yama Ship, washes out their Great Formation not to be difficult, right Little Hai, don't you make cause two big points Magical Artifact to come? If two Magical Artifact together impacts, I think that they cannot certainly block.” Zhao Hai one hear of Li Zongdao said that two eyes bright said : good, this arrives is means. However control two Great Magical Artifact consume spiritual force, such words I cannot participate to attack, other methods are also unusable, the attack can only depend on you.” Li Zongdao listened to Zhao Hai saying that quickly said: Can make really? That fantastic, so long as you can control two Great Magical Artifact Charging Formation, simply not need you to attack in the participation.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : well, when the time comes I am trying to find the solution, you also rest, I am staring in here. In several hours, with Palpus Clansmen official fighting.” Li Zongdao had not opposed that complied with one to rest, the Zhao Hai look at Li Zongdao appearance, showed a faint smile, before must say, his control two looks like Yama Ship such big Magical Artifact, but also a little lacked the ability to do what one would like. However now is different, now he had Strength of Faith, control two Great Magical Artifact simply will not have any matter, Li Zongdao to reminded to him, if he in opposing the enemy, used two Great Magical Artifact to cope. That lethality compares certainly Great Magical Artifact to be much bigger. Magical Artifact that actually no matter Cultivation World or several other Realms cultivator, they use, can enlarge, but the here surface has several issues, therefore cultivator will not become by own Magical Artifact too greatly, first will be spiritual force. cultivator control Magical Artifact also needs the support of spiritual force Spiritual Qi, but Magical Artifact becomes bigger, spiritual force and Spiritual Qi that needs are bigger. That that only if like some Great Sect, manufactures burns Crystal Stone Great Magical Artifact, these burn Crystal Stone Great Magical Artifact to not to use many Spiritual Qi, but regarding spiritual force need even bigger, wanting command(er) Great Magical Artifact to make the war. Usually needs several people to turn turning operate to be good, as the matter stands the Great Magical Artifact attack strength will drop many, appears the insufficiently spirit law. The second precisely is Magic quality problem, in Magical Artifact is loaded with be able to put Great Magical Artifact Formation, moreover you, so long as uses Spiritual Qi, can become that Magical Artifact very greatly. The material that however that Magical Artifact uses, has not actually managed Law Idol to compare with Liquid Silver, Liquid Silver is thing that Space comes out, what he honors is Law in Space, regarding other Law, his simply will not care, Space said that he can increasing of variation range, he can infinite increasing, but will not affect the quality, however other Magical Artifact is not good, if their Magical Artifact have enlarged certain limit, that Magical Artifact quality on will come under the influence, if puts too big, Magical Artifact possible on the phenomenon that appears will collapse, therefore ordinary Magical Artifact cannot put. Too big uses. Actually hundred change the Vajra stick can also increase, because hundred change the material of Vajra stick is very good, he even can change with Yama Ship same big, will not have the too tremendous influence regarding his quality. However as the matter stands, as the matter stands, operates hundred changes spiritual force that the Vajra stick needs will also increase, even if Divided Spirit Stage Expert like Kong Miao, cannot support too long time. What most important is, floats spatial temple to have the definite orders to turn over to the gauge, does not permit the user hundred to change the Vajra stick enlarges the use, because of the Magical Artifact enlargement use, will affect the Magical Artifact life, floats the spatial temple not to think that hundred change the Vajra stick is destroyed, must know now they cannot refine newly hundred change the Vajra stick. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore Great Magical Artifact in various Realm not very popular, has not unfolded, various Realm to has some Great Magical Artifact, but is Great Sect specifically is used to transport generally uses, directly uses Great Magical Artifact in fight to be few.

