Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1428

In the Zhao Hai calm look at field the last mask person died in Sword Formation, this already in his expected, these mask people to Zhao Hai feeling very strange, they probably did not have other Magical Artifact, only then that large Glaive, this made Zhao Hai very puzzled. In ten-thousand realms battlefield here, he had not heard that person only uses Magical Artifact, besides minority sword cultivator, nobody does not want to use several Magical Artifact, why this is also Zhao Hai proposed that must with be able to use Magical Artifact this move to cope with the Palpus Clansmen reason.[] But these mask people actually only use Magical Artifact, this does not suit very much obviously, makes Zhao Hai be not quite right what is, these people obvious is not familiar with their in hand weapon, although that large Glaive in their in hand, still wielded very astonishing fighting strength, but Zhao Hai looked from some slight changes, the opposite party was not very suitable uses large Glaive. If cultivator only uses weapon, certainly will not elect a not suitable weapon person, that these people only use large Glaive, does not use other Magical Artifact, this explained that they are covering are showing anything. In adding on these people are bringing mask, this let Zhao Hai understand, large Glaive that these people used, feared that takes to serve as a stopgap temporarily, but they did not use other Magical Artifact, possibly was because feared that expose own status, will use the Magical Artifact expose status, it seems like that the opposite party in the use of Magical Artifact, had certainly his originality, will otherwise not have such worry. After having this presently, Zhao Hai after asking had been received mask person Undead Creature in Space by him, finally got the answer, this attack their mask people, unexpectedly are the ten-thousand realms battlefield here most famous big hundred treasure people. Hundred treasure, are in the ten-thousand realms battlefields, reason that one of the most top big, they called this name. It is not they have many treasure, in fact this hundred treasures, refer to they can use the meanings of many Magical Artifact. Hundred treasure are different from other big, Magical Artifact that other big use, generally is pursue as far as possible is big, even if cannot pursue in a big way, will make Magical Artifact with normal weapon similar, in Magical Artifact also will have simultaneously to put Great Magical Artifact formation. But hundred treasure are actually just the opposite, Magical Artifact that they use is pursue as far as possible is small, formation that in Magical Artifact increases can also change small formation Magical Artifact. Hundred treasure can control Magical Artifact have how. This is very difficult to talk clearly, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, control several hundred Magical Artifact are not a problem in any case. Their Magical Artifact are not generally big, like Liu Ye the throwing knife, the caltrop, the dart, the flying needle wait / etc. these small Magical Artifact is their most loves. Hundred treasure are also ten-thousand realms battlefield here hardest to deal with big, the Magical Artifact quantity that because they use was really too many, moreover general cultivator, to these small Magical Artifact. Will feel is not very familiar with, has one type of special formation in additional over a hundred treasure, this formation can join to some tiny Magical Artifact, such as the flying needle, this Magical Artifact have characteristics, that is an armor piercing. The so-called armor piercing is breaks the law of opposite party imperial, what no matter the opposite party is used to defend is Magical Artifact or the Spiritual Qi cover, this armor piercing can play very good doing to use. This is also hundred treasure most lets the head pain the place. If general cultivator is some normal Warrior, that hundred treasure can call Dark Qi Expert in cultivator, their Magical Artifact uses time generally is silent.

