Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1432

Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that to stares, his puzzled look at Laura said.. Right? You know what behind Comprehend the world is standing is who? I now don’t know. ” Laura shows a faint smile said : also only then your don’t know, do the people of these hundred treasure return don’t know? They have fought that long time, can say that knows the whole story to the opposite party, naturally knows that who own enemy was.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : hundred treasure biggest enemies is that big? How before , hasn't heard?” Laura smiles said : actually this also to have some clues homing, but knows the person of this matter, will not say that hundred treasure biggest enemies are the Giant Spirit people!” One hear of Laura said that is the Giant Spirit person, Zhao Hai to nodded, must say that this Giant Spirit does not cope with hundred treasure, that arrives has the possibility, because this Giant Spirit and practice method of hundred treasure is completely different, is almost two extremes. Reason that Giant Spirit called Giant Spirit \; first, because the person body of Giant Spirit was very big, naturally, was not very tall and big, the person ordinary height of Giant Spirit over two meters, but little had two meters two, but was such height, can be called sufficiently big, general cultivator may not have such tall figure. But Giant Spirit person besides tall, characteristics, that is Cultivation Method that they practice, by strength give priority to, Magical Artifact that they use, by big give priority to. In the Giant Spirit eye, is big, heavy thing is good, weapon that they use, is some heavy weapons, moreover in Giant Spirit there, Great Magical Artifact is bounded are also most. Giant Spirit takes as well, hundred treasure take slightly as well, these two violent practice ways, making this 2 Realms person continuously very does not cope, every large or small fight almost with has stopped, is only in recent time, both sides stopped now have looked like hundred treasure must provoke the conflict a little. Zhao Hai nodded said : originally is Giant Spirit, this arrived is interesting, Giant Spirit also belongs to Upper Realm, hundred treasure were also same, I was only have not thought that Comprehend the world was Giant Spirit is covering unexpectedly.” Laura smiles said :like Comprehend the world, can only be, under belongs to the strength quite leaning that one by one Giant Spirit to cover them, but will not make them say, in the person of Giant Spirit it seems like it is covering in one, somewhat loses face, but this matter was different, what these time provokes is hundred treasure people, the Giant Spirit person, if knows, certain cannot the look at not tube. Zhao Hai nodded said : also well, I to had opportunity to contact these big people, how was the don’t know these big person strengths to look at the strengths of hundred treasure these people, was truly good, after their weapon completed, how was having a look at their strengths.” Laura smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, I looked that should better call these days well releases next hundred treasure ripe the Magical Artifact control method, that operation method is very good.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to worry, now the matter were many, waits to finish the matter in study not to be late.” Laura in urging Zhao Hai, he knows Zhao Hai to know in heart, must say that Zhao Hai possibly really can with be very good, because Zhao Hai that the person of Giant Spirit is together in study Buddhist Sect Profound Technique, but practices Profound Technique Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique of strength institute specially, strength that this Profound Technique practices may not blow. Moreover after this time matter, Zhao Hai should also be able to rush out some given names, moreover he thinks that is good at to operate Great Magical Artifact to become famous, this will perhaps receive Giant Spirit Lou's liking. Great Spirit Race is in itself a very formidable race . Moreover the person who they like is also that robust man shape, the person the strength is bigger, in great Spirit Race there is popular, therefore in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, a name of great Spirit Race also powerful clan. Those who know behind Comprehend the world to stand was who, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, before he also really feared behind Comprehend the world was standing the person is not willing to take care their matters, if were great Spirit Race, that was not a problem. Also observed has gotten off an aircraft the there situation, fortunately, Yalei No. 2 star there, really has been regarded to focus on protecting the object by machine now, very smooth of all exhibitions, but pirate paradise there was also similar, cross sword edge was still the there strongest pirate group, present momentum compared with former even even bigger. Reason that cross sword edge has such power and influence, because of these Undead Creature relationship, these Undead Creature, has plenty learn has driven Mecha completely, is adding on their strength formidable, has their join, lets the cross sword edge strength, enhanced two, as the matter stands the cross sword edge power and influence naturally won formerly. Also has processed the Yalei No. 2 star and cross sword edge there something, was also sometimes similar, Zhao Hai and Laura several people walked out from villa. Now these Palpus Clansmen by Undead Creature look at, to did not have what change, they do not dare to have the change, is only these Undead Creature suffices to want them to assign, now adds on the Comprehend the world person, the thoughts that these Palpus Clansmen continually escape now did not have. They also present, the law of own stealth, hides the truth from these Undead Creature, but the law of this stealth is their Shen Mingsheng takes advantage most greatly, now this took advantage to vanish, they naturally do not dare to act unreasonably. Zhao Hai to outside one looked, that three Eight Talents green imperial rates already vanish from sight, in the there erect bronze Magic Staff. Saw that this Magic Staff Zhao Hai naturally knows this is Liquid Silver Magic Staff, but he has not thought that this Liquid Silver Magic Staff turned into bronze unexpectedly.

