Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1449

The idea of Zhao Hai is absolutely correct, he after setting out flying sword and metal beast, has given to constrain with hundred treasure people who he confronted these, but that three Eight Sapphires Chariot have not actually stopped, overran with the Palpus Clansmen wrapped around hundred treasure people toward these, person simply of these hundred treasure with having to think that Zhao Hai will come this, they have thought that team of people can constrain Zhao Hai, therefore their back has almost not guarded, such one was flushed by three Eight Sapphires Chariot, their lineup immediately were chaotic. These Palpus Clansmen already noted the here situation, is bringing Great Magical Artifact from Zhao Hai one, they reinforced the offensive, now looked that hundred treasure the lineups were chaotic, their will let off this opportunity, immediately rushed, attack in one time strengthens. Their attack strength this strengthens, these people of hundred treasure really somewhat could not withstand, their lineups were flushed chaotically, cannot form the effective resistance, in adding on Palpus Clansmen also occupies in the population superiorly, the lineup still exists, the people of these hundred treasure want to block the attack of Palpus Clansmen now are impossible. However person lineup although of these hundred treasure were flushed chaotically, but they actually not chaotic, all people slowly depends to go toward Zhao Hai there, they want evidently with these person meeting with Zhao Hai wrapped around. This point not only Zhao Hai looked, these Palpus Clansmen also looked, attack that must in clan Battalion some people of commands, all Palpus Clansmen speed up, did not prepare these to go to side these people with Zhao Hai to meet. Zhao Hai present this point, his personal appearance moves, received including that lotus flower, also received Eight Sapphires Chariot, these flying sword that then his release goes to slowly changes is small, finally these flying sword turned into flying needles unexpectedly, although flying sword turned into the flying needle, but the impulse of flying needle was not weak. Is adding on the quantity to be numerous, was harder to deal with. What most important is, Zhao Hai present, now he can arrange even bigger Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation, must know that these flying sword quantities were more than flying sword, moreover before his control the flying needle was carrying on to search sword anything, therefore now the control launching needle, to is handy. These hundred treasure people present, their this time was kicks iron plate, they used small Magical Artifact to become famous. Small Magical Artifact to their in hand, attack strength very formidable, moreover makes people virtually impossible to guard against. However the people of hundred treasure, the use flying needle take the Magical Artifact person really not to be many, this is several reasons creates, one because of volume too small of this flying needle, records Magical Artifact very difficult above. Like this second because of volume too small of flying needle, the lethality that creates was also inferior that other Magical Artifact are big. Wish makes the flying sword lethality increase, must increase the quantity of flying needle, but the quantity of flying needle increases. Needs even bigger spiritual force to go to control, spiritual force of average person, does not have the means control too many flying needles. Third because of volume too small of flying needle, this is small size, the flying needle is also very thin, the intensity of such flying needle is a problem, thinks that has been manufacturing very tenacious flying needle, must use most high grade material to be good. But these materials big like hundred treasure, not necessarily many. For these reasons, therefore the flying needle has not become hundred treasure mainstream weapon, in although hundred treasure also some people use the flying needle to take weapon, but quantity actually very few, moreover these people do not use the flying needle to take their main weapon. But regards the flying needle is one type of sneak attack weapon uses. But the Zhao Hai these flying needle is different, in these flying needles, has massive formation, the lethality is astonishing, is adding on is the Liquid Silver exit / to speak, this tenacious degree naturally is a cinch, moreover this may soften to be possible just, softens like the silk thread. Like Vajra, wants to give to destroy the flying needle firmly, that is almost impossible. Because Zhao Hai this changes, person cannot help but flurry of these hundred treasure, one after another have several people by the flying acupuncture. Lost fighting strength, was invaded the flying needle changes cuts to kill at the scene.

