Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1417

Also no wonder empty rather such surprised, their although had very high estimate regarding Liquid Silver, but regarding Liquid Silver and Zhao Hai strength, the understanding was too few, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that very surprised. Zhao Hai nodded said : „, but such one, I cannot participate to attack, can only leave a full command(er) this ship tower.” Almost has not thought that Kong Miao immediately said : does not need you to participate in the fight, so long as you a command(er) good this ship tower to have been OK, presses the office that the person said that if the ship impact is blocked, your command(er) pagoda attacks, wants, when is shortest within, opposite party Great Formation gives.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, this point please several senior feel relieved, I want after the twice impact, certainly to give opposite party Great Formation.” Kong Miao nodded said : to want you Palpus Clansmen Great Formation, you are great merit one, other you did not need to manage.” Zhao Hai nodded, turn around returned to in deck. He looked at his leave, empty rather let out a long breath said : my goodness, person control two Great Magical Artifact, this youngster was fierce, feared that was I cannot take him.” Kong Miao has smiled bitterly next step: Let alone Grandmaster you, I just had I have studied one type of Secret Technique to calculate, even if I grasps hundred changes the Vajra stick, wants to cope with Zhao Hai, the probability does not have, does not have, this person was too fierce.” One hear of Kong Miao said that several people cannot help but stare, Kong Miao family background in floating spatial temple, floats the spatial temple is one of the Buddhist Sect strongest several Sect, because in the temple has hundred changes the Vajra stick, has the Buddhist Sect first meaning faintly, in the temple Secret Technique are innumerable, in adding on Buddhist Sect also has to calculate Secret Technique, this Secret Technique in Buddhist Sect is also very rare, the person of meeting are not many, people originally and don’t know Kong Miao can this Secret Technique, one listen to Kong Miao to say now that the people were startled. They are startled to be possible because, not only Kong Miao will calculate such Secret Technique, the words that because also Kong Miao spoke, Kong Miao actually said that he may unable to take Zhao Hai, was that Zhao Hai strength too also strong? Kong Miao is in itself Divided Spirit Stage cultivator, moreover his Divided Spirit boundary also already very stabilized, has been adding on him to grasp hundred changes the Vajra stick, fighting strength very formidable, even if were empty rather is not his match, but now he said that he grasped hundred changes the Vajra stick cannot take Zhao Hai, this was the people surprised reason. Empty rather look at Kong Miao said : really?” Kong Miao is smiling bitterly nod. The empty rather several people do not speak, they were really don’t know said that any was good, must know that these people of eyes may be sharp, they can feel clearly that Zhao Hai did not have Transcends Tribulation.

Why can empty rather they see Zhao Hai not to have Transcends Tribulation? That is person who because Transcends Tribulation person with not having Transcends Tribulation is different, the Transcends Tribulation person, in the spirit strength of their within the body, has a tribulation strength, after this tribulation strength actually by the Heavenly Tribulation baptism , the one type of strength that has, this strength anything has not done to use, so long as is the Transcends Tribulation person, can look at existence of this tribulation strength, has hit seal on you in your one, did not affect your life, but will actually give you to leave behind a mark. Because of this characteristics, therefore empty rather they know that Zhao Hai is not Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, he now is also only the Infant Stage time. The Infant Stage time, Transcends Tribulation Stage, Divided Spirit Stage, this is missing two-level, but grasps Buddhist Sect first Magical Treasure Kong Miao, actually said one cannot take to miss his two-level Zhao Hai, this is makes people very difficult really to believe. Facing such reply, empty rather they having nothing to say in reply, solid don’t know must say any good, but Zhao Hai has not actually managed these, standing of his still calm in deck, look at Yama Ship front, not only in fact he, all people are doing with his same movement. cultivator is different from the average person, if the average person encounters this situation, may keep in these discussion, to alleviate own restless emotion, but cultivator actually not, because they already were ready that must momentarily fight. cultivator from stepping that day of road of Cultivator, is fighting, fight against the Heaven, fights with the place, fights with the person, you want advancing, must step on the corpses of countless person, you want into Expert, must have the innumerable resource support, you want to obtain these resources, only then means that are stepping on others' corpse, you want to become a top dog, only then means that are stepping on others' corpse. Because of this, therefore cultivator regarding the fight, does not have any fear, must instead, they regard the fight is the one type of smelting trial, is such psychology, therefore on these cultivator each and every one one calm Yama Ship of station, nobody whispers, nobody spoke carelessly. Some little time Zhao Hai suddenly said loudly: Preparation, in having ten minutes of meeting engagement!” His sound is not very big, but the people on entire Yama Ship heard, heard Zhao Hai saying that all people have gawked, then immediately took out own Magical Artifact. Yama Ship one turned into a big hedgehog at once, all around of entire ship fluttered various Magical Artifact, Kong Miao started command(er) in this time also immediately completely. These many Magical Artifact functions are different, want some people of command(er) centralized controls to wield Might, looks like various branch of the services coordination does to fight to be the same.

