Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1423

Chapter 349 cannot annoy absolutely In Kong Miao and Li sect said that in their impressions, Dark Magician, is some wear thick Dark Magic robes, in hand takes one to have Skull Magic Staff, the stature is skinny, command(er) innumerable skeleton Zombie, facial expression ice-cold, gloomy person. But Zhao Hai actually completely is not this, his although is also black, but is actually a cultivator clothing/taking of clothes synthesis, his temperament not ice-cold, is not gloomy, to feeling sunlight of person, very warm, the people like him, wants to like with him in together, the people forgot that he was Dark Magician. After Zhao Hai said these words, Kong Miao and Li sect said that suddenly has thought that Zhao Hai was Dark Magician, moreover was strength extremely powerful Dark Magician, some people said that his in hand Undead Creature, tens of thousands were many, if these people were Zhao Hai kill, that Zhao Hai can be called absolutely is a hormicidal mania. But makes them feel surprised is the plan of Zhao Hai, the plan of Zhao Hai is really was too scary, if makes the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person know, on empty clansman must sub- be able to be used to manufacture to enable them to be able control many Magical Artifact thing, that Palpus Clansmen exterminated the clan destiny is almost nobody can change. In ten-thousand realms battlefield here, Palpus Clansmen is not most stage, is adding on their robber dispositions, entire must clan not many friends, their strengths are not just weak, therefore nobody has provoked also them. However ten-thousand realms battlefield here, no matter the person of that clan, they want to stiffen, only then stiffens they to obtain many good thing, only will then stiffen they to have a higher status, only will then stiffen they to be able live will be longer, to achieve this point, their anything matter could be done. But a person can control five Magical Artifact and can control ten Magical Artifact that be completely different, this from previous the fight between Comprehend the world and Palpus Clansmen can look. The population of both sides solid are not many, the strength is similar, but Palpus Clansmen can the control Magical Artifact quantity, compared with the Comprehend the world person on many many, therefore the Comprehend the world person drops down in leeward, if not Zhao Hai suddenly appears , that Comprehend the world person was really dangerous. Even if no this matter, the ten-thousand realms battlefield here all Interface people, how to promote their strength being interested, duty to promote their strength the method, they will not let off. Before Palpus Clansmen, all can free and unfettered be so comfortable \; first, because of their strength formidable, second is on them can appealing attack their thing not be really many, Palpus Clansmen by snatching to live, however the has plenty matter, they cannot snatch too many thing, even if were snatches, Palpus Clansmen moved also to meet immediately to process, therefore their in hand too many medicinal herbs or the ores and so on, to have not been various Magical Artifact will not be few, but regarding the ten-thousand realms battlefield here various Realm person, these Magical Artifact use was not big, therefore nobody will have the idea of Palpus Clansmen.

But if on Palpus Clansmen has one to cause their strength thing, so long as obtained that thing, their strengths will improve a level, such enticement regarding the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person, was really too big, by that time Palpus Clansmen feared was becomes changed surname, they were not Palpus Clansmen, but was Tang Xuanzang meat, everyone wants to nip to one. If Palpus Clansmen in ten-thousand realms battlefield here strength extremely powerful, nobody can be victorious they, that said fortunately, but unfortunately they are not, can cope with Palpus Clansmen Expert, has plenty of such people, when the time comes feared that is entire ten-thousand realms battlefield here, will chase down Palpus Clansmen, that Palpus Clansmen did not exterminate the clan blames. Will never want underestimated the strengths of these big Interface people, so long as they want, Palpus Clansmen exterminated the clan that is the affirmation, even if plane that Palpus Clansmen is, feared that is directly is also cancelled. Compares anything that Palpus Clansmen ends to kill new person the idea of removing firewood from under the pot, Zhao Hai this idea really matches to be called extermination plan, this records one, Palpus Clansmen has become street Old Mouse, everybody shouted hits. Thinks of this point, Kong Miao and Li Zongdao looked that the Zhao Hai look changed, Zhao Hai now although is still the appearance of smile, but they are actually felt that from braves the cold air at heart outward, was too scary. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile said : to be possible not to have what truth in ten-thousand realms battlefield here to be good saying that our time Palpus Clansmen offending thoroughly, to find secret murderer, we can put a Palpus Clansmen horse, but these Palpus Clansmen will actually bear in mind this enmity, when there is opportunity, they can cope our, for the Comprehend the world security, these Palpus Clansmen cannot remain, even if were I not from Palpus Clansmen research the method that can enhance the Magical Artifact control quantity, must say can refine, as the matter stands Palpus Clansmen on dying to have decided that naturally, cannot the present say, Now must say that these people will not believe.” Kong Miao long vented anger, his deep looked at Zhao Hai one, he has listed as that person who Zhao Hai cannot offend absolutely, said laughably, his Divided Spirit Stage Expert, unexpectedly a Infant Stage time lists as cannot offend the object, this saying he said that some people will not believe. But Kong Miao really such has actually done, with the time that Zhao Hai contacts is long, Kong Miao presently more cannot see clearly Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looks like a mystery, how such as discussed you to guess that what person did not have the means to guess correctly him is. normally looks like very sunlight, a very warm person, one, but opposes the enemy, he will become very fearful, will not leave behind point opportunity to the enemy, one, but will become his enemy, only then two possibilities, one type is you will die, one type is he will die. If Zhao Hai is only general Infant Stage time Expert, Kong Miao simply will not care him, regarding Kong Miao, general Infant Stage time Expert, does not have to his threat, his strength wins these people, these people are the method in many, wants to cope with him is also impossible, has been complying with those words, any plots and schemes, in the face of the absolute strength, is the games of some children.

