Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1453

In person get together of these hundred treasure, prepares resists these attack the time. 12 giant metal beast suddenly appears in the middle of their team, these 12 metal beasts from middle appears of team, did not flush from outside, that suddenly appears . The people of these hundred treasure have a dream have not thought that these 12 metal beast suddenly appears among them, they are almost a protection does not have, therefore slaughtered starts! 12 metal beasts, are 12 Slaughtering Machine, they of hundred treasure people able to move unhindered round trip, nobody can block them. But surrounding ambush good these Palpus Clansmen have also killed, these Palpus Clansmen have fought with the people of hundred treasure above, had to experience very much, now the lineups of hundred treasure to were been chaotic by 12 metal beasts, have been adding on their to occupy superiorly, these hitting one was caught off guard the people of these hundred treasure, many hundred treasure people muddleheaded was killed. This feared that is the most vexed war that the people of hundred treasure fight, they have not thought Comprehend the world and must the people of clan really have such big courage, dares to come sneak attack unexpectedly really they, this regarding them, absolutely is an accident. Is adding on the Zhao Hai center to open the hua tactic, the person who lets hundred treasure does not have the means to organize to have resistance, finally they can only end up to turn out a completely passive aspect. The circle decided with the circle also looks really silly, they before with hundred treasure had, had short fighting, the fierce places of hundred treasure these people, they were clear, they have not thought that the person who Zhao Hai and these Palpus Clansmen coped with hundred treasure came, unexpectedly appeared such relaxed. The circle decides with the circle really and don’t know, reason that these Palpus Clansmen can such relaxed these people who copes with hundred treasure , because they have made the confidence! Confidence sometimes is one type of very strange thing, the people of these big, to the person on small, are very confident, their strengths are similar, finally but wins is that big person, because of their confidence foot, the confidence is representing morale, the morale foot, will naturally win. But small the person of person's to big, appears does not have the meeting the confidence, this cannot blame them, the person himself condition of big is better than them, moreover they must worry that big these people will retaliate them, hits naturally is timid to act, the person of has plenty small, can run away life in in hand of big person, suffices them to show off for a while. However this time situation is different, this time is the life war, is the country war, lost must exterminate the clan, Palpus Clansmen also completely gave up worry at heart, but before , they lacked confidence. To Zhao Hai with their together to the people of these hundred treasure tidying up, Palpus Clansmen then had the confidence, to over a hundred treasure people not in being timid to act. As the matter stands Palpus Clansmen in the fight, can appear 120% strengths, naturally does not suffer a loss to the people of over a hundred treasure, is adding on hundred treasure person moods to be now flurried, ten layers fighting strength can wield six layers to be good, in this case, the people of hundred treasure naturally very suffer a loss, can only be pressed hitting by Palpus Clansmen.

The people of although hundred treasure have been pressed hitting, but they resist, perhaps will be at heart final that proud makes them not give up resisting, therefore the fight wanted to end in a short time is almost impossible. These person also ideas of hundred treasure, that waits for reinforcement, they the signalling jade sword have prayed for rescue, so long as insisted that reinforcement arrives, they won. These signalling jade swords that however the people and don’t know of these hundred treasure, their release go to by Zhao Hai confiscating, one had not passed on. Moreover they think that was insisting the reinforcement arrival the idea was impossible to put into practice, because is currently having large quantities of cultivator and Palpus Clansmen catches up toward their here, waited for these people to arrive, the people of these hundred treasure definitely had dead Unborn. These hundred treasure people also present this point, they presently more hit Palpus Clansmen and these Comprehend the world cultivator are more, but their people are getting fewer and fewer, now thinks that did not hit also already late. The fight still in continuing the present centralized cultivator and Palpus Clansmen in this mine tunnel has achieved more than 3000, but the people of hundred treasure, only remaining more than 100, these person also everybody were wounded now, is carrying on the final resistance. However Comprehend the world and must the people of clan not think must put their horse, this time matter is not the minor matter, relationship to the 2 Realms life and death, now they have had the death enmity of not being able to untie with hundred treasure, if said this opportunity, well these people who tidies up next hundred treasure, their later days will not feel better absolutely. Can come the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person, is the elites in various clans, generally is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, these person of that were not both hands is stained with completely the blood, killed people regarding them too usually, simply with having lenient saying. Moreover these people were also old fox, great Spirit Race such long time has not sent out reinforcement to come, this has made these people feel uneasy that they also know, now by anyone might also as well by oneself, in any case, must go all out with hundred treasure people, might as well spells now. Comprehend the world and must the person extreme methods of clan, these hundred treasure people really unable to withstand, the population occupies the inferiority, imposing manner is suppressed, they think that turning over simply did not have opportunity. Now in the will of the people of these hundred treasure that arrogance vanish from sight, they had looked down upon the Cultivator big world to manage before and must the person of clan, they have believed that they are 500 people, can rout the opposite party 5000 people easily, but they know now, if gives to compel to go all out others, they also not necessarily on stronger than the other many. Zhao Hai besides 12 metal beasts, did not have make a move, he stands in the one side looked that now his 12 metal beasts received, but stands in there look at, Mo Sheng stands in his, don’t know, Li Zongdao also came, stands in the Zhao Hai side, they like guard, protecting one on the left and other on the right in Zhao Hai.

