Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 15 - Chapter 1455
Chapter 381 friend? Enemies? Zhao Hai one hear of Kong Miao such spoke of stares, he has not thought really that Kong Miao suddenly was so natural, one gave to him on these many thing unexpectedly. However he changed mind one to want also to feel relaxed, hundred treasure these Magical Artifact manufactures very excellent, but had characteristics in Comprehend the world there, manufacture was excellent Magical Artifact, thinks that was decomposing him, was difficult, was adding on these Magical Artifact volumes to be very small, even if decomposed him, could not obtain many thing, therefore Kong Miao simply has made a favor done at little or no cost, gave Zhao Hai these thing, as the matter stands Zhao Hai on cannot in the ground these ore and medicinal herbs. Zhao Hai to does not have the opinion, when these ores and medicinal herbs, some his Space had, to be honest, he was already having the ideas of these Magical Artifact, but raises for a while embarrassedly. Now Kong Miao has given him these thing, that has been exactly as one wishes, Zhao Hai bows said : to thank Grandmaster to Kong Miao.” Kong Miao beckoned with the hand, then turned the head to Palestinian wooden said : Palestinian wooden mister, the situation you also to see, our plans were useful, mister please return, our Comprehend the world and must the friend of clan, have these people who the confidence coped with hundred treasure.” Kong Miao this saying sounds not to have any issue for the first time probably, but you careful one want actually present the issue, Comprehend the world must the clan have the confidence to cope with hundred treasure, that topic over-formal language does not need your great Spirit Race to gesticulate, is also reminding Palestinian wooden, even if your Giant Spirit reinforcement has not arrived, person who we can also cope with hundred treasure. Palestinian wooden although arrogance, but he is not a fool, Kong Miao this saying is any meaning, he one listened, his complexion cannot help but became very difficult looked, but he actually don’t know must say any good now, in Bayan east returned to great Spirit Race for a long time, is that the person who went back to request reinforcements, went back for several hours, such long time, great Spirit Race actually still reinforcement has not sent, not only Kong Miao they were dissatisfied, Palestinian wooden was surprised. It looks like in Palestinian wooden, in clan should immediately send reinforcement, in here hundred treasure people hitting, this not only can tidy up hundred treasure, but can also in front of them set up the vertical prestige in Kong Miao, kills two birds with one stone. However in the clan still has not actually sent reinforcement to come out to the present, this makes wooden feel that accident, Kong Miao they were discontented with Palestinian wooden already to look, but he said that now anything was useless, their reinforcement has not arrived after all. To be honest, Palestinian wooden can understand Kong Miao their dissatisfaction, their very clear, in this clan does somewhat is truly excessive, Comprehend the world great Spirit Race will be filial piety many thing every year likely, for is when has the matter, can please the great Spirit Race person act, but currently Comprehend the world really has the matter, moreover those who ask them to trouble is great Spirit Race sworn enemy hundred treasure, in this case, great Spirit Race should first on sending out the person helps Comprehend the world, but to the present, besides them, a person had not seen that this is some cannot really be justified. although understands Kong Miao their idea, but this did not express that Palestinian wooden will allow Kong Miao they to be discontented with Giant Spirit, looks like in Palestinian wooden, great Spirit Race is on the entire race, but Comprehend the world is the lower position race, great Spirit Race wants to rescue Comprehend the world to rescue, does not want to rescue does not rescue, Comprehend the world cannot have any disaffection, any to the great Spirit Race dissatisfaction, is disrespecting to great Spirit Race. Such idea of overbearing, only then the people of these big will have, therefore Palestinian wooden hears Kong Miao this to seek vengeance the characteristic words, complexion cannot help but pale. Kong Miao has not actually managed Palestinian wooden, to be honest, his to great Spirit Race very disappointed, great Spirit Race has not come reinforcement to the present, will not come evidently, this is the Kong Miao heaviest air/Qi place. Palestinian wooden looked at Kong Miao one, coldly snorted, turn around returned to the great Spirit Race person has been standing the place, then led these great Spirit Race person turn around to walk.

