Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1438

&\; 1 t \; a href = " floating astronomy &\; 1 t \; /a >\; Tang Jie nodded, the situation on this octopus island was extremely strange, he now has been somewhat in doubt, what to do if here is really a trap that? Is more careful is good. Tang Wen looks at Tang Jie to nod, deep voice said : that I arranged.” Tang Jie nodded, beckoned with the hand, his Tang Wen and Tang Jie relationship is best, they are disciple that Master teaches, moreover small time, Tang Wen is always bullied, generally is Tang Jie helps him act, grows up later Tang Wen to always be also together with Tang Jie, good with person.[] Some Tang Jie this person arrogance, however on command(er), are actually very skillful, moreover fighting strength very formidable, Tang Wen some were not quite same, Tang Wen very intelligent, the thoughts are prudent and meticulous, but he has been short of an aggression, most also works as a material of military strategist, therefore Tang Wen with Tang Jie, their command(er), has offered advice, to is the flawlessness of coordination. Before long Tang Wen on returned to the Tang Jie side, said : Senior Brother, had good information in a soft voice, Island Guardian Great Formation on this octopus island destroyed is not serious, so long as carries on the simple repair to use, you looked that fixes him? We can regard a temporary Stronghold use here.” Tang Jie one hear of Tang Wen said that cannot help but stares, then frowns said : Mountain Guardian Great Formation not destroyed serious very? That said that is Palpus Clansmen puts the person? Later hit in here? Who can this be? Too strange, Little Wen, you do, first is good that big Formation Cultivator, suits this octopus island to also real ting works as temporary Stronghold.” Tang Wen nodded, turn around walked, Tang Jie transferred on the island two, still does not have presently anything, he has to give up, now he to hopes that really that searched clansman to be able earlier to come, having a look in this octopus island to live any matter with, why will become such strange. In fact not only Tang Jie and Tang Wen presently the situation on this octopus island is not very right, other people also present, must know that these people may be some Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, spiritual force formidable, in has fought many battles in addition, sweeps with spiritual force, knew in this island to live anything, but saw the situation on this island, they also same felt with Tang Jie strange. These people are also the generations of experience Old Daoist, to a such strange and strange place, has naturally been careful, now looked that Tang Wen they are repairing Fangshan Great Formation, in the past helped, does not have no research to Formation, in all around stand guard. Before long Mountain Guardian Great Formation fixed, but this Great Formation needs person control now, like Palpus Clansmen, is only not bringing a piece Identifier status thing, can pass and out freely in big in the formation.

However is this, Tang Jie very satisfied, he has also given these people a school grade order, making some people on the island stand guard, other people can also find the place to rest. In island although by Zhao Hai cloth deceptive battle array time destroyed, however destruction are not many, the majority of constructions are complete, is adding on cultivator Cave Mansion originally cultivate strong/sturdy , the place that therefore the people find is not a problem. Quick octopus island here peaceful, besides teams of hundred treasure people in the here patrol, could not see others. But Tang Jie actually in one time several Captain level characters in Tang Wen and their team convened together, can look from this time, these hundred treasure compared with Comprehend the world much stronger, hundred treasure this 3000 people of Battalion, like the army, be divided into Captain, but like Comprehend the world and must the clan, almost did not have separately, everyone/Great Clan was temporary get together, what cannot minute of Captain. Tang Jie sits on praying mat, looked at several people of one, deep voice said : octopus island here situation everyone/Great Clan also saw, here was somewhat strange, here also had the aura of our person, this showed that they possibly have lived the conflict in octopus island here and Comprehend the world, the information that but this obtained with us was not quite same, I had reported to above this situation before, moreover let request personally searches the people of clan to come, before searching clansman, the everyone/Great Clan certainly rather good this octopus island, before here possible is presently, these person whereabouts sole clue.” The people nodded, at this time Tang Wen look at Tang Jie said : Senior Brother, that Comprehend the world what to do? Our these time has duty, if makes Comprehend the world pass on information, that great Spirit Race these fellows will possibly respond, this to us is very disadvantageous.” Tang Jie sighed said : to fear that was the present Giant Spirit person knew, in Comprehend the world with the Palpus Clansmen cooperation, our status expose, the Comprehend the world person certainly will immediately tell Giant Spirit this information at that moment, we were to make anything now respond also late.” One hear of Tang Jie said that Tang Wen has not been making noise, he is not a fool, conversely, his very intelligent, what he knew Tang Jie to say was real, the Comprehend the world person feared that with a Palpus Clansmen contact, first will ask their status, Palpus Clansmen originally did not have what moral integrity fellow, they really will not mind the person selling. So long as the Comprehend the world person knows that their status, definitely immediately their status reporting, such great Spirit Race definitely know this matter, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, they did not gather with great Spirit Race, was not the news.

