Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1427

Both sides in a time pendulum the lineup, Zhao Hai have still concentrated in his hand all strengths, has aimed at left that Eight Sapphires Chariot, in one time had the charge. But the opposite party also had the charge to him, both sides have been probably used to such attack way, regarding both sides, this is an insignificant hedge, because they how anyone. To be honest, these mask people are very depressed, they think that with three Eight Sapphires Chariot, can relaxed tidying up fall Zhao Hai, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai has fought well-matched with them unexpectedly. Why their don’t know Zhao Hai can fight such long time with them, but they do not have the means to think that many now, they think constrains Zhao Hai, if makes Zhao Hai turn around deal with other people, that was a disaster. The distance of both sides unceasing is approaching, misses shortly about hundred meters must bump into, mask people in three Eight Sapphires Chariot, suddenly presently Zhao Hai and his all * vanish from sight. These mask people one startled, actually presently Zhao Hai suddenly appears in their right, both sides together is still hundred meters, but Zhao Hai changed the right from about! The mask person noticed that Zhao Hai appears one has flustered in right, this Eight Sapphires Chariot can the energy connection, before left side of the Zhao Hai continuously main attack, after several rounds impacts, they already shifted all attention and energy to the left side went, at this time their right was almost equal to does not garrison, at this time their right by attack, regarding them, absolutely was the disaster. If were general attack that said fortunately that small Magical Artifact wants in destroying one * also requires the time, but Zhao Hai use may all be *, now one focuses on right attack, regarding them, that was really tea table. with a bang sound, both sides in a hit in together, these mask people quickly presently, their this time are really the tragedies, because of Zhao Hai this hit point of electing, is not that Eight Sapphires Chariot of rightmost, but is the rightmost and among that Eight Sapphires Chariot intersection! This looks like the army hedge of both sides, the mask person is suspending three directions, toward the Zhao Hai impact, their all strengths is gathers in left that square-shaped formation, right and middle square-shaped formation, but does for show, but before Zhao Hai, is to gather all strengths goes to spelling with the left direction, making the mask person have the one type of inertia thought that they think that Zhao Hai has spelled in left with them hardly. Has not actually thought that among Zhao Hai suddenly in attack their right the strength complete works, and has attacked from two square-shaped formation, looks like a person is taking two blades, passed through from two people, in his two sides person metropolis the blade is the same. Just this with a bang sound, was not Zhao Hai to repelling, but was right and middle that two Eight Sapphires Chariot, by Zhao Hai this impact crushing.

Mask people in that two Eight Sapphires Chariot miserable snort|hum, had been seriously injured, but leftmost that Eight Sapphires Chariot, because lost the support of that two Eight Sapphires Chariot strengths, is the strength reduces greatly. How Zhao Hai possibly lets off this opportunity, in the opposite party also in flurried, his command(er) four musical instruments, 12 beasts and Yama Ship, in one time flush away toward leftmost Eight Sapphires Chariot. The mask person has not thought that Zhao Hai such will quickly clash, obvious some are underprepared, in adding on their thoughts is somewhat flurried, was struck fully by Zhao Hai this, one Eight Sapphires Chariot hitting the severe wound, the person in Chariot also received the heavy wound. Three Eight Sapphires Chariot received the damages of different degree completely, has almost not been able in using, but at this time Zhao Hai had not actually let off them, Zhao Hai waves, innumerable flying sword imperial in shoot toward that three Eight Talents Sapphire. These mask person present, present Eight Sapphires Chariot completely lost has done to use, if they also stay in inside, that really became stayed waits for death in the iron coffin. Thinks of here, these mask people are the personal appearance move, flew from Eight Sapphires Chariot directly, when they, as soon as comes out, greets their is flying sword of shop day lid, but these mask people received some wounds, but a strength of person is still not weak, their immediately has put out blood red large Glaive, defended the gate to protect. Zhao Hai looked at their appearance one eyes, coldly snorted said : „the stars homing, ten thousand change Yin-Yang, scolds!” Along with the Zhao Hai words, 12 metal beasts, face upward the long and loud cry, then their body vanish from sight slowly, but in sword that ten thousand big sword-shaped that Zhao Hai release goes to become, slowly were many air/Qi of some stars, all around turned into piece of Universe probably, innumerable planet and meteorite are floating. That 30 mask people look at all around situation, cannot help but the complexion big change, then 30 people gathered together, ten were responsible for defending, other people actually concentrated to have all large Glaive, proceeded to flush away, looked that their appearances want to run out of Sword Formation. However their present sounds late, Zhao Hai this time Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation moved fully, in adding on 12 metal beasts integrated in Sword Formation, these people want to run are impossible. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, coldly snorted, meets to begin to wield, received in that three damaged Eight Sapphires Chariot Space, the minimum fragment has not entered.

