Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1441

&\; 1 t \; a href = " floating astronomy &\; 1 t \; /a >\; Chapter 367 questionable point! Deceptive battle array! Xia Baichuan has not declined, has complied with one, went with the person of Tang Jie arrangement, Tang Jie look at Xia Baichuan, this let out a long breath. Before Tang Jie, sees to search clan reconstruct, this reconstruct is not that easy, in reconstruct, but also needs to do many preparatory work, especially the Spiritual Qi chaotic place, is the chaotic place, this preparatory work more must complete, otherwise does not have means reconstruct. Tang Jie although worries, but he also knows that this matter anxiously, is steady, this is relationship to 1000 clansman lives. although Tang Jie almost can affirm now that his these clansman feared was more unfortunate than fortunate, but how these clansman died, he must clarify, if were only the hand that the Comprehend the world person moved, he to did not fear, he feared was, the here surface will have the great Spirit Race person. Tang Jie has to suspect that he to that 1000 people of have some understanding that before sends, although that these people use is not their convenient Magical Artifact, but these people attained large Glaive are not a day or two, they also underwent the training of time, large Glaive used was very good, moreover some strength good people who in the clan elected composed, these 1000 people of fighting strength, were to Comprehend the world such 3000 people, can guarantee the whole body, but drew back, but before motion they, but inquired clearly, Comprehend the world these time sent to come out the person, on 1000 Many, his clansman tidies up the Comprehend the world person people should not be a problem. Moreover the here surface also has the Palpus Clansmen help, Tang Jie does not think that Palpus Clansmen has the guts to betray them from the beginning, Palpus Clansmen is the robber disposition, most understands what has to done, was compelled not to have the means that does not dare to betray their, what matter but also there is able to make Palpus Clansmen compel unable to look like the Comprehend the world person to lower the head? Only is same, that was their clansman has had an accident, but Palpus Clansmen feared them to retaliate, can only work with the Comprehend the world person. Tang Jie is not a fool, he has not been serious Comprehend the world most from the beginning, does not have too to be serious this time duty, but to octopus island here, after seeing the octopus island here situation, Tang Jie has to take seriously this time duty. After taking seriously this matter, Tang Jie matter from all sides such careful thinks, almost can guess correctly lived anything, but in the situation regarding octopus island, Tang Jie actually still does not make tragic, for safety's sake, he then looked like in the clan the person saying that must ask one to search clansman to come.

Because has thought through these, therefore Tang Jie does not think that this matter is Comprehend the world ** completes, Comprehend the world not such strength, therefore he suspected that this matter possibly has great Spirit Race person participation, if there is great Spirit Race person to participate really strongly its, that indicated that great Spirit Race possibly already knew their plans, and started to get ready to counter-attack, if were really such, that regarding their hundred treasure may not be good information. Tang Jie although has the arrogance, thinks one can certainly being victorious great Spirit Race person, but he actually never meets the underestimated great Spirit Race person, he also gradually walks from Inferior level cultivator, cultivator wants practice to this degree, does not kill people are impossible, does not pass through to try to practice that is also impossible, therefore Tang Jie has seen the matter did not fear, because of these smelting trials, therefore Tang Jie although has the self-confidence, but actually not underestimated Giant Spirit person, because his very clear, underestimated others, will only die is quicker. Clarifies in this matter to have the person participation of Giant Spirit, regarding Tang Jie and people of entire hundred treasure is very important, for these time copes with Giant Spirit, the people of hundred treasure have prepared for a long time, if these clansman deaths, have relationship with great Spirit Race, that expressed that Giant Spirit already knew their plans, if no Giant Spirit participation, before representative Giant Spirit don’t know their plans, this must use any method to be able regarding hundred treasure Giant Spirit, but important. Because has such idea, therefore Tang Jie meets this anxiously, even also searching clansman invited, now searched clansman to come, the truth of matter also quickly must make known, the Tang Jie mood instead to was calm, because of his understand, no matter there is a Giant Spirit person to participate in this matter, Giant Spirit they and between fought cannot avoid. Xia Baichuan also knows the person who this hundred treasure is the comparison worries, therefore he has not rested how long, has eaten medicine pill, adjusted to come out from in the room. Tang Jie has been paying attention to Xia Baichuan the situation, look at him to come out, Tang Jie immediately welcomed, Xia Baichuan has seen senior to Tang Jie ritual said : hastily, hundred Sichuan has prepared.” Tang Jie nodded said : well, what don’t know do we need to prepare?” Xia Baichuan looked at all around one, holds the fist in the other hand said : around senior Rong Baichuan to have a look to Tang Jie, later can decide.” Tang Jie nodded, waved. Xia Baichuan gathered round the octopus island to fly, very slow that he flew, sometimes will also stop, in all places to the octopus island has carried on very careful observation, more was observes Xia Baichuan complexion is dignified, closely wrinkled to Xia Baichuan the brow finally in together.

