Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1452

The Zhao Hai look at Kong Miao appearance, knows that he is thinking anything, Zhao Hai deep voice said : Grandmaster, Also with more than 1000 that I come must the clan brothers, I can lead them to ambush in mine tunnel there, you send for directing there hundred treasure people, simultaneously relates other squads, makes their as soon as possible toward the mine tunnel there set, so long as these people arrived at mine tunnel there, we can tidy up these fellows, the living together harmoniously time outside arrange several defense lines, preventing hundred treasure several other teams of people to catch up to support. ”[] Kong Miao one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but nodded said : well, such manages, your immediately goes to the mine tunnel there ambush, so long as you ambushed, immediately/on horseback gave me to receive a letter.” Zhao Hai nodded, in other person of gave a salute to mine tunnel, turn around walked. Must unable to lead these Palpus Clansmen to wait for Zhao Hai outside, looked at Zhao Hai to come out, they eager look at Zhao Hai, to be honest, they also really want to move with Zhao Hai together, did not think the go it alone. Zhao Hai looked must unable their eyes, showed a faint smile said : brothers, followed me, must make war, on the road was telling you.” These Palpus Clansmen one hear of Zhao Hai said that is one cheers, then follows in the Zhao Hai side, at the same time flies toward a mine tunnel. Zhao Hai flew while to tell their this time duty must unable, to unable to arrive had not opposed, conversely, their some excited, they want as soon as possible made war with the people of hundred treasure, person who wants to tidy up hundred treasure as soon as possible. Zhao Hai is having their seven revolutions of eight revolutions, quick arrives at the mine tunnel that they must ambush, this mine tunnel is very big, although inside has plenty his stone column, but has 400-500 meters highly fully, moreover these stone columns will not affect the fight absolutely. Zhao Hai command(er) these Palpus Clansmen ambushes are good, simultaneously he also put out a signalling jade sword to believe to Kong Miao, before Zhao Hai also real don’t know this signalling jade sword what's the matter, but he knew now, this signalling jade sword used is very convenient, because on the sword was bringing the energetic seal, increased Transmission information security degree, this was Zhao Hai likes the reason of Transmission jade sword. Kong Miao after receiving the Zhao Hai Transmission jade sword, immediately was arranging the formation squad to go to information to these, made their as soon as possible closed up toward mine tunnel there, be only a squad exception, the population of this squad approximately about 100 people, was in all squads, population most, what Team leader was Comprehend the world, this person of Zhao Hai acquaintance, the circle decided. The round definitive text comes is responsible for the new person community there matter, but this time war relationship to entire Comprehend the world, in adding on all people gathered encampment here, he and circle naturally also gathered, naturally must become a person of Captain level by their strengths and prestige, they main duty arranges formation now, delayed hundred treasure before. When the garden receives the Kong Miao signalling jade sword surely, stares, his spiritual force searches toward the jade sword, immediately knew the content of jade sword, after seeing the content of jade sword, the circle decided actually smiles. The circle has followed really in the side that the circle decides, looks at the appearance that the circle decides, cannot help but curious said : Senior Brother, What happened? what matter such happy?” But the circle really completely understand own Senior Brother, own Senior Brother handles matters very calmly, can make the matter that he smiles really not many. The circle decides has not hidden the truth from him, gave circle said : you to have a look the jade sword , the attractiveness of Zhao Hai gentleman!” The circle has gawked, received the jade sword, spiritual force searches toward, immediately saw the content in jade sword, this jade sword comes on Kong Miao, the content in jade sword about this motion, purity that the long and short of the story that not only these time moves said that but also makes them listen to Zhao Hai command(er).

