Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1451
Chapter 377 wound its ten fingers, are inferior to its one finger The Comprehend the world person is not silly, their very clear, by others forever might as well by oneself, therefore Kong Miao, when copes with hundred treasure most from the beginning, has thought the person who good this point, he to cope with hundred treasure, has left a leeway to oneself. Because of very careful, therefore Kong Miao, when deals with these hundred treasure people, enters these to contact the Transmission mine tunnel, because of Zhao Hai very clear, when necessary, Transmission mine tunnel there is the Comprehend the world final escape route. Person who Kong Miao is also one has ambition, he also repels the attacks of hundred treasure with his strength, Kong Miao has wanted to make Comprehend the world unfold, becomes ten-thousand realms battlefield here Expert, but wants to become ten-thousand realms battlefield here Expert, must demonstrate first own strength, but these time is opportunity. To be honest regarding Giant Spirit, Kong Miao also felt that now, Bayan east returned to Giant Spirit there several hours, that went back to invite the person of reinforcement discontentedly, went back for three hours, such long time, the reinforcement of Giant Spirit should already arrive, but still has not actually seen the shadow of reinforcement to the present, in this case, Kong Miao has to consider for own Interface. Giant Spirit with hundred treasure is an enemy, they have battled many years, but if Giant Spirit planned to sacrifice Comprehend the world this small Interface, was used for paralysis hundred treasure, that was not impossible. Because of this, therefore Kong Miao accepted seeing of Palpus Clansmen to discuss, with this type nearly in the person who the tactic of rascal coped with hundred treasure. This tactical although has certain effect, but actually impossible the person forever circles of hundred treasure in there, hundred treasure from is still expanding the domain that they are seizing, although these people arrange Magic Formation, attracts the attention of hundred treasure, domain that but hundred treasure seize still in expansion bit by bit. Did not want underestimated hundred treasure people, the people of hundred treasure have been very careful, they walked every time one step, will make some seal, will delimit also the domain, such Kong Miao tactical although played certain doing to use, will not have the too big use, can only slow hundred treasure these person of advancing footsteps, the person who was impossible to let hundred treasure forever transferred the circle in there. Kong Miao frowns on look at front stone table is suspending the map, this map is Magical Artifact, is the Comprehend the world plan always suppresses constructs after Magical Artifact that mine here manufactures, on this Magical Artifact, can demonstrate that the enemy enters to the mine tunnel later motion route, can demonstrate that they in the mine tunnel here motion route. Now is representing hundred treasure five red lines, has seized a small part on map, moreover by one type of very slow is expanding toward all around. although is very slow, had not actually believed to decide. But those who most make Kong Miao pay attention, new strengths, from mine tunnel there slowly expands toward inside, that mine tunnel there, although beforehand hundred treasure pass through, but by the Comprehend the world person has been able on now the cloth Magic Formation, moreover that four squads of hundred treasure, but also is expanding, does not have a mine tunnel then, also in other words, this is a gang of new enemy.

This is Kong Miao for the headache reason, if the people of hundred treasure also in increasing troops, that Comprehend the world and must the clan troubled. In Kong Miao awkward time, outside suddenly has come in Monk, that Monk hides to Kong Miao said : Senior Brother, Mr. Zhao Hai rescues to see!” Kong Miao one hear of this Monk words cannot help but one dull, then great happiness said : quickly invited.” That Monk complied with one, turn around walked outward. In this mine tunnel not, only then a Kong Miao person, empty Ningxia, the sword one, Xu Wuzun also in the mine tunnel, they also heard that Monk words, several people cannot help but vision centralized in entrance there of mine tunnel, they also really want to see Zhao Hai this repeatedly to create the miracle person now. The people in falling in the water, that feared that has a straw, capture stubbornly, because that is their fresh sole hopes that now Zhao Hai is so, he is that straw, Kong Miao they hopes Zhao Hai to be able in time creation miracle. Before long Zhao Hai entered the mine tunnel, enters to mine tunnel there, Zhao Hai immediately to Kong Miao their gave a salute, he is actually clear regarding the mine tunnel here situation, but he must salute, he does not want to make others see the flaw. Kong Miao welcomed , helping up Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, when do you come back? Found this?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, if went home unable to find including the gate, that did not have the face, first do not say these, I just came back, with a Palpus Clansmen squad, has followed one these people of hundred treasure, our more than 1000 people, have fought with more than 500 people of hundred treasure ruthlessly, extinguished hundred treasure about 300 people, the remaining people entered in the mine tunnel, I then led to the brothers of clan enter to the mine tunnel, now that 1000 must many clan brothers on outside and other.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that the people in mine tunnel are one happy, has not waited for Kong Miao to speak, empty rather you really extinguishes hundred treasure more than 300 people to Zhao Hai said :?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „to be about 300, they have more than 500 people, finally enters to the mine tunnel, also about 200, remaining was given to tidy up by us.” Xu Wuzun laughing said : suddenly good, fantastic, Little Hai, I must, that team of people I know thank you that they by must unable Commander, to deal with outside that team of lead(er) mine hundred treasure people, now you have been taken into the mine tunnel unexpectedly, fantastic.”

