Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1430

Xu Wuzun felt matter is not very wonderfulhe to High level of clanhis very clear this time be that person must cope with Comprehend the worldbecause knowswhy, therefore he understandabove these people have to cope with Comprehend the worldalso to knock with Comprehend the world dead/die ’, because the people of hundred treasureare not they can stir up absolutely. Draws an analogysimilarly is the Transcends Tribulation Stage personhundred treasure crossing moving time Expertcan cope with two to three to clan Expert, to pay the Comprehend the world personto cope are more.[] Because the disparity of very clear both sides strength ’, therefore Palpus Clansmen has to cope with Zhao Haithey rather with the person who Comprehend the world person dead/die knockscannot offend hundred treasure. What what a pity is their twice thinks that is coping with Comprehend the worldreturning by the Comprehend the world person ’, moreover suffered heavy casualtieshundred treasure peoplethen to send out Thousand-Man Team to help them to their very discontented deal with the Comprehend the world person. But they are responsible for eavesdropping on that Comprehend the world informationand to the Comprehend the world person carries on sneak attack ’, when Comprehend the world person after beginning of hundred treasurethey sneak attack Comprehend the world the personwhen the time comes Comprehend the world the person behind the person had dead/die Unborn. This is a very perfect planXu Wuzun somewhat was worried about Comprehend the world Great Magical Artifact ’, but the people of hundred treasure make him not need to care, will have them to cope withhim naturally in saying anything, but there thinks, when the Comprehend the world persontheir fragrance will most think up with person exchange hands of hundred treasure will want sneak attack, they actually by undead life form blocking. undead life form this thing he had heardhas not actually seen, he knows that these thing strengths weaksimply is not worth mentioning very ’, but works as these thing many to a fate/fixed number quantity person. Xu Wuzun tea table. Xu Wuzun is Divided Spirit Stage Experthe heavy does not take Foundation Establishment Stage cultivatorbyFoundation Establishment Stage cultivator him simplyon such as ants general existencenot to match him with looking straight at now to look shortly. However now he presently he has made a mistake, when several ten of millions has the Foundation Establishment Stage strength, is arranging the neat lineup, to they carry on attack timehe presently this situation was too scary. They were impossible to kill the dead/die opposite partyin factthey continually to escape now are an issue. But makes Xu Wuzun feel what is fearful, the enemy copes with them, some undead life form that only uses ’, if the opposite party will have person who many undead life form will cope with hundred treasurethat result to be what kind of? Must know to not only then has these undead life formthey also to have thousand Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert.

Thinks that hereXu Wuzun felt the back is cool ’, but Xu Wuzun actually knows that now said anything is useless. They face is some undead life formhe withthem who these people are anything cannot convince can only , when Comprehend the world person appears or the Comprehend the world person was eliminatedhundred treasure people to give to rescue them. After his naturally hope is , the one type of situation lives ’, but such long timehas gathered round their undead life form actually not to reduceeven the attack strength non- bone to weaken. This made Xu Wuzun at heart that ominous feelingmore and more intense. Is gathering round their undead life form in Xu Wuzun don’t know does not know what to dosuddenly these, resigned passagehuge ship to open coming into see that ship from passage. The heart of Xu Wuzun sinks. This ship he knew certainly that Zhao Hai that warshippresent this ship appears meaning very obvious of that representative ’ the people of hundred treasure was tidied up in here. Saw that this situationXu Wuzun knows one endedhundred treasure people not to let off the Comprehend the world personnot to let off them. Because these hundred treasure people to help them dead/diebydoes not have any pitying to speakhundred treasure people with them these big certainly with this, when gave a pretextbutchered them. Was in this time. The opposite on the ship person spoke ’ a sound to transmit said :Palpus Clansmenyou to listen toyour back people tidied upus also by us to know that they were who, the present situation you should also very clearthese people not let off younot to let off us ’, but our 2 Realmsin they did not have any stratagem which ensures success to ’, for youalso for usfor our 2 Realms can continuenow us to have meansyou and my person cooperates! ’ ’ These Palpus Clansmen have gawked, do not understand Comprehend the world is any meaning ’, but they actually presently ’ the attacks of these undead life formstopped. These Palpus Clansmen have not attacked, but arranged a neat fragrance most to sprout the shape, what degree look at that ship ’ the on the ship sound then conveyed said :Palpus Clansmenyou to hold also to be clearyour behind these people tonot to reason with what degreethis time they to lose nearly has done the person, in helping your advancements lostin this case, will they let off you?, They will not let off yourour Comprehend the world to be extinguishedyou to hold Palpus Clansmen also very to arrive at that to go toour Comprehend the world person to know that ’ your Palpus Clansmen does not have no relationship with that group of people , because dreads ’, therefore has to that group of people, when goon is absolutely possible to defeat youby our Comprehend the world present strength ’ ’, but such words you can dead/die is quickerto our Comprehend the world not any advantage ’, therefore I hope that we can cooperatebehind our Comprehend the world are also have the person is standing ’, so long as we this situation respondon that us. These people, look at will certainly not managewhen the time comes our 2 Realms person aboutis strength that cannot be estimated lightlyanybody does not dare underestimatedI to hope that in together you hold Palpus Clansmen to consider. ’ ’ One hear of this sayingXu Wuzun gawkedobviously he not to think that the opposite party will say ’, but he actually has to recognize, the opposite party said very reasonablethis time their Palpus Clansmen was almost dead/die has decided that because these people of hundred treasure will not let off their ’, but Comprehend the world compared with their situationsalso very arrives at that to go ’, if the people of hundred treasure must cope with them, that Comprehend the world personfeared that will be is also destroyed completely.

