Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1436

&\; 1 t \; a href = " floating astronomy &\; 1 t \; surprised that the /a >\; Chapter 362 empties white light flashes, Zhao Hai one line of appears in Transmission Formation, appears in Transmission Formation, Zhao Hai immediately have sized up, this is very big cavern, in cavern feared that has tens of thousands square meters, the ground portrays many Transmission Formation, now in cavern, some cultivator , etc. in there. Looked that Zhao Hai they came out, several Buddhist Sect cultivator immediately moved forward to meet somebody, young Monk hides said : to see Senior Brother to Kong Miao.” Kong Miao nodded, smiles said : originally is empties Junior Brother, Junior Brother, must the friends of clan arrange how?” Empties quickly said: Senior Brother invited feel relieved, has arranged, we gave to the friend of clan, the special division the a piece place has made the storehouse rest place, the person who before came, went to there to rest.” Kong Miao nodded, turns the head to Xu Wuzun said : Xu Wuzun your excellency, you rest first, what matter have, our wait a minute was saying that you do look to be good?” How Xu Wuzun also wants to have a look at own clansman, his immediately/on horseback nodded said : to be so best, first asked to be excused below.” Said that Xu Wuzun to a Zhao Hai thing Kong Miao ritual, is leading that several Palpus Clansmen, followed that several Buddhist Sect disciple. But empties is actually somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, because he just obviously saw that Xu Wuzun is distinguishes gave a salute to Kong Miao and Zhao Hai unexpectedly, this lets empty puzzled. Empties the present is only Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, but he is Kong Miao Junior Brother, the age compared with on Kong Miao small some, at such age, can practice Transcends Tribulation Stage, is a talent, but the person like Xu Wuzun, will not salute to him, because Xu Wuzun is Divided Spirit Stage Expert, but he is only Transcends Tribulation Stage. Emptied also to look, Zhao Hai was only a Infant Stage time, although knows that Zhao Hai many matters, know the Zhao Hai strength was good, but he still does not believe that Zhao Hai strong will go to that Divided Spirit Stage Expert, was impossible to look like a Infant Stage time to salute, but in his eye previous existence, this lets empty today at once in there, his really don’t know said that any was good. Kong Miao looked at Xu Wuzun leave, another looked at the appearance that emptied, showed a faint smile said : to empty Junior Brother, this was Mr. Zhao Hai, his status I want not to need to introduce, gave him to arrange a good point room.” Emptied one hear of Kong Miao saying that also has gawked, Kong Miao said that expressed he to Zhao Hai attach great importance to, to be honest, he has not seen the wonderful this appearance.

However he was immediately/on horseback has complied with said : well, invited Senior Brother feel relieved.” Kong Miao nodded, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, you also first rest, when refers to being uncertain must fight, you are ready.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to invite Grandmaster feel relieved, Zhao Hai momentarily awaits the summon.” Kong Miao nodded, in the person who turns the head groundata-titleo-air said : to come back, Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng, that two are the Zhao Hai friends, if there are if possible, to entering that they arrange, making Mo Sheng live with Zhao Hai in Cave Mansion.” Emptied complexion more dignified, he presently Kong Miao really very much settles on Zhao Hai, if he did not regard as important Zhao Hai, so explain/transfer, his immediately/on horseback will not have complied with one. Before spatial relative Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng arrangement was good, because the two are his sword one and empty rather specially look, now Kong Miao said that Kong Miao cannot help but was careful to the Zhao Hai three people. Kong Miao turns the head to Zhao Hai gave a salute, this turn around leave, but looks at one another appearance that spatially Kong Miao salutes, eyeball has almost not fallen, will Kong Miao actually salute to a Infant Stage time? He felt that this world messed up probably. To Kong Miao leave, Zhao Hai has then arrived at side that empties, groundata-titleo-air shows a faint smile, gave a salute said : Zhao Hai sees has emptied Grandmaster.” Empties then to recover, he salutes said : to meet Mr. Zhao Hai hastily spatially, mister was too polite, mister please come along with me.” The hand empty directs, directing Zhao Hai to walk toward by a cavern small mine tunnel. Zhao Hai empties, backwardness has emptied about half-step, does not have a point, appears very courteous, empties the look at Zhao Hai appearance, was actually somewhat puzzled, his understand, a such person, why will not be paid attention to by Kong Miao, was his strength so really strong? Zhao Hai actually don’t know empties in thinking anything, he look at hundred treasure these people in the head, these of hundred treasure is currently having in having about one hour, must arrive at octopus island there, this hundred treasure altogether dispatched 3000 people, these person of although are still bringing the mask, but Zhao Hai actually does not think that they will also use large Glaive. cultivator, uses some not to be inconvenient, Magical Artifact that or is not familiar with completely, to their fighting strength influences is very big, if these people of previous hundred treasure use is small Magical Artifact that they are good, that Zhao Hai they will not win is so relaxed.