Kong Miao also face excited said : good, this Little Hai you have contributed to the great merit, come, sits, I happen to say a next current situation to the person.” Was saying while then Zhao Hai to side of stone table, is pointing at the map on table. To be honest beforehand Zhao Hai has not noted this stretch a map, now looked, has cannot help but shown a look probably. Kong Miao explained that said : this stretch a map is our Comprehend the world senior, manufactures after more than hundred years, can say that now entire mine is huge formation, but this stretch a map is the formation command(er) center.” Zhao Hai face shocking look at Kong Miao, he really being startled, he has not thought that Comprehend the world really also has a such treasure. Kong Miao beckoned with the hand, deep voice said : „did you see these five red lines? These five red lines are hundred treasure people, although I want to give to be stranded them in No. 3 region here, the effect at present is looking like also very good, but hundred treasure people, actually still expansion bit by bit, if tried to find out by them Transmission Formation there, we troubled.” Clarity that the Zhao Hai look at map, on the map each part demonstrates, map was divided into five region, but No. 3 region, is the most surrounding of map, in the most center of map, is not the Transmission Formation mine tunnel, but is the forbidden area, in forbidden area there, is a blank, obviously the Comprehend the world person does not want to know the forbidden area there terrain. Side of forbidden area, four Transmission Formation mine tunnels, area of each mine tunnel is not small, but Transmission Formation mine tunnel there, is called Transmission region in the chart. Besides Transmission region and forbidden area there, mine tunnel here will be divided into five region one, two, four, No. 5 region, in the Transmission Formation region surrounding, is protecting Transmission Formation region, but No. 3 region actually in these four region surrounding, such as must say one, two, four, No. 5 area is a hammer head of hammer, that No. 3 region is handle of hammer. Zhao Hai look at No. 3 region there, there is representing the red lines of hundred treasure people, already slowly outstretched toward the extension, these people of obvious hundred treasure also present plan of Kong Miao, now is thinking the means to break current condition. Zhao Hai frowns said : slightly Grandmaster, when knows don’t know great Spirit Race reinforcement?” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, all person look at Kong Miao in mine tunnel, Kong Miao sighs said : „the present to return don’t know, east after Bayan goes back, did not have information, that Giant Spirit people who afterward went back to rescue does not have information, remaining 48 Giant Spirit people, but also in here, moreover they have carried on attack to the people of hundred treasure.”

Zhao Hai sighed, had demonstrated own disaffection, then at present the returned to map on, is the elimination hundred treasure effective strengths that as far as possible his look at map said : now we must make, they have now been divided into five teams, each team of population in more than 500, one team was eliminated about 300 people by us, but also remaining more than 200, this team of people shape become any threat, remaining that several, don’t know loss wasn't what kind of?” Kong Miao has smiled bitterly next step: Their losses are not many, these formation after all are some dying thing, wants with these formation, causes any too big damage to them, is almost impossible, now their each team, approximately casualties about 30 people.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this to be very good, that Commander of hundred treasure, is Expert, he knows that makes the war in this mine tunnel, person too many are useless, therefore he has been divided into several squads, we cope with him with Magic Formation now, can constrain them, Magic Formation Might small a point, we should add on a fire to them now.” Kong Miao look at Zhao Hai does said : how add?” Zhao Hai said : wound its ten fingers, were inferior that its finger, such drags with them with it, was inferior that our driving attacks, the Grandmaster person also saw, here has a big mine tunnel, should area of this mine tunnel not be small? We might as well manpower under the here ambush, then the person hundred treasure, directs this mine tunnel, this mine tunnel has a distance to No. 3 region, even if several other teams of hundred treasure people wants to support this point person, is impossible to rush in a short time, we first give to annihilate this team of people, is dealing with several other teams of people.” Kong Miao look at map, earnest is listening to the Zhao Hai words, a Zhao Hai finger of that big mine tunnel, has a distance to No. 3 region, person who if copes with hundred treasure in there, truly yes, moreover that mine tunnel is very big, even if ten thousand people makes war in there, will not appear will push, but they will want to convene the military strength are not that easy matters, now Comprehend the world and Palpus Clansmen scattered, all around have been arranging formation, will want to call in a short time them is not easy. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;