Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1442

&\; 1 t \; a href = " floating astronomy &\; 1 t \; east /a >\; Chapter 368 Bayan Zhao Hai knows certainly that octopus island there lived anything, but he does not have time tube that many now, because Kong Miao looked for him, Kong Miao asked him to not to have any matter, but made his together meet the person, met the great Spirit Race person. Kong Miao they person attack their information of hundred treasure passed to Giant Spirit already several hours, encampment of Giant Spirit, to their here was not very near, but with signalling jade sword, these hours also sufficed to hit one back and forth. Just Kong Miao was obtains the above notice, Giant Spirit replied, making them open Transmission Formation, they will send. Above arranges Kong Miao to receive the person who Giant Spirit comes, this also expressed them regarding Kong Miao attach great importance to, the meanings of Kong Miao also understand above these people, but regarding the matter of this reception, he had not done before, therefore he remembered Zhao Hai to come, Kong Miao looked that Zhao Hai that can coax, the matter of that this reception, should not be a problem, therefore let Zhao Hai with the person who his together received Giant Spirit. Zhao Hai naturally agreed that what he to the person who wants to have a look at this Giant Spirit is, fighting strength Zhao Hai of hundred treasure has experienced to cross, is very strong, can become the people of hundred treasure old enemies, Zhao Hai also really very curious. Zhao Hai came out, Mo Sheng naturally, but he did not speak in any case, Zhao Hai has not cared, let him, three people came out from Zhao Hai Cave Mansion, flew toward Transmission mine tunnel there. Three people quick arrive in the mine tunnel, now in the mine tunnel was good to stand many people, these people were Divided Spirit Stage Expert, had Comprehend the world, there are to the clan, the population added to have about 40 people. Zhao Hai has gawked, because of his very clear, these Divided Spirit Stage Expert, almost equal to was Comprehend the world and must clan most Divided Spirit Stage Expert in here, looked that the appearances of these people know, they were welcome the great Spirit Race person. Zhao Hai has not thought really that Comprehend the world and Palpus Clansmen, regarding the arrival of great Spirit Race, actually so will attach great importance, these many Divided Spirit Stage Expert greeted unexpectedly. These Divided Spirit Stage Expert see Kong Miao, in abundance and Kong Miao greeted, when saw Zhao Hai and Mo Sheng, on the face has actually shown the puzzled facial expression, these Divided Spirit Stage Expert knew certainly the Zhao Hai status, but they have not thought that at this time, Kong Miao will give to bring Zhao Hai at this time, in numerous Divided Spirit Stage Expert, only then Zhao Hai and Mo Sheng of Infant Stage time, appeared some chickens set up the crane group. Zhao Hai to has not thought anything, but shows a faint smile, to these Divided Spirit Stage Expert gave a salute, but in these Divided Spirit Stage Expert, has very big branch to return salute, person who these return salute, has plenty is Palpus Clansmen, before several are Comprehend the world, has participated in a Comprehend the world people of fight. These people do not dare to be impolite to Zhao Hai, because they saw newly strength that the Zhao Hai strength, Zhao Hai has shown, even if their these Divided Spirit Stage Expert, not necessarily dares to say can achieve, Zhao Hai with own strength, won the respect of these Divided Spirit Stage Expert.

But these have not participated in the motion Comprehend the world Divided Spirit Stage Expert, actually somewhat stares, their do not understand, although Zhao Hai has made some reputations in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, but also does being insufficient make them return salute? Zhao Hai has not cared, after these Divided Spirit Stage Expert have saluted, he enters standing of arrangement in Kong Miao, Mo Sheng continuously peaceful standing in Zhao Hai, he looks but not see other people. Kong Miao they stand firm not long after, in front of them on large-scale Transmission Formation, flash of white light, then some appears on Transmission Formation. These people have not worn the cultivator clothing/taking, but is each article plate armor, the head is bringing is not the hard helmet, but is the iron upper band, in the hand is bringing iron Gauntlet, the height over two meters, a person is much stronger, muscle such as molten copper iron cast is ordinary. The appearance of these people look like with Mo Sheng are somewhat similar, understood at a glance that the generation of Body Cultivator Cultivation Method very outstanding, altogether about 50 people, what lead is Divided Spirit Stage Expert. This Divided Spirit Stage Expert looks like like Zhang Fei, head harness iron hoop, surface like bottom of the pot, Dalian wool beard of face, two eyes such as copper bell. At this time Kong Miao immediately moved forward to meet somebody, bowed said : Kong Miao to see great Spirit Race senior to that person, welcome senior to arrive.” As soon as the people listened to Kong Miao saying that also saluted said : to welcome senior to arrive.” That great Spirit Race person to does not have arrogance that Zhao Hai imagines, his also immediately/on horseback returned salute said : Kong Miao Grandmaster to be too polite, your name, I had already heard, east the great Spirit Race Bayan, has seen everybody.” This person of although speech very polite, but the sonorous voice, shakes the person ear humming sound the straight sound. This is not he intends to enhance own voice or in loud shouting, but is his inborn voice so is big, after both sides see exchanging greetings, east Bayan is getting the person from Transmission Formation, Kong Miao immediately makes several Buddhist priests get these great Spirit Race people to rest, but he personally is directing Bayan east to encampment above Great Hall. This Great Hall to receive some honored guests prepares, but Zhao Hai and Mo Sheng have also followed in Kong Miao, east Bayan also paid attention to Zhao Hai, he recognizes Zhao Hai probably, somewhat curious is sizing up Zhao Hai. Before long Kong Miao was directing the Palestinian face east to Great Hall, besides Kong Miao, in this Great Hall also had empty Ning Hejian one, several other Divided Spirit Stage Expert, but that several Divided Spirit Stage Expert had a units place is Demon Realm, one was Monster Race, Elven Race and Spirit Race person also, if Zhao Hai is also calculating that Comprehend the world all Interface had to represent in here. Besides the Comprehend the world person, Xu Wuzun also on the scene, what obviously he represents is Palpus Clansmen. The people sit down, Zhao Hai accompanies in last seat, Mo Sheng stands in his, Bayan eastern has sized up Mo Sheng curiously, Mo Sheng the appearance of build has brought to his attention, making him have the favorable impression very much.

