Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1422

One hear of Zhao Hai said that Kong Miao has cannot help but gawked, because Zhao Hai said that the experience of this saying has looked like with him, is exactly the same, this made Kong Miao cannot help but look at Zhao Hai one with the one type of very strange thing vision. Zhao Hai also noted the Kong Miao look, but his actually understand Kong Miao was not any meaning, words that because he just spoke not real, he in making up story, he before on Earth, writes the novel, the story like above, he spoke thoughtlessly to say comfortably. However Zhao Hai actually don’t know, Kong Miao is actually the direct beneficiary of this kind of story, can say that Kong Miao is because has met in the Zhao Hai story exactly the same matter, this arrives today. Zhao Hai does not think that he spoke thoughtlessly a story that made up, made Kong Miao to his favorable impression greatly fresh. The people would are to have the person of same experience to be interested with oneself, same will be also easier to have the favorable impression, Kong Miao for this reason, will have the favorable impression to Zhao Hai. However Kong Miao with Zhao Hai will certainly not say that he also has the same experience, he is only look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : you is very really lucky, in Comprehend the world there, lucky, not only your, the has plenty people have such opportunity.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, has plenty has such opportunity, I am only quite lucky.” Kong Miao shows a faint smile, turns the head the look at front, actually wants to make Zhao Hai at heart his under the hand/subordinate, the Zhao Hai strength suffices, moreover very lucky, leads a such person in own side, has the advantage to oneself. cultivator Bicchi its person, often believes luck thing, because they might anytime encounter the danger, when will encounter the danger, if your luck will not be good, that will not die already injures, if your luck will be good. May smooth cross the border very much, even greatly will have the harvest. Because of this, therefore cultivator often likes with some luck good person contacts, they believe that this will bring the good luck to oneself. The Kong Miao luck is very good, but Kong Miao present, this world good luck person not, only then oneself, Zhao Hai luck also very good, if the Zhao Hai belt in own side, that will let oneself lucky. Zhao Hai does not certainly know that Kong Miao is thinking anything, he is observing motion of other Comprehend the world people through Space now. In that type of search set has existence of Liquid Silver needle. These people went to there, the there map will naturally receive in Space, because of this, therefore Zhao Hai so will pay attention to the situation in Space. Because Space is providing the service for more than 100 search sets now, although he believes the Cai'er strength, but he is the very concerned about there situation. In Space all function as usual, regarding Cai'er, provides the information to more than 100 search sets, was really too relaxed, before Zhao Hai toward the manifestation Liquid Silver needle time. Often tens of thousands, several hundred thousand toward outside, such does not have appears any issue, do not say now.

Zhao Hai looked at the advancing this directions of these people, cannot help but nodded, these cultivator every ten people are one group, is the same with their directions, they almost arranged a directness. Advancement ahead, looked like pulls open large net to be the same, so long as there are to the clan after this net, in the common situation could not run away. These people leave is not very far, they almost can let each inch place that they pass through, can be inspected by the search set. The Zhao Hai also understand why Comprehend the world person must such do. Because of them direction that the direction, the Palpus Clansmen den is. Palpus Clansmen originally is a robber clan, normally such clansman, should not presently their den, however the Palpus Clansmen den is almost all people knows that they have not planned to hide the truth from anyone, however their dens actually never have not to be captured. Palpus Clansmen Old Mouse that Zhao Hai their this going, octopus archipelago. The octopus archipelago are on the sea, comprised of main island and big size small table hundred small island, main island and small island shape seems looks like a big octopus, therefore acquires fame. But reason that Palpus Clansmen the choice octopus island of meeting becomes their dens, because of the Palpus Clansmen totem octopus! Mentioned laughably. A strong race, they will regard the totem the octopus unexpectedly, but this actually real, Palpus Clansmen will not eat the octopus, will not kill the octopus, if makes them know that who has killed the octopus, they will also retaliate that person. The ten-thousand realms battlefield here what environment has, ocean in area also very big that ten-thousand realms battlefield here occupies . Moreover the family does not occupy, ten-thousand realms battlefield here ocean is a very dangerous place, on here ocean meets some appears energy storms frequently, these energy storms were Immortal Stage Expert have met, will escape by luck not necessarily. Besides the place of energy storm, the sea also meets appears to be able certainly the dark clouds with the deadly poison purple fog, can the dark clouds be good to understand certainly, that is one type of black Cloud, looks like looks like Cloud that a piece must rain is the same, but this Cloud actually specialness, that is he can isolate all energy, so long as you have crashed