Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1421

Five days later, walked out of Zhao Hai from Craft Room, these five days, Li Zongdao has defended in Craft Room outside, Mo Sheng also with Li sect said that together defends in there. Mo Sheng although is crazy, but he regarding Zhao Hai is actually most loyal, do not think that others gave him to eat, he to other human form to Zhao Hai same good, that will be impossible. Crazy person like Mo Sheng, sometimes slightly very sensitive, their thoughts were extremely pure, simply to only depends on felt that sometimes can feel, a person to their qualities, Zhao Hai to him really good, Mo Sheng can feel. They defend in Craft Room outside, but in Zhao Hai Cave Mansion outside, is defending more people, these people are Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, moreover has Divided Spirit Stage Expert, empty Ningxia! The these days of empty rather own automorphy outside Zhao Hai Cave Mansion has any dares to approach less than Cave Mansion at will, will be warned, if warned not to listen, that killed! But this situation one time has not lived, because Zhao Hai here has been listed as a forbidden area, this point all Comprehend the world people know. Zhao Hai in Space knows that this situation, he has not thought that the Comprehend the world person so will take seriously his these instruments. Five days of are not really long, regarding cultivator are so, quick five days on the past, Zhao Hai also walked out from Craft Room. He just Craft Room, Li Zongdao moved forward to meet somebody, look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what kind of?” He knows that now Zhao Hai was refining any thing, Kong Miao told them, was Kong Miao arranges them to defend in Craft Room in front of the door. The Zhao Hai look at Li Zongdao appearance, showed a faint smile said : to be completed, feel relieved was good.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li sect said then let out a long breath. In this time person suddenly appears in the less than front, Zhao Hai is looking, is empty rather Grandmaster, Zhao Hai hastily to empty rather salutes said : Zhao Hai to see Grandmaster.” Empty rather optional nod. two eyes hopeful look at Zhao Hai said : what kind of?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : good fortune not to fail in one's mission, has completed.” Was saying while puts out a search set, has given empty Ningxia.

