Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1429

Fight still in continuing ’, but the people of these hundred treasure somewhat despairedthey presently if today wants to live leave is almost being is impossible. Now they were used Great Magical Artifact by Zhao Hai, is attacking the defense line, has to send out the massive manpower to keep off Zhao Hai, but Kong Miao they not to be trifled with, the attack became more and more sharp, was adding on these undead life form, until now the talented people of these hundred treasure have no alternative but to take seriously these undead life form, they presently, there are these undead life form, they want to run ’ are also very difficult.[] These undead life form single fighting strength are truly bad, is the Foundation Establishment Stage level, however these many undead life form get together ’ . Moreover the offense and defense has, this was unusual, even if by their strengths, wants , must spend very big strength. But Zhao Hai and Kong Miao their look at they will not stand to outward, but does not manage, so long as these undead life form have tied down them, they ended. Now the people of these hundred treasure have not been counting on Palpus Clansmen, has not come Palpus Clansmen to this moment, this itself explained the issue, either was Palpus Clansmen is blocked, if were they do not want to come, but judging from the present situationformer's possible even bigger. Hundred treasure Palpus Clansmen very found that this is a bullying the weak and fearing the strong race, hundred treasure strove to excel compared with Palpus Clansmen on were too many, therefore Palpus Clansmen rather hardly spelled with Comprehend the world, rather offended the Comprehend the world person, person who also does not want to offend hundred treasure. If this Palpus Clansmen were not blocked, but is the fragrance most sprouts does not request reinforcements, the person who lets hundred treasure knows that ’ certainly all does not let off his, therefore Palpus Clansmen is not does not certainly rescue, but is their simply does not have the means to rescue. Obtained such one type of result, the people of hundred treasure despairedthis also ji to have the ruthless vigor of hundred treasure these people ’, because they before coming, High level of hundred treasure they have issued the dead/die order ’, if this motion were defeated, they did not needto go back also to subject to a penalty. Now was adding on the hope that their simply has not run away, therefore these people of hundred treasure started to go all out. Zhao Hai looked that this situationimmediately has taken back four musical instruments, to be honest, this twice uses four musical instruments to carry on sound wave attack, inside does not have join Strength of Faithalso in other words, present four musical instrument attack, but does for show, does not have what difference with common sound wave attack, such attack wants to produce anything to threaten to these fellows of hundred treasure is almost impossible. Reason that Zhao Hai does not use Strength of Faithto fear that by the people of hundred treasure looking athundred treasure is big, various Cultivation Method emerged one after another incessantlyis strong too many compared with Comprehend the world, he feared that he will use Strength of Faith to be looked in the front of these peoplesuch words ’ the people of hundred treasure are possibly thinking did not eliminate the Comprehend the world person ’, but broke through fully, this information belt returned to hundred treasure. One but Zhao Hai uses Strength of Faith information to spreadthat he to have the inexhaustible worry, therefore Zhao Hai has not used Strength of Faith.Is he does not use Strength of Faith by the Zhao Hai present strength, was very fearful Expert, therefore Zhao Hai has not used Strength of Faith, now is not going all out time, did not have that necessity.

After receiving four musical instruments, Zhao Hai release massive flying sword, coordinated to live the weapon fight, this let these person headaches of hundred treasure, so long as before they deal with Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifactnow they also to need to deal with these flying sword, what situation this was? This looks like Zhang Fei continually is brandishing the long-handled spear, first successive also takes keeping throws the embroidery needle outward, entire Zhang Fei rests with the set of Master Asia. Facing such Zhao Hai, the heart graciousness that these people of hundred treasure cried hasthem is looks atin Comprehend the world this time person, most threatening did not win great reputation Kong Miao, but was Zhao Hai. However now knew can be what kind, their simply does not have the means with Zhao Hai, now Zhao Hai stands according to the ghost on Yama ShipYama Ship has not actually participated in attackattack, only then 12 metal beasts and flying sword, they want to kill Zhao Hai, must first repel 12 metal beasts, then has been solving Zhao Hai flying sword, is hitting violent Yama Ship, did not do well must all undead life form slaughters only, such duty, nobody can complete. Futile effort dragging struggle, person suddenly of hundred treasure has remembered these words, but thinks of these words, their cannot help but feels a sorrow at heart. Are they who? They are hundred treasure people, is ten-thousand realms battlefield here, existence that big that knows how things stand, formerly arrived at there not respect, general evildoer saw that their fragrance most sprouted to put out Magical Artifactto kneel has begged for mercy, when always were their look at othersone's turn them to struggle in struggling of futile effort? Turns over to sorrowfully sorrowfully, they must hit, if they have surrendered , the person of that hundred treasure will certainly not let off them, their family members, their Sect also will be affected. cultivator Wuqing/ruthless, but the cultivator very heavy sentiment, each cultivator will always have thing that some cannot put down, can put down completely, has Demon Cultivator, in fact is Demon Cultivator, has a large part unable to put down. Zhao Haiwill certainly not want these people to these person of politeness also in rebel, his attack will not stop ’, but Kong Miao their attack is also more ferocious ’ the Zhao Hai present procedure is really raising morale , a person opposite party three Eight Sapphires Chariot extinguishing, this regarding Cultivation World cultivator, raised morale absolutely. The fight of their here, attracted, these people who however came similarly only saw surrounding these were making Palpus Clansmen that fought with undead life form, inside situation had not actually seen, what therefore Zhao Hai they make into nobody to know now. However Zhao Hai actually knows that outside situationhe knows this situation cannot continue too to progress, otherwise hundred treasure will possibly send reinforcement. Reason that this hundred treasure send these 1000 people to cope with Zhao Hai theyis thinks that they have assurance that must win ’ , if not this, hundred treasure will certainly send more people.

