Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1447
When Zhao Hai in Tang Jie they start to attack Comprehend the world encampmenthas prepared to pay octopus island there hundred treasure peoplehe, when saw that the break the formation Spirit Snake needleactually stoppedspeaking the truthhe to want this needle to take. Original Tang Jie their command(er) break the formation Spirit Snake in view of Comprehend the world encampment carries on attack timeis he gathers the best opportunity of this break the formation Spirit Snake needleat that time Tang Jie their command(er) flying rules very fastto be aboutinertia on a big way ’ the although attack strength to be very strong ’, but wants to make the flying needle stopactually to need very big strength.[] If at that timeZhao Hai, in front of break the formation Spirit Snake needlesuddenly opened Space riftthat break the formation Spirit Snake needle certainly to throw into Space togetherby that time this break the formation Spirit Snake needle is his. However Zhao Hai thinks finallygave upsuch doing too has take risked, not only made the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person know he can Space Magiceven have possibility of exposition including Spaceto fall to this riskfinally Zhao Hai lowly decided that ’ did not use this method to gather that break the formation Spirit Snake needle. Looked at a Cultivation World encampment there situationZhao Hai to decide that ’ ’ he first dealt with octopus island there these hundred treasure peopleComprehend the world here to prepare such according to the original plan long time ’ to be able to resist one. Thinks that hereZhao Hai turned the head to look at Laura their said :I to go to octopus islandthis time to let these Transcends Tribulation Stage and Divided Spirit Stage Undead Creature participates in the war ’ ’ absolutely not being able to let escape any person by your command(er)especially that to search clansman. ’ ’ Laura they noddedZhao Hai look at their appearanceto show a faint smile said :this time, but our Jane Du motionwanted thousand beautiful pointsto tidy up the octopus island here fellow, we were turning the head to helping them. ’ ’ The personal appearance vanished in a flash. Waits for Zhao Haiin the octopus islandin hundred treasure people who in octopus island remains behind not to be many in appears in adding on Zhao Hai is silent appears ’, therefore most from the beginning hundred treasure people on octopus island also really not presently Zhao Hai. However the people of these hundred treasure have also had the military training, person who quick has the patrol present Zhao Haithen immediately left jing report soundto remain in octopus island here hundred treasure peopleimmediately to gather. Zhao Hai has not movedhis calm look at these sets hundred treasure people ’ the strengths of these people are not very strongare Transcends Tribulation StageTang Jie does not think very much obviously they will also receive attack in here ’, therefore has not left behind Divided Spirit Stage Expert to sit. As the matter stands Zhao Hai did not fear ’ the people of these hundred treasure encircled Zhao Hai quickly among ’ person complexion bad look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at these people show a faint smilehold the fist in the other hand said :Comprehend the worldZhao Haito see hundred treasure people of high skill to them. ’ ’

As soon as the people of these hundred treasure listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but onethen complexion changedthey naturally knows Zhao Hai namein fact now ten-thousand realms battlefield here don’t know Zhao Hai name were really not many. Can manipulate two Great Magical Artifact peopleto think that in ten-thousand realms battlefield here by cultivator of Infant Stage time is not famous difficultly. ten-thousand realms battlefield here Great Magical Artifact are manyhas plenty big Interface to have like Eight Sapphires Chariot such Great Magical Artifact ’, but these Great Magical Artifact almost with Eight Sapphires Chariot similarthese Great Magical Artifact areneeds several people able to driveone person control two like Zhao Hai that ** «» setting sail writingalmost does not have. Besides this reason, he of hundred treasure knows that Zhao Hai has not destroyed person who they planon even the death of a batch personalso to have direct relationship with Zhao Hai. Therefore heard Zhao Hai to say own given namethese hundred treasure peopleis a person who complexion changedleads looks at Zhao Hai said :Zhao Haiwellnot to think that you did compete however have courage appears in here? How you think that you did have a strength person to deal with our 300 people? ’ ’ Zhao Hai looked at that hundred treasure person oneto show a faint smile said : „ below naturally extremely arrogantly to thinking one can cope with youto add on them to be similar. ’ ’ Said that Zhao Hai ’ the people of these hundred treasure has not actually turned head toward the person latter fingers of these hundred treasuretheir complexion actually changes. These people are Expertthey do not need to turn headalso to feel after own body, lived anythingthey truly to have an accidentin his appears more than 2000 Expertthese Expert are Transcends Tribulation Stagehad several to compete however Divided Spirit Stage, what most important wasthese Expert Undead Creature. Finally the person of that lead could not bear turn the head to look at onehe not to have the means not to turn the head ’, because hesaw an acquaintance in these Undead Creature. These Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release comes1000 people are hundred treasureremaining must clanalso severalwant to snatch Zhao Hai Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert of other offices in ten-thousand realms battlefield herethis Zhao Hai their all let out, must guarantee absolutely safe. The person of quick that hundred treasure determinedstands in their behind these Undead Creaturetruly is Transcends Tribulation Stage and Divided Spirit Stage ’, but this is also their reasonsthey thinks that understandwhy these people didn't turn into Undead Creatureactually still to maintain such strength? Is this only installs? bluff? The people of Zhao Hai look at these hundred treasureshow a faint smile said :to be open about the facts everybodymy Zhao Hai are Dark Magicianthis manufacture Undead Creatureare my strong pointUndead Creature that but I manufactureactually characteristicsthat is they can maintain original strengthbecause this characteristics ’, therefore I do not dare with these Undead Creature ’, if made others knowfeared is I cannot livetoday I to comeeverybody also these Undead Creature release to know was what meaning? ’ ’ understand ’ the people of these hundred treasure are not fooltheir naturally understand what is thisZhao Hai this are must silence a witness of crime..

