Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1426

When these mask people must under Assassin to the Comprehend the world cultivator pain, the iron ball of suddenly each and every one walnut size fly toward them, these mask people stare, because they recognized, these iron balls were the profound yin thunder. But the reason that they are shocked is not because profound yin thunder Might big, but the reason that the polarity, they are shocked is, some people come in handy the profound yin thunder in ten-thousand realms battlefield here unexpectedly, this may stem from their anticipation. The profound yin thunder in ordinary cultivator, possibly is Ultimate Weapon, after all yin thunder thing, the lethality is very good. Where however ten-thousand realms battlefield is here? But here thirty thousand many Interface, topest Expert rips the place that kills, like Expert, even if they in not having situation of protection, some profound yin thunder in the words that their short distances explode, that will not injure to their, can say that did not have any to use the profound yin thunder to ten-thousand realms battlefield here. However when they stare, these profound yin thunder actually one exploded, must listen to with a bang sound, then a pitiful yell sound, these profound yin thunder at the same time exploded, has almost not left the second sound. These mask people have neglected a fact, that was any thing to certain quantity, its destructive power was very big, especially profound yin thunder itself attack strength very strong Magical Artifact. An profound yin thunder in their explosions, what wound they will not receive, however works as 100, 1000, 10,000, even is the hundred thousand profound yin thunder in their explosions? The lethality of that profound yin thunder is almost to become Bei the growth. Naturally, the general profound yin thunder cannot achieve this point, the general profound yin thunder, is the touching type, does not meet any thing, they will not explode, these profound yin thunder that but Zhao Hai produce comes out. Actually is remote control style, before the user has not ordered, the profound yin thunder will not explode, that feared that is you uses Magical Artifact it, it will not explode. Is adding on these Undead Creature, listens to Lizzy they to order completely, the profound yin thunder that therefore this blots out the sky, exploded at the same time, Might that this explosion produces, making these mask people one suffer a loss. More than 50 people were killed at the scene, more than 30 injured, one made about hundred mask people withdraw from the fight. Other mask people are also surprised, they have not thought that Might of this profound yin thunder so is unexpectedly big, in mask person, waved, immediately had some mask people divided, met the approaching enemy these Undead Creature. These mask person suddenly present, these Undead Creature single doing fight ability although are not very strong. However they are actually act in unison, moreover weapon that these mask people also presently, these Undead Creature use, is Magical Artifact, what is more fearful, these Magical Artifact, are the regulators, looks like with blood large Glaive that they use very much. But does not have large Glaive such Advanced level.

Besides Magical Artifact, these Undead Creature have also used massive Magic Cannon and profound yin thunder, that Magic Cannon every time is the salvo, the one or two Magic Cannon salvo, they will not certainly care, but these Undead Creature. Every one time is about ten thousand Magic Cannon comes a time salvo, such attack is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, must deal with carefully. These mask people quickly presently, these Undead Creature also are really very hard to deal with, they impossible to have dealt with the Comprehend the world person with the complete attention now, they have to be divided into two teams, one team of person about 300 people mask people cope with Undead Creature specially, even if cannot kill Undead Creature. Also cannot make them disturb other mask people and Kong Miao between them the fight. But another team of more than 600 people, then must continue they to make the war with Kong Miao, although more than 600 people of strengths are very strong, still cultivates in the winning side, but they want large-scale killing Comprehend the world cultivator. That is impossible. However these mask people have not been discouraged, conversely, each of them is burning with anger, is thinking must ten thousand break these Undead Creature broken corpses. Reason that these mask people have such strong confidence , because they have the help to wield, these Palpus Clansmen are catching up toward their here, so long as these Palpus Clansmen arrived, can cope with these Undead Creature from the back, by that time, these Undead Creature by inside and outside converging attack, they are thought the perfection is impossible. The mask person looked, Undead Creature single doing fights the ability to be not much, they depend is the population, if one by inside converging attack, that lineup will be been chaotic, so long as lineup one chaotic, these Undead Creature insufficient to fear, therefore they only need to maintain the present situation now, waits for these Palpus Clansmen one, they won. However is very obvious, they have somewhat underestimated the Zhao Hai strength, if beforehand Zhao Hai, but also cannot put that 12 giant metal beasts, since had Strength of Faith, Zhao Hai must go to control these metal beasts, almost did not need to spend any Spiritual Qi, moreover fighting strength of metal beast, enhanced. Has these 12 metal beasts, in adding on Yama Ship, four big musical instruments, copes with three Eight Sapphires Chariot is not the too difficult matter, if not in each Eight Sapphires Chariot, ten Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, feared that is that three Eight Sapphires Chariot, by Zhao Hai they ripping fragment. These mask people have underestimated simultaneously the Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature quantity, surely Undead Creature? In this Zhao Hai Space the Undead Creature odd change has not been, now his in Space not, only then original these Undead Creature, relationship that because the big heart fuses with Space, originally Underworld these Undead Creature also all entered in Space, now in Space many Undead Creature, Zhao Hai have not talked clearly, Zhao Hai knows in any case that in his Space the Undead Creature quantity, added more than the entire Comprehend the world people. This is a very terrifying digit, but nobody knows that Zhao Hai release comes 10 million to deal with these mask people now, remaining Undead Creature have not moved, he in some casual release Undead Creature, fully can block the attack of Palpus Clansmen.