Zhao Hai will be naturally impolite, turned into Undead Creature these people directly, but he has not made these Undead Creature enter the war, but received in Space. But these must the clan also strengthen, at once person complete stalemates of hundred treasure to attack of hundred treasure these people to passive, was cut to kill many people one after another. However Zhao Hai also has to recognize, his underestimated strong xing of hundred treasure these people, this team of hundred treasure person altogether more than 500, be killed more than 100 people now, this one-fifth were cut to kill, but these people still have not actually drawn back the tribulation are actually the meanings of escaping, is still resisting. Zhao Hai actually and don’t know, big Interface like hundred treasure, wants to make them give up resisting or escaping, is a very difficult matter, because of these big Interface people, very proud, because they are proud, therefore they believe that small Interface like Comprehend the world being defeated is the one type of shame, even if were they runs away life, later did not have the face to see the person, was because of this, the resistance that therefore they can go all out, rather died in battle, did not escape. Since they do not want to escape, that kills, Zhao Hai these time was impolite, under pain Assassin, but he has not used Buddhist Sect Profound Technique, he feared that by the people of these hundred treasure looking, has the Strength of Faith attack method that he uses. Even if Zhao Hai has not used these Buddhist Sect Profound Technique, his present attack strength very formidable, 12 metal beasts, are also adding on these flying needles, although now these hundred treasure people, already slowly has been used to Zhao Hai flying needle attack, started to organize to resist, the resistance of large-scale had not actually formed, because of 12 metal beasts, so long as there is hundred treasure person get together, 12 metal beast immediately will attack them, to their lineups washing out was. These Palpus Clansmen naturally have not been idling, is carrying on attack to the people of hundred treasure, must say, hundred treasure people who a Zhao Hai person constrains are not many, only then about 110 people, this is the Zhao Hai limit, under the help of 12 metal beasts achieves. However is this, made these Palpus Clansmen recover, these Palpus Clansmen population about 1000 people, 1000 Palpus Clansmen, if with the people of 500 hundred treasure to, can fight to a draw at most, will also fall leeward. However Zhao Hai such one noisy, one has tidied up more than 100 the people of hundred treasure, was adding on him to constrain more than 100 hundred treasure people. These was more than 200 people does not have the means to participate with the fight of Palpus Clansmen, remaining these hundred treasure people, did not have the composition advantageous lineup, was adding on the quantity not to have Palpus Clansmen to be many, Palpus Clansmen was in the upper hand at once greatly, moreover was killing the effective strengths of hundred treasure people. Zhao Hai although continuously in here with these hundred treasure person dogfights, but very has also paid attention to the situations of other people, if these people really cannot resist, he will support these people, in any case now at the Palpus Clansmen quantity. Even if had him to support other people, person who they alone can also cope with these hundred treasure. However after having looked, he presently fortunately, these hundred treasure person although strength formidable, but their terrain to the here is not ripe, mine that Comprehend the world encampment, originally is abandoning, on the mountain the mine tunnel are innumerable, underwent a Comprehend the world many years of arrangement, these attack Magical Artifact although in these mine tunnels were broken. However these formation are this several days installs, broken broke, those who let hundred treasure truly the head pains is, in mine also has certainly spirit formation. This certainly spirit Magical Artifact is not that type Magical Artifact that isolates Spiritual Qi, but prevents spiritual force formation, this method with the Insect Race study, Insect Race uses Insect saliva, earth sticking. Insect saliva itself can block spiritual force. Cultivation World there not that many thing like Insect saliva, therefore they on cave wall of these mine tunnels, have carved many certainly spirit formation, these formation can blocking spiritual force.

