Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1431
Because has Kong Miao is willing ’, therefore Zhao Hai will act to negotiate with Palpus Clansmen, such negotiations regarding Zhao Hai were really too relaxed, he Palpus Clansmen weakness to the purity of analysis, making the Palpus Clansmen vigilance fall lowly. Sees Zhao Hai such negotiations way, Kong Miao thought that gives Zhao Hai the matter of negotiations, is he decided really correctly that, compared with Zhao Hai, his negotiation skill, is almost nothing to speak. Looked at Palpus Clansmen release the signalling jade sword, Kong Miao also immediately release the signalling jade sword, after waiting for signalling jade sword release, Kong Miao turned the head to Zhao Hai said : „, if Palpus Clansmen agreed to cooperate, what to do we can? These Palpus Clansmen putting?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that to be how possible, since we cooperated, that must ask these Palpus Clansmento go to our Comprehend the world there to seat guests, I think that the above these people after receiving your letterwill certainly start to draw in the manpower, several) base will possibly be given upall people being centralized in a base, carries on defends fully, we please let us go to Palpus Clansmen, simultaneously lets probably clan all people arrive in our bases to meet, this time we facing the match may not be an average person.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Kong Miao real don’t know said any was goodhe to feel Zhao Hai extremely in shameless, such matter can be done. Zhao Hai actually and does not care, he turns the head to Kong Miao said : Grandmaster, we draw backme to rest first, receives oneself all Magical Artifact, naturally, undead life form will not receive, but invited feel relieved, the fragrance that I rested will most sprout the time very not to be long.” One hear of did Zhao Hai sayKong Miao anxious said : what's the matter? Are you all right?” Zhao Hai shook the head, smiles said : feel relieved to be goodto be all right, so long as rest a while on line.” Actually Zhao Hai simply does not need to resthe to integrate in Liquid Silver Eight Sapphires Chariot, his don’t know can Palpus Clansmen agree with his proposal, if Palpus Clansmen did not agree that must go all out with them, that Zhao Hai in hand were also many several cards in a hand. Now although that three Eight Sapphires Chariot oneself after were fixed ’, because has not integrated in Liquid Silver ’, therefore in these three Eight Sapphires Chariot, has not installed the Yin-Yang pond, this that is, now Zhao Hai thinks that is using these three Eight Sapphires Chariotto give these three azure|cyan imperial Chariot to provide energy on ’, but by the Zhao Hai strength, provided energy to exempt to two Eight Sapphires Chariot verydo not say three. Zhao Hai also presentthis Yin-Yang pond is not he wants to arrive safely there to arrive safely there, if he manufactures weapon to others, in such weapon cannot install the Yin-Yang pond ’ the Yin-Yang pond can only arrange in the Space installment or Liquid Silver Magic Staff. However Zhao Hai not disappointed, he does not want to make others also know that the matter of Yin-Yang pondis only uses, that naturally was best, although said that cannot arrange the Yin-Yang pond toward these weapon, will make undead life form fighting strength reduce ’, but Zhao Hai has not cared, undead life form by alone did not do to fight to defeat the opposite party generally, undead life form depended was the population. Naturally now actually varies to want, currently in Zhao Hai Space has many Transcends Tribulation Stage undead life formthese undead life form is these cultivator of Palpus Clansmen and hundred treasure. These cultivator of hundred treasure, Zhao Hai oneself after askingthem has also met some special Magical Artifact cao to make the method, but some specially important formation, they are actually don’t know, they are only Combatant, if they will need weaponhundred treasure to manufacture to them, but they want to contact the weapon essential content, actually will be impossible. Naturally before ’ this weapon refer to them, these weapon that habitually uses, is not large Glaive that these time uses. large Glaive that to be honest their these time uses is also very good weapon, but does not have the armor piercing to do withbut this armor piercing does to use, is in Palpus Clansmen weapon the most important part.

