Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1434

&\; 1 t \; a href = " floating astronomy &\; 1 t \; a /a >\; Chapter 360 issue Kong Miao some look at Zhao Hai of envying, he presently Zhao Hai too can coax, do not say Xu Wuzun, even if he felt that Palpus Clansmen moves to Comprehend the world encampment, was not the matter of suffering a loss. Xu Wuzun look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : mister said is very reasonable, but why can't be the Comprehend the world person comes up to our octopus island? Such words we can also collaborate to oppose the enemy, not?” Zhao Hai look at Xu Wuzun shows a faint smile said : Xu Wuzun your excellency, you said does not have the mistake, the octopus island there defense capability also is possibly very strong, but do not forget, behind in our Comprehend the world that Upper Realm, will send for supporting our, but they may don’t know our you probably the clan form an alliance now, they support time, definitely first will go to our Cultivation World encampment, if by that time, they presently our encampment nobody, can think that we did retreat? Such words they will possibly withdraw are not managing, by that time, feared that was we was really finished.” Xu Wuzun one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, then complexion changes, now he thinks that the most important point, that is behind Comprehend the world has the person. If the relying on Comprehend the world back person, cannot the clan add on the Comprehend the world strength by them, simply impossible with hundred treasure resistances, but behind Comprehend the world is standing person actually, this is Palpus Clansmen must with the reason that Comprehend the world cooperates, just he actually forgot this point. look at Zhao Hai of Xu Wuzun face cold sweat, nodded said : well, I can comply, our Palpus Clansmen can go Comprehend the world encampment with you, but I hope that your Comprehend the world person, can regard the ally to treat us.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, bows draws back, drew back returned to Kong Miao, Zhao Hai very clear, this moment, best to be exited by Kong Miao, he may not have the authority to accept the Palpus Clansmen condition, handled anything to have a discretion, but what Zhao Hai acted bashful to this discretion was very proper. Kong Miao saw Zhao Hai to draw back returned to he, his understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, Kong Miao nodded, lower the head and chant the names of Buddha said : Amitabha, invited Donor Xu Wuzun feel relieved, we said that form an alliance with must the clan, that you, when the becoming true ally, asking Donor Xu Wuzun not to need to be worried.” Xu Wuzun nodded said : that to ask Kong Miao Grandmaster, how can we be able to go to Comprehend the world encampment?” Kong Miao deep voice said : we go the octopus island with Xu Wuzun Shi Clan now, then goes to Comprehend the world encampment through there Transmission Formation, this is quickest, doesn't the safest method, know Donor Xu Wuzun what do you think?” Xu Wuzun nodded said : well, however our is certainly quick, although previous these support our hundred treasure people, came through Transmission Formation, but Stronghold of hundred treasure, to the octopus island is not very far, they feared that now was obtained information, if made them arrive at octopus island there first, that troubled.” Zhao Hai wields, these Undead Creature all information works unceasingly calmly, then his hand is wielding, Yama Ship appears in the under foot of people, Zhao Hai invited Xu Wuzun to Xu Wuzun said : your excellency, bringing your clansman to embark, we with quickest rushed to the octopus island.”

