Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1425

However is very obvious, Zhao Hai has somewhat underestimated the patience of these mask people, in Zhao Hai they stop when there quite a while does not have, have these mask people also moved, they do not have the life statue to be common probably, static standing in there. However Zhao Hai actually knows that these people have the life, just their strength formidable, have the patience, left not long after in them, in Space went to these person of there report on existing Palpus Clansmen, these people have still not moved. Saw this situation Zhao Hai on understand, this main attack was these mask people, but these Palpus Clansmen now have become the scout, but this was also good, this time target turned into these people from Palpus Clansmen in any case, looked at the appearances of these people, obviously has not paid attention to them, this was better. After all people arrange Kong Miao, appears in the bow, how he looked at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, there also nobody Undead Creature surveillance? Situation how?” Kong Miao presently he now more and more takes seriously Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai can always bring pleasantly surprised to him, like this time matter, if not Zhao Hai ahead of time presently, he feared before present also don’t know has looked unfamiliar any matter. Zhao Hai nodded said : also several, but can only monitor in the surrounding, there to does not have what change, these have not moved, but just several Palpus Clansmen gave these people to deliver a letter, the change of our here, these people feared that knew.” The Kong Miao knitting the brows head, then nodded said : to know knew , to continue to monitor, if has anything to change is really telling me.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to look that will not have anything to change, these family member each and every one are definitely supercilious, not necessarily will be thinking highly of us, they may change how.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Kong Miao has gawked. Then laughs said : well, these fellow each and every one are supercilious, will not have anything to change.” Kong Miao look at Zhao Hai said : „the arrogant person, has the real skill generally, especially in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, these time feared that can be one time struggles hard that.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to have means that such as Grandmaster you agree, we to can try.” Kong Miao puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : what means?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to use Undead Creature, I in hand Undead Creature are presently many, Undead Creature of has plenty beast shape. The previous time when with my Master war, has installed Magic Cannon, I have not opened now, but asked Grandmaster to give me some high level Crystal Stone, Crystal Stone level that I used before was a little low, these Magic Cannon could not wield any Might to come, moreover my in hand also large quantities of profound yin thunder, I can also some release human-shape Undead Creature, making these Undead Creature control profound yin Thunder to come deal with these people, although could not add on too big busy. However adds also to be randomly good to them in the surrounding, like this our pressures on will be much smaller.” Kong Miao one hear of Zhao Hai said that nodded said : well, this means to are good, I can give you Crystal Stone, but your how many Undead Creature?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : many.” Kong Miao nodded said : well, I ask them to collect Crystal Stone, you are waiting.” Said that turn around walked. Kong Miao is really felt now one appreciated Zhao Hai more and more, not only because of his strength formidable, but also because of him regarding the assurance preparation of will of the people.

Before long Kong Miao came back, his in hand is taking Space Bag, lost Space Bag to Zhao Hai said : present person, only then these, you were using first.” Zhao Hai received Space Bag to look. Nodded to receive. This Kong Miao gives his Crystal Stone also is really many, moreover is some Advanced level Crystal Stone, actually Zhao Hai simply does not need these thing, Crystal Stone that because in his Space produces, majority is high level, but hugs is having the psychology that the small advantage does not occupy does not occupy in vain, this wanted these Crystal Stone. Reason that Zhao Hai wants release Undead Creature to enter the war, considers for Comprehend the world. This fight was too important regarding Comprehend the world, they cannot lose, therefore Zhao Hai has to release Undead Creature add on handle. Simultaneously Zhao Hai can also make Kong Miao they know that his strength, Kong Miao they had only heard his in hand has Undead Creature, has not actually seen. Today he makes them attractive. Four hours were to say are not really long regarding cultivator, a twinkling on the past, quick Zhao Hai they saw the person who front blocked the way, in the people who in the cabin rested also walked out. When to these person of kilometers about, Zhao Hai stopped Yama Ship, opposite these person of people like woodcarving same standing in there, killing aura is imposing, looks is not the affable generation. Zhao Hai stops Yama Ship, Kong Miao holds the fist in the other hand to these people said : everybody, below Comprehend the world Kong Miao, does not know that what everybody does block me and others to say?” Opposite party these mask people, two eyes 1 u from the mask comes out, stubbornly is staring at Kong Miao, that look looks like was looking that a deceased person is the same. Kong Miao is been a little uncomfortable, his face deep voice said : that he stares everybody, in front of the sighted person did not tell the lie, everybody is to be Palpus Clansmen raises one's head?” The opposite person does not speak, at this time Zhao Hai arrived at side Kong Miao, to