These mask people are certainly impossible to know these, they are still waiting for turning back in order to help friendly forces of Palpus Clansmen, helping their together cope with these Undead Creature. These mask humanities think that level to their this levels, already not with, but after this matter that the quantity can win, they actually presently, oneself made a mistake. The sometimes quantity has achieved certain success, is really very terrifying. Zhao Hai does not have thoughts tube that many now, he these three Eight Sapphires Chariot ting are presently formidabe, especially under ten Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert operate, these three Eight Sapphires Chariot is similar to three tanks is the same, in battlefield able to move unhindered round trip, he did not have the means with these three fellows for a while. However now he already basically rub clear these three Eight Sapphires Chariot attack ways, is easier to do, must say that this Great Magical Artifact attack. Also is really the ratio loses monotonously, because Magical Artifact is too big, impossible like small Magical Artifact, makes transferring of all sorts of skillful, but Great Magical Artifact actually wins in a large character, each attack is potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt, this is the so-called heavy sword does not have the front, greatly skillful non- labor! Great Magical Artifact with small Magical Artifact compared with skillful, that is pure courting death, looks like small tank impossible to be the same than the drifting with a race car. But if makes a race car clash with a tank, that will run certainly grinding by the tank. These three Eight Sapphires Chariot attack style, actually also similar, the impulse is very strong, even if in a hedge with 12 metal beasts, 12 metal beasts will not be his match. However their attack were also this level, now Zhao Hai knew, that will naturally have to piling their means. In the common situation, these three Eight Sapphires Chariot are together moves, they arrange one row, then proceeds to charge, that clashes, is really his as powerful as a thunderbolt. Keeping off flees. Most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, these three Eight Sapphires Chariot have the one type of energy connected system probably, their three together motions time, if left side of Zhao Hai attack, energy on that another two Chariot will only gather left side on this Chariot, as the matter stands Zhao Hai was very difficult to tidy up that Chariot, therefore wanted to defeat is not an easy matter. Zhao Hai after trying this Eight Sapphires Chariot attack style, extracted has coped with his means. That three Eight Sapphires Chariot in a time platoon a row, 24 bronze horses, each and every one Ang Tati, have prepared the appearance that charges at any time. Zhao Hai snort|hum, has let sound bo attack of four musical instruments. All to left Chariot, also has adjusted 12 metal beasts, Yama Ship has also concentrated, to left Chariot, but the opposite party has not cared obviously, still flushed, Zhao Hai also calls out one, 12 metal beasts, Yama Ship, all overran, directly soar left Chariot.

Listens to bang bang bang bang the sound to be lingering on faintly, however the impact of Zhao Hai has not actually played anything to do to use, opposite party already strength centralized to left Chariot on, the impact of Zhao Hai, has not wounded this Chariot. However Zhao Hai does not prepare such to give up obviously, he has still concentrated all strengths, still has aimed at that Chariot, then driving overrunning. Opposite party understand the Zhao Hai intention, Zhao Hai has also wanted full attack Chariot, to give to defeat that Chariot, crushing, their strengths will drop like this, but Zhao Hai can seize the opportunity another two Chariot defeating. However these mask people were not worried that their very clear, Eight Sapphires Chariot is not good to crush, if Eight Sapphires Chariot so is really useless, feared that was eliminated already, simply has not existed possibly today. The mask person has not cared, is still arranging the lineup, moved forward to meet somebody, is a round hit, Zhao Hai is still the idle work, but instead, but Zhao Hai was ejected Fire Qi probably, still arranges the lineup to flush away toward that Chariot, the opposite party was also such as formerly same counterattack. Both sides were agree to be the same probably, pressed this way hedge, looked that side could not support first, must say that probably was Zhao Hai suffers a loss, he by one pair 30, naturally was does not consume the opposite party, but do not forget, Zhao Hai Yama Ship, four musical instruments, on 12 metal beasts had Strength of Faith, to increase these Magical Artifact attack strength, that Yin-Yang pond join of Zhao Hai on Yama Ship to other's several Magical Artifact, was also increased by his Magical Artifact attack strength, because like this, he can times to that three Eight Sapphires Chariot Attacks. Continually attacked dozen times, Zhao Hai knows that was similar!!.