Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1439

&\; 1 t \; a href = " floating astronomy &\; 1 t \; on /a >\; Zhao Hai calm look at screen Tang Jie their dialogs, Tang Jie they from entry to octopus island surrounding time, in his surveillance, now Tang Jie they enters the octopus island, every action and every movement, in the surveillance of Zhao Hai. When continuously Tang Jie said that last, Zhao Hai then shows a faint smile, he has not thought really that in the arrangement of octopus island there, so will be unexpectedly good, will play such big doing to use.[] Zhao Hai long vented anger, he knows now encampment here temporary was safe, like this will not let off in the people of hundred treasure their, but can win these time, Zhao Hai already very happy. In this time, outside Cave Mansion is transmitting sound speaking sounds: Mr. Zhao Hai in? Some people want to invite you in the past, having the matter must ask you.” Zhao Hai one hear of this sounds know that is empties, his personal appearance moves, appears in Cave Mansion in front of the door, emptied to bow said : you quite to empty Grandmaster.” Spatial relative Zhao Hai ritual said : Mr. Zhao Hai is good, please come with me.” Zhao Hai nodded, empties to fly outward. They seven circle eight to circle, before long flew from the mine tunnel, Zhao Hai presently they arrived on a mountain, this mountain not very high, on the mountain everywhere is the mine tunnels, looks like a honey-comb, however on the summit, actually the palace, scale very big of this palace, looks like resplendent and magnificent, is very attractive. Empties to lead Zhao Hai to fly toward palace there, Zhao Hai knows that the material about encampment here, he knows in that palace, lives in Comprehend the world in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here status highest person. They arrived at outside of palace there spatial palace to have several cultivator to stand guard quickly, these cultivator were Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, cultivator gave a salute that spatial relative these stood guard, this walked toward inside. Bypassed several big palaces, they arrived at a following leaning room, this leaning room looks like very ordinary in the semblance, a point is also common. However emptied to arrive at outside of leaning room, the facial expression became very respectful, deep voice said : Zhao Hai!” Inside transmits very old sound speaking sounds: Asked Mr. Zhao Hai to come.” Empties to bow said : to end one side of the personal appearance, the making way path, puts out a hand the hand signal that has made invitation toward inside. Zhao Hai knows certainly that the hand signal of person is representing anything, he not polite, pushed the door to walk.

This is quiet room, inside sits several old monks, the ages of these old monks looked that is not small, their although wears the frock. However the frock was very worn-out, on the face has also been covered with the wrinkle, head although handles very clean, but on the face has actually been covered with the beard . Moreover the eyebrow is also very long. Zhao Hai is natural, semblance these thing are not the Zhao Hai attention, what he pays attention is the strengths of these old monks, the strengths of these old monks, he does not see clearly unexpectedly, their several people appear muddy chaotic dun. simply cannot see clearly their strengths. In Zhao Hai heart one cold, his very clear this on behalf of anything, the strengths of these old monks certainly to Immortal Stage, will otherwise not give him this feeling. although spoke of Transcends Tribulation Stage, generally can rise Immortal Stage, so long as you are willing to practice have been OK, but with according to these days understanding, Zhao Hai actually knows. These words simply comforts the person, Transcends Tribulation Stage is Transcends Tribulation Stage, Immortal Stage is Immortal Stage. Truly did not have what checkpoint from Transcends Tribulation Stage to Immortal Stage, but wanted from Transcends Tribulation Stage to Divided Spirit Stage, your spirit cultivation level minimum must promote to over hundred times, although this looked like very astonishing. However regarding cultivator, is actually not very difficult to complete, so long as uses massive medicine pill, in a short time can by own Spiritual Qi, obtains massively be raised long rises, if possible, only uses several years of time, can arrive at Divided Spirit Stage. However you want to arrive at Immortal Stage from Divided Spirit Stage. Actually impossible to solve with medicine pill, because this middle disparity was really too big, arrived at Immortal Stage from Divided Spirit Stage, was only the Spiritual Qi quantity, will be Divided Spirit Stage several million times. Moreover what is strangest, wants to arrive at Immortal Stage from Divided Spirit Stage, you want to use medicine pill to promote your Spiritual Qi are impossible, medicine pill may promote your Spiritual Qi, Spiritual Qi that but if you practice does not arrive at certain quantity, do not think of Immortal Stage for a lifetime. But Immortal in this Immortal Stage, did not refer to you being able Eternal Life undead, this long rose one to refer, you can live 1296 years old, general Immortal Stage Expert, can live 1296 years old, but generally not 2592 years old , in other words, the general Immortal Stage strong time, will not have lived two Yuan number. These old monks are Immortal Stage Expert, moreover looks at their ages, should cross one Yuan number, they close one's eyes, on the face the well does not have o. Zhao Hai bows ritual said : Zhao Hai to see several Grandmaster to several old monks hastily, does not know that several Grandmaster do summon Zhao Hai to come, has what advice?” That how many old monks looked at Zhao Hai one, an eyebrow and beard long specially old monk, deep voice said : Donor Zhao Hai, heard Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method that you study? Does not know Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method that the person studies does call what Ming?” Zhao Hai bows said : to return to the Grandmaster words, in Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method that below studies, known as arhat Divine Art.”

