Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1448

Chapter 374 Zhao Hai method Did Zhao Hai knit the brows said : great Spirit Race reinforcement not to arrive? Do these great Spirit Race fellows think? Do they want to put the Comprehend the world matter not to manage really?” do not blame Zhao Hai such vitality, Bayan east returned to great Spirit Race there several hours, the Comprehend the world here situation, almost could determine, was such long time, great Spirit Race there has still not sent out reinforcement to come, some do not suit. Laura shook the head said : „to be the great Spirit Race person has not believed that this matter, must otherwise, they only not send a little person to come, but I think east Bayan probably am trust, so long as east Bayan believes that it will not take long, great Spirit Race reinforcement will arrive.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : they arrived, Comprehend the world feared that could not be left over several people.” Laura sighed said : this not to have the matter of means that but should not be in that situation, just I saw a great Spirit Race person, walked through Transmission Formation, other great Spirit Race people remained, I think that leave that should be goes back to invite reinforcement.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this to be also good, this I entered the stage, no matter what, cannot make Comprehend the world lose is too big, then plans not to attach with us.” However Zhao Hai although said that he must enter the stage, but he has not actually moved, but careful look at that five teams of hundred treasure on screen, deep voice to Lizzy said : Lizzy, you thinks that I first attack that team is good?” Lizzy wants not to think is pointing at one team of hundred treasure person said : this team!” Zhao Hai looked why horse Ru made him go to attack that team on understand Lizzy, because of that team of hundred treasure people, but also moved on the Comprehend the world encampment mountain, several other teams drilled to the mine tunnel in went, but these mine although in Comprehend the world camp varied, Zhao Hai * could not disperse in some there actually, but is different outside this team, Zhao Hai can definitely use * carries on attack to this team hundred treasure person, wielded him * the formidable impulse. Zhao Hai nodded said : well, on here.” Said that his personal appearance in a flash, leave Space, appears in Comprehend the world encampment outside, distant he saw that team of hundred treasure person, this team of hundred treasure person, by some Palpus Clansmen tying down, these Palpus Clansmen are ** makes the war, Kong Miao not command(er) they, but Palpus Clansmen this time also going all out, because of their very clear, they arrived at here, the person of that hundred treasure certainly will not let off them, and its waits for death, is inferior to put together under one. In the bone of Palpus Clansmen, after is the robber disposition, they can have life force, for this life force, they will handle anything, including with own enemy surrender. But if they presently, this last life force did not have, wait / etc. their destinies, only then two, either wait for death, either was killed, at this time, in their bodies the blood of that robber aggressive will be stirred up, who no matter the enemy is, rebel that they can go all out.

Now Palpus Clansmen is this situation, in their opinion, did not have the means of livelihood in any case, can at risk of life be, this made in Palpus Clansmen attack many air/Qi of several points of aggressive, was adding on them to use compared with ordinary cultivator many Magical Artifact, suddenly arrived fights with that team of hundred treasure person well-matched. At this moment, both sides that fights both have a feeling, Palpus Clansmen after hundred treasure people looks, but spiritual force of hundred treasure also toward behind sweeps off. These people who this sweeps hundred treasure are complexion change, because of at their back, huge silver-white ship-shape Magical Artifact clashes toward them, but makes them feel what is fearful, in that ship-shape Magical Artifact side, but also with three Eight Sapphires Chariot. These four * aggressive clashes toward them, to visual impact that the person brings, will affect directly them at heart, the world that hundred treasure these have fought many battles was out of sorts at once. However they after the person of magnificent scene, are not only one absent-minded, immediately responded, hundred treasure person said loudly: Latter three squads, turn around meet the enemy!” After his voice just one, following three rows of squads, a personal appearance revolution, with Zhao sea surface opposite, simultaneously the people of these three squads, immediately release their Magical Artifact, but this time their release may not be small Magical Artifact that they habitually use, but is three Lingyun flying shuttles! This Lingyun flying shuttle not only can be used to hurry along, but can also be used to fight, but the main use of this type of Lingyun flying shuttle hurries along, in adding on the build of Lingyun flying shuttle, in * is also small, therefore Lingyun flying shuttle little is used to fight generally. However now four * flushed toward them, besides this Ling Yunfei corner, they cannot think, what Magical Artifact must with cope with the opposite party, these four * the impulse, that does not allow to look down upon. This type * most makes headache the place lie, their builds are too big, if you use small Magical Artifact to cope with him, even if can one pierce him, that * not necessarily will also stop, when * original formation were too many, has gone bad several simply no big deal. But Magical Artifact that hundred treasure people use, also wants compared with normal Magical Artifact on slightly many, in this case, the people of these hundred treasure want to block that four with oneself in hand small Magical Artifact *, is almost impossible, therefore compels unable, they took out Lingyun flying shuttle. The although Lingyun flying shuttle specifically is not used to fight, but also has certain fighting strength, in adding on the volume of Lingyun flying shuttle compared with Magical Artifact that they use, volume greatly many people, their strengths are also stronger than Zhao Hai, wants to come in them, Zhao Hai is the strength, that is also a person, but they can actually let more than ten individual together the control that three reaching the clouds flying shuttles, like this, the population is they fights superiorly, perhaps really can block Zhao Hai.