Looked that Palestinian wooden walked, Kong Miao also coldly snorted, deep voice said : „, if great Spirit Race this, in their this Upper Realm position, the institute has wanted not to guarantee.” Zhao Hai also sighed, he agreed very Kong Miao words, he from the Undead Creature mouths of these hundred treasure, knows why hundred treasure these time must cope with them, for must attack prestige in great Spirit Race or Upper Realm these medium grade Interface , was thinking the means to receive their these Interface, thus weakened the great Spirit Race strength, when the time comes they can cope with great Spirit Race. Before Bayan east, when spoke to them, knew this point, but east Bayan , the great Spirit Race person has still not sent reinforcement, that only then an explanation, great Spirit Race planned to give up Comprehend the world! Why Zhao Hai understand great Spirit Race such do not do, such does regarding the great Spirit Race prestige is an attack of very critical, like Comprehend the world and must the clan, later in wants hiring oneself great Spirit Race, to think well, can say great Spirit Race this giving up, not only Cultivation World and must the clan, but is entire or Upper Realm Interface. But why this was also Kong Miao says great Spirit Race, if in this way, must remove from Upper Realm, wants, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here became in Upper Realm, not only wanted strength formidable, you must have the influence, had the domain, had under the hand/subordinate. It looks like great Spirit Race is the same with hundred treasure, they with for on Upper Realm, they not only strength formidable, but also influence incomparably powerful, each under the hand/subordinate is managing hundred and thousand of some on or, even can also manage some on and previous Lower Realm, this Interface equivalent to their under the hand/subordinate, if they must in Upper Realm with that live the war time, these Interface is also must strive, is you person, must commodities. Can say like Comprehend the world, is on the important component of Upper Realm strength, if all or Upper Realm such Interface, withdraws from that the jurisdiction of Upper Realm, in that the Upper Realm strength will be affected by very critical, almost cannot on being called Upper Realm. Xu Wuzun complexion is not quite attractive, that Palestinian wooden is just great Spirit Race Vice-Captain of squad, can refer to delimiting unexpectedly to them, this makes Xu Wuzun feel not being feeling well. Kong Miao does not have to pay attention to this matter, but turns the head Little Hai the present situation to be not quite good to Zhao Hai said :, if great Spirit Race gives up us, our troubles were big, now we hundred treasure offending, must Giant Spirit give up us, we all alone, this to us is not the good deed.” Xu Wuzun also knitting the brows head, must clan initially be willing to cooperate with Comprehend the world, is mainly because the Comprehend the world back is standing great Spirit Race, but great Spirit Race can help them cope with hundred treasure, but now great Spirit Race, if gave up them, their troubles were big. Zhao Hai also knitting the brows head, looked at Kong Miao one, deep voice said : Grandmaster, if you permit, person who I want to see hundred treasure.” Kong Miao stares, person who puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : sees hundred treasure? Why? You think the person who hundred treasure will admit us?” Zhao Hai forced smile can said : probably try to know that the present is any situation, you also know that the great Spirit Race person has not come to the present, we must try to find another way, we have a grudge with the people of hundred treasure, but if we can bring the even bigger benefit to them, perhaps they will put aside this hatred, naturally, they afterward will possibly retaliate, so long as after us, brings the even bigger advantage to them, the situation is perhaps uncertain.” Some Kong Miao do not understand Zhao Hai words, but he also has to recognize, since this is at present, safest means that in this time, Zhao Hai complexion suddenly changes, then the personal appearance in a flash vanished in the mine tunnel, waited for Zhao Hai in appears , arrived in the Transmission mine tunnel, then his hand wielded, in the Transmission mine tunnel all Transmission Formation had been deadlocked by him, then the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved, returned to in mine tunnel.

