Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1418

Xu Wuzun soon had been mad has spat blood, his very clear, this time matter by Zhao Hai to the destruction, regarding Zhao Hai, Xu Wuzun had been heard this name, Zhao Hai had previously coped with many Palpus Clansmen, there is Palpus Clansmen to run away, Xu Wuzun the Palpus Clansmen mouth that escaped from these hears Zhao Hai this name. However at that time they the matter that prepared and Comprehend the world fights a decisive battle, Xu Wuzun was the plan after tidying up the Comprehend the world Main Force large unit, in one convenient Zhao Hai tidying up. However he has not thought that has not waited for him to tidy up Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai successively has given him two blades, these two blades give to hold unbearably him. Previous time because of Zhao Hai suddenly appears , their lineups was broken, finally is the counter- victory for the defeat, but these time is, he has made the completely safe preparation, still has not actually thought that in the on the ship pagodas however can fly, was broken the lineup in one time. However Xu Wuzun does not have what means that now the pagoda has crashed in their Battle Formation, the entire Battle Formation chaos, are adding on the pagoda and Yama Ship wheel turn the impact, Battle Formation in wants to compose is almost impossible, in this case, Xu Wuzun is also unable to save the situation. Original Xu Wuzun wants to kill Zhao Hai to give vent to indignation, but Kong Miao had already thought of this point, therefore he has gotten down in the attack, please Divided Spirit Stage Expert keep on the ship to protect Zhao Hai, even if Xu Wuzun wants to kill Zhao Hai not to have opportunity. Kong Miao very clear, this time can being defeated as soon as possible probably the clan, look is Zhao Hai these two Great Magical Artifact, so long as Zhao Hai does not have problems, these two Great Magical Artifact can maintain attack xing, that certainly can break through opposite party Great Formation, fights to decide. Xu Wuzun looked that does not have the means to cope with Zhao Hai, finally can only early issue the order of retreating. Original Xu Wuzun has made installing in parts ahead of time, even if must retreat, they slowly will also draw back, will not give Comprehend the world anything opportunity. However Xu Wuzun forgot. This draws back slowly, needs a premise, that is their Great Formation is broken, they can maintain the lineup draw back slowly, now their Great Formation was broken, in the wheel of Yama Ship and pagoda turns under the impact, their Great Formation are torn to pieces, in this case, they also want to draw back slowly, is almost impossible. Is adding on Palpus Clansmen originally is robber character. Under you do not have retreats the order time, they feared the clan regulations order that but does not dare retreating easily, now your retreating, their was also considered as that many, turn around runs, anything maintains the lineup, draws back slowly, was already thrown into the brain , after by them. These Palpus Clansmen run. That may become the rout, the Comprehend the world person will be naturally impolite, immediately takes hundred people as one team, separates the pursuit, to strike to kill Palpus Clansmen give priority to as far as possible. These these Palpus Clansmen may have bad luck, although they have the stealth clothes, however the Comprehend the world person pursues in behind. You are think that the stealth is impossible. You ran on vanish from sight, the Comprehend the world person was not the fool, immediately/on horseback Spell attacks, when the time comes naturally also broke their law of stealth.

Some Palpus Clansmen also think get together will be safe, but they presently, get together will become the key point of Comprehend the world person will attack target, but these that will run separatedly, the Comprehend the world person almost will not manage, this presently. Let originally from dead/die Palpus Clansmen impossible get together, disperses instantly, can receive to tie in also nobody. After washes out Palpus Clansmen Great Formation, Zhao Hai has taken back the pagoda, now in needing Great Magical Artifact, Great Magical Artifact in the fight of this type of small scale, has done with is not very big. Did not need to waste Spiritual Qi. Waits for on pagoda returned to Yama Ship again, Kong Miao from pagoda, half step arrived at Zhao Hai, effort pats the shoulder of Zhao Hai, laughs said : well. Zhao Hai, this time can be defeated to the clan. You work as the merit.” Zhao Hai quickly said: When can not the senior quart say.” Kong Miao laughs, makes an effort has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, in saying anything, but was turn around arrives at the bow to look, look at is chasing down to in all around various person Comprehend the world clan cultivator of clan, the person but who therefore saw the Kong Miao movement, actually somewhat was jealous Zhao Hai. This time participates in cultivator of war, was ten-thousand realms battlefield here old fox, their very clear Kong Miao status, by the Kong Miao present status, he is renders meritorious service, he was the Buddhist Sect key trained object, can do well relationship with a such person, very much had the advantage to later at the ten-thousand realms battlefield here show. But now looks like, Kong Miao actually very appreciates to Zhao Hai, later Zhao Hai had a very hard backer in ten-thousand realms battlefield here on equal to, that advantage is not big, their present has been at heart full of various types the mood that envies the envy to hate. However they have not actually displayed, the Zhao Hai strength they looked in the eye, although this twice moves, seems like Zhao Hai bullies the person taking advantage of Great Magical Artifact probably, but this Great Magical Artifact you can also cause, person that these time comes is not the generation of old jian arch villain, their very clear, Zhao Hai can transformation, but adjustment huge ship, certainly is his Magical Artifact changes, must be that must really words, that Zhao Hai on was too scary, his Magical Artifact can almighty be small, can the minute be able to gather, a person like this, do not offend. Good. cultivator is some generations of bullying the weak and fearing the strong, regarding these strength formidable people, they do not dare to offend, but Zhao Hai although does not have Transcends Tribulation, but its strength is actually placed in there, no one wants to offend him. But now Kong Miao exhibits one to appreciate the Zhao Hai appearance, these people do not dare to offend him. The fight basically had ended, what now remaining is only these cultivator keeping chased down Palpus Clansmen, these Palpus Clansmen removed dispersing of bottom, wanted to chase down not quite to be easy, but this time victory must feel better the previous time, this time their minimum has killed about 400 Palpus Clansmen.