But these Magical Artifact are not a day or two can make into, the Comprehend the world person, these years had not given up such doing. Now the almost entire mountain has engraved this certainly spirit formation, this most lets hundred treasure the head pain place. Because there is this to work certainly formation existence, the people of these hundred treasure cannot feel Comprehend the world these people with spiritual force in there, therefore they can only looking bit by bit. But this mine is very big, the mine many looks like honey-combs, want in these mine tunnels, to find the Comprehend the world person or Palpus Clansmen, that was really too difficult. Kong Miao wants to concentrate these people. Then comes one time to fight with the Comprehend the world person certainly, but he quickly presently such line of motionless, this mine tunnel and is very big, the people of hundred treasure take 500 people as a motion squad, their these 500 people in mine tunnel. Has appeared has somewhat pushed, if he gathers all people, the person fight with hundred treasure, simply cannot display, the person who goes to has been short, will be eaten, the person who goes to by the people of hundred treasure were many, many person simply cannot begin, finally bit by bit will be eaten by the people of hundred treasure, therefore fights a decisive battle is invalid. The decisive battle is invalid, good can only use other method, after discussed with Palpus Clansmen, Kong Miao changed the forms of combat, they now by arranging various attack formation give priority to, arrange all kinds of attack formation in the mine tunnel, making these hundred treasure lose broken goes, can kill several well, killed undead also to lose their some time. Kong Miao was thinks understand, he must delay the time now, so long as great Spirit Race reinforcement came, his anything did not need to fear. He believes that great Spirit Race reinforcement will come, what because attacks is hundred treasure people, before they had not come, possibly does not believe that but currently had the great Spirit Race person to go back to request reinforcements, the great Spirit Race person certainly will come. Also let alone, Kong Miao the means really are also effective, now these people of hundred treasure, cannot see the Comprehend the world person and Palpus Clansmen shadow, they light below break the formation. But Kong Miao has also found out another means that they when arrange formation, will arrange some small shapes in inside induction formation, wanting one to be broken, induces formation to pass on returned to formation arrangement person there the information, such Kong Miao their equal to knew the whereabouts of these hundred treasure people. Knows the whereabouts of these hundred treasure people through this method, Kong Miao was also a talent, but he not only knew the whereabouts of these hundred treasure people, after knowing the whereabouts of hundred treasure people, they used release the terrain ripe the merit, in these hundred treasure people, was starting to arrange formation, this has formed hundred treasure people in front break the formation, they in behind formation arrangement, even if were the rapidness of formation arrangement cloth, was break the formation broken was quick. This is the tactic of one type of very rascal, exactly said this tactical method, but also is not Kong Miao wants to come out, but is Palpus Clansmen wants to come out, some Kong Miao arrogance, do not want to use this method, but after he passes through has thought that present, this method is currently speaking, most suitable matter their methods. Kong Miao is not a stodgy person, finally he agrees to use this method, then they start the person who sends out some people to direct hundred treasure, the person who lets hundred treasure transfers the circle in certain region, this did not have the means to threaten them, but can also delay the time. Zhao Hai looked that Kong Miao they used this method to constrain hundred treasure people unexpectedly, this cannot help but made him be careful, wholly-absorbed with these hundred treasure person dogfights. However Zhao Hai regarding Giant Spirit was actually disaffection, attacks from hundred treasure now, the past several hours, that person of Giant Spirit went back to request reinforcements also for two hours, but reinforcement of Giant Spirit still does not have appears to the present, this was the Zhao Hai most discontented place. Zhao Hai although don’t know Comprehend the world must look like jade Spirit Realm to deliver many thing every year, but wants to come not to be short, they revere Giant Spirit are Upper Realm, for is makes Giant Spirit provide some protections to them, now some people came attack they, attack their Giant Spirit sworn enemy, because must cope with Giant Spirit attack they, they requested reinforcements to Giant Spirit in this moment, among Giant Spirit many greatly such long time, reinforcement has not sent, this was some cannot really be justified.

However now Zhao Hai does not have what means that he can only carry on according to his plan, he has tidied up the people of outside more than 500 hundred treasure with Palpus Clansmen first, is wielding the armed forces to support the mine tunnel, falls Battalion tidying up of these hundred treasure. Now with hundred treasure people of Zhao Hai and these Palpus Clansmen fights, less than 300, the person died half, the people of these hundred treasure somewhat could not bring one's strength to bear now, many time thinks that is getting rid of Zhao Hai their entanglement, has not actually succeeded. How Zhao Hai possibly made them run, these people regarding Zhao Hai, were strength part, so long as these people turning into Undead Creature, not only his fighting strength will strengthen, what most important was, can make his Strength of Faith also obtain big enhancement, this was Zhao Hai most settles on. These cope with hundred treasure with Zhao Hai together Palpus Clansmen but now excited, his Palpus Clansmen in ten-thousand realms battlefield here is everybody has shouted corner/horn that hits, on these Upper Realm big Interface, could not have had a liking for their, even if they take good thing to ask to visit, some people will not manage them, this lets these fellows of Palpus Clansmen to Upper Realm, has resentful reading very much. But has the resentment to read can be what kind, their simply is not on the Upper Realm match, others stretch out a finger to come casually, wanted their assigning, therefore they can only endure honestly. Now was good, finally had air vent opportunity, they are also thinking in having a dream before must press is getting up Upper Realm these people to hit, now this dream has suddenly been realized, therefore serious of each and every one excited.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;