in this Cloud, you want to be difficult, because this Cloud not only isolates energy, will also give suction your energy. But the deadly poison purple fog is the mist of one type of auspicious sign, indefinite tense appears , in the mist includes very fierce toxin, this toxin very intense, even if Immortal Stage Expert, cannot guarantee one can not care about this deadly poison , because of this, ocean in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, is almost a forbidden area, the person who only then minority likes take risking, will enter to ocean, naturally, can live from ocean the person, is in hundred does not have one. But octopus island although is on the sea, but actually in the deep sea, is not only in offshore, there almost will not have can certainly the dark clouds, will not have the energy storm, will not have the deadly poison purple fog, therefore Palpus Clansmen dares to survive in there. Zhao Hai their present target on the octopus island, although said that Palpus Clansmen is a robber race, but to the octopus island there sentiment is very deep, this Zhao Hai they have not hidden their whereabouts, these many people, like net kills toward the octopus island, if these Palpus Clansmen don’t know that is fishy. They presently the Comprehend the world intention, will take an action, the biggest possibility, sends for the sneak attack Comprehend the world person, but this is Zhao Hai they want to see. They come sneak attack, will use the stealth clothes, but according to the person of real macrocosm, can find these Palpus Clansmen using the search set, kills them. Regarding Kong Miao this arrangement, Zhao Hai is also ten separations with, where Comprehend the world is here? The the weak are the prey to the strong world, Palpus Clansmen was similar to Comprehend the world reality join before, even Palpus Clansmen possibly, but after the beforehand two wars. This situation changed, Zhao Hai they one received several hundred Palpus Clansmen, but these Palpus Clansmen may be Transcends Tribulation Stage old fox, fighting strength is extraordinary, can say that beforehand that war, truly lets Palpus Clansmen injured the strength.

If before Palpus Clansmen , the sneak attack Comprehend the world new person, is destroys the person foundation, that Comprehend the world after that twice fight, directly firmly fell a Palpus Clansmen arm, making the entire Palpus Clansmen strength reduce greatly. Before Palpus Clansmen most flourishing. Can treat as an equal with Comprehend the world, even also wants on a high head, this like likely is two people, they are the adult, the strength are also similar, but is bigger, the strength is also bigger, is shorter. The strength is not small, but of tall person, an arm has been reduced now, like his simply possibly was not the match of short person that person. But at this time, the short stature was fighting with this tall person, did not need too many skills. He only needs steadily walks, carefully walks, does not give that tall person any opportunity, then can relaxed that tall person knocks down. Comprehend the world with must the clan now be this situation, must the clan they be broken an arm by Kong Miao, Kong Miao they have not needed to use any method now, so long as defends own rear area, then steady prompting forward. Does not give Palpus Clansmen any sneak attack opportunity, like this they can kill the octopus island, even if cannot kill the octopus island, can compel Palpus Clansmen to come out to fight a decisive battle. Comprehend the world these time do not destroy completely must the clan, such words do not know. What behind Palpus Clansmen is standing was, they must do, hit the pain Palpus Clansmen, frightened, such Palpus Clansmen saying secret instigation of meeting little darling. Kong Miao presently Zhao Hai some little time had not spoken, cannot help but curious turning the head looked at Zhao Hai one, presently Zhao Hai probably sits in contemplation general, partly closes one's eyes, the facial expression among passes 1 u unexpectedly a dignity. Zhao Hai also notes Kong Miao in look at he, his immediately/on horseback has opened the eye, Kong Miao look at Zhao Hai said : you to are ting study hard, what? drives this huge ship, was somewhat tired?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, is not tired, I was feeling that all around situation, our these time such flagrant toward octopus island, the Palpus Clansmen certain not being able to sit still person, comes attack we are the affirmation, I want to know, the situations of other people how.” Kong Miao appreciation looked at Zhao Hai said : not to need to be worried that will not have the matter.” In this time, Kong Miao suddenly was looking at in hand search set one, then smiles said : my goodness, such quickly came.” Zhao Hai already presently that two Palpus Clansmen, these two fellows unexpectedly ran to lose actually raid Yama Ship, really does not know how Dead [死] character writes, how also don’t know these Palpus Clansmen think that puts others not to go to sneak attack, comes them, this is not courts death. Reason that Zhao Hai said that because of him presently there of other more than 100 groups of people, has not met Palpus Clansmen attack, only then their here, moreover one time came two Palpus Clansmen. Zhao Hai looked at search set one, coldly snorted said : has acted recklessly.” Said that wants make a move. Kong Miao was actually beckoned with the hand said : you to set sail was good, these two made me come.” Said that Kong Miao changes in hand hundred the Vajra stick loses outward, hundred changed Vajra volt immediately turned into two big axes, cut toward that two Palpus Clansmen.

