Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1437

&\; 1 t \; a href = " floating astronomy &\; 1 t \; /a >\; Chapter 363 Strange octopus island Tang Jie toward the forward flight, to be honest, he really is angry now, is not angry with others, but is angry with their above people, his Tang Jie is Expert that in hundred treasure here young generations became famous, now is Divided Spirit Stage Expert, now makes him carry out such duty unexpectedly? Attacks in one Encampment, this also too lost face, didn't this clarify has looked down upon him? He can happy. It looks like in Tang Jie, the above these old fogies, had been finished, did not have the lofty aspirations and high ideals, handles any matter to attempt steady, this is competent any important matter.[] They made Palpus Clansmen cope with Comprehend the world like before, Comprehend the world was hung under the Giant Spirit name, moreover in, they also belongs to strength quite weak that one type of, coped with such small to have any meaning, must do does in a big way, which Giant Spirit the directness on made war, defeated Giant Spirit, that all on has not been solved, by that time Comprehend the world here small, cannot flatter them likely, tidied up small, was really not what sense of achievement. Order inside package that this Tang Jie receives holds several duty, first, finds out the beforehand that only Thousand-Man Team situation, how had a look at that only Thousand-Man Team, all died, had to live. Second, tidies up Palpus Clansmen, this that Thousand-Man Team is missing, because of Palpus Clansmen, Palpus Clansmen these fellows also knows that Thousand-Man Team details, but also has the relation with them, therefore Palpus Clansmen cannot remain. Third, extinguishes the Comprehend the world person, Comprehend the world has dared to make war with them, this is hundred treasure does not permit absolutely, therefore Comprehend the world must destroy completely \; first, to set up prestige, two are to fear the Comprehend the world person knows that is who is coping with him, ahead of time gave Giant Spirit to send the letter. Then plan effect on their successor is very big. Actually the people of hundred treasure cope with Comprehend the world, has the point, they make Palpus Clansmen cope with Comprehend the world, afterward also planned to extinguish the Palpus Clansmen mouth, so long as Palpus Clansmen were remnant to the dozen Comprehend the world, some of their seize the opportunity release rumors, will say that Giant Spirit saw somebody in danger and did nothing and so on, in any case the Giant Spirit name doing. When the time comes under the Giant Spirit these small Interface people, the person thoughts will move, reason that small Interface submits to big Interface. First, because is really not match, two to seek protection, if that big Interface cannot protect them, they naturally must think his law in addition. To put it bluntly, Comprehend the world is a bad luck ghost who hundred treasure elect casually, specifically is used for disgusting Giant Spirit, hundred treasure had followup plan, so long as their plan successes, Giant Spirit under the hand/subordinate some on and small Interface, can in a short time become hundred treasure people. Feared that is when the time comes Comprehend the world will submit to them, because must carry on this plan, person who therefore previous time they send, weapon of use can be large Glaive. large Glaive belongs to heavy weapon, is great Spirit Race quite one type of weapon that likes using, hundred treasure make their people use large Glaive, frames by planting stolen goods on the meaning of crops calamity. Originally this good that very plans to arrange, in their opinion. Comprehend the world in not having situation of preparation, by Palpus Clansmen on planning, then rooted out on equal to, them is sending out some people to help Palpus Clansmen when necessary, certainly can give dozen of remnants Comprehend the world.