Do not look that this Palpus Clansmen blocked hundred changed the Vajra stick, thinks that hundred changed the strength of Vajra stick is very weak, the fact over a hundred changed the Vajra sticks every struck has landslide cracks in the earth Might, if placed Comprehend the world there, can keep off, feared that both can count with two hands. Why as for will keep off by Xu Wuzun, this is also very simple, because the Xu Wuzun strength is placed in there, Divided Spirit Stage cultivator of old plate, his strength must place Comprehend the world there, feared that can also arrange top ten, happen to at can block hundred changes in Vajra stick attack that ranks, therefore this is not hundred changes the strength of Vajra stick is not strong, but was the Xu Wuzun strength was too strong, if hundred have not changed the Vajra sticks, Kong Miao absolutely will not be the match who the nihility Venerable. Before Zhao Hai, has not thought must oppose the enemy with Great Magical Artifact, that was too free, is incompatible with his character, when if runs into the powerful enemy, opposes the enemy with Great Magical Artifact also all may, Great Magical Artifact comes compared with small Magical Artifact, the superiority is very distinct, especially Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact. Person person is very healthy, the strength is very big, generally will not owe to describe with the body vigorously that this saying to is not wrong, but this saying uses on Magical Artifact, is useless, Great Magical Artifact, a small law, so long as quality differences of these two Magical Artifact is not big, the certainty that in the attack, that wins is Great Magical Artifact, because the Great Magical Artifact weight is placed in that is what does not do, straight collision in the past, that gave the constriction that created was also very astonishing. The Great Magical Artifact merit is very significant, but shortcoming same very obvious, Magical Artifact was also big, that flexible xing naturally will be affected, therefore this Great Magical Artifact, if uses at the group war, uses on Charging Formation, that is absolutely does not have the issue, but if two people the head, with this Great Magical Artifact, some, flexible xing will have been greatly affected. Previous Zhao Hai and Huang Dao however fight, reason that took out Yama Ship, can however fight that degree with Huang Dao \; first, because Yama Ship is quick, two because of the Huang Dao however practicing moderation status, do not want to hide also has relationship, if Huang Dao however with Zhao Hai fight, that Yama Ship cannot fight any small advantage. In is thinking fit and unfit quality between Great Magical Artifact and small Magical Artifact that in the head keeps, Zhao Hai decided finally, Great Magical Artifact when they, but few people to war, not use to well. Time past bit by bit, Zhao Hai has stood in the deck, but awoke Mo Sheng stands in the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai although seems like stands in there look at all around scenery, actually his thoughts sank to Space, is observing the Palpus Clansmen there situation through Space. Palpus Clansmen there to are very smooth, without any influence, they have put in order the team, is catching up toward the new person area, obviously they have not lost go bravely, but also wants to fight with the Comprehend the world person.

This do not blame they, this time they lose is some are not convinced, they had been in the upper hand, Zhao Hai appears words, now routed possibly is not their Palpus Clansmen, but was the Comprehend the world person. Because of this, therefore these Palpus Clansmen are not convinced, they want to recover this gathering place, must give a person lesson of Comprehend the world. Palpus Clansmen although is robber character, but they after all are also Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, always has such arrogance at heart, Cultivation World with Zhao Hai this surprise-attack forces, has defeated them, their will be convinced. The distance of both sides unceasing is approaching, Zhao Hai unceasingly is also calculating the time, in having about one hour, they badly will have met, Zhao Hai also knows that was the time calls all people, one hour of setup time, regarding cultivator, was very not long. Thought of here, Zhao Hai takes back the mind, the hand has wielded, on entire Yama Ship, resounded delightful ting, Zhao Hai had not gone to call the person, but he believes that heard this ting, these people can understand what's the matter. Really like Zhao Hai thinks, these cultivator hear this ting on understand is any meanings, all people in abundance place walked out that since they rest, Kong Miao and several Divided Spirit Stage Expert, appears on the pagoda nine layers 1 u stage. Zhao Hai looked at Kong Miao their appears , the personal appearance moved, the whole person has flown with the pagoda nine layers Qi tall position, then hid said : Zhao Hai to see several senior to several people, several senior, in having about one hour, we meet with Palpus Clansmen, at battle, if could not open up the perspective for a while, the pagoda will fly from on the ship, attacked the enemy position, please several top digits be mentally prepared.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Kong Miao they have cannot help but gawked, empty Ning is Geng startled said : this pagoda can fly the impact enemy position?”!.