Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1444

Chapter 370 reaching the clouds flying shuttle Xia Baichuan from own Space ring, has put out several formation flag, then formation flag inserting in turn on island, but he grasps formation flag, stood the middle of island. Tang Jie they stand in the surrounding, nobody spoke, even if some people spoke , was talking in whispers, does not dare to be loud, feared that has disturbed Xia Baichuan. In the people of these hundred treasure, has plenty has not seen has searched the clansman reconstruct scene, therefore they also feel very curious, but they also know the weight, this sentiment relationship to all various grassy plants clan, because if they left the words of any careless mistake, that Tang Jie will not let off their. Xia Baichuan in stands firm, the in hand flag also turns, then has put out a piece formation disk, in hand gently is holding, then Xia Baichuan both eyes shut, in the mouth pronounces unstressed, nobody knows that he read anything, some little time, Xia Baichuan suddenly mouth, Blood Essence spurted on formation disk. As his blood spurts on formation disk, formation disk immediately has shone, all around formation flag also calmly is then automatic, finally formation disk, formation flag, summer hundred Chuandu vanished, Tang Jie in front of them appears a piece of image. Sees a war to live, 1000 people of hundred treasure, suspend the lineup, command(er) three Eight Sapphires Chariot are flushing away toward front, but the opposite party also uses a huge ship pagoda with the Eight Sapphires Chariot hedge, rumbling the sound is lingering on faintly, is hundred treasure person and Comprehend the world person attack, Palpus Clansmen helps in the one side, many Undead Creature, the scene is extremely busy. Some little time image suddenly information, Tang Jie they stare, actually seeing stands Xia Bai Sichuan complexion in blood red, Tang Jie just about to asked that lived any matter, saw Xia Baichuan a blood to spurt, these time was not he must spurt, but was he wants to press has not suppressed, he was injured. The Tang Jie personal appearance moved arrived at Xia Baichuan the side, has input Spiritual Qi toward Xia Baichuan within the body, this Spiritual Qi entered to Xia Baichuan within the body Tang Jie had a scare, because of the Spiritual Qi confusion in Xia Baichuan Within the body, really had the possessed by the Devil appearance. This presently makes Tang Jie be startled, although said that Xia Baichuan was worse than this strength with them, only then the strength of Infant Stage time, but was Infant Stage time Expert, arrived at the one type of very high level regarding Spiritual Qi control of own within the body, how possible possessed by the Devil? However Tang Jie also present, Spiritual Qi of Xia Baichuan although within the body is chaotic, but Spirit Platform clear and bright, control diligently these Spiritual Qi, within the body in Tang Jie first even/including Wangxia hundred Sichuan are inputting Spiritual Qi, at the same time put out grain of medicine pill to deliver to Xia Baichuan the mouth. Xia Baichuan clearly also has the consciousness, he opened the mouth to eat medicine pill, with the help of Tang Jie, some little time then inducted the normal track Spiritual Qi of own within the body, has avoided the danger of possessed by the Devil. Xia Baichuan let out a long breath, received Cultivation Method, bows said : to thank senior to Tang Jie the graciousness of rescuing.” Tang Jie beckoned with the hand said : your this also for our hundred treasure, said that just what's the matter? How can you suddenly possessed by the Devil?”

Xia Baichuan listened to him saying that obviously has also remembered then situation, the facial expression that complexion cannot help but appears had a lingering fear, he to Tang Jie said : don’t know why, but the feeling had the stock tremendous strength, one my reconstruct breaking, moreover flushed toward my body, if were not senior make a move, I feared that has exploded the body to perish, it seems like to square-shaped formation, had certainly to be skilled in spiritual force Expert, that person used ** the strength gave to clean up the scene.” Tang Jie stares, deep voice said : this can reconstruct also eradicate with this method?” Xia Baichuan shook the head said : average person to use this method not to have the means to eradicate reconstruct, only then these are skilled in spiritual force absolutely . Moreover the Law Force formidable talented person can.” Tang Jie nodded said : that you to estimate that breaks your Divergent Technique person, how the strength?” Xia Baichuan thinks said : minimum, if Divided Spirit Stage, moreover is skilled in the Spiritual Attack method extremely, can say that this person is specialize spiritual force, otherwise cannot achieve this point.” Tang Jie nodded, his understand Xia Baichuan meaning, cultivator although also cultivates spiritual force, but cultivator will not regard spiritual force generally is specialize, they study what are most is the utilization of various Magic and Magical Artifact, spiritual force plays auxiliary doing to use. However in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, and has to cultivate spiritual force give priority to cultivator, if in fact general cultivator meets to cultivate Divine Power give priority to cultivator, has the headache, because of spiritual force this thing, invisible shadowless, if practices extreme, that lets the person very headache. Tang Jie although has believed Xia Baichuan the words, however his at heart actually have put down big stone, because he in just the reconstruct picture, had not seen the great Spirit Race person , the in other words great Spirit Race person has not participated in this time attack, this regarding hundred treasure absolutely is good information. Great Spirit Race has not participated in the attack, expressed before them, motions of don’t know hundred treasure, this point they were in the upper hand. As for is that spiritual force Expert is helping the Comprehend the world person, this point Tang Jie is not very concerned about, but he to is thinks that person might is Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai strength although superficially only then Infant Stage time, but he can operate two Great Magical Artifact and Eight Sapphires Chariot attacks, obviously his strength is not superficially so is simple, he may be good at very much Spiritual Attack. However now Tang Jie can also determine, their clansman now are really more unfortunate than fortunate, from just the picture of fight, the fight truly lived in octopus island here, moreover to the ground is not very high. It can be said that these reconstruct pictures, has made Tang Jie believe octopus island here is the first battlefield fact, he does not have what good worry now.