Empty rather looks at this search set, on the face cannot help but a facial expression of appears exclamation, this search set was really too attractive, the circular the palm size, directly was the screen that Crystal made. On the screen can demonstrate clearly all around terrain, the range may amount to about ten thousand meters, now on the screen has the terrain, anything does not have. The body is silver white , very beautiful. Empty rather look at Zhao Hai does said : have confidence?” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile said : Grandmaster feel relieved, definitely will not have any issue, but this instrument has a shortcoming, he can only use for one year, moreover can only presently Palpus Clansmen, other person not have the means present.” Empty rather stares. Then slightly knit the brows said : what's the matter? Why can only use for one year?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Grandmaster, in this instrument, besides these commodities that using me must come, inside also has thing. Such thing is presently the Palpus Clansmen key, this is one type of does not know the bright metal, this metal wielding the rapidness of, special expose in air, a piece fist big metal, if expose in the air, will wield in less than one day, I also obtained this metal. Afterward presently this metal, when Palpus Clansmen approached, had red light to flash. Therefore I use this principle, manufactured this type of instrument. This type of instrument is leakproof, inside only then a little bit that metal, but is under the leakproof condition , can only preserve for about one year, longest should be about one year, so long as this metal wields, that this instrument on equal to is scrap iron a piece, except for can show that beyond surrounding terrain, a point with does not have.” Empty rather said : oh? This matter? Your did there have this metal? Can I want to bring to go back research, look find this metal, if can find this metal, we can large-scale produce this type of instrument.” Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, hand turned has put out a very big glass jar, this glass jar was completely leakproof, point opening did not have, in glass jar, only then few molten metals, did not have a nail to be big evidently. Zhao Hai swung the glass jar gently, inside molten metal is flowing like the water, a point has not moistened in the meaning to glass jar. Zhao Hai look at empty rather said : Grandmaster, I like collecting some out of the ordinary the thing, such thing is I obtains in 6 Realms battlefield soft [gold/metal] mine there, considered has installed this jar, was afterward I presently, this thing in glass jar, can wield very quick, I have tried many thing, finally presently, he in is also slow, finally did not have the means in the glass jar wielding, I can only glass jar of secret to seal|confer, besides wielding, this metal have characteristics, that on was can merge. In other metals, after merging, completely was the same with that metal, only then the one type of thing exception, that is hundred years of Ironwood, so long as this thing drop on hundred years of Ironwood, is then using glass secret to seal|confer, the time that he preserves is a lot on President, I also use this principle, manufactured this type of instrument, now except for being used to manufacture the instrument, remained has such selected, Grandmaster wanted, took away, but Grandmaster, should not be contacted by him to the air, otherwise this thing, only feared that a twinkling Cultivation Method on will vanish.” Empty rather one hear of Zhao Hai said that also cannot help but looked in that big jar that droplet molten metal, but he receives, has put in own Space equipment, then turns the head to Zhao Hai said : well, that let's go.” Zhao Hai nodded, empty rather outward flies. Several people just Zhao Hai Cave Mansion, presently Kong Miao they arrived at Cave Mansion outside, Zhao Hai have given Kong Miao to salute upon meeting hastily, did Kong Miao actually beckon with the hand said : what kind of?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, empty has rather arrived around Kong Miao, has given Kong Miao that search set, said the service life of this type of search set to Kong Miao, but also took that big glass jar. Kong Miao one hear of empty Ning Zheme said that also the knitting the brows head, then turns the head to empty rather said : Grandmaster, you presently on the above casting this thing, immediately go to headquarters there, enabling person full examination of there, look to find this thing, or who had heard this thing, let soft [gold/metal] mine there looking well, had a look also to find.” Empty rather nodded, turn around walked, Kong Miao carefully looked at that search set, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : other?” Zhao Hai put out Space Bag said : in here, altogether only manufactured 112.” Kong Miao received Space Bag, looked at one, nodded said : well, is very good, Zhao Hai, your time has contributed to the great merit, I have decided that you with me, later new area here did not use in these days, what kind of?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „to be the Grandmaster school work, is my being honored.” Kong Miao laughed, has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : well, good, I was under the above order, above said that managed according to your plan, we were painful to the dozen Palpus Clansmen first, was talking to them that now we exit, your three with me.” Zhao Hai complied with one, Kong Miao has wielded, throws that Space Bag to the circle has decided said : presently to go these instruments, every ten people, making them form the squad freely, all Divided Spirit Stage Expert separated the motion, Divided Spirit Stage Expert has the person unable five, Transcends Tribulation Stage each squad population unable less than ten people, after dividing, immediately/on horseback left, various teams move in the direction that the matter reached an agreement, cannot break the relation, outside here do not leave behind the corresponding person to defend, cannot make the opposite party take advantage of loopholes, now we have not given to hit the pain Palpus Clansmen, these fellow now. In the flame, any matter can be doing.” The circle has complied with one surely, turn around was straight, Kong Miao turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, showed a faint smile said : Zhao Hai, my age should be older than you, I called you Little Hai, didn't have relationship?” Zhao Hai one hear of Kong Miao said that to does not have what response, but smiles said : not to have relationship, called me Little Hai to is kinder.” However Li Zongdao is actually somewhat surprised, he is very clear, Kong Miao very arrogant, has not actually thought that to Zhao Hai unexpectedly such and face pleased . Kong Miao laughs said : well, Little Hai, comes your ship release, we walk.” Zhao Hai complied with one, release Yama Ship, Kong Miao had embarked, refers to a direction, Zhao Hai immediately has been putting up the ship, flew in that direction.

Kong Miao stands in the bow, look at all around scenery , must say to Zhao Hai said : that ten-thousand realms battlefield here also is really very good, Spiritual Qi very rich, is very suitable to practice, you in here practice well, sooner or later one day, you can also Transcends Tribulation be successful.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to thank the Grandmaster auspicious words, my audiences come not to suspect unable Transcends Tribulation, he he.” Kong Miao turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, he presently a self-confidence of Zhao Hai face, he cannot help but smiles said : well, cultivator must have this self-confidence, I believe that you will certainly succeed, moreover on that day will not be far.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not been saying anything. Kong Miao look at Zhao Hai, smiles said : these time to cope to the clan, you left vigorously, moreover I presently, your strength is very strong, use probably is also Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, can tell me what you use is what Cultivation Method? If cannot say.” Zhao Hai knows that Kong Miao is curious, because he just used Ming Xin to see xing Profound Technique, presently Kong Miao has not had the duty hostility to oneself, therefore Zhao Hai smiles said : this not to have anything unable saying that what I study is arhat Divine Art, including the Magical Artifact use, fist Body Cultivator Cultivation Method.” Kong Miao gently knit the brows said : arhat Divine Art? Does this sound likely is not Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method? Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method will not call Divine Art generally, but is called after or the law generally, had not heard that Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method called Divine Art.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this my don’t know, I obtain is a piece does not have jade slip of energetic seal, presently inside Cultivation Method compared with wants brilliant very me who I study, I illuminated on that to practice, moreover in that jade slip, Innate Spiritual Qi, otherwise I was impossible such quickly on learn.”!. «» provides most quickly the latest novel.