Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1443

&\; 1 t \; a href = " floating astronomy &\; 1 t \; /a >\; Chapter 369 Cultivation Method Kong Miao asked that Zhao Hai, had not waited for Zhao Hai to reply, to Bayan east said : senior, Little Hai is Dark Magician, his Undead Creature, anything wants has, he monitors the enemy with his Undead Creature generally, very not easily presently, therefore he can obtain the information immediately.” One hear of Kong Miao said that east Bayan also turns the head look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : „, since Kong Miao Grandmaster called you Little Hai, I also received your Little Hai, you called my Uncle Yan, said that presently what?” One of Zhao Hai east to Bayan bows said : to thank Uncle Yan, the people of hundred treasure must several after some time, can come our here, we got up to do in the deceptive battle array of octopus island there arrangement before with, the people of hundred treasure please be searching the people of clan to go to there examination now, when they made understand the situation, feared after was also several hours, to our here must also some time, therefore Uncle Yan's time had, will not be much, about one day they should on attack.” East Bayan nodded said : well, my present immediately walks, your feel relieved, reinforcement will send certainly, keeps here with these people who I come, my immediately/on horseback goes back to let their soldiers.” Kong Miao they have stood, so thanked senior to Bayan east said :.” Beckoning with the hand of east Bayan does not care about, walks directly outward. The quick people Bayan delivered to Transmission Formation there east, flash of white light, east Bayan disappear in Transmission Formation, waited for east Bayan one to walk, Kong Miao turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you came with me.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, leading Mo Sheng with Kong Miao, together to fly toward his Cave Mansion. Quick they entered Kong Miao Cave Mansion, after Kong Miao have let Zhao Jing sat down, look at Zhao Hai deep voice said : Little Hai, that searches clansman to come, the people of hundred treasure feared that is quick knows what matter lived, that quick will arrive at encampment here, you said that we should make some corresponding arrangement?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „should, best is the present arranges, now that searched clansman just to arrive at there, he should also need the rest to start reconstruct some time, after the truth when they knew, was catching up from octopus island there, but should also have the several days time, we can use these days arrangement well.” Kong Miao nodded said : well, our present immediately arrangement, but didn't you just say about one day they? If the person of Giant Spirit presently we are deceiving them, can tidy up us?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Grandmaster feel relieved, should, this time we not have great kindness to Giant Spirit, they will not cope our, moreover we can find some excuses greatly, compared with saying the people of hundred treasure delayed in octopus island there, or other any reason, always knows us to a great Spirit Race sufficient time, enabling them to adjust the person to support us.” Kong Miao one on understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai wanted to post time with the Giant Spirit person much, evening that avoid these people of Giant Spirit come, their losses are too big, Zhao Hai multi- report 1 or 2 day, can definitely find the excuse to be perfunctory, like this they will not have anything to lose. Kong Miao very approves to Zhao Hai such procedure, their these small Interface survival Law, are as far as possible must reduce loses, if loses is too big, even if has big Interface to cover, they will not have any too big unfolding. Kong Miao nodded said : well, my immediately went to say with above that we start to arrange now, although said that encampment here all formation started, but we must make some arrangement, all prepared for the worst.”