Kong Miao said : Grandmaster, all around had many Palpus Clansmen to encircle in a soft voice, if made these Palpus Clansmen give to enclose us, that troubled.” Kong Miao one hear of Zhao Hai said that face cannot help but changes, coldly snorted said : Hello everyone thoughts, to want unexpectedly us, as soon as stuttered, but fears everybody not that big appetite.” Said that Kong Miao wields, in Comprehend the world all people have revealed their Magical Artifact. The opposite person has not made noise, but these people simultaneously had actually revealed their Magical Artifact, saw the law that these people shine is suitable, Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, Magical Artifact that because these people shine unexpectedly is a style, is length over three meters blood red large Glaive! Sees this situation, Kong Miao also cannot help but stares, then face actually changes, his eyesight is not low, large Glaive that these people shine, looks is not every, moreover closes killing aura to be imposing, looks is the ominous soldier, such weapon, places Comprehend the world there. Is Advanced level Magical Artifact, is very difficult to get so far as, but these people one shines thousand, obviously these person of back influences are formidable how. Other cultivator also stare, face somewhat is then ugly, they were old fox, nature understand these people revealed that these weapon back were representing anything. At this moment, that person who the opposite party leads waved, sees in their team to walk about 30 people, then in these waved. In the face of these people, suddenly appears three colossi!

Said that three are the colossus is really not excessive, that three thing are not smaller than Yama Ship, but the style is different from Yama Ship, Yama Ship understands at a glance is a ship, but thing that three people shine, is actually three car(riage)s! That is not ordinary car(riage), is three copper horse carriage, on three vehicles flood bronze unique that Aomori woods radiance, this is three four rounds horse carriage. horse carriage has the carriage . Moreover the driver who each car(riage) eight bronze horses of pulling a cart, do not sit bronze in front of carriage, on the wheel has the giant spear point same installment, is used to protect the wheel. But makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, the copper horse that on this bronze War Chariot/Tank, that several are used to pull a cart, can move unexpectedly. Eight copper horse each and every one four hooves flutter, neighed, was unexpectedly same as really the horse. On the vehicle that driver, in hand then two bronze horse Jiang, unexpectedly can also move, these three War Chariot/Tank arrange in the face of these people. Was similar to three just walked the person Wargod to be ancient times ordinary from the grave. But at this time that 30 mask people got in the car(riage), obviously they come control that three car(riage)s. Sees this situation, Zhao Hai that also understand is not any meaning, the opposite party looks like wants by greatly to big, copes with his Yama Ship pagoda with these three giant bronze horse carriage. Sees this situation, Kong Miao face was uglier, must know that this bronze War Chariot/Tank in ten-thousand realms battlefield here is very famous, did not mean that bronze War Chariot/Tank is that special-purpose thing. In fact this bronze War Chariot/Tank also is really not that special-purpose, in many Great Sect has this bronze War Chariot/Tank, this car(riage) also very names of pleasant to hear, are called Eight Sapphires Chariot, is the one type of big very common big shape fights Fighting Technique. although this bronze horse carriage is not rare in big. Few that actually however is used to fight truly, because this thing operate gets up very troublesome, he is not ordinary Magical Artifact, but is Magical Artifact like machine, these bronze horses, manufacture with the technique of machine, just in cultivator here, the machinery cannot be called the machine, but was called the puppet mechanism technique, is Spell one type of. This puppet mechanism technique and various machine Magic Machine manufacture principles are similar, is uses various components and formation, assembles a machine or Puppet Beast, is used to help the person fight, but this Eight Sapphires Chariot is mechanism Magical Artifact. Because he is one type of mechanism Magical Artifact, therefore in operate, needs many people also to begin, if each car(riage) wants to guarantee that fighting strength of car(riage), minimum needs ten people to hold system car(riage). Because this Eight Sapphires Chariot early is used very much in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here fight, therefore in ten-thousand realms battlefield here Eight Talents Sapphire Chariot is not many, moreover little uses, heard that has several most tops big, will preserve several Eight Sapphires Chariot in ten-thousand realms battlefield here. But this opposite party one has actually put out three Eight Sapphires Chariot, this fully explained their strengths, these person of back influence absolutely formidable. Kong Miao thinks of here, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, do you see? These fellow this are wants to cope with your two Great Magical Artifact with Eight Sapphires Chariot, can block them?” Zhao Hai face is pale, but he is not the fear, but was mad, he has not thought that the opposite party must be ruthless to Cultivation World unexpectedly, not so such completeness of not preparing. The Kong Miao look at Zhao Hai appearance, thinks that Zhao Hai has not grasped, his immediately/on horseback deep voice said : „, if has not grasped, we in let us not try to find the solution.” Zhao Hai is actually coldly snorted said : „they want to play, I accompany them to be amusing, Grandmaster your feel relieved was good, these three car(riage)s, turned over to me.” Said that Zhao Hai sinks to drink one, four musical instrument appears in Yama Ship all around, are 12 metal beasts.