That old monk has still not opened the eye, but calm said : young donor saying feared that is some are not groundless, in Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, never has that Cultivation Method known as Divine Art, but how also please the young donor consider.” Zhao Hai one hear of this old monks said that cannot help but rose one at heart, cannot offend his feeling absolutely, he one cold, he suspected that this was the one type of Spiritual Attack method, but he was careful said : asks Grandmaster to excuse me, Zhao Hai to protect oneself, has to speak irresponsibly a name, Cultivation Method that youngster studied, was actually not one set of Cultivation Method, but by half set of Cultivation Method, was youngster obtains, these half set of Cultivation Method Dragon Descend Profound Technique, Crouching Tiger Profound Technique, Pagoda Profound Technique, Mastering Infinity Profound Technique, Sword Breath Profound Technique, Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique comprised, afterward youngster knows that these names were related with the Buddhist Sect arhat, therefore. youngster gave this Cultivation Method to give a name, called the arhat Divine Art.” As soon as that several old monk listened to Zhao Hai saying that quite a while has not spoken, but buddha beads on several manpower, were still actually rotating, not anxiously not slow. Some little time, beforehand that old monk open the mouth and said: Young donor words to are good, how thanked the young donor to consider. May I ask the young donor, does your this control the method of Great Magical Artifact to study to come from where?” Zhao Hai felt own spiritual pressure getting bigger and bigger, probably is he, if lies, will receive the day to dispatch to be the same, but Zhao Hai still maintains oneself Spirit Platform piece of clear and bright, his deep voice said : returns to Grandmaster, youngster operates the Great Magical Artifact method, from Pagoda Profound Technique, Pagoda Profound Technique operates the method of Great Magical Artifact Cultivation Method collection Major Mastery.” Old monk then said : does not know whether the young donor considers this Cultivation Method truth.” Zhao Hai felt, pressure that he receives now. Even if general Divided Spirit Stage Expert cannot withstand, certainly will have anything to say anything, if he at this time, were a little scruple, certainly will be suspected by that several old monk, by his present strength, one, but was suspected by that several old monk, he had dead Unborn, therefore his hesitant did not have, immediately/on horseback deep voice said : was. Grandmaster.” That old monk lost to his a piece jade slip, deep voice said : asked Cultivation Method to input to jade slip.” Zhao Hai received jade slip, on pond one Voice, has closed the eye, slowly inputs Cultivation Method toward jade slip. Cultivation Method that he inputs naturally possibly is not true Pagoda Profound Technique, but is only the one type of Great Magical Artifact operation method, this operation method is analyzes by Universal Analyzer, is far from true Pagoda Profound Technique. However actually is also the one type of operation ** unsurpassed Cultivation Method. What most important is, this Cultivation Method does not need to use Strength of Faith, only needed Spiritual Qi to be OK. This set of Cultivation Method was Zhao Hai already manufactured, in fact, his 18 Arhat Profound Technique, each one type of manufactured one type of not to need Strength of Faith. Cultivation Method that so long as Spiritual Qi can use, this Cultivation Method is not very difficult, but absolutely is not simple, most at least Cultivation World Cultivation Method stronger compared with he has contacted on many. Zhao Hai makes Universal Analyzer manufacture this Cultivation Method, to not cope with today this aspect, but wants this reforming Cultivation Method, gives some Undead Creature, or enables the person in Space to study. He has not thought that oneself will one day face this aspect. However now he actually has to take this Cultivation Method, if he takes true Pagoda Profound Technique, Monk that these always become a ghost, can look. That is one type of with the aid of Strength of Faith practice Cultivation Method, when the time comes he is the whole body is the mouth, did not talk clearly.

Before long Zhao Hai recorded on Cultivation Method, then he has opened the eye, respectful both hands were holding jade slip, Cultivation Method has recorded to that old monk said :, asking Grandmaster to inspect.” That old monk beckons, jade slip arrived in his hand, then spiritual force searches toward jade slip, some little time the old monk nodded said : Donor Zhao Hai, how your does Undead Creature practice? Why your Undead Creature, can the strength compared with general Undead Creature in many?” Zhao Hai one hear of old monks said that cannot help but at heart criticizes, these old monks want pulling out obviously cleanly are willing to give up his bottom, but he is respectful said :returns to the Grandmaster words, youngster Undead Creature is not practices, reason that youngster Undead Creature formidable , because youngster in Lower Realm, obtains black Magic Staff, so long as uses this Magic Staff, Undead Creature that changes, strength very formidable, moreover not by the limit of quantity. Old monk deep voice said : does not know whether Donor Zhao Hai takes to look at that Magic Staff.” Zhao Hai awkward said : returns to the Grandmaster words, that Magic Staff integrated in Liquid Silver Magic Staff, youngster really with.” The old monk stares, then deep voice said : does not know that Donor Zhao Hai possibly does take a view Liquid Silver Magic Staff?” Zhao Hai has complied with one, a hand revolution, Liquid Silver Magic Staff already appears in in his hand, then has given that old Monk, old Monk beckons, Liquid Silver Magic Staff arrived at in his hand, looked, what has not actually seen, then deep voice said : does not know that Donor Zhao Hai this Magic Staff whether to transfer?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : returns to the Grandmaster words, Magic Staff by owner recognition, besides below, uninhabited can use, cannot transfer.” Old Buddhist priest look at Zhao Hai said : asked Donor Zhao Hai to transfer!” Zhao Hai without demur, wields the palm to pat toward own head, must break the crown dead evidently!!.