Xia Baichuan feels Spiritual Qi and these fights on this octopus island trace very strange, but strange in there, he also somewhat could not say, from these fight traces, here truly lived a war, both sides have also used Great Magical Artifact, moreover Xia Baichuan also felt the Spiritual Qi fluctuations of hundred treasure people from these Spiritual Qi fluctuations, Spiritual Qi fluctuation of Palpus Clansmen, Comprehend the world the Spiritual Qi fluctuation of person. Searched the clan now already not by fight give priority to, they mainly by the reconstruct scene, found look like give priority to, therefore they regarding Spiritual Qi have some understanding of various clan, naturally, a person were impossible he to remember the Spiritual Qi fluctuations of Comprehend the world here all Interface, therefore searched clansman also to carry on some divisions of labor, their Comprehend the world here has been divided into several hundred pieces, each piece of some specific people were responsible, these people do not need to manage other place to be what kind, only needed to remember their piece of region, therefore Interface the air/Qi fluctuation on can. But Xia Baichuan is responsible for this piece of region searching clansman, therefore he regarding Comprehend the world, regarding must Spiritual Qi fluctuation very clear of clan. Xia Baichuan felt what is very puzzled, the fight trace on this octopus island, probably is class is very superficially fierce, when you carefully look presently, is actually not such, this fight, does not have the intensity of imagination, reason that will leave these many traces, is both sides that because battles left the ground to be too near. Perhaps the average person cannot distinguish these traces differences, but Xia Baichuan yes, he has actually had the specialized training, can therefore see that these traces have anything to be different. Why although do not understand here can appears such trace, but Xia Baichuan does not have too early drawing a conclusion, because of this relationship to hundred treasure people. Searches the clan in Comprehend the world here is very high, but searches clansman actually continuously very humbly, no matter on treatment Upper Realm, is under Lower Realm, their manner are almost same, places itself a very low position, because searches clansman such manner, therefore they can become ten-thousand realms battlefield here most popular one group of people, even if Infant Stage time searching clansman of like Xia Baichuan, he walks in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, generally will not be robbed, the opposite party one looked that he searches clansman, on will give him several points of face. Reason that searches clansman with such manner to the person, because of their very clear, they can have today's status, depends is not fighting strength, because he is useful to the various Realm person, these people are holding them, they will have today's status, if they have an arrogant facial expression to these, that will offend, when the time comes will search clansman to drop from this position, in that case, will search the fate of clan to fear that will be not well to that. Carefully looked at situation one on octopus island, Xia Baichuan then arrived at the Tang Jie side, Tang Jie looked appearance that Xia Baichuan frowns, puzzled said : hundred Sichuan? What has presently?”

Xia Baichuan nodded said : to have some presently, I presently fight on this octopus island, probably does not have excitement that I imagine, here although to have the trace of fight, but these traces create to ground very near situation in probably, is not because fights too intensely, but this is only my initial judgment, but must have a look at the reconstruct scene later appearance, I prepare, immediately reconstruct.” Tang Jie nodded, his complexion sank, his very clear Xia Baichuan just that words were any meaning, Xia Baichuan suspected that these traces nearly made very much to the ground, in other words, appears this trace situation only then two types \; first, was two groups of people must leave ground very near place, fought, but this possibility was very low, the fight between cultivator, will not leave the ground to be too near generally, since this was the habit that cultivator many years has formed, especially in ten-thousand realms battlefield here. ten-thousand realms battlefield here everywhere is the treasure, therefore two groups of people battle, generally will elect in the upper air, as the matter stands will not destroy the ground, if because of a fight, making following any precious medicinal herbs suffer loss the words, that may be the gain does not equal the loss. although said that this octopus island is not the ten-thousand realms battlefield, however the custom of many years of fostering is very difficult to change , because of such reason, therefore Tang Jie does not believe that their people such near will fight to the status. It is not this situation, that was another one type of, some that person of deliberately such did, in other words, this was others arrange deceptive battle array! Thinks of here, Tang Jie complexion cannot help but uglier, if the octopus island here original situation is really others arrange deceptive battle array, that represents his beforehand guess to be all wrong, in him others' counting. Tang Jie is a smart person, thinks of the intermediate total, whose idea he also probably guessed correctly is, certainly was Comprehend the world, he in a here cloth deceptive battle array, the most important point must drag him at this time, won the time to them, enabling them to tell Giant Spirit hundred treasure situations, Giant Spirit also good to support. More wants more to think reasonable, Tang Jie complexion is also getting harder and harder looks. But at this time Xia Baichuan started to prepare the reconstruct scene. ......