These Magical Artifact just appears time, is not very big, but after their appears , immediately/on horseback rises against the wind, became along is almost big with Yama Ship. Then Zhao Hai wields, blots out the sky, above dense Undead Creature appears in Yama Ship all around, these Undead Creature platoons has become huge Rubik's Cube Great Formation, in each Magic Great Formation, minimum is comprised of a hundred thousand undead thing, Zhao Hai one has revealed nearly thousands of Undead Creature. Kong Miao they dull look at Zhao Hai movement, they have not thought that Zhao Hai really has such method, that 12 giant metal beasts, each is not smaller than Eight Sapphires Chariot, in adding on that four groups of giant musical instruments, stands near the Yama Ship emperor, is really somewhat scary. But what is more astonishing, that Undead Creature surely, these Undead Creature each and every one go against the helmet to be used to armor, stands is motionless in there, but that stern formation, ice-cold killing aura, made the temperature of scene on own initiative not lower several degrees. Zhao Hai these time moved has gotten angry, Comprehend the world was his root, he cannot make Comprehend the world such end, the opposite party such deliberately planned must cope with them, he naturally was in the anger adds the anger, this one on release these many Undead Creature, but also metal beasts and four musical instruments increasing. Kong Miao looks at this situation, is actually two eyes one bright, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you solve that three Eight Sapphires Chariot, other people attack.” Said that Kong Miao must fly from Yama Ship, in his opinion, Zhao Hai wants command(er) that many Magical Artifact, naturally will not be attacking with their together. Zhao Hai also truly is this meaning, opposite party release these three Great Magical Artifact comes, already suffices him to deal with one, now he did not have the ability their together to attack with Kong Miao. Other people look at this situation, understand meaning of Kong Miao, flew from Yama Ship, attacks toward the opposite party, but Zhao Hai at this time not polite, four giant musical instruments, start to play directly, intermittent sound bo attack toward that three Eight Sapphires Chariot assaults, simultaneously that 12 metal beasts also moved, threw toward that three Eight Sapphires Chariot, Zhao Hai was also harnessing Yama Ship toward that three Eight Sapphires Chariot rushes in the past. But these Undead Creature actually do not turn over to Zhao Hai to manage now, Zhao Hai has given Lizzy them these Undead Creature, lets Lizzy their command(er) these Undead Creature, helping Kong Miao they carry on attack to these mask people. These mask people they must be shocked compared with Kong Miao actually, they had adjusted checked to Zhao Hai before, knows that the Zhao Hai strength, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai has concealed unexpectedly also the strength, this release these many Magical Artifact, but also becomes Magical Artifact such greatly, this is really makes them be startled. However at this time Kong Miao they had attacked, these people naturally must welcome, this meets head-on, Kong Miao they finally present, oneself have very big disparity with the opposite party, weapon although that the opposite party uses looks like very sole, but the attack strength is extraordinary, at once unexpectedly them suppressing.!.