Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1450

The people have the one type of Qiu Fu psychology, this called not to contract poor contracts unevenly, you had him not to have, his look at naturally was angry, in any place, the person will hold will have this psychology, ten-thousand realms battlefield here naturally was also. This although eats Law of Jungle of fruits, but lives in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, after is some cultivator, the elite in person, they have wild beast of thought that they will possibly honor this Law of Jungle, but that premise condition, is he holds not to have the strength not to honor this Law, when they competent, naturally wants to formulate Law, because the person has the thought after all, is not entire depending on instinct wild beast. Because the person has the thought that therefore this Qiu Fu psychology intense, especially like Palpus Clansmen, he holds is the robber, was looked down upon in ten-thousand realms battlefield here very much, before Palpus Clansmen wants to look for big to cover them, but the people of these big, look at them to the clan, their rituals do not receive, directly the person driving away, them has wanted to give a present also delivers does not exit, this on calling to carry pig not to look for the temple gate. Regarding Palpus Clansmen, this ritual cannot deliver, nobody covers is also not being anything, what most important is, he holds is looked down upon, is harmful to the dignity that he has held, this most makes Palpus Clansmen care. However Palpus Clansmen that robber character, to is makes him hold still live well, what is the robber? That is only thinking profits lord who does not suffer a loss, being adaptable to the situation was the real man, the robber is not necessarily same, he held the gang that most understood what has to done. Palpus Clansmen knows that these big they cannot stir up, therefore their although by the people of these big hurting feelings very angry, actually does not dare to display the slight disaffection, person who conversely, sees these big, they around walking, because Palpus Clansmen such careful, therefore the talented people of these big have not moved them. Palpus Clansmen endured this tone, but this did not express the person who they do not want to cope with these big, just the opposite, they too wants to deal with these people, constantly does not want to deal with these people. What what a pity is they did not have this opportunity these big to be still formidable, they can only think in having a dream, yy. But this time he holds thoroughly already with hundred treasure has had no consideration for face, a leeway of maneuver did not have rebel not dead, rebel died, why that did not draw how many scapegoat? Was reporting this idea, therefore Palpus Clansmen such will go all out with the people of hundred treasure, but Zhao Hai add people was an accident, because of Zhao Hai add people, making these Palpus Clansmen see retaining saw has defeated the hopes of hundred treasure people. Zhao Hai strength too formidable, his make a move, has attracted 3 the hundred treasure person majority of attention, letting Palpus Clansmen can calmly deal with the attacks of hundred treasure, even was also in the upper hand, this lets these Palpus Clansmen to Zhao Hai grateful extremely. Yes, before Zhao Hai, killed undead Palpus Clansmen however at that time he to hold the enemy, moreover was Palpus Clansmen provokes first his, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here like the hatred, simply cannot be hates Palpus Clansmen respects Expert, is adding on him to hold now the somewhat common enemy, moreover Zhao Hai equal to indirectly helped them revenge, therefore these Palpus Clansmen to Zhao Hai grateful.

These hundred treasure people also present, in this way is not the means that if in this way, finally feared that was he holds cannot live. Now he holds unable to organize the effective large-scale counter-attack, so long as has the counter-attack of scale, will be given to wash out by the metal beast, such simply was impossible to cope with Palpus Clansmen and Zhao Hai. although now present this point was somewhat late, but that person or immediately/on horseback of hundred treasure team leaders have made the adjustment, his adjustment very special, that is also getting the person slowly retreats toward the mine tunnel. Very obviously, these hundred treasure people also present, in this Space specially big place, makes the war with Zhao Hai, that is cheaply cannot occupy, Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact clashes, they are means do not have. If they draw back the person to the mine tunnel, in the mine tunnel, Zhao Hai these Great Magical Artifact did not have the means to display, moreover in that narrow and small Space, their people was also easier to draw. Zhao Hai also present the intentions of hundred treasure these people, he to has not wanted the team completely prevents these people, he held want to go in just go in to be good, so long as they entered the person to the mine tunnel, entered maze on equal to, when the time comes he in bit by bit tidied up these fellows. These Palpus Clansmen also present attempts of hundred treasure these people, he holds to prevent, but the strength is actually insufficient, the people of these hundred treasure, go into action very quick, that person of lead move, other people move, this made him hold unexpectedly forms the unified motion, Palpus Clansmen wanted to prevent already without enough time. The people of quick these hundred treasure sneaked in the mine tunnel, but these Palpus Clansmen have not actually pursued, the situation in this cavern, he holds is not completely understand, trade rashly worms one's way into that is courts death on equal to. These Palpus Clansmen received their Magical Artifact, then slowly poly the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai looked at these Palpus Clansmen appearances, cannot help but has gawked, but his immediately understand the meanings of these Palpus Clansmen, it seems like these Palpus Clansmen are the plan gazes by his horse. Zhao Hai also received Magical Artifact, these Palpus Clansmen immediately have encircled, lead Palpus Clansmen immediately/on horseback has arrived at the Zhao Hai side, bows said : „„ to unable to Zhao Hai to see Mr. Zhao Hai to thank mister to come to rescue.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to be impolite, but we now the ally, the mutual help should be the person, everybody, I thought that we should also get down to help now, did everybody think?”