Because of these characteristics, therefore these people do not dare to use other Magical Artifact, because of hundred treasure Magical Artifact very special, Magical Artifact control method also very special. One but they use Magical Artifact, might be recognized very much. Therefore for this motion, hundred treasure has manufactured more than 1000 blood red large Glaive specially, the person who all joins the motion, except for of large Glaive, did not permit them to bring any Magical Artifact. Also because their bodies do not have other Magical Artifact, therefore was they are compelled in the dead end by Zhao Hai, still can only use large Glaive. But reason that hundred treasure select large Glaive. Is because large Glaive is one type of heavy weapon, application method and hidden weapon completely different, therefore these hundred treasure people, when uses large Glaive, even if tells others. They are hundred treasure, feared that will be also nobody believes. In was they specially has made blood red large Glaive, in cultivator, general thinks that was Righteous Path cultivator, will not use blood red weapon, was too heavy to feeling killing aura of person because of weapon of blood red , looked that likely was not the good person uses, generally is some Demon Path cultivator will use. But hundred treasure although are not good thing, but they most at least got the Righteous Path label, therefore they have used this blood red weapon specially, for will be makes others not guess correctly their status. The people of original hundred treasure they have such done were absolutely safe, even if some people died in battle, will not find out their status, but they have not actually thought that Zhao Hai can turn into Undead Creature the person, moreover after turning into Undead Creature, but can also preserve their before death memories. It can be said that hundred treasure these time has compensated the madame really Zhe Bing, Zhao Hai after knowing the status of these people, comfortable will be impolite, immediately command(er) 12 metal beasts and four musical instruments were having the attack to these with hundred treasure cultivator of Undead Creature dogfight. Has Zhao Hai join, cultivator dangers of these hundred treasure, the Zhao Hai strength was very strong, was adding on is Great Magical Artifact that he used, the several times impact, let hundred treasure these cultivator lineup chaos, but Undead Creature seize the opportunity has also killed many hundred treasure cultivator. As the matter stands hundred treasure cultivator of that squad somewhat could not observe closely, they start slowly retreats toward hundred treasure cultivator there of troop, planned that about comes to find the way to cope with this aspect in together. Zhao Hai has not been blocking them, he wants these to fall back on Battalion, such Undead Creature can they cooperate with Kong Miao, well tidied up these hundred treasure cultivator. Regarding these Palpus Clansmen of surrounding, Zhao Hai was not worried, several ten of millions Undead Creature, enough these Palpus Clansmen drink a pot, has not done well, these Palpus Clansmen feared that was today must keep this, command(er) these Undead Creature, but Maggie and Megan, these two girls to Zhao Hai although were the completely submissives, but they one but the commanding a war words, that was very frantic. Before cultivator of Kong Miao their hundred treasure fought inextricably involved. Both sides do not have the energy to pay attention to other matters, therefore and don’t know Zhao Hai with that three Eight Sapphires Chariot situation, don’t know that 300 people of squad, copes with the Undead Creature situation, both sides have projected on the situation of forgetting kindnesses, in their eyes had the enemy, they even forgot also to discriminate its fight to exist. But at this time, cultivator join of these hundred treasure to the regiment, making both sides of forgetting kindnesses recover finally, the both sides' first response was actually somewhat strange. cultivator join regiments of these hundred treasure, the Kong Miao their first response, defend, full defense, but cultivator of these hundred treasure do not have seize the opportunity to attack, but let these join to Battle Formation.

Then a both sides attention outside situation, this present, Zhao Hai is putting up these Great Magical Artifact, aggressive has killed, but that three Eight Sapphires Chariot of hundred treasure actually already vanish from sight. Simultaneously Zhao Hai these Undead Creature, is killing toward here, looks at these Undead Creature quantities, simply has not reduced. Sees this situation, both sides stare, probably some do not believe that they see, both sides are not the fools, saw that this situation knows lived anything. A Zhao Hai person tidied up opposite party three Eight Sapphires Chariot unexpectedly, this, was nobody can imagine most from the beginning. although Zhao Hai release many Great Magical Artifact, these people also had regarded at that time Great Magical Artifact 12 metal beasts, but nobody thinks that Zhao Hai can defeat opposite party three Eight Sapphires Chariot, in their opinion. Zhao Hai can command(er) these Great Magical Artifact, that three Eight Sapphires Chariot constraining is very great result, after all in that three Eight Sapphires Chariot, but sits 30 Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. That is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, is not the cabbage of street, is not 30 pigs, even if 30 pigs, you must all kill them. Also with time, that three Eight Sapphires Chariot vanished now, the although don’t know person is what kind, but looks at the appearance that Zhao Hai jumps for joy, obviously that three Eight Sapphires Chariot have made him give to tidy up. A person to 30, Infant Stage to Transcends Tribulation, actually