Zhao Hai is the circle decides to commit suicide with the circle two on people to the ten-thousand realms battlefield in, enters the time in ten-thousand realms battlefield to be very short, however within this short time, Zhao Hai became a Comprehend the world here important character, this is the circle decides with circle initially has not thought. They have not been jealous Zhao Hai, after all Zhao Hai is they introduces personally, Comprehend the world here has regulation, the person who if they direct, good because of ten-thousand realms battlefield here performance, they also will be rewarded, person who if they direct, became a side character, the reward that they obtain are more, is adding on these by the person who they direct, because this one layer relationship, to their looking, therefore regarding the introduction new person, the circle decides and circle is really the support, the new person displays is good, they on are happy. Looked at the content on jade sword, on the circle really ice-cold face 1 u had also left smiling face said : well, was really good, has not thought that Zhao Hai that youngster unexpectedly dry was so attractive, Senior Brother, did you look?” The circle shows a faint smile said : on jade sword although not to have understand surely, but can look, Kong Miao Grandmaster they have not wanted to count on the person who these great record, thinks have done, this is also good, the person who we tidy up hundred treasure, sooner or later will tidy up them.” The circle nodded, coldly snorted said : these fellows of hundred treasure think really we quite bully, these time makes them know our fierce.” The circle knit the brows said : do not have a low opinion of the enemy surely, hundred treasure these fellows are not good to cope, the strengths of these fellows are very strong, this time our although directs to go to No. 13 mine tunnel there them, but is careful.” The circle nodded, deep voice said : Senior Brother feel relieved is good, my immediately passes around the order, will make them be careful.” The round fixed point the nod, the circle then bow person transmitted orders , after waiting for the transmission of order, the circle decides is then getting the people, welcomed toward squad there of that only hundred treasure. The circle decided their here to be considered as is frontline, although they have not put in an appearance with the people of hundred treasure, but the people of hundred treasure in there, they were clear, because of these people of hundred treasure in break the formation, the light was the sound that break the formation made, can make them know the positions of hundred treasure these people. The circle decided is also old hundred gentlemen of having fought many battles, his very clear they must make anything now, therefore he was careful, Dean enjoined to follow after his behind these people, this got the person to leave. The person who quick they found that group of hundred treasure, the person of this group of hundred treasure, more than 500, these people are in break the formation now. The circle decides after seeing these hundred treasure people, the immediately order follows to these people of hundred treasure to carry on attack in his behind these people's, attack started quickly, these hundred treasure person originally by the tactic of Comprehend the world this rascal making very annoyedly, but their strength law does not have, they presently Comprehend the world these people look like Old Mouse, casual in a drill toward that hole, they want to find them on not to be easy. Their terrain to here complete is not ripe, was adding on these Comprehend the world people to arrange too many formation, they want to pursue cannot overtake. Now the Comprehend the world person is daring to challenge their patience unexpectedly, this is their institute is unsupportable, the people of all hundred treasure were decided their attack by the circle to the air/Qi red the eye, their enduring patiently have reached the limit, they really do not have the means to tolerate this provocation.

The person of that more than 500 hundred treasure, roared to decide them to kill toward the circle, but the circle decided their although turn around to run, but actually ran was not quick, the unhappiness of running was not slow that because they flew, because they flew these people who wanted arrangement Magic Formation this of first successive to let hundred treasure more annoyed at the same time. The circle is deliberately must such do surely, he will such do do not direct their feelings to these people of hundred treasure, but must feel to these person of one type of of hundred treasure, these people who will let hundred treasure felt they will not be are directing them, but was tests them to come. After such long time break the formation, these people of hundred treasure certainly think that Comprehend the world wants to tow them with this method, holding them to be tired, Comprehend the world these talented people can cope with them. But now the Comprehend the world person has towed their for a long time this appears , and attack they, may are give a try, having a look at them to be implicated, if they tired had feared was really the Comprehend the world person, immediately can gather to kill with large army. But the circle decides must make hundred treasure these have this feeling, these people who he must let hundred treasure think that he is probes their, the person who this will not let hundred treasure thinks that he is directs their. These people of hundred treasure by the anger to the fainted brains, their simply have not been thought much, but thinks that the circle decides their this time is provokes they is also probes their, they do not have presently, the circle decides them to arrange formation was slower. This Comprehend the