After several people sit down, Kong Miao to Bayan east said : senior, the general idea of matter, I thinks that you knew, you looked that what you also do have to ask?” The procedure of Kong Miao this coming straight to the point obviously is very east Bayan favorable impression, on his face is having the smiling face, nodded said : matter I knew probably, but I want to be detailed some that knows.” Kong Miao turns the head look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has stood, east one to Bayan bows said : senior, Zhao Hai be please impolite.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, his appears Undead Creature of black cultivator clothing/taking appearance, this Undead Creature naturally is hundred treasure people. After this hundred treasure Undead Creature appears , Zhao Hai deep voice said : introduced you, introduces your present plans.” That Undead Creature has complied with one, starts to introduce him, introduced a planning for action of next hundred treasure. The Undead Creature that Zhao Hai this release comes, is not ordinary Undead Creature, but is this Thousand-Man Team Captain, he regarding the plan of this hundred treasure is also some that knows, although does not know the action detail of Item body, but can say one probably. After waiting for this Undead Creature the situation talks clearly, east Bayan complexion sank, the two eyes anger sparkles, he has not thought that hundred treasure will begin at this time, just as is such that hundred treasure said that now Giant Spirit has truly encountered some difficulties, in the young generation become a useful person before has been short, but must say the temporary shortage, to is also insufficient, but will have some influences to later. But hundred treasure this times began, clarified in calling the fire takes by force, east Bayan possibly not to be how mad, waited for that Undead Creature saying that east Bayan also asked several issues, this stopped, Zhao Hai received that Undead Creature. East Bayan looked at Zhao Hai one, suddenly smiles said : you to call Zhao Hai? Hears your Great Magical Artifact use good of very? Good, this looks like person man, the man should use Great Magical Artifact, that satisfying, like these fellows of hundred treasure, does not repair the foot blade that each and every one uses is the embroidery needle, in mother mother air/Qi, look at is tired.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, east one to Bayan hides said : Zhao Hai, does not think that senior actually knows below, really in the good fortune of below.” East Bayan laughs said : your given name now ten-thousand realms battlefield here don’t know really not to be many, can Great Magical Artifact, be so good, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here that uses also is really rare, your Wan Yingqi can achieve this point unexpectedly, is not easy.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : taking advantage of the advantage of Magical Artifact, when can not the senior quart say.” East Bayan beckoned with the hand, in continuing, but turns the head to Kong Miao said : Kong Miao Grandmaster, this your present situation, very heavy regarding our great Spirit Race wants, east my Bayan in here must well thank you.”

Kong Miao smiles said : senior to be polite hastily, my Comprehend the world normally relies upon the Giant Spirit attendance, presently this situation, should be to the great Spirit Race report, senior does not need so polite.” East Bayan nodded said : this matter I to personally in the returned to clan, reported one like clan, cannot be dull in here, Kong Miao Grandmaster excused me.” Kong Miao smiles said : not anything, should, have a matter to ask senior to help below, this time we and must the clan be offending to suppress hundred treasure, but now a 3000 people of team of hundred treasure, arrived in the Palpus Clansmen octopus island, fears is it will not take long, will attack our here, by our strengths, wants to block hundred treasure these 3000 people of attacks, is somewhat difficult, therefore hopes after senior returned to clan, can please Giant Spirit send some reinforcement to support under us.” East Bayan one hear of Kong Miao said that cannot help but stares, then when his puzzled look at Kong Miao said : this information do you obtain? Hundred treasure people really to octopus island?” Kong Miao nodded said : absolutely real, several of us hour just came back from octopus island there, when we come back, the people of hundred treasure soon arrived in the octopus island, now they were arrived at octopus island there, was don’t know has toward our here comes, if they came toward our here, that feared that was quick must hit.” East Bayan has not waited saying that Zhao Hai has stood, bows to Kong Miao said : Grandmaster, I had the words to say.” Kong Miao stares, but immediately/on horseback said : Little Hai? What has presently? Did the people of hundred treasure come?” ......