However they have forgotten a matter, they when octopus island there looked Xia Baichuan carries on scene reconstruct, sees Zhao Hai to put up Yama Ship with three Eight Sapphires Chariot hedges, must know that three Eight Sapphires Chariot, but ten people drive, Zhao Hai 30 has not fallen by one pair on below, 15 will be given to tidy up to them by one pair? That possibility? However in this quick attack, they cannot think that these are also very normal, quick Zhao Hai Yama Ship, is adding on that three eight Eight Sapphires Chariot, has hit with that three Lingyun flying shuttles in! Boom! Boom! Boom! creak! Creak! Creak! With three huge impact noises, is following one lets the person of tooth acid intermittently creak the sound, that three Lingyun flying shuttles, look like three small qq are been same by the tank extension has expelled, one has dispersed the frame, removed the abandonment of bottom. But in the on the ship these hundred treasure people, was a blood has spurted, then the personal appearance anxiously drew back, like this they directly had not been killed. After hitting has abandoned three Lingyun flying shuttles, Zhao Hai stops has not stopped, flushes away toward Great Formation of hundred treasure, these person appears of hundred treasure a flurry, all people almost simultaneously left their Magical Artifact finally, shoots toward Yama Ship three Eight Sapphires Chariot. However they were underestimated Liquid Silver hard degree, softened like the running water, firm as Vajra these words used on Liquid Silver just right, Magical Artifact that hundred treasure these people used, actually did not have the means to break Yama Ship and three Eight Sapphires Chariot, Magical Artifact that because their release came were too many, these Magical Artifact also has the strength, although cannot break Yama Ship and Eight Sapphires Chariot, but let Yama Ship and Eight Sapphires Chariot slow, lost that impulse. Sees this situation, the people of these hundred treasure are too cannot help but happy, they are very clear, this * wins on the victory in this impulse, one, but this impulse vanished, that this * the Artifact Spirit insufficient shortcoming will expose exactly, now Zhao Hai * was slow, lost the impulse, flexible water foot, then regarding them, opportunity came, perhaps they can rush, these * taking. But Zhao Hai these also somewhat startled pinches Magic Secret Art on Yama Ship continually, obviously he is thinks that is rushing. The people of these hundred treasure look at this situation, cannot help but shouted loudly one, overran toward Zhao Hai. However when they throw, has not actually seen that sly facial expression that in the Zhao Hai eye flashes through, these people throw, Zhao Hai wields, three Eight Sapphires Chariot vanish from sight, his Yama Ship, turned into a giant lotus flower appearance instantaneously, the flower petal of lotus flower is very big, the Zhao Hai very good protection in inside, simultaneously in the corner/horn of lotus flower each flower petal had small Little Bell, this Little Bell is matter family sound wave attack, at the same time innumerable flying sword appears in lotus flower side, flushes away toward hundred treasure people who these throw.. Then Zhao Hai wields, person of three Eight Sapphires Chariot appears in these in after Palpus Clansmen wrapped around hundred treasure, the direct these people were overrunning.

Zhao Hai this stems from the expectations of these hundred treasure people completely, in their opinion, Zhao Hai had been surrounded, that waited for them to cut to kill, their there thinks that Zhao Hai also so many methods, gave to tow them in here, was using these * to attack with the rear area of that several teams of people Palpus Clansmen fought, these made these people turn is attacked front and rear. Sees this situation, the people of these hundred treasure have flustered finally, some hundred treasure people of, want to rescue the companion, but another people actually want to take Zhao Hai, in their opinion, so long as has taken Zhao Hai, that all were solved. At this moment, Zhao Hai in one time has incurred, 12 metal giant beast appears in his side, these metal giant beast appears , immediately have gathered round his hundred treasure people to throw toward these, these metal giant beast, but is more flexible than Yama Ship and Eight Sapphires Chariot . Moreover the attack strength is extraordinary, is adding on these flying sword, gathers round Zhao Hai these hundred treasure people, presently their suddenly has not approached Zhao Hai opportunity. Zhao Hai extremely arrogant thinking, has not depended on the help of these Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature, oneself can kill these hundred treasure people, he cannot achieve this point, the person attack strength of these hundred treasure are extraordinary, he wanted to kill these people, was almost impossible, he must do tied down these people, then let Eight Sapphires Chariot the lineup of another team of hundred treasure people to chaotic, was adding on must person attack of clan, like this they on winning. ! # &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;