That two Palpus Clansmen also presently unexpectedly by Kong Miao present, cried out strangely, immediately/on horseback has solved the stealth, in hand Magical Artifact flew, toward welcomed two big axes. However these two people are Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, how they possibly divide the God Rank Kong Miao match, what is adding on Kong Miao this use is hundred changes the Vajra stick, attack strength very formidable. Two big axes have delimited that two Palpus Clansmen Magical Artifact, has almost not made any stay, toward that two head of Palpus Clansmen cutting, Kong Miao has then wielded, takes back hundred changed the Vajra stick. But Zhao Hai may not have politely, turned into Undead Creature to receive that two Palpus Clansmen directly. Reason that Kong Miao must rush make a move, is he wants to give a try, having a look the search set that Zhao Hai manufactures to be easy-to-use, the fact showed that the search set of Zhao Hai manufacture is very easy-to-use, a point error does not have. Receives that two Palpus Clansmen corpses regarding Zhao Hai the matter, he will not manage, he knows that Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, he will collect some corpses, then makes the Undead Creature use, in 6 Realms battlefield there, because of this, Zhao Hai must a Yama nickname, because he, when however fights with Huang Dao, has used large quantities of Undead Creature. Thinks of here, Kong Miao cannot help but curiously to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, how many Undead Creature you presently in hand has? Heard previous time your teacher with you fight the time, you have used many Undead Creature.” Zhao Hai smiles said : many, but the strength is not strong, if puts ten-thousand realms battlefield here, will not play too big doing to use, therefore I currently almost do not use Undead Creature, collects these Palpus Clansmen corpses, wants to lead research them.” Kong Miao said : research? research these corpses? What good research do these corpses have?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to want research, why having a look on these Palpus Clansmen these to sub- be able to be used for control Magical Artifact, if can discover primitively, perhaps, we can also cause help our control Magical Artifact thing, if we can cause these thing, that is very to us important, what most important is, if can really using Palpus Clansmen must sub- research leave, increases the control Magical Artifact quantity the method, is exiting this method expose, that must the clan fear that was must exterminate the clan, we have also revenged.” Kong Miao listened to Zhao Hai to say with Li Zongdao, they could not bear has had a shiver, then they saw ghost same look look at Zhao Hai with one type of, truly said that in Comprehend the world here, saw the ghost is not the great matter, Comprehend the world there also has Ghost Cultivator, was very normal, feared that was they sees the ghost, 1 u will not leave to see Zhao Hai such expression. Kong Miao and Li Zongdao know that the Zhao Hai material, they also know Zhao Hai in hand has large quantities of Undead Creature, Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, not only Dark Magician in the Magician circle very famous, in entire Comprehend the world very famous, even if Demon Realm there Ghost Cultivator, may not have Dark Magician to be so famous, because of these Ghost Cultivator or the demon master, generally is use few corpses, then refines some formidable Zombie to help them fight these corpses, they use more on is ghost soul, refines these ghost soul to Magical Artifact, then release wound enemy, not. Like Dark Magician, belt will close big pile of Undead Creature of daily, but these Undead Creature to put it bluntly, are actually some Bone stance/framework/shelf and some corpses!!.