Since does not need to be worried that octopus island here, that below must do, naturally was looked for Comprehend the world has troubled, now present great Spirit Race possibly knew this matter, but Tang Jie still wants to look for the trouble of Comprehend the world, because Comprehend the world has killed his clansman, moreover can attack great Spirit Race through this matter. Thinks of here, Tang Jie immediately/on horseback to Tang Wen said : Little Wen, the set person, leaves behind 300 people to defend octopus island here, our immediately/on horseback leaves, copes the Comprehend the world person, on the a batch person feared that now was more unfortunate than fortunate, we must revenge for them.” Tang Wen complied with one, turn around walked, Tang Jie then turned the head look at Xia Baichuan said : hundred Sichuan, you also kept here to rest, waited to recover not to be late.” Xia Baichuan has not postponed, this time he truly was injured, therefore has also complied with one, complied, Tang Jie made the person get Xia Baichuan to go to Cave Mansion. Before long the people of hundred treasure gathered, followed to have 2700 people in Xia Baichuan person fully, only left behind 300 people to defend in octopus island here. Tang Jie wants to complete a base the chapter in island here, therefore leaves behind 300 people to defend in here, because octopus island here strict from getting up, is in the great Spirit Race domain, can settle nail/saboteur in here, regarding hundred treasure, beneficial harmless. Looked that the person gathered, Tang Jie stood before all people, said loudly: Just image everyone/Great Clan also saw, can affirm, on us a batch clansman, by the Comprehend the world person killing, when small, dares to extend the claw to our hundred treasure? Today we must make them know that offended our hundred treasure, is any fate!” The mood of people also by Tang Jie transferring, was high to shout loudly, but Tang Jie deep voice said : „, for with quickest rushed to the Comprehend the world den, I have decided that everyone/Great Clan used Lingyun flying shuttle!” One hear of Tang Jie said that people immediately/on horseback has complied with one, goes out of 300 people from the team, these person of decades, a person, have then put out boat same Magical Artifact from their Space equipment, this Magical Artifact toward leaving puts, immediately/on horseback rises against the wind, before long turned into two points to be sharp, such as ammunition clip same in the ship, on this huge ship sat 100 people absolutely not to have the issue. This Lingyun flying shuttle is also hundred treasure one type of specially Magical Treasure that is used to hurry along, incredibly fast, but regarding Spiritual Qi consumption also very big, on the although shuttle can use Crystal Stone to provide energy, but drives the flying shuttle and control flying shuttle also needs Spiritual Qi, therefore general time, the people of hundred treasure will not use Lingyun flying shuttle. 30 Lingyun flying shuttles prepared quickly, on that flying shuttle only stood was less than 100 people, this may the flying shuttle quick. Tang Jie looked that everyone/Great Clan prepared, he also boarded a flying shuttle, met to begin to wield, said loudly: Leaves!” Along with his voice, 30 flying shuttles benefit the arrow like 30, flies in the Comprehend the world encampment direction. Zhao Hai saw this situation through Space, he presently somewhat underestimated that these big Interface inside story, Lingyun flying shuttle thing, he had not heard before, but this flying shuttle compared with quickly, feared that in less than one day that the person flies, the people of hundred treasure can arrive at encampment here, this before him estimated time, but wants on short many.

Fortunately before them , the feeling that for must fight to great Spirit Race person immediately, started to arrange, now also arrangement was similar, if great Spirit Race reinforcement comes quick, they will not have any danger. However in line with being careful for on principle, Zhao Hai or immediately looked for Kong Miao, Kong Miao in own Cave Mansion, outside these is not needing him to be worried in the arrangement to be too many, he now in these practice method of look at hundred treasure, although most important Cultivation Method he is unchangeable, but he can study some regarding these Magical Artifact control methods, must know that hundred changed the Vajra stick can also turn into small Magical Artifact, studied the hundred of Magical Artifact operation methods of hundred treasure to using changes the Vajra stick, but very helpful. Is transmitting said : in this time Zhao Hai sound Kong Miao Grandmaster, Zhao Hai rescues to see.” One hear was the Zhao Hai sound, Kong Miao immediately/on horseback receives jade slip, deep voice said : Little Hai, came.” Zhao Hai complied with one, turn around entered Kong Miao Cave Mansion. Kong Miao Cave Mansion is very big, inside also many rooms, moreover can look, inside has installed careful interior decoration, tidied up very attractive. Zhao Hai entered quiet room, holds the fist in the other hand to Kong Miao said : Grandmaster, Zhao Hai has matter to report!” ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;