Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1419

E-book download function suspension uses! It is expected that needs to complete to next week! Chapter 345 is eager to try What big Interface attaches great importance is anything, answer only then, talented person, but these time the fight with Palpus Clansmen, making big Interface these people note Zhao Hai, noted Zhao Hai, naturally has no alternative but to look up, has investigated through all sorts of methods and relationship to Zhao Hai, what this investigation was mainly investigates him in Comprehend the world there is. Must know that cultivator you cannot look at the real age generally, Cultivation Method that because they practice, even if a 1 or 2 hundred -year-old person, you look like also still like young man, therefore Zhao Hai although looks like very young, but these big Interface people want to look up the Zhao Hai situation well. These big Interface people want to look up Zhao Hai, that method were too many, did not say other, even if Comprehend the world here, has the complicated relation with these big Interface, obtained a asylum of big Interface, if shelters their big Interface, asked the Zhao Hai situation to them, did they dare not to speak? Obviously that is impossible, therefore Zhao Hai material quick on pendulum in these big Interface table-top places. Must say that keep secret work of these big Interface, at something, that is secret is not really transparent, but at something, exists in name only, a simply point does with does not have. But the Zhao Hai material is not the top-secret material, is naturally impossible extremely in the security, therefore the Zhao Hai matter was given found out by all macrocosms quickly. Sees Zhao Hai that material, these big Interface people cannot help but got up loved heart, was mainly the Zhao Hai ascend time is really too short, what was short was more than five years of time, he was qualified to the ten-thousand realms battlefield, this regarding these big Interface people, had to attract gravitational force, in their eyes, Zhao Hai absolutely was a talent. But Zhao Hai also don’t know these matters, he drinking, at the same time is harnessing Yama Ship to walk toward the new person community now, they go back, even compares non- person ten-thousand realms battlefield here information dissemination. When Zhao Hai they have used several days time returned to the Comprehend the world new person community time, the circle decided with the circle greeted them in there. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, after the piece has resulted in Kong Miao their agreement, received Yama Ship, flew to decide them to welcome toward the circle with everyone/Great Clan together. These time decides person has plenty that they come along with the circle, these people are Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, majority is Buddhist Sect people, they may be ten-thousand realms battlefield old person, was Comprehend the world after obtaining information, reinforcement that prepared to send, has not actually thought that reinforcement just arrived at new person community here, knows that Zhao Hai they triumphal returned to turn over. Decides them to see right in front of one smalltalk matter with the circle, naturally is not one's turn Zhao Hai to act, they were acted to be good by Kong Miao, naturally the circle has decided their status to come compared with Kong Miao to lower on many, but new person community here was really responsible with the circle by him, therefore was acted to greet Kong Miao by them they. Kong Miao decided them to say after the circle several words, entered the new person community on turn around, the circle has decided their immediately to the place that these cultivator arranged, Zhao Hai their naturally personnel does not arrange, but Zhao Hai and Li sect said that originally lived in two Cave Mansion, now actually must resign Cave Mansion, because of these people one, the new person community here Cave Mansion quantity somewhat was anxious. The circle decided although not to say anything to Zhao Hai, but he looked at the Zhao Hai look is actually very different, the circle decided these days to receive the above several signalling jade swords, a lot in jade sword about not having the sea, the circle decided also know that Zhao Hai these time has contributed to the great merit, to be honest, his also very happy.