Zhao Hai nodded, although said that they have Magic Formation returned to Comprehend the world to go at any time, so long as after you go back, ten-thousand realms battlefield here Transmission Formation was destroyed, their Comprehend the world wants to come in returned to ten-thousand realms battlefield here, that must spend very long time, even there is a possibility forever not to come back. Did not want underestimated ten-thousand realms battlefield here, if lost entered the qualifications of here, that Comprehend the world will lose the origin of many medicinal herbs and commodity, regarding the Comprehend the world show, hundred harmed not to have an advantage, therefore did not arrive at absolutely can not, they cannot on such returned to Comprehend the world there. Palpus Clansmen is the same with them, if not seek after ten-thousand realms battlefield here various commodities, Palpus Clansmen already ran up to own Interface went, when the time comes explodes Transmission Formation, even if hundred treasure people wants in Palpus Clansmen Interface to chase down them also to make very big effort, when the time comes hundred treasure are any situation does not say. But ten-thousand realms battlefield here appealing thing were too many, no matter Palpus Clansmen or the Comprehend the world person, does not give up here, therefore they must resist. Comprehend the world the arrangement of encampment here is very good, it can be said that easy to defend but hard to attack, but if were broken through Mountain Guardian Great Formation, kills the mountain to come up, that matter somewhat has troubled, on although mountain not some family trap formation, but do not forget, their enemies are some Expert, can the energy fluctuations of these formation, hide the truth from these people also two saying that if hides the truth from these people, that Comprehend the world must face a tough battle. Therefore if now makes the Comprehend the world person arrange also well, this time they arrange was not any trap formation, but was one type of fights Fighting Technique, this war Fighting Technique, with one type of formation that formation flag and formation disk arranged, so long as you did not install the formation center, that formation will not start, will not have any energy fluctuation, like this nature on cannot by the person presently. When fights time, you direct formation there the enemy, then a pivot shaft upward attire in law, formation immediately can use, you can control formation help you fight, this is the method that general Formation Cultivator uses. However in Comprehend the world there, looks like Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert generally, several military strategy will help them fight, they are not good at formation arrangement, can make the military strategy control method that understand use. It can be said that military strategy became part of Comprehend the world there cultivator strength, almost every person will use, but Kong Miao said that makes them arrange ahead of time, is actually makes them arrange military strategy. This military strategy besides is used to fight, Kong Miao also has another meaning, must great Spirit Race who these keep to see that they now standing by, the people of hundred treasure come late had the matter to delay, may not have any relationship with us. What Zhao Hai has not made to arrange, he still follows in Kong Miao side, look at these are arranging military strategy Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, Zhao Hai to Kong Miao with said : Grandmaster, our doesn't here have Immortal Stage Expert to assume personal command? Why do I look at everyone/Great Clan anxiously probably also very?” Kong Miao sighed, has smiled bitterly next step: Has no alternative but to be anxious, when you Immortal Stage Expert is invincible, big Interface like hundred treasure, that an Interface Immortal Stage Expert will be few, if our Immortal Stage Expert make a move, Immortal Stage Expert of that hundred treasure will kill within the shortest time, do not think that ten-thousand realms battlefield here, that will not permit Immortal Stage Expert casual make a move regulation to have anything to do to use, regarding these big Interface Immortal Stage Expert, will find an excuse, from them in the domain will kill to come out, that will be very normal matter, to put it bluntly, these custom will be to give us decides., But does not decide to them.” Zhao Hai does not make noise, he knows that in any place, legal thing, decides to most people, but regarding a small number, they are can be above above the law, law to their simply not any use. Kong Miao has not managed Zhao Hai, but sighed said : strength to be weak, said that will have suffered to bully, just wait, sooner or later one day, I must ten-thousand realms battlefield here, not the person who dared underestimated our Cultivator big world to manage.”

Zhao Hai to by Kong Miao making, he has not thought that really Kong Miao will have such idea, Kong Miao one hear of Zhao Hai has not made noise, cannot help but turned the head to look at his one eyes, deep voice said : what? feels my a little dream of a fool?” Zhao Hai shook the head, shows a faint smile said : not to have, but has not thought that Grandmaster will have the so big ambition, Grandmaster has such idea, perhaps I can add on busy of Grandmaster.” Kong Miao is gawked, his puzzled look at Zhao Hai did said : that Zhao Hai said help me? Helps?” Kong Miao just words, not only has said to Zhao Hai, he has also said to others, before is him , the good friend who thinks, however obtains, only then ridiculed that looks like in these people, Kong Miao this in dream of a fool. But Zhao Hai said that can help him, this was some first people told him that this made Kong Miao stare . The Zhao Hai look at Kong Miao appearance, shows a faint smile said : Grandmaster, why you forgot me are? I am Dark Magician, I turned into Undead Creature the people of hundred treasure now, what these Undead Creature knew, what now also knows, I can let them hundred treasure amended the practice method to record, so long as has attained their cultivating practice law, then to our Comprehend the world, wasn't the good deed?