However Zhao Hai actually exactly is not general Infant Stage time Expert, his strength very formidable, even if grasps hundred changes the Vajra stick, Kong Miao did not determine one can certainly kill Zhao Hai, in this case, Kong Miao has to take seriously Zhao Hai, moreover does not want to offend Zhao Hai. The idea that Li sect knows is similar to Kong Miao, although Li sect said the manner to be straightforward, but he was not a fool, his very clear Zhao Hai strength, was adding on Zhao Hai such disposition, he naturally will be absolutely will not offend Zhao Hai, but he to did not have extremely in the worry, after all now he with Zhao Hai is the good friend, Zhao Hai any reason has not coped with him. Zhao Hai watched their facial expressions, he knows that they are thinking anything, but he has not cared, he wants is such effect, they have fear to him at heart, regarding advantageous. When several people spoke, Zhao Hai noted, the people of other squads, has met Palpus Clansmen attack, these attack intensities not very intense, was adding on in hand of Comprehend the world person to have the search set, therefore these Palpus Clansmen had not gone well. although Palpus Clansmen has not gone well, but Zhao Hai vigilance, they are very still far from the octopus island, started to carry on this time Palpus Clansmen, this arrived somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai looks like Palpus Clansmen is compelled really anxiously. Kong Miao actually don’t know Zhao Hai in thinking anything, he presently Zhao Hai such as sits in contemplation general standing in there, this makes him very puzzled, but he has not said anything, but has put on own attention the search set. In this time, signalling flying sword has been flying him, Kong Miao received Transmission flying sword, spiritual force searches toward flying sword, immediately knows that lived any matter, this was a Comprehend the world squad came, they have also met Palpus Clansmen attack, because had the search set, Palpus Clansmen ate slightly to owe to run away. Kong Miao looked at the content on jade sword, and no big deal place, has let loose the jade sword, before long one after another had the jade sword to fly Kong Miao there, Kong Miao looked, content probably similar. This situation in his expected, he had already not felt to be startled. Li sect said that has stood in the Kong Miao side, look at Kong Miao is busy in there, to be honest, he also really very much envies, is representing the authority busily, he to is not busy, but will not have anybody to listen to his words. To be honest, since enters to the ten-thousand realms battlefield, Li Zongdao very much loses, in Comprehend the world there, he is a day of spoiled child, arrives at there, was accompanied by a retinue, the returned to profound clear sect, he is all profound clear sect Core Disciple idols, similarly is also accompanied by a retinue, but after the ten-thousand realms battlefield, Li Zongdao presently all did not have, was not having being accompanied by a retinue, outside he is the God's favored one, in here, he is a root weed, that type everyone can step on a weed of foot.

He believes that if do not come with Zhao Hai, that here this time had feared that already died, Li Zongdao first present, in this world Expert unexpectedly these many, many to letting his scalp hemp. However Li sect Dao Heart nature is open-minded, he has thought quickly through, to ten-thousand realms battlefield here, must all give up Comprehend the world there all, in the Comprehend the world there status, the honor, does not have with ten-thousand realms battlefield here relationship, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, he is a fresh-faced new person. although his mentality has adjusted, but sees the Kong Miao such busy appearance, he still feels a envy, because said strictly that Kong Miao with him is the same generation of person, has a look at Kong Miao now, several thousand people have been fighting in ten-thousand realms battlefield here command(er), but he? Ordinary cannot in the ordinary new person, the disparity, to the big disparity. Thinks of here, Li sect said that cannot help but closely has grasped the fist, in vowed his sooner or later at heart secretly one day, must like Kong Miao, he also want command(er) several thousand individuals to fight. Li Zongdao response was noted by Zhao Hai, he can understand that probably Li Zongdao mood, Li sect said after all before , said cross the border to him at the Kong Miao matter. Now Zhao Hai pays attention, not only these Comprehend the world Battalion situations, in fact, he release the Liquid Silver needle, target of these Liquid Silver needles had one, octopus island! ......