Zhao Hai is he and circle summons the ten-thousand realms battlefield, just came the ten-thousand realms battlefield not to have several days, performs such big merit, this lets on him and circle real face also has the light, after all this and circle real vision is very accurate on behalf of him. Zhao Hai also felt certainly the vision that the circle decides, he decided to the circle salutes distantly, the circle showed a faint smile surely, beckoned with the hand, they have not spoken, Zhao Hai was getting Mo Sheng and Li sect says returned to his Cave Mansion. Entered Cave Mansion Zhao Hai to come back on let out a long breath said : finally, finally can rest well.” Li Zongdao laughs said : „, finally came back, has not thought really that this appears , actually causes such big matter to come, he he.” Zhao Hai also smiled said : Li Big Brother, rest well one, crosses several days to fear that will have also duty, above estimate cannot that letting off Palpus Clansmen easily.” Li Zongdao nodded said : that is the affirmation, this Palpus Clansmen such does, has irritated the above person, otherwise above one will not send out these many people to come, since now the matter has made in a big way, that has not received the necessity of hand, hits to take them to be real, avoid, always some people look for our troubles.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile has not said anything, ate with Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng has selected thing, has rested, Li Zongdao in has not practiced, but in cultivating rest room sleeping of well. But at this time, Kong Miao they circle have decided with circle real Cave Mansion, this Cave Mansion normally is they practices and place of reception person, occupies a land area of area to be very big, just at the time of gathering work, now Kong Miao is these time copes to Chief Commander of clan, came naturally to live in here. Waited for Kong Miao their several Divided Spirit Stage Expert to arrive at quiet room, the circle has decided with the circle also sits with somebody really in side, looked at the person to be in attendance, Kong Miao deep voice said : these time with must the war of clan, we win, but this also by far insufficient, I thought that plan of Zhao Hai was very good, this time we must kill, killing to take Palpus Clansmen, killed to fear, then from their there is knowing that who was coping with us, we to deal in want the means.” The circle decided with circle real one hear of Kong Miao said that gawked, they have not thought that Kong Miao actually mentioned the Zhao Hai name in this situation, it seems like he to Zhao Hai attach great importance to. Empty rather nodded said : this is the quickest solution, but Kong Miao, this matter should better say one to above, reinforcement although that on this time sent has not used, but the population more than 400, were also adding on our existing military strength, altogether more than 1500 people, we about soldier one, tidying up Palpus Clansmen should not be a problem, but relationship was, must that stealth clothes comparison of clan be troublesome, where if these fellow looked for one to hide, we place has not looked for them, therefore these 1500 people cannot act in unison, can only separate. Motion, but must separate the motion, feared that will be given sneak attack by Palpus Clansmen, if Palpus Clansmen transformed the tactic, has not been spelling with us directly hardly, but hides in the hidden place loses raids, this is our most headache place, therefore this matter must say to above, listens to the above opinion.” Kong Miao nodded, he also thought empty said is reasonable, if the Palpus Clansmen start plays sneak attack with them, that also is really very troublesome. The sword looked at Kong Miao one, suddenly open the mouth and said: Kong Miao, I to thought that this matter should look to ask Zhao Hai, he before the war, has killed many Palpus Clansmen, what method that has, can presently the Palpus Clansmen stealth clothes, if he can, that not be presently convenient?” Kong Miao one hear of sword words, cannot help but two eyes one bright, pats palm of the hand said : right, I how this matter forgetting, right, before Zhao Hai, has fought with Palpus Clansmen, moreover not only one time, it seems like he is the real means presently the Palpus Clansmen stealth.”

The circle decided at this time lower the head and chant the names of Buddha said : Amitabha, Kong Miao Grandmaster, please accommodate my say a few words words.” Kong Miao nodded said : circle to decide Grandmaster to say.” The circle decides deep voice said : before senior has not come back, we received above signalling flying sword, now these big Interface people started to pay attention to Zhao Hai, moreover we also obtained information from above there, Zhao Hai should have the means presently the Palpus Clansmen stealth clothes, before Liu Sheng and the others were besieged by Palpus Clansmen, when not beating, Liu Sheng they killed the tight encirclement, has met Zhao Hai, prayed for rescue like Zhao Hai, after Zhao Hai Liu Sheng they rescued, turn around returns, chasing down Liu Sheng their empty clansman, each one struck to kill, is chases down empty clansman that Zhao Sea Lord moved, although fight process not detailed, but Zhao Hai chases down Palpus Clansmen, Palpus Clansmen must use the stealth clothes, but these people still by Zhao Hai killing, this fully explained the issue, feared that is Zhao Hai can really presently the Palpus Clansmen stealth.” One hear of circles decided said that Kong Miao they gawked, did the Kong Miao puzzled look at circle decide said : what these big Interface people to look for Zhao Hai to make?” The circle shook the head said : „the present to