Then they can find an excuse to look for Comprehend the world. Helped Comprehend the world extinguish Palpus Clansmen, can play doing that eliminated a potential informant to use, making Palpus Clansmen a scapegoat, then they in the start rumor plan, within the shortest time, these on and received in hand, these Interface although normally looked like fighting strength is not very strong, so long as their integrate in together. Also is fighting strength that cannot be estimated lightly. What most important is, through this matter, can attack Giant Spirit the prestige, when the time comes the prestige of Giant Spirit is damaged, following Interface disunity. This is they attacks the Giant Spirit best opportunity. Hundred treasure and Giant Spirit fight repeatedly, has not taken any advantage, moreover suffers heavy casualties, the hatred of 2 Realms, already penetrated in Bone, simply is impossible to clean up, therefore they have planned now for many years, does not cause heavy losses to Giant Spirit. However the people of hundred treasure, have not thought that their this look like very perfect plans, actually by Zhao Hai destroying, a person destroyed their plan unexpectedly, this is hundred treasure people have not thought. Because their plans were destroyed, therefore the people of hundred treasure have to change the plan, they set out 3000 to have, is only Divided Spirit Stage Expert has about 50 people, for is at one fell swoop gives to destroy completely Palpus Clansmen, is turning the head to destroy completely Comprehend the world, is carrying on the second rumor to plan. But this Tang Jie was sent to carry out this duty, Tang Jie also has to carry out this duty is angry, actually don’t know, this is hundred treasure High level regards as important him, therefore makes him carry out this duty. Tang Jie simply with having to look for any evidence, killed directly to the octopus island, to the surrounding of octopus island, Tang Jie had beckoned with the hand, cultivator immediately of these hundred treasure dispersed, was paying attention to all around. However around this very peaceful, cannot see a person's shadow, but is this, Tang Jie does not dare to treat it lightly, they know what they must cope is who, Palpus Clansmen, what Palpus Clansmen most to be good at? Naturally is the stealth , because of the Palpus Clansmen most being good at stealth, therefore Tang Jie such careful. Tang Jie knows Palpus Clansmen being good at stealth, therefore his these time dashes to the octopus island, because Tang Jie knows that the octopus island is a place that Palpus Clansmen most cannot give up, no matter Palpus Clansmen in how stealth, so long as they kill the octopus island, Palpus Clansmen meets appears . These person of although very careful own all around of hundred treasure, but does not have to care, Palpus Clansmen fighting strength their very clear, but compares to them to come, fell far short. This is also difference between big Interface and small Interface, all thing that big Interface uses is best, Cultivation Method is best, Defensive Equipment is best, Magical Artifact is best, medicine pill is best, all are good, these thing add. Will let the big Interface person, compared with the small Interface person, in fighting strength many, is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, Palpus Clansmen is impossible to be victorious hundred treasure. Hundred treasure one line of touching slowly to the octopus island, they had not actually met attack, one time does not have, this arrived is makes Tang Jie somewhat anxious. Quick they have been able to see the octopus island, but is this, Palpus Clansmen still does not have appears . This makes Tang Jie somewhat accidental, Palpus Clansmen wants to put the island to come up them, then in formation using island copes with them? Is impossible, generally Fangshan Great Formation, will be will keep off the person outside, but this will keep off Magical Artifact of person is in Mountain Guardian Great Formation Might biggest Palpus Clansmen is in the person, their Mountain Guardian Great Formation should also such arrange is right, they will be impossible to put strongest defensive formation not to use, but will be wants to admit the island the person. Then cuts off the enemy's retreat and annihilates them, they do not have such strength.

although in thinking these, but their advancing actually did not fear that the quick people approached the octopus island, Tang Jie have been careful, he looked at all around one, if presently octopus island there has Island Guardian Great Formation, then after starting protective shield Great Formation. That Great Formation range, should control in this nearby. However Tang Jie was disappointed, they have still not met any attack entire octopus island look like the city that does not garrison are the same, they can turnover easily. The people of quick hundred treasure entered in the octopus island, entered to the octopus island, they were scared. Because in the octopus island has obvious battle trace, this makes Tang Jie they very puzzled. information that Tang Jie they receive is, in leaving the octopus island also has is not the too far place, lived a war, in the fight had their clansman to participate, after the fight tied, the Comprehend the world person and must the people of clan sit Comprehend the world Great Magical Artifact to fly toward the octopus island, but their clansman actually vanish from sight. This is because of this point, therefore in their clan will send them to come, thousand Human Race person vanish from sight, that definitely meets any mishap. But the Comprehend the world person and