But if they cooperate, that situation is different, Palpus Clansmen and Comprehend the worldare levelstrength that if two side cooperationthey gatheris on levelhigh grade although however compares to some high and low level also disparitiescompared with on getting up level is big being inferior, but they cooperatedhad some chips, even if were hundred treasure people wants to move them, must think the line. Minute 2 Realms was extinguishedabout also has life force! Now will this choice question put the Palpus Clansmen frontPalpus Clansmen to choose? Xu Wuzun has moved! Because the opposite party said is very clear hesuch as they to separate, was extinguished on equal to. However unfortunatelymust clan not be calculation that his Xu Wuzun said ’, if were his Xu Wuzun said that he can comply with the proposition of opposite party now. When Xu Wuzun must start talking ’ the opposite party in one time spokeopposite party said loudly: Xu Wuzun that „ Palpus Clansmenyou lead a group your excellency? Now invites your excellency the here situation, told you in the clanthis matter is notwe who person two people can decide gives your excellency six hoursto believe that at that time Palpus Clansmen upper layerwill pass on information ’, if after six hours, ’ you have not given the answerthat we not to be impolitetime from now on. ’, Xu Wuzun one hear of opposite party said that immediately put out a signalling jade swordto tell Palpus Clansmen upper layer the here situationwithout demur ’, then let outXu Wuzun not to have presentlyYama Ship here also to put a jade sword the jade sword to exit. The time backed up to Zhao Hai their fight with hundred treasure ties techniqueKong Miao to write jade and sword the situation, let outthen mustthis time Zhao Hai suddenly block Kong Miao said : to the Palpus Clansmen attackGrandmaster, now our non- foreign was coping with Palpus Clansmen. ’ ’ What meaning Kong Miao onepuzzled look at Zhao Hai said :Little Hai ’ is your this saying? ’ ’ Zhao Hai deep voice said :Grandmasterwe knewthis time must cope our is hundred treasure people ’, but the people of hundred treasurewill not let off our peoplesamethis failure, the people of hundred treasure will not let off Palpus Clansmen ’, but we and hatred between Palpus Clansmenis because hundred treasure havenow we facein this casewe are could with Palpus Clansmen cooperate by danger that hundred treasure strangle to death ’, if cooperatesour 2 Realms person to addhigher authority Interface of strength in Palpus Clansmen on equivalent to one Strengththat time was hundred treasure people must cope with usalso to think to be good. ’ ’ Kong Miao noddedhe to propose regarding Zhao Hai the is the supportnow they almost stand with Palpus Clansmen on a starting line.

However Kong Miao also somewhat is worried abouthis look at Zhao Hai said : „, if the opposite party doesn't comply? „ Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :they not to comply not to have anything, now they had been surrounded by undead life form, moreover our these wordsare visible with ’, if we who he held to say make them feel that life force will not havethem naturally to go all out with us ’, but if my holding made them see fresh hopethey most will not sprout in the fragrance with me hold to go all outas the matter standsare they do not comply, we will cope with them to be also more relaxed are Palpus Clansmen High level do not comply within these Palpus Clansmenby the disposition of Palpus Clansmen that robber ’ ’ fearing of surrender are not. Will be fewby that time we to cope with themthat more relaxed. ’ ’ One hear of Zhao Hai said that ’ Kong Miao cannot help but two eyes one brightthen he turns the head look at Zhao Haideep voice said :well, that this matter handed over give youLittle Haithis proposition is you raises, you went to discuss that with these Palpus Clansmen most appropriatedo not have anything to worry, if you who ’ this matter was I agreesreally can persuade Palpus Clansmen with us to work pass through this difficultythat you to our Cultivation Worldare great meritwhen the time comes not only nobody will blame you, instead attended the meeting to give you to ask higher authorities ’, if the opposite party sent the letter to their High level reallyI will also go to letterto talk clearly the matter to above, as far as possible facilitates this matter, after all thisadvantageous harmlessyou must win enough time ’ unable to be lower than five hours regarding our Comprehend the world. ’ ’( To be continued ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;