Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1433

They also chatted a while day ’ the suddenly Zhao Hai facial expression changedsweep to turn the headGrandmaster ’ the reply of Palpus Clansmen to Kong Miao said :you to look that we can have a look? ’ ’ Kong Miao one hear of Zhao Hai said that ’ also gawkedhe to beckon with the hand said :not to be anxiousto come to comefirst to wait for the above replyand other replieswe to see Palpus Clansmen not to be late.[] Zhao Hai one hearalso thought that was such a principlehe nodded said :that wellGrandmasterI not to disturb youyou whose , to looksays the name to come ’ should directly almost to relate on. ’ ’ Kong Miao noddedlight screen informationKong Miao unable to bear sigh onethese Undead Creature also were really very goodKong Miao now also really somewhat is jealous Zhao Hai. However his immediately related severalspecially empty rather their several Divided Spirit Stage Expertalso to tell them ’ the reply of Palpus Clansmento make them with Undead Creature pay attention ’, if Palpus Clansmen had anything to change should not be polite. Just contactedKong Miao to feel that with empty rather their several people the mind moved, he knows that his signalling flying sword came backhis immediately to make Undead Creature long mouththen a signalling jade sword to fly from the mouth of Undead Creature. Received jade swordspiritual force to searchKong Miao also toward to know that above the meaninghis immediately after empty rather their several people have relatedhas put through Zhao Hai ’ the Zhao Hai base really already to know Kong Miao thousand any present are also listening to him to say a. However Zhao Hai or did immediately turn on screenlook at Kong Miao said :Grandmasteryou to look for me? ’ ’ Kong Miao nodded said :you to preparewe to see these Palpus Clansmenabove the wordswith Palpus Clansmen to cooperateeven can make some concessions ’, but in Palpus Clansmen must move to Comprehend the world encampment to goto oppose the enemy with them together. Comprehend the world in ten-thousand realms battlefield herehow before saying that is also a medium grade influence ’ is only camp has severalZhao Hai dull that new person communitysmallestsaves also several is actually camp that old person lives.

Buthad on mine that camp was most importantthat is Comprehend the world encampmentthis encampment in abandoning of ten-thousand realms battlefield here in these campthat mine originally is produces the nephrite and Jade Marrow placeafterward the nephrite and Jade Marrow is dug lightmine also to abandon. Comprehend the world has used for enough hundred yearsconstructsthere these also became Comprehend the world most important Stronghold. This Stronghold therenot only year to year has 20 Divided Spirit Stage Expert to sitbut also there has arranged Mountain Guardian Great Formationbesides Mountain Guardian Great Formation, other Formation are innumerableis Immortal Stage Expertdo not think that what strong attack strikesmost important isthese Stronghold therehas to lead to Comprehend the world big shape Transmission Formation ’ to directlythey be able allwith quickest to transfer returned to Comprehend the world in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person when necessary. So long as ten-thousand realms battlefield here has any situation in a big wayother Stronghold peoplewith destroysonly to keep Transmission Formation various Stronghold Transmission Formationthen learned person these Transmission Formation returned to encampment there ’, if encampment there cannot defendthemsimultaneously to use self-exploding Magical Artifact through Transmission Formation returned to Comprehend the worlddestroys other encampment and Stronghold all Transmission Formation. However Comprehend the world will not use encampment therenot to remove returned to encampment there the person generally ’, because such one lost is too big. However this time they actually have to do ’, because their this time matches are hundred treasurethat are on Upper Realm ’, if hundred treasure tidy up themto fear that is really they hides in encampment there is unsafe. Is goodis also adding on really incorrect wordsto draw back returned to Comprehend the world to go because of Comprehend the world some people ’, therefore does not have runs away in fear directly. But this above meaning wasmust make Palpus Clansmen move to encampment there to go toboth sides entire mechanical reactance enemythis request to say somewhat excessivePalpus Clansmen will trust the Comprehend the world personto finish not necessarily competes the beforehand both sides is hostile relationship. However Zhao Hai actually thinks ’ before Palpus Clansmen veryPalpus Clansmen that may be able to agree lost several hundred peoplenow about thousand people by Zhao Hai their trapped here ’, if they do not agree withthat these thousand people not possibly, inmust know that these may be Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert ’, if dies really after herethat must the clan really be strength/Origin Qi damages severelyin fearing to degenerate into under or under Upper Realm. One but Palpus Clansmen, if degenerated into under or under Upper Realmthat Palpus Clansmen almost on the equal to writing endedPalpus Clansmen thousand may be the deal of robberhas queered generally is some underbelow small that innumerabletheir very carefulhas offended alsothese small strengths is not muchhis simply not to need to be worried that anythingoffended offendedno big deal.