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Kong Miao has gawked, then on the face has shown the wild with joy facial expression, look at Zhao Hai said : that his two eyes shines really? You can really hundred treasure amends the practice method to record?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, put out a piece jade slip to throw to Kong Miao directly, smiles is hundred treasure that said : this above recorded amended the practice method, you had a look.” Reason that Zhao Hai to the ten-thousand realms battlefield also for sometime, his very clear, ten-thousand realms battlefield here will branch out these many level, besides the strong and weak of strength, amends the practice method the quality also to have big relationship. It looks like Kong Miao is the same, if he studies is not top Buddhist Sect practice method, he impossible to reach today's altitude within such short time, amends the practice method regarding cultivator, but important. After Zhao Hai also passes through has thought that decided hundred treasure amends the practice method to Kong Miao, he believes that is he now does not give Kong Miao, Kong Miao it will not take long will also think of this point, when the time comes Kong Miao instead attended the meeting to think that he is a selfish villain, if Kong Miao starts to guard against him, everywhere suppresses him, his day will not feel better. Today he hundred treasure amended the practice method to give Kong Miao, but this did not express that he cannot give others this practice Cultivation Method, he can this Cultivation Method to Huang Dao however, to the Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry, to Louis, give everyone who he wants to give. Hundred treasure amends the practice method compared with Comprehend the world here cultivates in practice method many, so long as the Profound Sect person studies this cultivating practice method, that sooner or later one day can catch up with Buddhist Sect. However machine there study this Cultivation Method, the effect should fantastic, the machine there spirit the density not fall far short compared with Comprehend the world after all. However Zhao Hai is thinking now first promotes the Profound Sect strength, when the Profound Sect strength came up, can treat as an equal with Buddhist Sect, that can help to get off an aircraft through Profound Sect there, a letting machine strength slowly is increased. In fact except for hundred treasure amends beyond the practice method, Zhao Hai also wants to study other Interface amends the practice method, he wants cultivate the practice method to collect these, enabling the Comprehend the world strength to be able true has been enhanced.

But Zhao Hai itself actually wants to promote the strength as soon as possible, so long as his strength has been increased, he can better help Comprehend the world, even the world that before he may contact itself, completely not to contact. Kong Miao received jade slip, spiritual force searches toward jade slip, immediately saw that amends the practice method, this is not ordinary amends the practice method, but is a person from practicing the body time to finally becomes the entire practice process of Divided Spirit Stage strong body, can say this thing, not compared with that jade slip difference that he obtains, so long as there is this to amend the practice method, they can within the short time, train large quantities of Expert. Kong Miao facial expression somewhat excited look at Zhao Hai, actually a short time don’t know must say any good, Zhao Hai looked at Kong Miao one, shows a faint smile said : Grandmaster, my this is also good for Comprehend the world, but I have reached an agreement, this Cultivation Method I not only also gives you, I will also give sword Grandmaster Cultivation Method.” Kong Miao stares, then one cold, his look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, can you?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Grandmaster, your feel relieved, will not have the matter, Comprehend the world there needs to compete, so long as this competition is benign, regarding Comprehend the world, advantageous harmless, moreover in the future Comprehend the world there, will have you and I am pressing, these fellows cannot turn any storm to come.” Kong Miao was shocked, the meaning of his understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai said certainly that has delimited the high grade number him with him, but Kong Miao did not have point dislike, in fact in his at heart, Zhao Hai was with his equality existed, if were not such, he was impossible to arrive at there to bring Zhao Hai, had any matter also to like with Zhao Hai discussing. Long vented anger, Kong Miao nodded right that said : you said that Comprehend the world there needs to compete, so long as in the future will have you and I, they will not do too matter out of the ordinary to come, good, feel relieved will do.” Zhao Hai just spoke that words , the meaning of probe, Zhao Hai wants to know that what response Kong Miao after listening to this saying could be, if Kong Miao has a false expression, that Zhao Hai from now on, if wants the means to cope with Kong Miao, because Kong Miao will certainly cope with Profound Sect in the future. But Kong Miao does not have a false expression, he wants to make Comprehend the world unfold, this is the result that Zhao Hai wants. ......