But the person of this hundred treasure feared that to exterminating the clan, in this case, them will certainly use oneself most adept Magical Artifact, will not be holding the ambassador to use oneself not familiar Magical Artifact. However Zhao Hai in the people of these hundred treasure, existing has not actually searched existence of clansman, searches clansman previous Zhao Hai to see, searches the appearance of clansman is very special, Zhao Hai can affirm that here has not searched clansman, not only this makes Zhao Hai somewhat strange, the people of these hundred treasure, know that what matter lived? The Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, he had recalled with the process that the people of hundred treasure fight, in moment that the people of hundred treasure fight, he has made Undead Creature form a even bigger encirclement ring in the surrounding, can affirm that the bystander is impossible to enter to the battlefield, moreover on these Undead Creature, but also with using one type of spiritual force screen shortcoming Magical Artifact, spiritual force of bystander in formidable, is impossible to search to the battlefield, therefore the battlefield there situation, the bystander affirmative is don’t know, the people of these hundred treasure, have what specially method, Can know that what in the battlefield lived? Reason that Zhao Hai thinks that is because other he has carried on to battlefield there turned the arrangement, after they with the people of hundred treasure fight, when there stayed for several hours, these hours of although and other information, Zhao Hai also continuously in Space, but he carried on to battlefield there turned cleaning up, gave to clean all aura cleanly, moreover Zhao Hai has also used Mastering Infinity Profound Technique in there, but he in use, Kong Miao their don’t know. Kong Miao they sat in Space of Undead Creature body at that time, thinks that outside own spiritual force can put, can know from A to Z to outside all, but other they made a mistake. So long as they entered in the Undead Creature body, even if were their spiritual force in formidable, that was also Zhao Hai wants to make them know that anything made them know anything, does not want to make them know that they were definitely impossible to know. But the matter of Zhao Hai cleaning up battlefield, does not want to make them know that therefore Zhao Hai, let these people of Undead Creature to Comprehend the world during that time, has carried on the spiritual camouflage. The spiritual camouflage does not shield complete spirit, the spiritual camouflage be more difficult than the shield spirit, especially time to these Transcends Tribulation Stage or Expert of Infant Stage is so. The spiritual camouflage in some specific time, uses one type of specific spiritual force, conceals the truth spiritual force that opposite party release has come, this spiritual force one is impossible to continue too long time, otherwise easily presently. Because of this, therefore spiritual camouflage, very difficult, the average person does not dare to use lightly, even if Zhao Hai, does not dare the use of long time, has only used a while, he battlefield cleaning up horse, immediately has relieved the spiritual camouflage. Because has done these many equipment work, therefore Zhao Hai can affirm, if the people of hundred treasure do not let search the clan, is impossible to know the battlefield in there, even if searching the clan looks not necessarily to be effective. Now the people of these hundred treasure, have not brought to search clansman probably, such direct killed, doesn't this little suit?

Actually this is Zhao Hai regarding on Upper Realm person who relationship that does not understand, on the Upper Realm person never anything does not reason with, on the Upper Realm person wants to cope with anyone, a sometimes excuse does not need to look, will kill directly to visit. But the matter of this war is somewhat special, is leaving Zhao Hai their battlefield not far place, has many other people to watch the fun in there, person who although these people have not seen hundred treasure how, but actually saw that Comprehend the world and Palpus Clansmen together sits Yama Ship to go toward the octopus island, light had this to be enough, the people of hundred treasure must cope with Palpus Clansmen, what does not need in looking for gives a pretext, evidence and so on thing, therefore then direct on killing to visit. Zhao Hai is thinking these times, before emptying already got him to arrive at Cave Mansion, spatial relative Zhao Hai bows said : Mr. Zhao Hai, this was your Cave Mansion, if there is any need, please say to little monk that encampment here you can visit, but some had the place of forbidden area inscription, you cannot enter, will otherwise receive formation attack.” Zhao Hai nodded, groundata-titleo-air ritual said : so thanked Grandmaster, Grandmaster, when can my two friends come?” Because this time feared that hundred treasure person suddenly kills, therefore Zhao Sea Lord Li Zongdao led Mo Sheng to come first, had the sword to take care of them, Zhao Hai did not have what good worry. Empties to smile said : to invite mister feel relieved, their immediately meets, that did not come.” Said that referred to Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai looked, Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng arrived at here under a Buddhist priest's guidance. Zhao Hai nodded to them, turns the head groundata-titleo-air said : thanks a lot Grandmaster, Grandmaster did not use in arranges other Cave Mansion to them, made them live with me in together on the line.” Emptied one hear of Zhao Hai saying that did not gawk slightly, but he had not opposed, but nodded said : well, depended on Donor Zhao Hai, had any need words, can tell the here Buddhist priest, if they could not take responsibility, will inform little monk, three invited, little monk was not disturbing three to rest.” Said that bows to Zhao Hai, turn around walked. Zhao Hai also returned the salute, then turns the head to Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng smiles said : to walk, goes, rest well, feared that was must have the war to over the two days hit.” Li Zongdao nodded, three people entered in Cave Mansion shoulder to shoulder. ......