Palpus Clansmen are the together returned to octopus islands, said in other words. Palpus Clansmen might give to sell them very much, was on good terms with Comprehend the world, but as the matter stands, the fight trace on this island somewhat could not be justified. If Comprehend the world forms an alliance with Palpus Clansmen, 2 Realms did not need to fight, moreover fought on the octopus island, was this Comprehend the world person, so really strong? Dares to spell with Palpus Clansmen on the octopus island hardly? Around Tang Jie careful look at, octopus island destroyed is not very strict is heavy, but can actually look, after that is some Great Magical Artifact fight mutually, trace that leaves, this makes Tang Jie very puzzled. Hundred treasure before using Palpus Clansmen, investigate to must the strength of clan, must the race's in strength not be very strong, they do not have existence of Great Magical Artifact, because does not have Great Magical Artifact, will suffer a loss with the fight of Comprehend the world. In order to cope with Comprehend the world Great Magical Artifact, hundred treasure put out three Eight Sapphires Chariot to cope with Comprehend the world Great Magical Artifact specially, if the Comprehend the world person, really their thousand Human Race people extinguishing, clansman Great Magical Artifact definitely had also been given by the Comprehend the world person went, that octopus island here possibly lived the trace that Great Magical Artifact attacked mutually, now here actually appears , this what's the matter? Tang Jie is thorough fainted, he wants to break the head also to think understand, octopus island here did not live any matter. In fact not only he does not think understand, the people of other hundred treasure do not think understand. When Tang Jie is worried, a person arrives at his side, to his whispered: Senior Brother, the here situation was extremely strange, I thought that we should tell above the here situation, the decisions and other, did not miss in any case these hours, did you look?” Tang Jie one sobered, he nodded, looks at all around one, immediately has put out a signalling jade sword, spiritual force searches into, has written the octopus island here situation, added one in him finally, please search the clansman help the words, then release jade sword. After jade sword release, Tang Jie immediately/on horseback turns the head to his Junior Brother said : Tang Wen, your immediately/on horseback enabled everyone/Great Clan examination in all directions on the octopus island, what clue look to find, in sending out a 500 people of squad, that battlefield there that went to the beforehand people to say observes to look that look can find that battlefield, strange, before we came time, normally passed through that battlefield, how to have felt a fight the trace?”

Tang Wen nodded said : „I am very strange, this matter truly is passing the fishy, I arrange.” Tang Jie nodded, slowly is flying on the octopus island, he also wants to find the clue. Looked some little time, Tang Jie can affirm finally, lived certainly a war on the octopus island, the scale of this war is not small. However except for these thing, his anything could not look, this made Tang Jie very worried, simultaneously he also felt that atmosphere, he was Divided Spirit Stage Expert, spiritual force formidable, in common situation, even if has not searched the help of clansman, so long as they swept the situation in battlefield with spiritual force, can probably know that lived anything. However this move uses in here does not work, in the octopus island, there is a trace of Great Magical Artifact battle, has to clan the energy fluctuation of use Magical Artifact, person who has Comprehend the world causes the energy fluctuation of Magical Artifact, but also they person uses the energy fluctuation of Magical Artifact, these fluctuations mix in together, very chaotic, is unable to look up. Tang Jie cannot bear scolded one, his these time comes out, although to cope with Palpus Clansmen Comprehend the world, but similarly, found they that 1000 talented people are most essential, they think that 1000 people had been killed, but now in octopus island here, appears that 1000 people of energy fluctuations, this has made them have to keep octopus island here to search carefully, hopes that can find more clues. Grew several tones, calm one own mood, Tang Jie now only has been also able to wait, only hoped to search clansman to be able the quick arrival, so long as searched clansman to come, they can make understand, in the octopus island lived any matter. Before long Tang Wen arrived at the Tang Jie side, to Tang Jie said : Senior Brother, has arranged, that 500 people that exits, do not have what harvest, they have still not arrived at the battlefield in there, under road that we come, had not felt that a point energy fluctuation, this was too strange.” Tang Jie nodded, he then knit the brows said : normally this situation is impossible to live, information that before we obtained was, Palpus Clansmen possibly got up with Comprehend the world person alliance, moreover our people fought outside the island with the Comprehend the world person, in the island should not leave such trace was right, moreover in this island also had my person to use Magical Artifact mark, this was too strange.” Tang Wen nodded said : „is not very normal, here is passing a very strange aura, Senior Brother, I look at or let everyone/Great Clan carefully, best is makes person part go to surrounding stand guard, simultaneously arranges here defensive formation, this people want to cope with us, is not that easy.”