Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1420

Zhao Hai one hear of Kong Miao said that already had the advance plan at heart, his deep voice said : Grandmaster, Grandmaster does not need to study this thing actually, I can some use machine Magic Formation and machine technologies, manufacture the a batch search set, so long as there are this batch of search sets, anybody can find Palpus Clansmen.” Kong Miao they have gawked, must know how finding Palpus Clansmen, is the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield very headache matter, even if these big Interface people, wants to discover the stealth Palpus Clansmen also very difficult, how such matter to the mouth of Zhao Hai, probably one became relaxed. Kong Miao look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, although our Comprehend the world continuously freedom, but these time with must the war of clan, actually be the country war, relationship to my Comprehend the world life and death, cannot accommodate quite a while the joke, what you just said is really?” Zhao Hai immediately has stood, holds the fist in the other hand to Kong Miao said : Grandmaster, Zhao Hai does not have quite a while the lies certainly, I established the military order shape, so long as gives me five days, I can manufacture the a batch search set, the quantity is not lower than hundred, but I asked Grandmaster to give me the support on commodity, after all the refinements of these search sets need the commodity.” Kong Miao look at Zhao Hai, nodded said : well, so long as you can manufacture this type of search set, you want anything, I give you anything.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to invite Grandmaster to me time, I arrange in order a detailed list to come out, so long as thing arrives, five days , ensure manufacture the instrument.” Kong Miao beckoned with the hand said : side also quiet room, you go to there row of detailed lists, believes that manufactures this type of instrument to need anything, you have known how things stand, the immediately row comes out, my immediately gives you to prepare thing, you must use quickly, makes to me thing.” Zhao Hai has not said anything, but holds the fist in the other hand to Kong Miao. Then turns the head to decide said : to ask Grandmaster to the circle to bring to quiet room to go.” The round fixed point the nod, directing Zhao Hai to arrive around quiet room, Zhao Hai has put out a piece blank jade slip, searched in spiritual force jade slip, writes thing on jade slip. Now Zhao Hai writes naturally is thing that he needs, he will be impolite with Kong Miao, actually at his net worth, do not say that makes more than 100 search sets, even if makes 1 million not to need to manage Kong Miao to want thing, but is putting such opportunity , if not use. That may become invalid expired. In Space needs all kinds of thing, these thing wanted Space, can turn into thing that in Space can produce, can increase the experience of Space, so long as the opportunity arrived, Space can Level Up, this be Zhao Hai most is desired. Therefore Zhao Hai when arranges in order thing, has listed in several types of Space no thing. He does not dare to arrange in order are too many, the person can find the way to profit, but you cannot be too greedy, too annoyed person dislike greedily.

Zhao Hai very clear this point, in thing that therefore he arranges in order, extremely in precious thing, some thing is possibly very not precious in Comprehend the world there. However in ten-thousand realms battlefield here was not specially precious. Naturally. These thing that Zhao Hai arranges in order also really must use, he will not list big pile of thing, finally does not use, such words capture the power, will be made any matter to have, this grasped, anything can make, will also make the impression on the person. Zhao Hai was before long good the clear single row, has inspected twice. Presently after not having what careless mistake, Zhao Hai walked out from quiet room, to quiet room that Kong Miao they were , after entering quiet room, Zhao Hai immediately has given Kong Miao in hand jade slip, then deep voice said : Grandmaster, this is thing that I need. So long as prepares these thing, is giving me five days, I ensure makes 100 search sets.” Kong Miao received jade slip, Divine Sense controls toward, looks at thing that Zhao Hai wanted. thing that Zhao Hai this wanting are not many, the type is actually not many. Moreover thing not specially precious, Kong Miao nodded, he to is believes that now Zhao Hai can manufacture the search set, did not want to deceive to select thing. Kong Miao loses in hand jade slip to the circle decides said : circle to decide Grandmaster, you give Zhao Hai to prepare these thing, with quickest prepares these thing, do not delay.” The circle has complied with one surely, took jade slip turn around to walk, what need Kong Miao look at Zhao Hai did said : „have? This several days we fully coordinate you.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : other does not use.” Kong Miao nodded said : well, so long as this matter you did, you have the great merit to Comprehend the world, so long as this matter ended, your immediately can the leave novice area.” The leave novice area, this actually is also the one type of reward, many new area here people think that leave novice area, however general Interface actually regulation, must on the new area here dull three years is good. Three years regarding cultivator, the time are very not long, but regarding one person in new area, a little were long, because of the new area in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, are produce the thing minimum place, ten-thousand realms battlefield here good thing, will not produce in the new area, to obtain these good thing, the person in new person area also goes all out wants earlier leave, but they do not dare to violate the order, because one, but has violated the order, they will possibly be kicked the ten-thousand realms battlefield. Zhao Hai also very much thinks that the earlier leave novice area, although said that he did not fear was kicked the ten-thousand realms battlefield, at the worst, however his foundation after all in Comprehend the world there, if he kicked out, run, that Comprehend the world these High level will not let off his.