The situations of hundred treasure and must the clan not be different from Comprehend the world, Comprehend the world and must clanbe the medium grade influenceto send out more than thousand Transcends Tribulation Stage Expertare great, but in hundred treasuresends out more than thousand) Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert not to fear anything, this is big and small world the difference. Hundred treasure these time only sends out these many people, besides thinking them has confidence to tidy up Comprehend the world, a kind reason, that is they now has not wanted with Comprehend the world behind that big influence positive conflict, if they send too many people, is easy to give oneself awaytherefore the people of their this faction are not many. But if knows person who one bigwas being besieged, was not soon good timethat they reckless saves others, Comprehend the world is possibly can block their. Thought of here, Zhao Hai immediately command(er) these metal beasts is strengthening to strikesimultaneously flying sword attack also to strengthen ’, but attack of Yama Ship and pagoda also strengthened. These people of hundred treasure unceasing dead/die is perishing, but they were still insisting, but they could not persist in how longhundred treasure people after killing about 500 people to the present oneself by Cultivator big, but also remaining is less than 500 people, these person of simply are impossible to block the attack of Comprehend the world, they do, but many exactly was broken the time by oneself. But makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, person nobody of these hundred treasure surrender, that feared that is their clearly know meets dead/die, clearly know any hope of achievementthey still has not been resisting. Time past bit by bit, hundred treasure dead/die people were getting more and more, hundred treasure dead/die slowly the remaining about 100 people, these everybody people were only wounded, already not any hope. Hundred treasure people of lead, saw this situation, in the eye have shown sad facial expressionhis giving a loud shout suddenly, a large Glaive revolution of tool bit, inserted own throat directly, his ghost committed suicide unexpectedly! Regarding cultivator, suicide is almost impossible, their life long, general cultivator will not give very up their life, some cultivator rather give up their family membertheir all, does not want to give up own life. But these cultivator actually without hesitation have done, this regarding Zhao Hai them, absolutely is a very unexpected matter. When Zhao Hai they have not responded, other cultivatoralso almost simultaneously turned around the tool bit, at the same time committed suicide. look at to these cultivator appearances, Kong Miao their complexion cannot help but changed, cultivator so staunch, that is excusable, these many cultivator, rather commit suicide does not surrender, that may be very great matter.

However Zhao Hai actually not polite, his immediately/on horseback waves, received in Space hundred treasure undead life form that is, then flies the Kong Miao side, to Kong Miao said : Grandmaster, has clarifiedthese people in a soft voice is hundred treasure cultivator.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Kong Miao complexion cannot help but changes, his very clearhundred treasure are very difficult to annoy, but he also same clarityZhao Hai is impossible to lie at this matter. Does Kong Miao turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : „to determine?” Kong Miao does not hope really this matter raises, therefore he fragrance most will sprout this one to ask. Zhao Hai nodded said : „ to determine that I turned into undead life form them, what several uses is the one type of special method, preserves their before death memories, obtained information from these peoplenot. Kong Miao complexion finally changed, the matter that he most does not hope lived, Zhao Hai looked at Kong Miao one, deep voice said : Grandmaster, at present my undead life form is keeping off in the surrounding must these people of clan, I thought that we most should do now, was first has tidied up these Palpus Clansmen, then immediately/on horseback sent the letter to above, telling above must cope our is who, making the person in surface early prepare.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Kong Miao immediately/on horseback nodded „’ is immediately/on horseback that said : good now we must do tells the above person, copes our is who, not so interrogation, our Comprehend the world possibly really must have bad luck, you lead person immediately to cope with these Palpus Clansmen, above I give send the letter.”( To be continued &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;