The fight had ended quickly, the people of these hundred treasure were killed completely, had no way to run, afterward also the people of hundred treasure wanted to surrender, but was actually killed cultivator and Palpus Clansmen that got angry directly killing. The person who waits for last hundred treasure falls down, these cultivator and Palpus Clansmen are cheering, this is the person who their first time wins hundred treasure, naturally is happy extremely. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, coughed lightly, his voice is not loud, but what is strange, the people who therefore hears the sound were peaceful, only instantaneous entire mine tunnel peaceful. Zhao Hai looks at people said : „the present is also not happy time, everyone/Great Clan came out these person of thing rub first, that was combat example, but my requests, everybody must leave me the corpses of these people, below was Dark Magician, these corpses I can make Undead Creature, didn't know everyone/Great Clan what do you think?” These cultivator and Palpus Clansmen almost want not to think that all people simultaneously bow to Zhao Hai said : all depending on the mister instruction!” Zhao Hai with own strength, has let these recognize his status. These people Space equipment rub of these hundred treasure, but they have not actually put in their belt-bag, but has concentrated, then has handed over Zhao Hai here. Zhao Hai looked that this actually stares, hundred treasure people more than 500 people that but his immediately understand the meanings of these people, this time they have destroyed completely, but now had more than 4000 cultivator and Palpus Clansmen, if now the minute, that definitely will be unfair a saying, therefore these people have concentrated thing, after waiting for the war, is an expert the assignment. Zhao Hai to has not declined, turns the head to probably unable with cultivator said : two, asked you to walk, handed over Kong Miao Grandmaster there these thing.” Must unable they naturally not to have opinion, immediately/on horseback to comply with one, took these Space equipment to walk. Zhao Hai also received the corpses of these hundred treasure people, then turns the head under to put down work at the minute to people said :, the circle decides with circle really Grandmaster, please lead the person who cultivator is directing hundred treasure, must the person friends of clan ambush in here, your bodies have the stealth clothes, most suited has ambushed, asking everybody to move?” The people have complied with one, did according to the Zhao Hai words. Zhao Hai although enters during entering of ten-thousand realms battlefield short, no matter Palpus Clansmen is hundred treasure people, suffered a loss in in his hand, these must Lou people at heart a little be mad to Zhao Hai, but passes through the person who this twice has coped with hundred treasure, these Palpus Clansmen were not angry, conversely, they want to be intimate with about Zhao Hai. The circle decides with circle really although the person who Zhao Hai introduces the ten-thousand realms battlefield, but they actually do not dare to pull rank now, has complied with one, getting the person to walk, but these Palpus Clansmen also hid, Zhao Hai did not have immediately/on horseback to walk, but has cleaned the battlefield, this looked for an ore accent to hide.

Hides in a mine tunnel, Zhao Hai has been paying attention to these hundred treasure carefully, especially Tang Jie their group, the person of Tang Jie their group of hundred treasure is strength strongest a batch, if with Tang Jie they to, Zhao Hai thinks really their losses will not be certainly small. The circle decided with the circle started the person who prepared to direct these hundred treasure really now, their this hundred treasure people of directing were not Tang Jie that group, Zhao Hai are also many on feel relieved. The repertoire is almost same, circle decides with the circle directly carries on attack to these hundred treasure people, then turn around runs, arrangement formation that simultaneously keeps, comes out to ji Fire Qi of these hundred treasure people, can make hundred treasure these people bite tightly is not putting, before long the person of that team of hundred treasure, directed that mine tunnel. The fight in one time started, this fight with one time is exactly the same, the Zhao Hai center opens the hua tactic, regarding these people of hundred treasure, the lethality is very big. However Zhao Hai these time actually frowned, did not mean that the scene is not good, conversely, this hundred treasure the rapidness of person rout, this time ambush very beautiful, will not have any intent exogenous, what Zhao Hai knits the brows, Tang Jie they stopped unexpectedly, moreover probably present anything! Shortly after their here makes war, Tang Jie stopped, he probably present anything, the brow wrinkled, then has put out several signalling jade swords, then let out the jade sword, made entire Battalion stop, same place stand guard.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;