Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1440

&\; 1 t \; a href = " floating astronomy &\; 1 t \; /a >\; in the palm of Zhao Hai in the racket in moment of own crown, that old monk waving of suddenly, the Zhao Hai movement stopped, but is not he wants to stop evidently, because waving of that old monk, he stops. Old monk deep voice said : was then good, please the young donor receive Magic Staff, this poor monk does not want.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that this handle received, received Liquid Silver Magic Staff, received, the old monk looked at Zhao Hai said : young donor to return.” Zhao Hai hides to several old monks, turn around walks outward. Waits for Zhao Hai to go out, how many Senior Brother that looks at this person with old monk deep voice said : that Zhao Hai did speak how? Whether he was just doing false?” Had shaken the head said : this person not to do in the old monk of closing one's eyes false, he just by Junior Brother rock waste Profound Technique surrendering.” As soon as several other old monks listened to that to shut the old monk of eye saying that also relaxed, just to that old monk who Zhao Hai spoke, Cultivation Method that he studied, was rock waste Profound Technique, this rock waste Profound Technique did not mean that defense type Cultivation Method, but was the one type of Spiritual Attack method, the meaning was meaning of the so persuasive that even the most obstinate agree, this Cultivation Method had similar to Zhao Hai Enlightenment Profound Technique, but compared to Enlightenment Profound Technique to come, actually fell far short. With that old monk said : that Zhao Hai spoke „, if on this, that this person did not have what good, he in accidentally, obtained certainly several Buddhist Sect practices Cultivation Method, will have today's result, moreover I just also looked at that Pagoda Profound Technique, was really one type of very special Profound Technique, regarding the operation of Great Magical Artifact, very helpful.” Several other old monks also nodded, deep voice said : looks like this person of lucky reason is great, may make Kong Miao become friends with this person.” Several old monks nodded, then in does not speak. But Zhao Hai actually returned to his Cave Mansion, he cannot help but has scratched cold sweat on forehead now. He naturally does not have that any rock waste Profound Technique, he crossed law Profound Technique already completed the study, if can also rock waste Profound Technique, that call strangely. Zhao Hai that in the gambling, he bets these old monks not to make him die finally actually, because of him, if such inexplicable death, that Comprehend the world there all people will not comply. Now he to the Comprehend the world man of merits, if these Monk link this man of merits unable to accommodate, that Comprehend the world will of the people also dispersed. Do not say that coped with hundred treasure, feared that disbanded directly has the possibility. Zhao Hai already present, in Comprehend the world there, grievances between Profound Sect and Buddhist Sect is not small, before sword although cooperated with Kong Miao, but Kong Miao wanted to order him is actually impossible, moreover sword pair of he returned extremely caring, because not only this attendance he had relationship with the profound clear sect, because mainly he now is also a Profound Sect people. Zhao Hai understand the sword feared that now has regarded in Profound Sect young one generation him, in a ten-thousand realms battlefield here representative. If at this time, his inexplicable death, that sword one definitely will not comply.