Reason that Zhao Hai must these three Eight Sapphires Chariot income to Space in \; first, to obtain these three Eight Sapphires Chariot system materials, two must give to fix these three Eight Sapphires Chariot, then uses for him, simultaneously he also wants to have a look, these three Eight Sapphires Chariot, can integrate in Liquid Silver Magic Staff. After three Eight Sapphires Chariot were received in Space, Zhao Hai did not need to manage, the remaining matters can give Cai'er to be responsible, now he must do gave in dire straits these 30 mask people in Sword Formation. The quick that 30 masks presently they do not have the means to run out of this Sword Formation, because now in this Sword Formation you could not see a sword, their all around all are planet and meteorite, does not have a sword, like Sword Formation, their first meeting. In this time, suddenly his beast roar is transmitting, then 12 overwhelming powers not compared with wild beast suddenly appears in their all around, throws toward them. That 30 people stare, then the immediately composition lineup, carries on attack to these wild beast, but these wild beast actually probably are kills undead to be the same, no matter how what you hit, their although meet the appears wound, but during blinking can heal/fuse. But these mask people actually do not dare the underestimated these wild beast attack strength, although these wild beast appearance very ordinary, however their attack strength are actually uncommon, these mask people received the heavy wound now, if they really by these wild beast grasping two, that really ended. That 30 mask people presently, they were really surrounded quickly, because they, look at this situation, that 30 people somewhat are also depressed, now they can only defend the gateway, hopes that outside person can save them. However Zhao Hai actually did not give to such opportunity, Zhao Hai reinforced the offensive, at once, these people felt the pressure increased, but at this time, Palpus Clansmen came back. Must the clan monitor Zhao Hai outside they, their although had already made this plan, but Palpus Clansmen somewhat is far from battlefield here, because Palpus Clansmen fears by the Comprehend the world person present, moreover these mask people do not want to make Palpus Clansmen to them too near, therefore started to have a while, these Palpus Clansmen returned to battlefield here. These Palpus Clansmen books think that these mask people have shattered to pieces the Comprehend the world person, so long as they sorted to be good cheaply, but they presently have made a mistake quickly, they grabbed less than a point bargain, because they just came back, has not clarified what's the matter time, has made innumerable Undead Creature surrounding, surrounded their Undead Creature, feared that had several ten of millions. Palpus Clansmen strength although very formidable, but they most also only then more than 1000 people, but gathers round their Undead Creature, has several ten of millions, the although these Undead Creature strengths are not very strong, but Magic Cannon and profound Yin lightning use is actually very good, was adding on these Undead Creature to find their positions accurately, this made Palpus Clansmen one fall into very passive aspect.

But at this time that 30 were stranded by Zhao Hai in the in the formation mask person could not insist that their originally had the wound, was only suppression forcefully own injury, wanted to very till outside person rescued, but they quickly presently, that is almost impossible, the attack of Zhao Hai attacked fiercely, although they defended, but the attack of this outstanding, actually added their injury duplicate, moreover by their wounds, was been serious. Mask people were killed, the mask people who these died turned into Zhao Hai Undead Creature, but Zhao Hai has not been opposing the enemy their release, such words were too conspicuous, moreover after Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation forms, is relative ** existed, if makes these Undead Creature take part go, will only affect Great Formation, such Sword Formation Might will have to fall not rises. Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation strong on, the attraction star strength that he can keep, then reforms the attack strength the star strength, in the time in Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation staying is long, you more suffer a loss, because Sword Formation will absorb more star strength, Might meets even bigger. ten-thousand realms battlefield here although is relative independent space, but here after all is also Universe part, Universe is in itself comprised of innumerable planet, no matter in there, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation can absorb the star strength. Quick that 30 mask people died only remaining ten, moreover on these ten people are bringing the severe wound, could not support how long shortly. But other mask people do not have the time to care that the here situation, population most that team of mask people, they were given to tie down by Kong Miao, simply cannot do several things at the same time, Kong Miao their fighting strength, left the imagination of these mask people, until now, they not only cannot they be what kind of Kong Miao, conversely, but also they were given to tie down by Kong Miao, but also Kong Miao they moving back inferiority bit by bit. Before Kong Miao their attack ways to some people was not custom, their attacks were fierce, almost came up on violent attack, such as the violent storm was common, this forms of combat made Kong Miao they feel that very irritable, was good because of having these Undead Creature makes these mask people have to branch out some people to go, Kong Miao they then can block opposite party attack, suitable opposite party attack slowly. ! #