Xu Wuzun has not said anything, nodded, command(er) on these Palpus Clansmen Yama Ship, after waiting for all people to embark, Zhao Hai immediately command(er) Yama Ship is directly soaring the octopus island. Xu Wuzun they arrived on Yama Ship also to feel very curious, looking around, Zhao Hai has not been blocking them, they want to look favored, Yama Ship you light looked in any case the surface could not look at any thing. If Yama Ship goes fully, is quick, only several hours later, they entered in ocean, but the octopus island is only offshore archipelago, therefore enters ocean, almost enters the Palpus Clansmen domain on equal to. Can look at present Palpus Clansmen also very anxious, massive Palpus Clansmen in surrounding stand guard of octopus island, looked that Zhao Hai they arrive, these Palpus Clansmen stare, then anxious, many Palpus Clansmen have encircled, matter that obviously they also don’t know both sides form an alliance now. At this time naturally must act by Xu Wuzun, status of Xu Wuzun in Palpus Clansmen is very high, his these Palpus Clansmen immediately have drawn back at the same time, Yama Ship arrived in the octopus island quickly. Must say that this octopus island is really similar to a big octopus, main island is circular islands, in island also mountain, but in all around of octopus island, eight reefs belts, looks like looks like eight that the octopus extends must, looks like very bizarre. Obviously now octopus island also stand guard, Island Guardian Great Formation opened, Yama Ship is impossible to enter to the octopus island, stopped outside the island, then Xu Wuzun all alone entered in the octopus island. Because the entire octopus island started Island Guardian Great Formation relationship, can only in the indistinct seeing general terrain, in the island have many person of simply unable to see, but Zhao Hai and Kong Miao have not worried, but stands on Yama Ship static is waiting. Before long Xu Wuzun flew from spreading with five old Palpus Clansmen, these five Palpus Clansmen are Divided Spirit Stage Expert . Moreover the status in Palpus Clansmen is not evidently low. Xu Wuzun is leading that several Palpus Clansmen to Yama Ship on, then to Zhao Hai and Kong Miao introduced that said : Kong Miao Grandmaster, Mr. Zhao Hai, these five are our Palpus Clansmen Elder Assembly five Great Elder, they have a matter to ask Kong Miao Grandmaster, so long as Kong Miao Grandmaster can reply truthfully that our immediately organization people go to Comprehend the world encampment with you.” Kong Miao complexion some are not quite attractive, he has not thought at this time, Palpus Clansmen must interrogate, but he is deep voice said : several elders has any issue, please ask.” In five elders oldest, look at Kong Miao, holds the fist in the other hand to Kong Miao said : Kong Miao Grandmaster, our issue very simple, we want to know actually, behind Comprehend the world on Upper Realm is that.” «», Kong Miao complexion cannot help but changes, because of this issue he and don’t know, in Comprehend the world there, can reply the person of this issue, but a hand, even if qualifications very old empty rather Grandmaster and sword one, feared that is also only knows, was unable to determine.

But if this issue did not reply, that these Palpus Clansmen feared that will not walk with them, such Comprehend the world lost a strength formidable ally on equal to, can before reinforcement caught up, blocked the attacks of hundred treasure, that was an unknown. Zhao Hai looks at the Kong Miao appearance, almost guessed correctly him to think anything, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback open the mouth and said: Grandmaster, did not have what him who is good to hide the truth from at this time, this elder, we and you form an alliance, that believes you, hopes that do not speak today's words, not only otherwise our Comprehend the world person will not let off you, feared that will be our behind people will not let off you.” That elder nodded said : nature, we know the discretion.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at all around one, this turns the head to that elder whispered: Is open about the facts several, on Upper Realm of our Comprehend the world back, is Giant Spirit, Giant Spirit with hundred treasure is a bitter enemy, why this is also hundred treasure must cope with our reasons.” That must Great Elder one hear of Zhao Hai of clan say that this relaxed, he nodded said : to thank mister to consider truthfully, on the mister please island, my immediately gather clansman, shifts Comprehend the world encampment with mister.” The personal appearance moved has flown into the octopus island, but Xu Wuzun has not actually walked, but stood in Zhao Hai their side, obviously he remained to coordinate Zhao Hai. Kong Miao is actually face strange look at Zhao Hai, looked at Xu Wuzun one, then does voice transmission to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you know behind our Comprehend the world to stand who? This information links my don’t know, won't you be will deceive their?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, shook the head, passes on speaking sounds: Does not deceive their, real, behind our Comprehend the world is standing is the Giant Spirit person, reason that many knows that is because I the people of hundred treasure turning into Undead Creature, they said have coped with our Comprehend the world reason, otherwise I am impossible to know what copes with our Comprehend the world is hundred treasure people.” Kong Miao one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but nodded, Zhao Hai Undead Creature he has seen, he is he has seen had heard strongest Undead Creature, he to has believed Zhao Hai words, he then passes on speaking sounds: Many thanks to you, or in words these Palpus Clansmen are impossible to follow us.” Zhao Hai smiles said : nothing.” They speak at the same time, Yama Ship also entered the octopus island, this octopus island had not looked really that Fang Yuanpa has about the thousand li(500 km), in the island a mountain, looks like a head of octopus is the same, but on the mountain is digging many Cave Mansion, in Cave Mansion often has Palpus Clansmen to pass and out. Zhao Hai very clear just that must clan Great Elder, why must ask what behind Comprehend the world is standing is who, that must clan Great Elder definitely be knows on some ten-thousand realms battlefield here the graciousness anger between Upper Realm these people, if behind Comprehend the world is standing is not great Spirit Race this has on Upper Realm of bitter enemy with hundred treasure, but is one does not have too big relationship on Upper Realm with hundred treasure, that they they will not have walked with Zhao Hai possibly. On the person of Upper Realm is most Wuqing/ruthless, if one with hundred delimitation non- enmity on Upper Realm, after knowing Comprehend the world by attack, may not manage Comprehend the world, for after all in small, offends in one Upper Realm, this is the matter that in any Upper Realm will not do. But if on Upper Realm of Comprehend the world back is Giant Spirit, that situation is different, Giant Spirit with hundred treasure is a bitter enemy, all right, both sides will also get two, the small conflict is unceasing, now hundred treasure cope with Giant Spirit is covering Comprehend the world unexpectedly, Giant Spirit is impossible look at not to manage. Palpus Clansmen has such worry, therefore wants to ask, if behind Comprehend the world is not Giant Spirit, they, they rather do not remain to ask next hundred treasure, such also will possibly have life force, if they really with, but behind Comprehend the world big does not save them, that their possibly continually line life force not.