However one, but their strengths weakenedto be the same ’ that they with these people that before they offended dead ’ by that time to fear the person who did not use hundred treasure coped with him ’ is only their beforehand personal enemiesfully can give to destroy completely them. In adding on this hundred treasure person, because they lost 1000 peoplecertainly not to let off their ’, but Palpus Clansmen ’ the above some people like Comprehend the world did not coverthem to be possible nobody to coverin this casePalpus Clansmen only then workedthey also to be perhaps willing with the Comprehend the world person to work with the Comprehend the world person. Before Palpus Clansmen, because the reputation is too badwants to find the person to cover them not to be impossible ’, if they currently work with the Comprehend the world personfound a big backer on equal to freethis regarding Palpus Clansmen are very important. Kong Miao they walked out from Space of Undead Creature within the bodyarrived at the middle of encirclement ring ’, but this Xu Wuzun is in there anxious roving. Saw that Kong Miao they came outXu Wuzun immediately to welcome coming upto stop, in Kong Miao their front hundred meters placeshave hidden said : Xu Wuzun to see Kong Miao GrandmasterGrandmasterI by obtaining to Kong Miao the clan orderstarting todaymy Palpus Clansmen to be willing with Comprehend the world to form an allianceresist hundred treasure people together.” One hear of Xu Wuzun said that ’ Kong Miao knows before they want to form an alliance really ’, Zhao Hai with Palpus Clansmen negotiated timeonly said that stood in their back peoplehad not said was that personpresent Xu Wuzun says hundred treasure people on own initiativeis looks like Comprehend the world to surrender on equal to. Kong Miao nodded said : goodyour decision is absolutely correctyou must find out us to form an alliancemust have the conditionyour Palpus Clansmen Main Force to from the octopus island come outto enter to our Comprehend the world encampment ’ ’ is naturalwe to look like our back people to believethem with danger that our together will deal with will already arrive at to send for helping quickly our.” Xu Wuzun one hear of Kong Miao said that ’ cannot help but knit the browsin clan to order to Xu Wuzunhas enabled Xu Wuzun to face an emergency to renounceshould better be able within the shortest timewith the Comprehend the world person to form an allianceis Comprehend the world proposed anything requestsalso to promise them. However Xu Wuzunsomewhat is awkward regarding the request of Kong MiaoXu Wuzun is very legitimate Palpus ClansmenPalpus Clansmen is robber ’, but robber characteristicsthey very settle on regarding the den they leave den easilythis Comprehend the world personwill not competebesides taking by forcegenerally however must let their leave denthis is the Xu Wuzun institute is unacceptable. The Zhao Hai look at Xu Wuzun appearanceturned the head to look at Kong Miao oneKong Miao to look that the Zhao Hai appearancenoddedhis very clear ’ to speak negotiationshe to fall far shortthis moment to let Zhao Hai speaksXu Wuzun they possibly easily accept this condition compared with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai Xu Wuzuncoughed to see Xu Wuzun your excellencyto be courteous below Zhao Haito Xu Wuzun gave a salute said : lightly.”

Xu Wuzun is thinking how must refuse the Kong Miao conditionactually to be brokenXu Wuzun although to be dark by Zhao Haiactually dare to display ’ the present is artificial blade elder sisterhe for fish ’, moreover he may not be strange regarding Zhao Hai, reason that his very clearPalpus Clansmen failureis because Zhao Hai appears hundred treasure this failuresfeared that also has big relationshipnot to dareto see Mr. Zhao Hai facing his returned the salute said : that a such personhe does not dare to neglectwith Zhao Haimister to have what advice hastily?” If makes the outside world person know that ’ Divided Spirit Stage big Expertwill compete however will return salutethey certainly unable to believe to a person of Infant Stage time ’, but the matter actually really lived ’, moreover Xu Wuzun will also do will be so natural. Zhao Hai quickly said: Did not dareXu Wuzun your excellency to be too overly courteousI to think that your excellency appearancefeared doesn't want to accept the Kong Miao Grandmaster condition? Actually your excellency is not necessary soI to know that your excellency does not think leave octopus island ’, because there is Palpus Clansmen encampmentwants to your Palpus Clansmen very heavy ’, but your excellency also wants understandour Comprehend the world encampment ’ ’ also same important regarding us ’, if made your Palpus Clansmen enter to be cleartherefore to say strictlyasked you who our Comprehend the world encampmentour encampment detailsyou will also know to go to our encampmentregarding you and I both sides, the advantage fault respectively accounted for halfnot saying that only had the advantage to our Comprehend the world.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that ’ Xu Wuzun cannot help but falling person pondershim to not to thinkchanges mind thinks Zhao Hai said also totakes Palpus Clansmen ’ the Palpus Clansmen den octopus islandthat is notexcept for beside Palpus Clansmen that who can enteranybody does not permit to enter the person to the octopus island easily ’, otherwise that at the scene executes. Zhao Hai looks at the Xu Wuzun appearancethen said : „the present you and I both sides had one common ’ the incomparably powerful enemy ’, if we will divide in two placesall are defeatedfinally anyone not to feel better by that enemiesbut if we will live in togetherthatare the opposite party killus also to support some time about soldier one on equal toyour excellency to think?” ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;