Before Tang Wen also had to think this point, but he had a luck, hopes that Comprehend the world has not known this matter. But this is also Tang Wen with the Tang Jie most different place, a military strategist can try our luck, but superior actually cannot like this, understanding the situation clearly be very necessary. The in the room person, hears Tang Jie this saying, sinks at heart, face is not quite attractive, Tang Jie looked at people one eyes, what coldly snorted said : has feared, wasn't makes the great Spirit Race person know? Knows that he can be what kind, how many before our hundred treasure fought to return with Giant Spirit also don’t know, heard that now the situation in Giant Spirit is not quite good, a little meaning of temporary shortage, above wanted to cope with Giant Spirit at this time, settled on this point, above did not fear that what we did fear? Does his mother.” Tang Jie said that the in the room person spirit shakes, their young, is a warm-blooded time, a Tang Jie such saying, these person of immediately felt that on oneself an intermittent dryness and heat, the blood, started to burn. If to other on Interface, these people possibly such will not be careful, but this time they to , but Giant Spirit, Giant Spirit with hundred treasure that is a bitter enemy, hundred treasure many time suffered a loss in in hand of Giant Spirit, if this time they can rout Giant Spirit, they can certainly keep the history. Tang Jie looks at the appearances of these people, cannot help but shows a faint smile, he knows his plan success, reason that he said that must mention morale of these people, 2 Realms fights, especially fights with Giant Spirit such spirit appearance, wants all things to be careful, that fears is on morale a little small disparity, might be given capture by the opposite party, at that time bad luck was they. although said that they obtain the information, said that great Spirit Race some temporary shortages, in the Rebirth generation do not have no Expert now, but an extremely thin camel is bigger than a horse, to a on such enemy, anybody does not dare to treat it lightly. Tang Jie looked at morale not to have the issue, his then deep voice said : Comprehend the world, a bad luck ghost but who was elected by us, no big deal, we did not need to be worried about anything, our present most important duty, must know the life of that group of people previous time came, Comprehend the world, but was existence that may extinguish conveniently, does not need to be worried, when we had the time to tidy up them not late, how if they dare our people, that they on and other to exterminate the clan.” The people nodded, to be honest, they have not thought highly of the Comprehend the world person, before although, they know that Zhao Hai will use *, but * is not rare in these big, Zhao Hai just * operation better, is really not worth them extremely in the attention.

In hundred treasure such on Upper Realm eyes, at Comprehend the world, but was closed the rabbit in basket, when they have the time to give this rabbit blade, butchering to end this rabbit, the although rabbit anxious will have bitten, but the rabbit is impossible to bite to death the person. Tang Jie looked at people one eyes, then said : after this matter, the person of Giant Spirit definitely knows that our our motion, everyone/Great Clan has been ready, at any time standing by, these time waited for that our is a tough battle, therefore octopus island here we must manage now, that feared that regards a stopover station to be also good here.” The people nodded, Tang Jie beckoned with the hand said : to be good, everyone/Great Clan rests, arranging the manpower to go on patrol, after searching clansman, how we should walk in research next.” The people should one sound, turn around walk, Tang Jie kept Tang Wen. Only remaining two people time, the Tang Jie facial expression was somewhat dignified, his look at Tang Wen said : Little Wen, after your a while exits, immediately constructs one with our encampment interlinked Transmission Formation, has remembered, constructs in a secret place, is keeps an escape route to us.” Tang Wen one hear of Tang Jie said that cannot help but has gawked, then his puzzled look at Tang Jie said : Senior Brother, what meaning is your this saying? You think that here is really one in view of our traps?” Tang Jie let out a long breath said : this point no one said that this time matter was extremely strange, I somewhat was also in doubt, but can affirm that these matters were certainly related with Comprehend the world, but my also don’t know they had any point, I believe that on the a batch person was now more unfortunate than fortunate, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, may not have what friendly stubble, Comprehend the world, if thought the investment of heart and soul to Giant Spirit follower, will then be impolite to our these people, they feared that is will regard to throw these person describes, therefore we must careful.” Did Tang Wen knit the brows said : they not to have that big courage? Do we 3000 people, they also dare to come attack octopus island here now?” Tang Jie shook the head, sighs said : person to be compelled anxiously, any matter can do.”!.