That Palpus Clansmen heard Zhao Hai saying that also has smiled bitterly next step: mister, is not I holds does not want to help, mister also saw this situation, we in the situation to mine tunnel were not familiar, if such went, feared that will be by these hundred treasure person sneak attack, therefore I held want to ask mister to make a decision.” Zhao Hai nodded also right, this that said : you said that you hold with me go, but asked everybody to with tightening me, listened to my command(er), didn't know what do you think?” These Palpus Clansmen one hear of Zhao Hai said that a meaning of opposition does not have, each and every one also face happy, must unable to bow said : „to take responsibility depending on mister to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : that asked everybody to come with me.” Said that he flies toward the mine other aspect, on this mine the mine tunnel are innumerable, but Zhao Hai is actually very clear, now majority of mine tunnel there, oneself after covering entirely all kinds of Magical Artifact, if he these formation breaking, that Kong Miao they definitely will know, but Kong Miao they all do not know that is Zhao Hai broken, but thinks that is hundred treasure people, perhaps also will plan them, that may unable to delimit. However some Comprehend the world also kept several cave entrance there not to arrange formation, to facilitate everyone/Great Clan had the person, these positions of cave entrance very remote, the average people will not note, only the talented person in Comprehend the world of familiar terrain knows. Zhao Hai enters the person from a population, but do not think that entered the person to be all right to the mine tunnel in smoothly, had the innumerable traps in the mine tunnel, but these trap designs ingenuity of , will always leave behind a crevice to let. Before Zhao Hai, in these people, he did not arrive at the encampment here time to be too short after all, but encampment here place although was not small, Zhao Hai with Liquid Silver needle investigation, then on entire was clear, finished competes the Zhao Hai in hand Liquid Silver needle is really too many. Moreover after battle, Zhao Hai in monitoring, the encampment here situation, how Kong Miao they to be entering the person to the mine tunnel, how also to arrange formation, he is clear. After leading these Palpus Clansmen are entering the person to cavern, Zhao Hai presses is entering the law of hole, careful moving forward, these Palpus Clansmen are following in his, like a large snake, moving forward slowly. Had been for about a half hour, Zhao Hai they were enter the person to arrive in cavern completely, but Zhao Hai still very careful, in this cavern everywhere was a trap, did not do well to direct the warning, if causes anything to misunderstand is not good. But Zhao Hai also in monitoring the people of these hundred treasure, he was held to close on these hundred treasure people in mine tunnel by Zhao Hai, very careful, they just entered the mine tunnel to meet several attack xing Formation, he held immediately breaking Formation, then in cave entrance there ambush, they thinks that Zhao Hai they can immediately kill, in that case, they happen to he held one to deal a head-on blow to Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai on did not say, but led these Palpus Clansmen to run.

The people of these hundred treasure looked at Zhao Hai to walk, actually still does not dare to exit, he held is somewhat is frightened by Zhao Hai, simultaneously he held also feared that Zhao Hai will ambush outside. According to their ideas, they can in inside ambush Zhao Hai, that Zhao Hai same be able to ambush he to hold outside, if they exit from the mine tunnel, in the brewer's grain to the ambush of Zhao Hai, they really ended. Finally thinks that these fellows clench teeth, turn around kills toward the mine tunnel, he holds rather goes to the mine tunnel to break these formation, when does not want in the enemy with Zhao Hai. Because saw that these people the hole person arrived in the mine tunnel, Zhao Hai then led Palpus Clansmen to enter the mine tunnel, he held is not quick, but has not touched any formation that marched forward all the way, must comparison, to was instead quicker than the people of these hundred treasure. After one hour, Zhao Hai he holds finally rub to Kong Miao the nearby person in their site, Kong Miao they now one) quite big mine tunnel, has regarded the command(er) institute, in all kinds of orders that there issued, but now Palpus Clansmen and Comprehend the world cultivator, scattered completely, by several Comprehend the world was bringing several Palpus Clansmen, he held together to begin in front of these hundred treasure people or behind arranges formation, Comprehend the world formation and Palpus Clansmen formation, was the has plenty differences, they arranged formation in turn, the person who will give hundred treasure brought the trouble of even bigger. Besides arranging formation, these people must the person who is responsible for directing these hundred treasure, making hundred treasure these transfer with them, this can guarantee that hundred treasure these people will not rush to other places to destroy. This mine is Comprehend the world encampment, cannot make others know in here or the has plenty place that is more indestructible, these time does not have the means that this has put the people of hundred treasure, puts, but cannot make him hold to cause the too big destruction, therefore wants some people to make these hundred treasure people turn circle in the mine tunnel, for on delays the time, is to give to implicate these people of hundred treasure, has dragged out to exhaustion!...!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;