These person of not armor piercing formation, what also don’t know that Magical Artifact is, therefore Zhao Hai has not gotten so far as the matter that hundred treasure unique secretthis does not affect Zhao Hai makeZhao Hai now now is, gives the furnace these large Glaive, weapon that the person who then refines these hundred treasure is familiar with come in handy, in these weapon although will not have hundred treasure unique Magical Artifact, but in actually also some unique Magical Artifact, for example armor piercing ability also very formidable vibrate Magic Formation. This vibrate Magic Formation, ’ in almost all weapon has vibrate Magic Formation by most of Zhao Hai use now, such weapon no matter attacks defends to become very formidable. But these hundred treasure undead life form, after the use has vibrate Magic Formation weapon, fighting strength will possibly drop some ’, but will use large Glaive compared with them time on strong many. Most sprouts because of the fragrance for must handle these two matters ’, therefore Zhao Hai will want the rest some time, meaning of Kong Miao nature don’t know Zhao Hai, but he complied, moreover driving going said the Zhao Hai situation to other people. These people naturally will not oppose that Zhao Hai strength everyone/Great Clan is obvious to all, because everyone/Great Clan knows the Zhao Hai strength, therefore Zhao Hai makes anythingsome people not to oppose now. Palpus Clansmen look at Comprehend the world huge shiphas drawn back slowly, these undead life form again sealingthis makes them feel somewhat puzzled opening ’, but also felt that very restless, why their don’t know Comprehend the world must such do, can Comprehend the world raise advancing to attack? All Palpus Clansmen alerted getting upto defend the Comprehend the world person to carry on attack to them, but these undead life form have not actually attackedstill like statue same standing in there. But Yama Ship that draws backin instantaneously on vanish from sight, Zhao Hai side also appears many beast shape undead life form, all Comprehend the world cultivator, has actually been able to sit on undead life form of these beast shapes, not only can stand above, even if they want to sway back and forth to sleep above is not a problembecause of undead life form of each only beast shape, very enormous. But Zhao Hai will be naturally impolite beast shape undead life form that ’ he summonsAlien, he cut through in the belly of AlienAlien to shut the mouth, Kong Miao they want with spiritual force to examine that the Zhao Hai situation was impossible. Looks at Zhao Hai such situation, other people also want to sneak in these undead life form to have in the belly, but among these undead life form however agreed that these Comprehend the world people sneak in the bellies of these undead life form to know that in the bellies of these undead life form, within however also the small rooms, this was gives happy to go badthem to feel them, stayed in this undead life form belly, staying was more comfortable than on Yama Ship. Space although on Yama Ship is very big, but Zhao Hai, for does not display extremely in the astonishment, he only gave several people who Kong Miao they knew how things stand to arrange the independent room, other people stayed in cabin sharing Spacealthough area are very big, but the result actually still cannot these to be satisfactory ’, because cultivator will not have liked being seen by others how they practicedthat to fear was only sits in meditationdoes not want to make others see. Now they had these undead life formto have their one ** Space, this equal to was motion small Cave Mansion, why they want naturally let their very satisfied in on whythis. This is also the Zhao Hai deliberately arrangementthese undead life form were he has elected, moreover passed through transformotherwise general undead life form, within the body did not have such Space.

Zhao Hai these time only brought Mo Sheng to enter Alien within the body, Li Zongdao had been arranged on another undead life form to practice by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai and Mo Sheng enter to Alien within the body, entered in Space on immediately/on horseback, fused this matter like Liquid Silver, he must see with one's own eyes meets feel relieved. After entering Space, Zhao Hai immediately carried on fusionto want these three Eight Sapphires Chariot to Liquid Silver and Eight Sapphires Chariot with a Liquid Silver fusion, waited in the strength that release came, these three Eight Sapphires Chariot attack strengthhave been promoted in one time. Reason that Eight Sapphires Chariot fighting strength will be promoted \; first, because of the Liquid Silver characteristics ’ the Liquid Silver most major characteristics, is Space entrusts with the devil Staff characteristicsthat unable to damage, almost does not have the strength energy lose to slander rubs Magic Staff, because Space uses with outside world is not with one type of Law, outside world Law does not use in Space, therefore wicked Magic Staff may not damage. Before Eight Sapphires Chariot, by Zhao Hai to wrecking, is thought that if Eight Sapphires Chariot cannot damage, his fighting strength naturally will promote many. Second is existence of Yin-Yang pond, before the Eight Sapphires Chariot attack strength, made his population to have relationship with cao, makes the strength of his person also to have big relationship with cao, like Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, simply does not have means cao to make Eight