Zhao Hai beckons, Magic Staff arrived at in his hand, he does not have presently this Magic Staff to have any different place, but his hand wields, Eight Sapphires Chariot on appears in his front, this Eight Sapphires Chariot shape compared with has looked like the overwhelming power many, moreover face compared with wanted on pale some, on the automobile body brilliance pasts, understood at a glance that is not ordinary goods . Nod of Zhao Hai attention, although Liquid Silver these time somewhat changes , but he has not cared, even if were Kong Miao they knew can be what kind, by the Zhao Hai present strength, to be honest, he has not feared Kong Miao really they. Also has rested a while in Space, looked that the time was also up, Zhao Hai then came out from Space returned to in the Alien body, then Zhao Hai deep voice said : related Kong Miao Grandmaster.” Zhao Hai this saying is not speaks irresponsibly, in his all Undead Creature, is loaded with a communications system, so long as he said this saying, command(er) is that person comes, in front of him a appears ray of light curtain, so long as the opposite party has put through his relation, he can see the opposite party from the light screen, very convenient. Kong Miao is sitting Undead Creature within the body in the room, this room is not very big, only then in more than ten square meters does not have no thing, is only an ordinary small room, but Kong Miao is actually very satisfied. Sits in the room to comb the today's fresh matter well, Kong Miao then presently, today's matter has big relationship with Zhao Hai, if were not Zhao Hai, they feared today died. Meanwhile he regarding the Zhao Hai strength some understanding again, did not say that first he copes with three Eight Sapphires Chariot matters, was only these Undead Creature sufficiently makes head painful, Kong Miao already noted these Undead Creature onset and retreat to have the moment, even if were he grasps hundred is changing the Vajra stick wants to kill also very difficult, the key was these Undead Creature quantities too were many, this any thing quantity more than one, became is not good to deal with. Has these Undead Creature assisting Zhao Hai to cope with them people should not be a problem, thinks of here, peaceful wonderful somewhat cannot help but discouraged, his not understand, why Zhao Hai strength promotion rapidness of that. In this time, suddenly in the room is transmitting one sound Kong Miao to stare, don’t know what's the matter, mechanical female voice said : „the Mr. Zhao Hai request with your hold a conversation please ask that at this time whether puts through.” Said in front of him to spring a ray of light curtain, but on the light screen anything does not have now. How Kong Miao looked at this thing don’t know this thing to use puzzled, but he was also a smart person, was trying said : connection!” His voice just fell, the Zhao Hai image on appears on the light screen, Kong Miao looked that Zhao Hai also sits in one with his room almost small in the room, is sitting he he look at he. Zhao Hai looks at Kong Miao appears on light screen, smiles said : Grandmaster, I hope that you looked that you were want on returned to Yama Ship, wants in here staying a while?” Kong Miao one hear of Zhao Hai said that beckoned with the hand said :to stay in this hastily, ting was good, I said Little Hai, has not thought really that in this Undead Creature actually also had this thing, what? with this thing, wants to contact with anyone?,... Zhao Hai smiles said : to be natural, before I blame me, has not talked clearly, with this thing, you wants to contact with anyone to be good, so long as you said the name, can relate that person, naturally, that person must be good in Undead Creature body internal space, left Undead Creature body internal space on the relation.”

Kong Miao nodded said : well, this thing is really convenient, I thought that you did not use release Yama Ship, everyone/Great Clan liked staying in here probably, your rest well?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be all right, but Grandmaster, I must say one to you, I that three Eight Sapphires Chariot of hundred treasure wrecking, now me that three Eight Sapphires Chariot fusing in my Magical Artifact, your will not blame I?” Kong Miao does said : fuse in Magical Artifact? Fuses?” Zhao Hai smiles said : my Magical Artifact in the manufacture, Cultivation Method of fusion, can fuse in my Magical Artifact other Magical Artifact, this was also the past coldly not positive senior most brilliant place, this time I Eight Sapphires Chariot crushing, them fusing, later I can through my Magical Artifact, use Eight Sapphires Chariot.” Kong Miao sighed that said : cold not positive senior is really a peerless talent, such Magical Artifact can manufacture, ok, the fusion fused, no big deal, your time has contributed to the great merit, wanted thing to be considered as anything, did not have relationship.” Reason that nod of Zhao Hai then happy, he said a matter to Kong Miao, he can use Eight Sapphires Chariot to prepare for later, he said to Kong Miao, later he will be making Eight Sapphires Chariot, Kong Miao not feel again suddenly, says now, compared with later explained that wanted much better.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;