Place that ’ suddenly is hearing the sounds of several fightingperson spiritual force of these hundred treasure to sweepthen in this time presently to fight there that ’ Xia Baichuan lives inbefore long Xia Baichuan to be trigged for grasping. Those who trig Xia Baichuan is several Undead Creaturepresent Xia Baichuan tied up likely a brown childcatching outsideXia Baichuan of Zhao Hai with the person who was also away from these hundred treasure ’, therefore did not have the means to press the Zhao Hai side. Haven't that hundred treasure people of leadactually cared about thishe are only look at Zhao Hai said :search the people of clan you also to dare to move? You did not fear that searches the people of clan to look for you? Must know that ’ owes to search the clansman sentiment Interface to be possible in this ten-thousand realms battlefield to be manyZhao Hai ’ you are is bringing upon oneself the blind alley. ’ ’ Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said :to bring upon oneself the blind alley? That also wanted these to search clansman finding me is good. flatterhe heeverybody ’ should not be highyou who searching the clan looked to think really octopus island here was we with your clansman battlefields? The truth you told that ’ how ’ ’ here is searches clansman that I afterward arranged not to look up? ’ ’ One hear of Zhao Hai said that ’ the person and Xia of Baichuan that hundred treasure complexion changes all that ’ the meaning of their very clear Zhao Hai this sayingthat is tells thembetween them to see is fakeis the bureau of others cloth. Thinks of herein that hundred treasure will of the people cannot help but one hurriedhis very clear ’, if before , they see all that ’ knows were fakethat they are very likely others' wrapping. The Zhao Hai look at hundred treasure that person of appearancesshowed a faint smile said :everybodyto say sufficing that waste also said many ’ below also on impolite. ’ ’ The Zhao Hai personal appearance ’ the people of these hundred treasure has wanted just to close among vanish from sight in a flashZhao Hai to control ’, but in the blink of an eye actually could not find Zhao Hai. But outside this time these Undead Creatureactually threw coming upwar to startpopulation to occupystrength to occupy superior Undead Creature naturally unable superiorly to person any opportunity of these hundred treasurein adding on these Undead Creaturehas plenty was hundred treasureregarding the attack methods of hundred treasurethey to be clear ’, thereforenaturally was takes completely advantagedidn't take longfight to finish to the people on these hundred treasure. And hundred treasure people of that lead also want to runbut he could possibly be inescapablehim just to put Lingyun flying shuttleran out has wrapped the «» «» wreathfront surface hitting getting downdirectly has then gotten down on being captured by Eight Sapphires Chariot. However Zhao Hai this time do not captureall hundred treasure people executedXia Baichuan poor life Zhao Hai not to remainturned into Undead Creature directly. Also did not want blame Zhao Hai to be stingy has almost not surrenderedin ten-thousand realms battlefield here ’ a saying, these people were Transcends Tribulation Stage Expertare strength minimum summer hundred Chuandu are you who Expert of Infant Stage timesuch person you were impossible to subduehave supposed under any restriction on their bodies not with ’, so long as went tothem on to run in the returned to clanin Immortal Stage Expert by clanone restriction brokenthey on to be been free their release ’, but you will also give the revelation to exit own ins and outs ’, therefore this must the living person captivemight as well probably one. Undead Creature comes feel relieved mostminimum Undead Creature to you completely loyal.

After processing here, ’ Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback began to start to arrangeall fight traces to cancelto make here look that has probably not lived the fight to be the same ’ in the octopus island Island Guardian Great Formation to openthen his then flashes body returned to in Space.Zhao Hai immediately entered villato enter villa Zhao Hai two eyes immediately to change to Space in the screen, simultaneously said :how? That ’ ’ Zhao Hai said hownaturally in askingComprehend the world the fight of encampment there how. Laura shook the head said :to be not quite goodthat several Immortal Stage tall Bei, if make a moveloss did not fear that before will not be small ’ the present is the people of these hundred treasure are in the upper handalthough, has some arrangement ’, but these hundred treasure competition however several break the formation Expert ’, moreover they have not divided was too loosetakes 500 peopleto be divided into five teams of motions as a squadas the matter stands the attack strength becomes very ’, moreover these person now is by break the formation give priority totheir also understand ’, so long as brokenthat Comprehend the world person on to come out and their duel these formation. ’ Kong Miao Grandmaster also saw this pointhe was also organizing people to draw in the team dutylooks like prepares to meet the tough head-on with toughness with these fellows of hundred treasure! ’ ’ ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;