Kong Miao and Zhao Hai after Xu Wuzun on octopus island, Xu Wuzun immediately is bringing Zhao Hai and Kong Miao arrives at Transmission square there on island, Kong Miao not polite, immediately makes the Comprehend the world person come out, starts to use Transmission square there Transmission Formation, arranges Transmission Formation to Comprehend the world encampment, because Transmission square here originally bright Transmission Formation, they, so long as made some modification to be OK, therefore Transmission Formation arrangement rapidness of , after Transmission Formation prepare, Kong Miao immediately arranged empty rather them, was bringing some Comprehend the world cultivator first encampment there, was ready by encampment there, he by remained with Zhao Hai, helped. Matter of Palpus Clansmen arrangement relocation. cultivator moves is very quick, ten-thousand realms battlefield here is quicker, because here does not have the old person child and so on person, does not have the strength to be bad, strength worst is Infant Stage time Expert, this tidies up thing to come naturally to want on quickly many, these Palpus Clansmen tidied up before long, under the arrangement of Kong Miao, got up Transmission Formation, on Transmission Formation white light flashed, teams of Palpus Clansmen leave. Entire octopus island here, altogether has Palpus Clansmen about 4000, including more than 400 are Expert of Infant Stage time, 30 Divided Spirit Stage Expert, remaining all was Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. In ten-thousand realms battlefield here, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert resembles the cabbage to be the same, finds at everywhere, but must know that like Comprehend the world and must clan medium grade Interface, ten-thousand realms battlefield here, almost concentrate them in 95% Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, that almost when has put ten-thousand realms battlefield here a strength, therefore this population naturally are many. Also because of this, therefore Palpus Clansmen they will be being been giving to extinguish several hundred people by Zhao Hai , after surrounding thousand people, has to look like Comprehend the world to compromise, because of their very clear, if these people lost, then regarding must attack way too gigantic of clan, altogether they in ten-thousand realms battlefield here Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, about Five Elements person, if one lost about 2000 in Comprehend the world, then regarding them, without doubt was a disaster, the loss of this about half manpower, regarding the Comprehend the world person, was really too many, for these person considered, they have. Like the Comprehend the world compromise. As Palpus Clansmen on octopus island are getting fewer and fewer, Kong Miao their slowly were also relaxed, looked also remaining is less than 500 Palpus Clansmen, Kong Miao shows a faint smile said : looks like is very smooth, when this person arrived at encampment, we in that hairpin Transmission Formation one, can drag hundred treasure several days, when the time comes I think that Giant Spirit reinforcement should also arrive.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, only then reinforcement of Giant Spirit arrives, this was their two big matters, our these small fry, they feared cannot have a liking, but this time, we made hundred treasure one lose about thousand people, they feared that will be will not let off us easily, only hopes that Giant Spirit can block hundred treasure, otherwise we may probably have bad luck.” Just a saying ended, Zhao Hai cannot help but complexion changed, deep voice turned the head to Kong Miao said : Grandmaster, the people of hundred treasure came.” ! #