Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1435
&\; 1 t \; a href = " floating astronomy &\; 1 t \; /a >\; Kong Miao one hear of Zhao Hai said that ’ cannot help but complexion does change said : leaves here also far?” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback deep voice said :less than four hours of distance.[] Kong Miao looks at these Palpus Clansmen oneto nod said : time to sufficethese hundred treasure people presently Palpus Clansmen to disappearnext target is wehere does not certainly draw backactually unable to tow several days ’ the present only to hope the great Spirit Race person to our Comprehend the world encampment although to be able the quick arrival.” Zhao Hai noddedturns the head to look at onedeep voice said : Grandmaster ’ to tell Xu Wuzunalso to make him concentrate on work at selected units tightly this information in command(er) these Palpus Clansmen Xu Wuzun.” Kong Miao noddeddeep voice said : you to manage.” Zhao Hai noddedalthough his strength to be very strong ’, but in ten-thousand realms battlefield herecalculation that but a Buddhist Sect people said ’, but Kong Miao object, but a Buddhist Sect people tries hard to train ’, therefore Zhao Hai very much respects Kong Miaohe does not want with no reason at all was planned. Zhao Hai has arrived around Xu Wuzun, to Xu Wuzun ritual said : Xu Wuzun your excellency.” Xu Wuzun looked that Zhao Haion face flashes through a complex facial expressionhe naturally to know Zhao Hai formidable ’, but simultaneouslyalso made Xu Wuzun understand after these days contact Zhao Hai other aspect Zhao Hai not only strength formidablesimultaneously his wisdom made people feel surprisedlooked like in Xu WuzunComprehend the world threatening does not grasp hundred truly changes Kong Miao of Vajra stick, but was Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai fiercest is matter that ’ he wants to make you handlecertainly can convince you to makethat to fear that is you discovers the reason to refute himfinally presentlyyour simply not to refute. In ten-thousand realms battlefield heretakes the strength as Venerable ’ the Zhao Hai strengthwon the respect of Palpus Clansmen ’, no matter other he Palpus Clansmen ’, whenwill give precedence out of courtesy to Zhao Hai for three pointsthis is the respect to the strength. Because of this, therefore Xu Wuzun also does return salute said : Mr. Zhao Haito have the matter to Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai looked at all around onethese Palpus Clansmen had Xu through Transmission Formation to go to Comprehend the world encampmenthis voice transmission Xu Wuzun your excellencysuch as yes ’ should better to speed up pointshundred treasure peopleto Xu Wuzun said : to arrive at octopus island here about three hours.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that ’ Xu Wuzun complexion cannot help but does changealso voice transmission information may be accurate to Zhao Hai said :?”

Zhao Hai nodded said :your excellency to invite feel relievednow we are the allyin treating hundred treasure issues ’ we are is impossible to deceive yourme to think that three hours ’ should also be able to shift all people. Xu Wuzun noddedactually rejoiced at heart did not rejoice byhim really very much, these people in this clan do not have consideration too long time proposition that complied with Comprehend the world to form an alliance ’, if on a slow pointthat must the clan fear that slightly ended. Xu Wuzun deep voice did said : how many people come?” Zhao Hai deep voice said :still brings masknot to think no less than 3000this time them evidently ao dew statusI think that they know that Thousand-Man Team could not only go backthese time is retaliates. ” Xu Wuzun noddedhe not to think that hundred treasure sent out a 3000 people of teamis helps to the clan that their ’ the people of these big have not reasoned withmake hundred treasure lose 1000 peoplethese hundred treasure, if did not give Tu Qianthat unable their clan only a reststhinks that hereXu Wuzun cannot help but rejoiced. Xu Wuzun passes on speaking sounds to Zhao Hai: I will let their speeding up ’ after guaranteeing for one hour, can passasks mister to pass on to Grandmasterto let Grandmaster feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this point your excellency not to need to be worriedI am worried is not time ’, but after will be plan and the others walked, ’ ’ ’ ’ when the time comes can for us strive for some time hundred treasure people in your here not to have harvest some timecertainly to cope with Comprehend the world because of the person who a here cloth deceptive battle array will should better to constrain hundred treasure ’ to win timewe many security guaranteesto want us, when the person of Giant Spiritbasic on was also safe.” Xu Wuzun noddedlooks at all around one „’ ’ how mister now to arrange meto Zhao Hai said : to be this lord Mister Guan not to arrange is not a problemperson, so long as can constrain hundred treasureyou turns inside outI not to have the opinion the octopus island.” Zhao Hai noddeddeep voice said : I to go with Kong Miao Grandmaster to greetthen begins.” Xu Wuzun noddedZhao Hai to hold the fist in the other handturn around to return to the Kong Miao side to him ’, but these Xu Wuzun started to urge these Palpus Clansmen. The Zhao Hai returned to Kong Miao side ’ did Kong Miao look at Xu Wuzun said : to tell him?”