won! Is this meeting the situation? Who can explain? Did Zhao Hai just achieve? Where that three did Eight Sapphires Chariot go? The person in Chariot? All these all windings like one group of mi in people at heart, but they did not have the thoughts to think quickly these many, because Zhao Hai killed. Zhao Hai will not manage that many, his command(er) four musical instruments and 12 metal beasts kill toward Great Formation of hundred treasure people, these cultivator of hundred treasure also one responded, immediately branched out most people to resist the attack of Zhao Hai. But at this time Kong Miao they also recovered, people excited bellows, starts to go all out carries on attack to the people of hundred treasure. These people of this next hundred treasure somewhat could not withstand, Great Magical Artifact in this community does to fight, is very useful, Zhao Hai attack very formidable, drank in hundred treasure people have blocked Zhao Hai attack, but they also for this reason left the majority of manpower. But these Undead Creature have not given up this opportunity, still will carry on attack to the people of hundred treasure, this branches out the attention of hundred treasure many people, but they can only branch out a few manpower to cope with Kong Miao they. Kong Miao they adapted to the attack way of hundred treasure, now hundred treasure only with such select the person to cope with them, they deal with naturally with ease, they have occupied the winning side, these people of hundred treasure already not any strength to hit back. These people of hundred treasure these may be somewhat anxious, they had the self-confidence before , because they believe that three Eight Sapphires Chariot can relaxed tidying up fall Zhao Hai, then they can use Great Magical Artifact to deal with the Comprehend the world person, is adding on their strengths, they can take Comprehend the world these people with ease. However now they presently, the situation changes, three Eight Sapphires Chariot have not played achieves, instead to was Zhao Hai brings Great Magical Artifact to kill, when this association made the war, Great Magical Artifact after to was one type of Ultimate Weapon, wanted to deal with the impact of Great Magical Artifact, must need many person cooperation to complete, before Palpus Clansmen defeat rapidness of that defeat miserable of that suffered a loss on Great Magical Artifact, now they must return to the Palpus Clansmen road probably.

Simultaneously these hundred treasure cultivator, understand why Zhao Hai destroying completely that three Eight Sapphires Chariot, they personally has experienced Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact, in the attack was formidable how. In Zhao Hai each Great Magical Artifact, has a Yin-Yang pond, this Yin-Yang pond is one type of is Magical Artifact provides energy thing, along with Space multiple Level Up, level of Yin-Yang pond was also getting higher and higher, has the Yin-Yang pond is Magical Artifact provides energy Magical Artifact doing of his with obtain biggest provision. Original Zhao Hai these Great Magical Artifact, besides Yama Ship, in other Magical Artifact do not have the Yin-Yang pond, but Zhao Hai, when previous use pagoda presently, he when the use pagoda, consumption Spiritual Qi are too much, moreover attack strength can't compare with Yama Ship of pagoda, most from the beginning Zhao Hai understand what's the matter, afterward was not careful a analysis, immediately present, the issue is appears in the Yin-Yang pond. To be honest, along with the promotion of Zhao Hai strength, he thinks that the Yin-Yang pond did not have what to use to him greatly, when to previous time comes in handy the pagoda, Zhao Hai understand, doing of this Yin-Yang pond uses to be really huge. Because knew this point, therefore Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback corrected the beforehand idea, he starts to pay great attention to Yin-Yang Chi to come, these time in the pagoda, Yama Ship, four big musical instruments, in 12 metal beasts has used the Yin-Yang pond, making the Yin-Yang pond provide energy for these Magical Artifact, like this he can use few Spiritual Qi, control these Great Magical Artifact. Now what Zhao Hai thinks, after is, in all Magical Artifact, can use the Yin-Yang pond, if so, that may really be too relaxed, but he also thinks now, but also does not have the time to analyze this situation to Universal Analyzer. However currently in Space to has good information to transmit, that was three Eight Sapphires Chariot is fixed, moreover Universal Analyzer also analyzed the Eight Sapphires Chariot method of manufacturing, used any Magical Artifact also to have the material with inside, this regarding Zhao Hai, the help was very big, in Zhao Hai Space were also many dozens types of mineral lode, in these mineral lode, some were the quite precious mineral lode. Most lets the Zhao Hai happy matter is, this Eight Sapphires Chariot can also integrate in Liquid Silver, along with the promotion of Zhao Hai level, Strength of Faith join, Zhao Hai momentarily can integrates in Liquid Silver now other weapon or the materials, the material that in Liquid Silver integrates are more, Might that may wield is formidable, this absolutely is the ability that one type of goes against heaven's will. Zhao Hai although very happy, but he has not made Eight Sapphires Chariot immediately integrate in Liquid Silver, Eight Sapphires Chariot must integrate in Liquid Silver, requires the time, in fusion in the procedure, Liquid Silver was unable in using, now fight time, if Liquid Silver one is unuseful, that Zhao Hai lost all weapon people on equal to, he such will certainly not do, Eight Sapphires Chariot will not run in any case, after waiting to fight to finish, in the fusion not late.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;