Sword although is only Divided Spirit Stage, but Profound Sect in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, is not Immortal Stage Expert does not have, when the time comes a sword this type of situation upward report, Profound Sect these Expert certainly will not agree, regarding the Profound Sect person. Makes Buddhist Sect obtain that many good thing with it in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, but their point cannot obtain, was inferior that everyone/Great Clan cannot obtain, at the worst pats two powder. Because has thought of these, therefore Zhao Hai dares to wield the palm toward own crown on, because he bets that several old monk not to make him die. If he bet right, can eliminate the suspicion of that several old monk, this to him in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, only then the advantage did not have the fault. He bet right, that several old monk will really not make him die, but has prevented him, moreover eliminated to his suspicion, this was the result that Zhao Hai most wants to see. Just that scene. Is he is fighting the wisdom with that several old monk Fighting Technique, to be honest, although they do not have to fight, but its process actually fighting is more dangerous, does not do well. These old monk sticking out suddenly difficult, even if kill he will not give to imprison him, even if were he escaped taking advantage of Space, later did not have the means to base in Comprehend the world there, he in the base industry that Comprehend the world there set the record, also has destroyed, this was Zhao Hai how, regardless of does not want to see that therefore he has been betting, for this reason did not even hesitate to take Pagoda Profound Technique that Space made. although this Pagoda Profound Technique is Space simplifies in original Pagoda Profound Technique, Might was inferior that originally Pagoda Profound Technique, however in Comprehend the world there was also rare Cultivation Method, if normally, Zhao Hai did not give up with. However this time situation is actually different, Zhao Hai very clear, if not dispel the anxiety of that several old monk, after him handles affairs, sits very big trouble, therefore he has gotten down the initial capital, took this Pagoda Profound Technique. Really, this cross the border, that several old monk in has not suspected him, but thinks that his luck reason is deep, this after him handles affairs, is of great advantage. Lucky reason thing, you cannot see, rub, wants mysterious compared with Strength of Faith, but cultivates the person of zero point, actually most regards as important this thing, if you do not have the lucky reason, even if you in the talent, is impossible becomes any important matter. Zhao Hai displays now is a lucky reason deep person, such that several old monk not only will not feel embarrassed him, will also take everywhere care of him, this is the result that Zhao Hai wants. After listening to the words of that several old monk, Zhao Hai calm, he knows finally this pass/test, was only his very curious that oneself calculated, don’t know these old monks, what preparation will have to the following aspect. What what a pity is, that several old monk after saying his matter, was not saying that this makes Zhao Hai very depressed, his do not understand, the present aspect relationship to the Comprehend the world life and death, that several old monk was how motionless. Actually Zhao Hai and don’t know, the situations of these old monks, are similar in the 6 Realms battlefield there situation with Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, so long as to having not destroyed the sect extermination the situation, their step not make a move, but now the people of these hundred treasure have not killed, they naturally cannot look for trouble on own initiative, because in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, Immortal Stage Expert, does not permit the leave Interface domain generally, this point with 6 Realms battlefield there also very similar. When Zhao Hai they are hundred treasure information pass on the match. These old monks have made the arrangement, now the complete prepare, has naturally not needed to prepare anything.

Zhao Hai looks at that several old monk nothing, attention centralized to octopus island there, he to wants to have a look, how the people of these hundred treasure will do. Tang Jie also some headaches, although he stabilizes the mood of people now, ji has urged morale of people, but the octopus island here situation still has not solved now, this is the Tang Jie most headache place. However Tang Jie has not waited for too long time. They on the island the prepare are about four hours, searched the people of clan to come. Must say that this searches the person of clan, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, brings to have the legendary color really very much. Searches clansman fighting strength not to be strong, they when initially enter the ten-thousand realms battlefield, but is in one under small of strength, moreover frequent was taken by force, at that time it can be said that searched the clan saddest time. However afterward searched clansman this reconstruct Divergent Technique, actually settled on by big. In that big a Immortal Stage Expert being in direct line family member, was killed in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, but that Immortal Stage Expert make a move does not have personally presently what's the matter, finally he heard that searches clansman to have this ability, searching clansman looking, lets search clansman to help to look up, how his posterity dies. That searches clansman not to disappoint that Immortal Stage big Expert, uses own Divergent Technique. Finds out person who has killed that Expert posterity, that Expert is in a rage, Interface that murderer is at destroying completely, Interface that murderer is , is also under one Upper Realm, gets down in Upper Realm Interface. Generally does not have Immortal Stage Expert to assume personal command, this made that Immortal Stage Expert destroying completely. But the consequence of this matter is, ten-thousand realms battlefield here, discussed after on major