400 Palpus Clansmen may be Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, this not be small regarding must the attack of clan, this is also the plan of Zhao Hai, as far as possible killed the Palpus Clansmen effective strength, was looking for Palpus Clansmen to discuss when the time comes Palpus Clansmen has to talk to them. If before Palpus Clansmen, has the qualifications to speak the last words with Comprehend the world, after the attack of this twice, must the clan not have the qualifications to treat as an equal with Comprehend the world now, this twice attack, made Palpus Clansmen lose about 700 Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, this was too big regarding the attack of Palpus Clansmen. Has chased down these Palpus Clansmen about five hours, people returned to on Zhao Hai Yama Ship, Zhao Hai had then asked after opinion of Kong Miao, Yama Ship expunges toward the new person community. From their here to the Comprehend the world new person community. Also must have the several days time, this several days time, these people naturally must stay in on the ship, Zhao Hai naturally cannot let off this with opportunity that they become friends with, large quantities of Spirit Wine took, Yama Ship sailed to the Comprehend the world new person community in wine fragrance. When Yama Ship has not arrived at the Comprehend the world new person community, ten-thousand realms battlefield here about the situation that Palpus Clansmen and Comprehend the world this fights, has spread over the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield. ten-thousand realms battlefield although is very big, does not have computer this thing, but the transmission of this information is actually quickly incomparable. How even between Palpus Clansmen and Comprehend the world fight, has allowed the person to understand was clear. The entire ten-thousand realms battlefield one has caused a stir, the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person has not thought that Comprehend the world spell with must clan these two strength suitable Interface hardly, finally can be such one type of result unexpectedly, this makes the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person be startled, is somewhat puzzled. The people are really don’t know, why Comprehend the world fight to live to the clan. Must know that turns fighting strength to come, Palpus Clansmen stronger compared with the Comprehend the world person on some. Detail that however afterward after knowing both sides has fought, all people noted a point, the preparation said that was a person, that was Zhao Hai. Must say that this ten-thousand realms battlefield here also is really what capable person has, searches the clan in ten-thousand realms battlefield here also one unexpectedly. This searches clansman. Has the one type of very special ability, that was they can just be lived the fight not to hold in three days of battlefields by one, reconstruct there lived the process of fight, because had this to search the help of clan, therefore ten-thousand realms battlefield here person, that relaxed knows that what must the clan and Comprehend the world is how to fight.

Also because this year searched clansman reconstruct the situation in battlefield, Zhao Hai truly entered in the ten-thousand realms battlefield all Interface High level eyes, but reason that these people noted Zhao Hai, one was because Zhao Hai that two Great Magical Artifact were really too formidable. Has these two Great Magical Artifact Charging Formation, regarding a fight, can play absolutely decided that doing of xing uses, except for the methods of these two Great Magical Artifact, is the opportunity of Zhao Hai choice attack. Time of Zhao Hai choice attack very accurate, is when the enemy is most unexpected, suddenly has the attack. This makes his twice attack, threatens xing even bigger, but Palpus Clansmen also by his twice attack defeating. Regarding these big Interface people, uses Great Magical Artifact is not the extraordinary matter, like Comprehend the world here medium grade Interface. Uses Great Magical Artifact is very perhaps great, but regarding these big Interface is actually not this. In these big Interface, Cultivation Civilization show be stronger than too many Comprehend the world here, there regarding the utilization of Great Magical Artifact, there is own unique point, in these big Interface, does not lack Great Magical Artifact, conversely, Great Magical Artifact returns extremely numerous. In big Interface there, uses Great Magical Artifact is not the extraordinary matter, but can use this Great Magical Artifact good are not many, in big Interface there, Great Magical Artifact is used for few of fighting directly, mostly is used to lose, but Zhao Hai can use this degree Great Magical Artifact, this on some degree, to proposed one to awake to these big Interface people. Big Interface there in the final analysis, and Comprehend the world here is different, has plenty Sect exists, among these Sect also has mutually certainly the fight, just in the process of fight, uses Great Magical Artifact is not many, because Great Magical Artifact was big, is quicker than small Magical Artifact, does not have small Magical Artifact to be so flexible, regarding the help of fight is not very big, only then can use the use in Charging Formation. However you have Great Magical Artifact, the enemy also has, result that in this case, the quality of Great Magical Artifact use, will decide to fight, but is very obvious, Zhao Hai regarding the use of Great Magical Artifact, lets these big Interface people, has a one type of two eyes bright feeling.!.