Kong Miao because of previous time matter, currently had some experiences, is adding on his under the hand/subordinate may be the veterans, even if were he did not say that this person also knows how should do, before long Yama Ship all around Magical Artifact became systematic. Around Zhao Hai look at these Magical Artifact, this command(er) person uses the matter that Magical Artifact handles to fight, his first meeting, he must study to be good. This command(er) person does to fight with Magical Artifact is not an easy matter, Magical Artifact is divided to attack generally, against two categories, however in these two categories of Magical Artifact, there are innumerable changes, some Magical Artifact is quick, some Magical Artifact strengths are big, some poisonous, some have Spell attack, to be good these Magical Artifact command(er), that is also a big knowledge. What most important is, these Magical Artifact shapes are different, the function that brings is different, wish makes these Magical Artifact wield biggest Might, that must make the suitable adjustment to Magical Artifact, compared with quick get together, strength big get together, taking of poisonous in together, only then this can make these Magical Artifact wield biggest doing to use, but is not restricted by these Magical Artifact mutually, reduced their attack strength. weapon that however these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert use, various shapes install has, this looked at the eyesight of command(er) person, what attack various weapon had, you wanted general awareness, only by doing so, you can these weapon, assign to the appropriate position. Is good does not use Zhao Hai command(er) because of this time, so long as he studied were good, not only in fact he was studying, Laura they were also studying, especially Lizzy they, Lizzy their themselves is responsible for the command(er) fight, moreover now Undead Creature in Space, mostly changed to study Cultivator Cultivation Method, weapon slowly was also replacing, so long as these Undead Creature grew, Lizzy they command(er) Undead Creature army did to fight, thing that by that time today learns was useful. The bitter experience occupies in Zhao Hai started expected, to Zhao Hai said that after ten minutes, Palpus Clansmen appears in Zhao Hai their front, both sides did not have to spend any words, Zhao Hai harnesses Yama Ship to overrun directly, but the opposite party is also without demur, the array waits. However stands Xu Wuzun in Palpus Clansmen, the expression on face actually very heavy, reason that Xu Wuzun expression like this, all because of Zhao Hai their attack. Original Xu Wuzun thinks that Zhao Hai they will meet also the array to attack, means that he has prepared dealing, even if when both sides confront, Zhao Hai directs Yama Ship Charging Formation, he also has the means to deal with. However now looks at Zhao Hai their appearance, Xu Wuzun felt that some are not wonderful, Zhao Hai their simply has not lined up in formation, but was all people sits in Yama Ship has overshot, this really somewhat stemmed from his unexpected.

However Xu Wuzun also always goes to war, although said Zhao Hai they the procedure somewhat stems from his anticipation, but he has made the prompt adjustment, they have not lined up in formation with the Zhao Hai hedge, but after is row of good, is waiting in there, is waiting in there, Yama Ship attacks their Great Formation, is mainly because Magical Artifact centralized use, in person also very concentrated, in everyone/Great Clan letter on Yama Ship, this on forming one, but Palpus Clansmen row of are impossible to have Yama Ship that secret Ji, this on becoming one, by exposing, that is. Easy, but do not forget, Magical Artifact of Palpus Clansmen use can also fly, their person although array is waiting, but Magical Artifact also same can concentrate to use, as the matter stands turned by the point-to-point, final victory, looked that whose method was high. although Zhao Hai their here has Yama Ship, but the Magical Artifact quantity of Palpus Clansmen use be more than Comprehend the world person, they can definitely win by the quantity. Because of this, therefore Yama Ship this time Charging Formation is not very smooth, has met dealing a head-on blow of Palpus Clansmen, even if by the Yama Ship impulse, cannot clash the Palpus Clansmen war, both sides refused to budge at once in there, have fought, rumbling the sound that Magical Artifact from the sky kept was lingering on faintly, both sides did not have the energy paid attention other, full attack opposite party. But at this time, demonstrated that hundred changed Vajra stick the places of formidable, must clan general Magical Artifact of use, so long as with hundred changes the Vajra stick hits, the user will receive some minor wounds, finally Xu Wuzun personally make a move, blocked run wild hundred changed the Vajra stick. However Zhao Hai actually saw opportunity at this time, his immediately/on horseback sits cross-legged to sit but actually, drinks one lowly, pagoda immediately has been separated from the Yama Ship hull, flushes away toward Palpus Clansmen Great Formation. Because the distance is too near, in adding on the Palpus Clansmen attention by Magical Artifact that Yama Ship and Comprehend the world person release came attracting, their simply has not thought that pagoda can be separated from the hull to carry on attack unexpectedly, therefore simply not any preparation, what in adding on Buddha inside tower was standing was several Divided Spirit Stage Expert, many Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, this flushed Palpus Clansmen to be possible unable to block, one by pagoda crashing in Great Formation, big in the formation surface one chaotic, had the person to receive to add Magical Artifact to block the pagoda, but they one took back Magical Artifact, Yama Ship immediately increased the impulse, Palpus Clansmen immediately felt that some could not attend to one thing without losing track of another thing., Great Formation one was at once chaotic. ro!.