Sapphires Chariot, but Transcends Tribulation Stage can cao make Eight Sapphires Chariotten Transcends Tribulation Stage also cao to make Eight Sapphires Chariot, Eight Sapphires Chariot that ten person cao make, can easily defeat Eight Sapphires Chariot that person cao makes, this is Eight Sapphires Chariot another shortcoming. So long as these three Eight Talents Sapphire Chariot and Liquid Silver fused, in Eight Sapphires Chariot naturally can use the Yin-Yang pond, when the time comes this Yin-Yang pond continuously will provide the power to Eight Sapphires Chariot, Eight Sapphires Chariot fighting strength naturally can promote. In is a little, cao that the beforehand Eight Sapphires Chariot fragrance most sprouts does is very complexis Transcends Tribulation Stage Expertcan cao make Eight Sapphires Chariot, many of Eight Talents in imperial Chariot changes him not to have the means to use, after all Eight Sapphires Chariot is puppet Magical Artifact of kind of machine, needs the person to carry on cao to do. So long as fuses after Liquid Silver, this will not be the issue, the Cai'er use machine there computer method of manufacturing, will carry on some transform to Eight Sapphires Chariot, as the matter stands, Eight Sapphires Chariot cao did was simpler, so long as a Zhao Hai order, can control Eight Sapphires Chariot. What most important is, as the matter stands Zhao Hai they can carry on some partial transformation this Eight Sapphires Chariot, beforehand Eight Sapphires Chariot impulse although is not weak, but that lethality, is actually not much, Zhao Hai can carry on some transform Eight Sapphires Chariot appearance, lets his lethality even bigger. Cai'er already prepared, looked that Zhao Hai came inher immediately to move forward to meet somebody, Zhao Hai arrived at Eight Sapphires Chariot sidecarefully to look at this Eight Sapphires Chariot appearance and internal Space with Cai'er, this turned the head to start to Cai'er said :.” Cai'er complied with one, hand has wielded, one group of silver molten metals, that three branches of the family Eight Sapphires Chariot surrounding. Zhao Hai looked at the situation, turns the head also to need how long to Cai'er said :?” Cai'er has calculated, said : probably about two hours.” Zhao Hai nodded, is leading Cai'er and Mo Sheng entered the villa, to the villa, Zhao Hai has made Meg arrange Mo Sheng to eat thing, he took a seat Laura their side, now Laura they are also very busy, Laura was busy processing these hundred treasure undead life form, she must take down that practice method of hundred treasure, archive, after being advantageous used. But Lizzy they still control these undead life form, are gathering round these to now the clan, meanwhile must monitor Kong Miao theyalthough saying that now Kong Miao they are very good to Zhao Hai ’, but this fight, Zhao Hai showed off, they have to be young, heart. ’ The arrangement of this Zhao Hai, very clever, undead life form, although this looks like incurs to think for these people fortunately probably, but also almost isolated them to relate, until now, Kong Miao they have not contacted otherssit in their small in the room, peaceful was sitting in meditation.

Favored this situation one, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : looks like these fellows is likes these undead life form, you said that took one person to deliver them undead life form?” Laura smiles said : you, if has delivered, they have not been possible to accept, because these undead life form after all are your thing, they also feared that you with undead life form calculate asks for them.” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile said : „, in Comprehend the world there, all day manipulates strategically, almost nobody believe others easily, ok, do not deliver.” Laura shows a faint smile, to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, the people of these hundred treasure, their Magical Artifact cao controls the method, really some unique pointyou have the time to study one study, perhaps this will have the advantage to Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation.” Zhao Hai nodded said : and other time matters finish, you said that Palpus Clansmen can agree forms an alliance with Comprehend the world, does together cope with hundred treasure?” Laura smiles said : I to think meeting, Palpus Clansmen is not silly, this time they harmed hundred treasure to lose 1000 peopleby hundred treasure that overbearing character, will pull certainly to get angry in their, with its waits for dead/die, might as well spell independently, so long as spelled to winthat them still to continue to rob in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, otherwise, they waited to exterminate the clan.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I also to believe that they will agree, but these time hundred treasure annoying wool, feared that was they received information now, soon sent for coping with Comprehend the world and must the clan, hopes behind Comprehend the world was standing that group of people, will be over Comprehend the world, otherwise Comprehend the world these time had difficultly.” Laura shows a faint smile said : that group of people certainly is ’, because that group of people who Comprehend the world raises one's head with hundred treasure are inborn enemythey, hit for tens of thousands yearsjust over the two days slightly to stop a point, now hundred treasure began first, the opposite party naturally must hit back.”!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;