Because has this worry, therefore Zhao Hai has not acted unreasonably, these time helps Comprehend the world cope to fully the clan, he knows that the Comprehend the world here person, active will not enjoy, in that case, later nobody will be working oneself to death for them. Zhao Hai believes good that so long as this time he makes, the above reward will certainly not be short, if when the time comes he proposed that the leave novice area, will not have any issue. But he has not thought that Kong Miao raised unexpectedly first, before although Kong Miao them, chatted has spoken this saying, but Zhao Hai has not thought that Kong Miao such quickly told him this information. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback holds the fist in the other hand said : to thank Grandmaster to Kong Miao, Grandmaster, I have a request, Li sect said that Big Brother enters with my together to the ten-thousand realms battlefield, moreover this time matter he has also helped many busy, Mo Sheng, this person of inborn moron, he except for with me, with any me, I have not complied with Martial Uncle to take care of him, asking Grandmaster complying to let them also with my together leave new person area.” Kong Miao beckoned with the hand said : minor matter, I complied, so long as you work this matter, other matters said.” Was saying the circle decided to walk from outside, his in hand was taking Space Bag, after entering the room, he has given Zhao Hai said : Little Hai Space Bag directly, you had a look, may lack any thing.” Zhao Hai nodded, spiritual force searched toward Space Bag, thing that presently he wants are equally many, prepared, Zhao Hai to round fixed point nod said : equally many, thanked the circle to decide Grandmaster.” Said that he turns the head to salute to Kong Miao several people said : senior, my immediately goes to crafting, asking everybody Zhao Hai to be impolite.” Kong Miao beckoned with the hand said : to remember, has any must, immediately raise, I fully support you.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, to audiences gave a salute, turn around walks outward. To Zhao Hai information, empty Ning Cai sighed said : good youngster, the Palpus Clansmen stealth ability, has let ten-thousand realms battlefield here all person headaches, has not thought that he can solve unexpectedly, great.” The people nodded, to be honest people were getting better and better were now wonderful to Zhao Hai, originally thinks that he was only strength good Infant Stage time cultivator, however slowly actually presently his strength their imagination, now he unexpectedly gives to break including the Palpus Clansmen livelihood stealth clothes, this was very great. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, after his returned to own Cave Mansion, presently Li Zongdao got up, in fact when the circle decides called Zhao Hai, Li Zongdao got up, he thought the disparity Zhao Hai anything matter, but Zhao Hai with Li sect said that leave he has only been able to wait in cavern. Now looks at Zhao Hai to come back, Li sect said that immediately moved forward to meet somebody said : Little Hai, what matter lived?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : not anything, Kong Miao Grandmaster makes me help his crafting, I went to Craft Room, Mo Sheng awoke, your look at he selected.” Said and has put out some eating had the liquor to give Li Zongdao, then said : these time built up about five days, cannot be disturbed, if Mo Sheng were hungry, you ate to him these thing.” Li Zongdao nodded, Zhao Hai then turn around entered Craft Room, simultaneously started inside formation, in making outside person unable to see clearly lived anything. Entered Craft Room, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback enters in Space, that actually Zhao Hai said can live the Palpus Clansmen meter room and no big deal, but installed a silver Liquid Silver needle in inside, with Liquid Silver needle communicate Space, lets Space presently the Palpus Clansmen stealth, then this information, was passing near Liquid Silver needle to pass in returned to that instrument. But does not make person others live the Liquid Silver needle, therefore the Liquid Silver needle in that instrument, is only a common knot road, no big deal place, but that meter room Zhao Hai also prepares to manufacture a small computer appearance, can demonstrate that all around terrain, then demonstrates the Palpus Clansmen position with the bright red point. Zhao Hai when proposed that this suggestion, has let the Cai'er multipurpose manufacture design the blueprint of this type of search set, after the analysis of Universal Analyzer, had eventually determined this plan , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai will have such big assurance. However he is impossible to make the Liquid Silver needle forever placed that type of instrument, therefore he prepared to make this instrument have a service life, for example one year later, this type of instrument cannot use, like this he can take back the Liquid Silver needle justifiablily. In Space has prepared, no ore of Zhao Hai in that several Space took the person, in immediately/on horseback immediately has produced these ores mineral lode, then Universal Manufacturing Machine started to manufacture this type of search set, manufactured this search set actually simply in less than five days, had more than enough including five hours, but Zhao Hai said intentionally time, he does not want to exit quickly.!. «» provides most quickly the latest novel.