return don’t know surely, the above person comes our here to adjust the Zhao Hai detailed material, they transferred Zhao Hai all materials.” Kong Miao nodded, then said : why, no matter these people look up Zhao Hai, but a little actually has affirmed, Zhao Hai can the Palpus Clansmen stealth, that this matter be presently easy to do, we can definitely chase down these Palpus Clansmen.” Empty rather shook the head said : I to be not quite optimistic, Zhao Hai can presently these Palpus Clansmen, but he after all only then a person, we, if separates staff, then besides Zhao Hai that team, other people are presently Palpus Clansmen, as the matter stands these factions the person, to was instead dangerous.” Kong Miao thinks that turns the head to decide said : circle to decide Grandmaster to the circle, please send for inviting Zhao Hai, after this matter I must ask him, can make the final decision.” The circle has complied with one surely, he stood got up to walk outward, he decided that he called Zhao Hai personally, because the circle decides presently, Kong Miao regarding Zhao Hai attach great importance to. Was a Buddhist Sect people, circle decides status of too clear Kong Miao in Buddhist Sect, later Kong Miao was Buddhist Sect one in topest a batch, such person attached great importance to Zhao Hai, that can only say that the Zhao Hai future achievement is limitless, at this time with the good time that Zhao Hai became friends with. The words that Kong Miao they spoke, Zhao Hai knows that Zhao Hai although hides in there, looked like has fallen asleep probably, but truly he has not fallen asleep, he continuously very paid attention Kong Miao they, how he wants to have a look at Kong Miao they to solve this matter. Now looks is this result, Zhao Hai actually very happy, so long as this matter has completed, that Comprehend the world crisis has also relieved, but he in these influential figure also had the status at heart, this regarding his later show is very important. In arriving at ten-thousand realms battlefield here, knows after ten-thousand realms battlefield here has many Interface, Zhao Hai had the thoughts, he thought that Comprehend the world there is really too small, he must have a look to these Interface, has a look in these Interface is any appearances, their there has anything special thing. Some people have said that you more are understood that this world, you more thought one very ignorant, Zhao Hai now is this, before his don’t know had existence of ten-thousand realms battlefield, he thinks that Comprehend the world there was the Universe center, but knew now existence of ten-thousand realms battlefield, made the Zhao Hai thoughts detachable, his vision in limiting in Comprehend the world there, he has placed ten-thousand realms battlefield here own vision, he wants to know that above the ten-thousand realms battlefield, can have ten-thousand realms battlefield same place to exist a likely, was not a likely ten-thousand realms battlefield. The same place exists, that this ten-thousand realms battlefield is who manufactures, these fan bottoms depend on him to untie, therefore his vision, one became widens. For this reason, therefore Zhao Hai in hearing the circle said surely, these big Interface people start to pay attention to his time, before he has not looked like, these feel restless, conversely, he to has the feeling that one type of has been eager to try, he wants through many big Interface people, to understand other various Realm in ten-thousand realms battlefield, he wants to have a look at other various Realm is any appearance.

Zhao Hai sat, looks fragrant Mo Sheng that nearby has rested, he has not gone to call Mo Sheng, he likes Mo Sheng such disposition, anything does not think that is only thinking hungry have been able to eat, is stranded has been able to rest, he makes him do, does he do, such person live simplicity, live joy. Many person don’t know joyful are anything, almost nobody true can talk clearly joyfully is anything, is actually very joyfully simple, he is the one type of satisfied mood, you have eaten one delicious, this is one type of is joyful, you do the work that oneself have liked, this is one type of is also joyful, everyone can be joyful, just some people this simplest matter, turned into the most difficult matter. He just sat up not long after, the circle decides arrived at outside Zhao Hai Cave Mansion, his deep voice said : Zhao Hai in? Comes out to see.” Zhao Hai has then stood, turn around half step has arrived at Cave Mansion in front of the door, decides ritual said : circle to decide Grandmaster to the circle, did you come? But looks for Zhao Hai to have the matter?” The circle decides the look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said : you in well, Kong Miao Grandmaster they let you in the past, said that had the matter to ask you.” Zhao Hai has complied with one hastily, decides with the circle toward his Cave Mansion in walks. Before long they arrive at Cave Mansion that the circle has decided that directly entered quiet room, enters quiet room, Zhao Hai immediately salutes to the people, Kong Miao beckoned with the hand said : Zhao Hai, you do not need to be so polite, sits, I have the matter to ask you.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, sat. Kong Miao look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, heard before you did chase down Palpus Clansmen to come? Whether you can break their stealth?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to return to the Grandmaster words, I cannot break the Palpus Clansmen stealth, but I can presently they.” Kong Miao one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, but said : can they be presently good, can you give us this method?” # c..