Kong Miao is just speaking in wonderful blame Zhao Hai this, ran up to that to go, looked at Zhao Hai appears , he cannot help but somewhat puzzled said : Little Hai, did What happened? have an accident?” Reason that Kong Miao such asked that is because he presently Zhao Hai complexion very difficult looks. Zhao Hai look at Kong Miao said : Grandmaster, just Palestinian wooden they after here leave, received a signalling jade sword, after having looked at the content on jade sword, went toward Transmission mine tunnel there, I think that they want certainly to go in returned to Giant Spirit, I just went to Transmission mine tunnel there, gave the seal all Transmission Formation, I go to discuss with hundred treasure people now that you cannot put Palestinian wooden they to walk, perhaps they can become our in hand chip!” Kong Miao one hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion cannot help but changes, his too understand Zhao Hai these words were any meaning, Palestinian wooden they after receiving signalling jade sword, immediately must go to Transmission mine tunnel there to want leave, this almost indicated that Giant Spirit must give up them, if were really such, they really troubled. But Zhao Hai seal activated Transmission formation, does not want to make wooden they walk, if Zhao Hai with hundred treasure reaching an agreement conditions, they can also they regard the person who the gift gives hundred treasure Palestinian wooden, this will perhaps have the unexpected effect. Xu Wuzun also understand meaning of Zhao Hai, what has not waited for them to say to Zhao Hai, the direction that Zhao Hai flashes body leave, Xu Wuzun look at Zhao Hai vanished, turns the head to Kong Miao said : Grandmaster, you think that Zhao Hai can succeed? Even if were he has succeeded, Immortal Stage senior, will agree with this decision?” Kong Miao shook the head, sighs said : my don’t know, but this is our final opportunity, if hundred treasure do not accept us, that this ten-thousand realms battlefield, feared that did not have our locations of taking shelter.” Xu Wuzun has gawked, finally also sighed, in this time, near their ears suddenly has been transmitting sound speaking sounds: If Zhao Hai can convince hundred treasure people, we also agree with this decision.” This sound resounds in their ears probably is the same, voice of speech very clear, but actually old feelings. Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun understand, this is the words that Immortal Stage Expert said that but they have not thought that Immortal Stage Expert actually will say such words, it seems like they to great Spirit Race also very disappointed. The Tang Jie mood is not good, now they several teams of people have gathered together, but the population actually less than 2000, them one lost more than 1000 people, before this is Tang Jie, has not thought. Tang Jie can affirm that the Comprehend the world person has not let these Immortal Stage Expert make a move, because they do not dare, because knows this point, therefore Tang Jie aggrieved, he has not thought that by the strengths of their hundred treasure, copes with Comprehend the world and must in clan such two really have such big loss, what most important is, they to the present, did not have hundred treasure and Palpus Clansmen cause anything to injure, this is the most aggrieved place. More than 1000 people gather at such one do not calculate that big ore mileage, this is not the good matter, before was because this ore was too small, therefore Tang Jie made the person separate, now their get together, the population are too many, fights is not very convenient. When Tang Jie prepares to order an ore direct ore opens, suddenly their front are many a person, Tang Jie saw this person, cannot help but two eyes shrinks, because this person he knew, Zhao Hai, this person is Zhao Hai! Tang Jie these time comes Comprehend the world here, most important target is Zhao Hai, therefore he to Zhao Hai very familiar, but Tang Jie looked that the Zhao Hai one person alone comes, somewhat cannot help but curious, looked that the Zhao Hai appearance does not come to fight with them probably, this makes him somewhat puzzled, therefore he has not spoken, is only look at Zhao Hai. Tang Jie has not spoken, some people actually people of his behind these hundred treasure could not bear, because Zhao Hai had fought with them, therefore these people see Zhao Hai appears , has the one type of personal enemy to meet, the feeling of particularly being jealous , some people have created a clamor.

Zhao Hai has not actually cared, he looked at these person of one, finally vision centralized to the body of Tang Jie, then he holds the fist in the other hand said : Zhao Hai to see Tang Jie Captain to Tang Jie!” Zhao Hai these words, are make Tang Jie stare, Tang Jie look at Zhao Hai deep voice said : has not thought that Mr. Zhao Hai information is very quick, actually knows my name.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „I am Dark Magician, I can turn into Undead Creature the deceased person, but can also make Undead Creature tell me all that they know.” Tang Jie one hear of Zhao Hai said that the eye cannot help but shrinks, then his cold sound said to Zhao Hai said : that you people of our hundred treasure, did turn into Undead Creature?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, we are the enemies, I am never lenient to the enemy, I believe that Tang Jie Captain is also such person, not?” Tang Jie suddenly has smiled, his look at Zhao Hai said : good, you said is very right, treats the enemy unable to be lenient, Zhao Hai, I appreciate your honesty very much, I do not want to become an enemy with you, but now looks like, we feared that was impossible becomes the friend.” The Zhao Hai look at Tang Jie appearance, shows a faint smile said : that not to be uncertain, sometimes, the enemy can also become a friend, but the friend can actually become an enemy, only looks has that need, did you say?” ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;