Zhao Hai selected writing nod said : to tellGrandmasterme to wantto be in doubt in these people who in this octopus island arranged turns lets hundred treasure ’, if the deceptive battle array of my cloth got up to do to usethat to tow hundred treasure some time.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that ’ Kong Miao to did gawkthen he to knit the brows said : this to be good? Must know that what hundred treasure can please search the people of clan to comewhen the time comes these fellows to look upnot to look up?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to try ’, if can succeed well ’ unable to succeed will not lose anythingthese hundred treasure people to look in any case here nobodydefinitely will look our.” Kong Miao nodded said : wellthat you to arrange.” Zhao Hai complied with onepersonal appearance to move has flown in midair. Then Zhao Hai wieldedthree Eight Sapphires Chariotthen Zhao Hai to wieldYama Ship appears then Zhao Hai to let three Eight Sapphires Chariot and Yama Ship hedges in the Zhao Hai side on appears several. Then Zhao Hairelease other Undead Creaturethen stopped in the octopus island has foughtZhao Hai hundred treasure that 1000 Undead Creature let out. Xu Wuzun the arrangement of they dull look at Zhao Haithey have not thought that reallyZhao Hai competes however such formidable ’ to make such arrangement. However after this has not endedarranged these, ’ Zhao Hai to take back all thing ’ a person to be void and verticalboth hands to tie the gentleness that sealboth eyes hang downwith smile on the facecannot say. Saw that the Zhao Hai appearanceKong Miao knows this is one type of Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method ’, but this was any Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method his actually don’t knowjust Kong Miao complexion slowly changeshe is also cultivates the Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method family backgroundprobably is one type of spirit class Cultivation Methodthis Cultivation Method does not have no aggressiveness regarding the Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method that Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method completely understandhe presently Zhao Hai now causesprobablybut he actually felt that ’ in the entire octopus islandall person thingevery bit of property ’ a mountain stonestarted to be intimate with Zhao Hai! This type feels very bizarre ’, but actually really existsthis made Kong Miao puzzledKong Miao look at all around onehe presently this feeling reallyin the entire octopus islandprobably the air to start to be intimate withthis with Zhao Hai is very the one type of most profound feeling ’, but Kong Miao actually really felt. These frightening heavilyhim had heard Kong Miao Buddhist Sect has some Cultivation Methodto be able with myriad things communicate ’, but these Cultivation Method also exist in the legendhe had heardhas not actually seen. Heard that ’ also Buddhism Cultivator Interfacethere has Buddhist Sect Expert to meet this type with myriad things communicate Cultivation Methodactually in ten-thousand realms battlefield here not to think today he competed however saw on the body of Zhao HaiKong Miao lower the head and chant the names of Buddhahe now cannot help but more curious to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai family background point words of issuehe certainly has not thought that Zhao Hai is ten-thousand realms battlefield herethat Buddhist Sect sends the Comprehend the world there undercover. However such thought in his transferred one completely to vanish at heart ’, because Kong Miao very clear ’, if in that Buddhist Secthas Zhao Hai such splendid disciplegiving up not to make him be the undercover absolutely. Zhao Hai currently uses is actually Mastering Infinity Profound Techniquethis Mastering Infinity Profound Technique isbelongs to one type of auxiliary Cultivation Method that the communicate myriad things useZhao Hai also to know that searches clansman very formidableto use their different raceto know octopus island here lived anythingbecause knows ’, therefore Zhao Hai will use Mastering Infinity Profound Techniquehe to have a look atthis to search clansman whether to break his Mastering Infinity Profound Technique. Searches clansman the reconstruct scene abilityactually to be one type of Divergent Techniquethis Divergent Technique also has high lowly ’, but Zhao Hai after own Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method very confidentBuddhist Sect Cultivation Method that because he studies may be Strength of Faith Cultivation Method ’, therefore Zhao Hai wants to tryto have a look at this to search clansman whether to break his Mastering Infinity Profound Technique ’, if can breakthat he must search clansman to this against ’, if brokenthat nature on has been needless to sayoctopus island here on can constrain hundred treasures to manage person several daysto have this several days cushion. ’ Believes that Giant Spirit there can also make to respond. After Zhao Hai has used Mastering Infinity Profound Technique, ’ returned to the Kong Miao side Grandmasterto Kong Miao said : „ ’ to be good. ’ ’ Kong Miao had not said that anythingnoddedto turn the head to look at some Xu Wuzun therepresent Xu Wuzun there also to preparePalpus Clansmen only remaining severalZhao Hai and Kong Miao also has Xu Wuzunalso to after these want together to walkthey walkedentire octopus island hereto be possible really to be reminded of dear ones who have left. Kong Miao and Zhao Hai arrived at the Xu Wuzun sideXu Wuzun to look at some octopus islandssighingZhao Hai to know that the Xu Wuzun thoughtsthis octopus island was the Palpus Clansmen native placetoday they is actually compelled leave own familythis really to be uncomfortable at heart. Zhao Hai has not urged anything deeplyXu Wuzun looked at an octopus eyethen to turn the head to Zhao Hai their said :to walk. ’ ’ Kong Miao several people got up Transmission Formationflash of white lightto vanish on the octopus island. In Zhao Hai their forms vanished after the octopus islandin octopus island suddenly appears several Palpus Clansmenthese Palpus Clansmendestroyed Transmission Formation on octopus island ’, moreover looked like probably is not intentionally the destruction ’, but received affect of fight. These Palpus Clansmen were not true Palpus Clansmen ’ they are only Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature ’ the Zhao Hai person is Transmission walked certainly ’, but this octopus island took in the Space maphe naturally to send Undead Creature by him to enter personthis time he to send these Palpus Clansmen Undead Creature at any time to destroy Transmission Formation ’ to let the person not being able to feel brains of hundred treasure to the octopus island.