Upper Realm, directly has released a custom, that is ten-thousand realms battlefield here Immortal Stage Expert, cannot the leave Interface domain, but this custom had also been studied by Comprehend the world there. Used in 6 Realms battlefield there. The influence of this matter surface looks like so is big, but regarding searching the influence of clan actually profoundly, searches clansman this Divergent Technique, finally was faced, major guarantee is searching the clan. Because major have their disciple in ten-thousand realms battlefield here practice, if these disciple died, regarding major, lost is not small, therefore major for the disciple security, started to protect to search clansman, as the matter stands searched clansman in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here status naturally is when water rises, the boat rises with it, before was not that bullied Lower Realm. But with the lapse of time, searches the ability of clan, settled on by more and more Interface, the searching clan slowly also became in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here status however, so long as were the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person, has not striven for searching the clan, therefore searches the clan present status in ten-thousand realms battlefield here is very high, although their strengths were not good, however their reconstruct abilities, were actually all people need. Searched the clan also present this point, they presently, this reconstruct ability is they in the basis of ten-thousand realms battlefield here survival, had this ability, their simply did not need to pick the medicine, did not need to mine, so long as they made the matter that understand they need to know for others, others naturally will have the advantage to deliver, this work also did not have the danger, the advantage that they obtained were also many. Presently after this point, searches clansman starts fully opens this ability, now searches the clan, not only earned a living by reconstruct, they generating slowly a system, their grounded observation, evidence collection and other movements, have been adding on the reconstruct ability, lets all ask their people, can know the truth of matter, in other words, searched clansman generating slowly ten-thousand realms battlefield here dead/die to spy, that detection rate 100% dead/die spied. Because of this, therefore Tang Jie was hearing that searched clansman to arrive, does not dare to neglect, in the immediately octopus island welcomed, what in his standing in front was a wear tail clothing/taking, the head harness ceremonial hat, in hand is taking the civilization stick, on the eye was leading a middle-aged man of eyeglasses. although this man looked like old, actually still appeared very charming, on the face was also having such vicissitudes feeling, very appealing.

In the side of this person, is standing several wear black cultivator clothing/taking, is leading the person of mask, these people naturally are hundred treasure send to protect his. Tang Jie Tang Jie sees to that middle-aged man ritual said : has searched the friend of clan, the friend invites.” This searches the clansman strength is not very strong, only then the strength of Infant Stage time, Tang Jie does not need the bird normally he, but Tang Jie to this person is actually the gauge respect, can look from this point comes out to search clansman in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here status. That searches clansman not to pull rank, bows said : Xia Baichuan to see Tang Jie senior to Tang Jie hastily, senior was too polite, hundred Sichuan is an average person, really cannot handle the senior friend's name, the senior name is good because of the next hundred Sichuan.” Tang Jie very appreciates regarding Xia Baichuan this polite behavior, he smiles said : so, my impolite, in hundred Sichuan requests personally.” It looks like 20-year-old young man, called a name of middle-aged person, moreover posed as the elder, this scene looked like somewhat strange, however in cultivator, this was actually not the strange matter, in cultivator, all spoke by the strength, will suspend generation of not appears by the capital in cultivator, even if were you passes through the gate in the morning, your strength was not good , the line, nobody will not regard the elder you, you passed through the gate late, but practiced a degree rapidness, strength formidable, that you on can become the elder, Supreme Elder existence like this, on. Sect Master saw that you must salute, this is cultivator, incomparable reality, incomparable brutality. Xia Baichuan to name enjoying of Tang Jie, hid to comply with one obviously, entered the octopus island with Tang Jie, entered to the octopus island, Xia Baichuan wrinkled the brow, because he felt, Spiritual Qi bo on this octopus island moved very chaotic, in other words, this is one the case that was difficult broken. Tang Jie has been paying attention to Xia Baichuan the expression, looked that Xia Baichuan knits the brows, his quickly said: „Does hundred Sichuan, what incorrect place have?” Xia Baichuan listened to Tang Jie saying that gawked slightly, but his immediately/on horseback said : returned to the senior words, the younger generation thought that Spiritual Qi bo on this octopus island moved very chaotic, moreover looked at the situation on island, probably lived a war, this situation was quite difficult to process.” Tang Jie one hear of he said that also cannot help but knit the brows said : what? this to execute the Buddhist meeting to be influential to you?” Xia Baichuan nodded „the place that said : Spiritual Qi bo moves more is mixes, the effect on our is big, sometimes reconstruct comes out, not necessarily was then situation, possibly some appears mistakes, but invited senior feel relieved, reconstruct later situation, even if were some appears mistakes, impossible wrong were too many, lofty aspiration situation not wrong, wrong was only some details.” Tang Jie one hear of Xia Baichuan said that this nodded said : well, this matter is not anxious, you have also marched on many groups, first rests, when the condition of person restored, is not late in reconstruct.”!.