world to deal with the attacks of hundred treasure has made the completely safe preparation, got down the initial capital to arrange formation is needs formation flag and formation disk, the although Comprehend the world here person has prepared many formation flag and formation disk, but was insufficient, they many formation flag and formation disk that from Comprehend the world there adjusted, to deal with hundred treasure people. ten-thousand realms battlefield here good thing to be too many, Comprehend the world does not hate to give up, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, not only there are various ore materials and medicinal herbs, most important is here also has various types to amend the practice method! In Comprehend the world, has plenty amends the practice method, obtains from ten-thousand realms battlefield here, although said on jade slip that in ten-thousand realms battlefield here obtains, has the energetic seal, if broken goes to the energetic seal, jade slip inside content very much might also vanish from sight, can say that will break energetic seals on 1000 jade slip, can obtain Cultivation Method not necessarily. However the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person was really too many, was only Interface has thirty thousand many, the everyday every large or small fight were innumerable, jade slip that obtained is innumerable, even if were breaks 10,000 jade, Jane can obtain Cultivation Method, regarding the Comprehend the world person, that also gained! For these reasons, making the Comprehend the world person not hate to give up ten-thousand realms battlefield here, regarding them, gave up ten-thousand realms battlefield here, on equal to oneself sealing up, as the matter stands they by other Interface flinging after behind, will be farther. Also because has existence of ten-thousand realms battlefield, lets Comprehend the world High level, is maintaining the one type of sense of crisis, although now ten-thousand realms battlefield there Interface, don’t know Comprehend the world specific Coordinate in there, but after who can guarantee them don’t know, if made these Interface people know Comprehend the world specific Coordinate, they will kill Comprehend the world to go, if Comprehend the world only to be conservative and complacent, but strength retreat, that waited for that their will be a total destruction. Thinks of danger in peace, is a race mature performance, Comprehend the world after ten-thousand realms battlefield here received the several times setback, started really maturely, they will not be having a swelled head.

To be honest, now Buddhist Sect these people, regarding planning the Profound Sect these Expert matters, somewhat regretted, if Profound Sect these Expert still, that present Comprehend the world feared that can be considered as on is Upper Realm, although only missed 1st level, the advantage that but this obtained was actually the non- Law Idol ratio. although these year of Buddhist Sect also somewhat attack Profound Sect, not so was ruthless, they also want to make Comprehend the world quick one unfold, the advantage that only then the Comprehend the world strength, they obtained will be more. These time with hundred treasure showdowns, the Comprehend the world person wants to count on great Spirit Race most from the beginning, when presently great Spirit Race only came 50 people, Comprehend the world High level these people on understand, great Spirit Race have not taken seriously this matter, does not have to care about this matter, but this is they most is worried. Because presently the great Spirit Race person has not cared about this matter, Comprehend the world has no alternative but to put out own family property to come with hundred treasure people to put together. The circle decides them in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person, the feeling is deepest, they are most are not willing to give up the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person, therefore for complete completion duty, the circle decided this time is to make fully the play, very careful. These people of hundred treasure do not have attempt that the present circle decides, still in pursuing in the circle decides their, although this all the way he still in break the formation, but biting stubbornly has actually decided their bodies in the circle one, this lets these person excited of hundred treasure. The circle decides the position that is, they ambushed the good No. 13 mine tunnel not far quick circle to decide them to arrive at No. 13 mine tunnel there to Zhao Hai, entered to the mine tunnel circle decides them to stare, because they actually had not felt that in this mine tunnel had any ambush, even they had not felt that in this mine tunnel had the person, this made the circle decide and circle really some puzzled. In moment that they are shocked, the Zhao Hai sound passes to their ears said : two Grandmaster, please walk toward the mine tunnel, enters No. 8 little cave entrance, two evade advanced, when commencing of action, kills in turn around.” Their although presently Zhao Hai where, however the Zhao Hai sound they have not recognized, their nods of gently, fly toward little cave entrance there, they have not waited to enter to that little cave entrance, hundred treasure people have killed. The circle decides them not to stay, directly entered No. 8 cave entrance, hundred treasure people naturally were in hot pursuit, when they just flew the middle of mine tunnel, the mutation broke out, innumerable Magical Artifact have attacked toward their Battalion, circle their also turn around killed, these people of hundred treasure gawked, they knew the intermediate total, but they not flurried, immediately organized, prepared to resist!!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;